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The Light Source

Based in Charlotte, NC, The Light Source has been creating innovative solutions for hanging and lighting theatres, studios, churches and other places where people gather. Their line of LED lighting is made in-house and can illuminatemost any space. The exciting release for NAB 2018 though is their newMEGABATTEN product that combines power and data in a pipe you hang the fixtures on. The patent-pendingMEGABATTENdispenses with the traditional connector strip square or rectangular electrical enclosures by placing all of the wirings inside the pipe. Fixtures and scenery may be located over the entire length of theMEGABATTEN, and even directly over unused outlets. This is accomplished by milling pockets in the wall of extra strong schedule 80 aluminum pipe to recess the power and data receptacles inside the circumference of the pipe. 20-amp Edison receptacles are spaced every 16” with a 5 pinXLRreceptacle right next to it for data. TheMEGABATTENisETLlisted to the UL 1573 Stage and Studio standard as a connector strip. TheMEGABATTENis listed to support a load of 30 pounds per linear foot when supported on a maximum of 8-foot centers. Power andDMXare available anywhere a light is placed on theMEGABATTEN. The product can also be special ordered to be bent on a radius for circular hanging positions with included power and data.