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“ Reports from our team members on new and interesting lighting and production equipment for content acquisition and at the National Association of Broadcasters Show held April 13-16, 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada. ”

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While still offering similar products as last year, Reflecmedia has made some nice enhancements to their current product line. Offering a more polished ring light that is smaller and allows you to pick between Blue or Green LEDs, this feature allows you to quickly choose a Blue or Green background without having to change back drops. Remember the magic is in their special glass bead background material that is able to reflect minute amounts of light back to the camera, tricking it into seeing Green or Blue. Another nice feature is the fact that the ring lights are now able to be powered off of batteries, which should make it simpler to attach to cameras.Barbizon NAB 2015 - Reflectmedia MicroLite Have a small camera that doesn’t have a filter thread on the lens? Try their Microlite kit which works great with those smaller cameras!

Rip Tie

Barbizon NAB 2015 - RipTie Write OnCable organization is always a must. Rip Tie's new “Write On” labels help you to make your own labels. That also now have screw down grommetized versions available. For temporary situations their RipWrap is very handy and economical. it's good for at least 25 re-fastenings and can be used to bundle low voltage cables instead of nylon wire ties or tape. Barbizon NAB 2015 - Rip Tie Rip Wrap It's available in both continuous and perforated rolls and its polyester construction makes this wrap ideal for marine and outdoor installations.

Rosco Laboratories

With a booth designed with film and television production in mind, Rosco launched three new products at NAB this year. Barbizon NAB 2015 - Rosco Silk LED Lighting FixtureSilk: The Silk series LED lighting system has been specifically developed for film and broadcast applications that necessitate extremely accurate, high quality color. High volume light output, 2400 lux @ 1 meter (5600k) with a Non-glare diffuser that provides a uniform, single light source. This 12.8lb fixtures is 120w and is powered via main power supply, V-Mount or 4-Pin XLR batteries and controlled by local dimming control or DMX. This high CRI fixtures has a color temperature range of 2800k to 6500k. Silk is expected to start shipping at the end of May.

  • Barbizon NAB 2015 - Rosco Vector LED LightIf you’re looking for an on location panel lighting kit, look no further. The LitePad Vector is the go-to light for on-location lighting for cinematographers, gaffers, videographers, lighting directors and photographers. The new 8”x8” LitePad Vector produces four times the output of it’s 12” x12” LitePad predecessors, consuming only 65w and weighing only 4.5-lbs. Barbizon NAB 2015 - Rosco Vector Portable LED Lighting kitThe units light-weight, compact form-factor coupled with its on-board dimming and color temperatures controls and it competitively with standard Anton/Bauer or V-mount battery packs, allow the LitePad Vector to easily go anywhere a flattering, soft, LED light is needed. It’s 1500 Lux at 1 meter output makes for a power ENG kit. The backpack Kit is very cool featuring two heads in a very slick backpack. The 3-headed vector location light kit has a gross weight of 45lbs and includes a hard case. The Vector will be shipping in May. Barbizon NAB 2015 - Rosco LED TapeRosco LED Tape System: This fully customizable, engineered LED solution is designed to allow filmmakers and broadcast set designers to add attractive accent lighting into their sets. The product is available in easy-to-use kits that contain multiple reels of high-quality LEDs and integrated power& dimming controls to provide beautiful white or colored light for any application. Flexible, field-cuttable and fully controllable configuration options offer designers and filmmakers an easy way to integrate LEDs into their next project. It will be available in 4 flavors.
    • Fixed Tungsten (3000K)
    • Fixed Daylight (5700K)
    • Variable White – color temperature range = 3000K - 6500K
    • Color Mixing – utilizing RGBW emitters


In the Vitec village the Sachtler area had a few interesting items like their SpeedLevel Clamp. This bowl clamp is the perfect accessory for Sachtler’s range of 100 mm heads. The clamp incorporates the company’s SpeedLevel technology making leveling the head faster and more convenient. Also of note the former Petrol bags have now been rebranded when Petrol was purchased by Vitec. The line now falls under the Sachtler name umbrella.

Schneider Optics

Schneider True Streak FiltersThe newest member of the True Steak® family of top-of-the-line MPTV filters will be unveiled. When mounted in front of the shooting lens, Schneider Optics Confetti filters create mini-streaks that appear as a sparkle or fireworks effect.Confetti’s are available in multi-color, blue, red, orange, green, yellow, pink, violet and gold in popular professional sizes. Designed especially for Leica® Summilux® Lenses, Schneider will show its new 92mm Thread-In MPTV Clear and ND Filters, engineered to minimize the possibility of vignetting and maintain the front diameter of the lens. The Clear and IRND Filters are High Efficiency Multi-Layer Anti-Reflection Coated to minimize flair and ghosts. Schneider-Kreuznach’s Xenon FF-Prime Lens series is rapidly gaining acclaim. Schneider was also showing their new cases for the iPro Lens kits that allow adapting high quality lensing to you mobile device.

SKB Cases

Barbizon NAB 2015 - SKB GoPro Case SingleSKB was showing new iSeries cases for the popular GoPro family of cameras as well as the new iSeries Tech Box (parts and tool box) and new Roto-molded cases for 32-channel digital mixing consoles. Cases for your GoPro (or GoPros) can now be had in configurations of 1, 2, 3, or 4 cameras with room for accessories. They are also available as waterproof cases since your GoPro may be in its lovely waterproof case, but wet spare batteries are no good to anyone. Barbizon NAB 2015 - SKB ToolboxFor those of us who have to carry tools and parts for our jobs, the new Tech Box (model 3i-2011-7B-TR) is definitely an “I want”. Imagine if you would, a tacklebox style organizer that didn’t let your stuff move around and become a mess if you (or the baggage handler) flipped it over. This waterproof case measures 20.5” x 11.5” x 7.5” and has four internal, divided trays which sit on top of an open storage area that is just over 3” deep for storing hand tools or other larger items. When the trays and lid are closed, they each fit tightly on top of the layer below to keep things from shifting between compartments. The case has wheels on one end and a pull-out handle for easier transportation once you’ve loaded it up with all of your gear. Finally, for those whose work involves ears rather than eyes, SKB is now making model specific Roto-molded cases for specific 32-channel digital audio mixing consoles. Cases are currently available for the Allen & Heath QU32 and the Behringer X32 and both include a doghouse to protect the connections on the back of the console. The console “lives” in the base of the case and the wheeled cover latches on to protect the console in transit. The moisture controlled cases are also significantly lighter than comparable, traditional road cases.

Tiffen Company

Barbizon NAB 2015 -SteadiCam SoloTiffen introduce its new Steadicam SOLO at this year’s NAB along with the new Arm and Vest package. Steadicam SOLO, which recently began shipping, is designed for DSLRs and camcorders. Its sleek and lightweight frame makes it easy to transport, and its durability matches that of the larger, professional-grade Steadicam models. Capable of being folded to a compact 25 x 6 inch (64 x 15 cm) profile, the system will readily support cameras up to 10 lbs. (4.5kg) in weight. The three-axis Gimbal design enables the precise movement and stability, while the ergonomic foam handle and grips – which control the four section telescopic post – provide a high level of comfort. The SOLO also converts to a monopod mode for shooting from confined spaces. Barbizon NAB 2015 - Tiffen FiltersTiffen has highlight the latest from its full line of Diffusion Filters with demonstrations of the subtle, yet dramatic effects of Tiffen’s Pearlescent, Satin and Black Satin diffusion filters, along with the new Black Diffusion filters at NAB 2015. The highly anticipated Black Diffusion filter lineup was on display at the Tiffen booth where attendees were invited to be among the first to experience side by side filter demonstrations. NAB attendees were invited to see the new Black Diffusion filter line in Tiffen’s booth for comparison with other Tiffen Diffusion Filter favorites. The live demonstration area had two identical cameras for filter testing, set up on tripods and mounted with matte boxes to reduce the amount of environmental light from the show floor. The 4K live feed appeared on two separate split-screen monitors. On the left side of each monitor, the original image was shown, and on the right side, the image as it appears through the chosen filter was shown. Attendees can choose from a variety of Tiffen filters to compare images between different filters or between a filtered and non-filtered image. Black GlimmerGlass: The new Black GlimmerGlass filter offers all of the same classic beauty-enhancing qualities as the original GlimmerGlass filter with even more subtlety. It softens fine details by adding a unique mild glow to highlights, removes harsh sharpness from modern lenses and adds a pleasing overall blending to contrast levels. Black Pearlescent: Tiffen’s Pearlescent filters create a subtle new look and a special atmosphere by softening excess sharpness and contrast. Designed with its original Pearlescent predecessor in mind, the Black Pearlescent filter adds a crisp halo to spectacular highlights and gently softens the overall image with a smooth glow. Black Soft/FX: Using a pattern of tiny “lenslets,” Tiffen’s Soft/FX filter lineup puts fine image elements such as wrinkles and blemishes out of focus while sharpening larger details. The Black Soft/FX filter, the latest addition, adds a special touch by giving photos a continuous softening effect with increasing atmospheric haze...

TMB / Green Hippo

Barbizon NAB 2015 - Green Hippo V4 LineTMB/Green Hippo – TMB showed off a couple of new products this year, the Green Hippo v.4 product line as well as the Mozart LED lighting fixture. The new Hippo line comes in four flavors of media server ranging from a single u device to a 4 u device with varying degrees of output, but all with a standard easy to use interface. All of the new servers can support up to 12 megapixels of playback and you are not limited to how those megapixels are distributed, the only limit is how many display outputs are required. The major update to the system is the use of the FlexRes Codec, which contains a Higher than 4k resolution, Resolution Flexibility to Encode and Playback clips at any aspect ratio, and much, much more! TMB also showed one of their newest offerings in the Mozart lighting fixture, this little guy packs some punch in a small easy to use unit. This unit supports anywhere from 3 to 48 DMX addresses per fixture and can be setup in groups of 1, 4, or 16, pixel groups, allowing for a great video solution for indoor or outdoor video screens. The unit is IP65 rated and can be used in Rain and Dusty environments. When using in photography and videography applications the unit has a high refresh rate of 38,400Hz, perfect for high speed shooting!


Barbizon NAB 2015 - Videssence Vidfill VN100Videssence introduced their “new” powerful 100 watt, high color rendering LED soft light fixture called the VIDFILL Series Softlight VF100. The Vidfill provides a large, smooth wash of soft, even, shadow-less light. Light levels compare with many 1000 watt quartz soft lights while using only 103 watts and producing tremendously less heat. Indirect optical design and internal diffusing lens shields the talent from glaring LED resulting in comfortable, cool fill lighting for use in television, studio or motion pictures sets. They deliver flicker-free dimming without color shift and amazing color rendering at 96+ CRI. Unique passive thermal cooling system assures maximum LED light output and quiet operation while avoiding the noise and failure of internal fans. Control at the back allows easy programming for DMX control and dimming. To ensure the full life of your components, the power is shut off to the diver and LED when dimmed to zero with DMX and dimming at the back of fixture required. Additional control achieved with egg crate and gel frame options. Barbizon NAB 2015 - Videssence LED Fresnel VN080If you are looking for an 80 Watt Adjustable Beam Fresnel the Videssence VIDNEL Series VN080 is a good option. They offer a high color rendering LED Fresnel fixture that provides the single shadow and focusing characteristics essential to Fresnel fixtures while using a fraction of the power of tungsten units. The fixture generates a strong directional beam of adjustable light with even coverage of 3200K color (5600K optional). It also delivers flicker-free dimming without color shift and amazing color rendering at 96+ CRI. A manual slide bar at the side of the fixture adjusts the beam and locks in place. Dual cooper pipe heat sink with integrated ultra-quiet axial fan assures smooth fan operation in any position. A simple touch pad at the back allows easy programming for DMX control and dimming. Fixture shuts off power to the integral driver when dimmed to ZERO in DMX mode so no external relay or power cut off is required. Additional control achieved with 4 inch gel frame and barn door accessory options. Videssence offers a wide range of Video/Tele Conferencing lighting for multi-use spaces. This year they introduced the new 44 watt Softlite LED Series S044 unit. Available in recessed or surface mount, the 2´ x 2´ indirect fixture provides even, vertical illumination in three directions, forward and to the sides. It comfortably illuminates the participants in the video to ensure an excellent broadcast image while providing low level lighting at the front of the space for good contrast at the monitor, and keeps direct light off of the camera. Also in the booth for control was the VIDStrip-DMX4 which provides (8) Power outlets and (4) DMX output circuits in addition to DMX in and out pass through conveniently mounted in your grid. It is designed with opto-isolator surge protector of the (4) DMX fixture circuits and has indicator lights for power and DMX. The 20 amp unit has L520 locking plugs for power in and out.


Barbizon NAB 2015 - Westcott Flex LEDWescott came to NAB prepared to impress the studio market with their new Flex product the first bendable, dimmable, water-resistant LED light source for broadcast & photography. Available in both 3200 & 5600 Kelvin with sizes ranging from 1’ x 1’, 2’ x 2’ and 1’ x 3’. Flex can be used flat, rolled or can be applied to the Cine Frame with a velcro attachment. Flex is offered with a ¼ stop diffusion material to further soften the light and bathe the subject in a beautiful quality of light.

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