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“ Reports from our team members on new and interesting lighting and production equipment for content acquisition and at the National Association of Broadcasters Show held April 13-16, 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada. ”

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Lowel Lighting

Barbizon NAB 2015 - Lowel Prime Location LEDLowel Prime Location LED’s are sturdy all metal construction with an *IP-65 weather rating, allowing lighting in rain or dust storms, and has a powerful high CRI daylight, tungsten, or bi-color output. Each model has a Color Rendering index-93+. All models are manually dimmable with no color shift. AC-models are auto-set to 90-240VAC. DC-models are powered by V-Lock, or Anton Bauer Gold Mount battery. Lighting Controls include: Barndoor Softening Set, and Honeycomb grids. (*IP-65 Rating explained: (IP=Ingress Protection) IP-65 rated items are protected against dust or larger sized objects entering the fixture. Also protected against powerful water jets from any direction.) Barbizon NAB 2015 - Lowel Pro Power LEDLowel Pro Power LED is today’s Run & Gun Lighting Solution. It’s powerful output and wide focus range Fresnel lens allows you to light from greater distance, getting more of the location into your shot. The Pro Power LED is available in Daylight or Tungsten. They are Dimmable without color-shift, Flicker-free Slo-mo, 2350+fps. Powered by AC or Long Life DC Battery, for stand or run & gun handheld use. Lighting Controls include: Barndoor, gel frame, softbox, screw thread filters. In classic Lowel tradition, it comes with a host of mounting & light control accessories, and is available in a number of kit combinations.

Matthews Studio Equipment

VATOR IIIMatthews has been manufacturing grip equipment for more than 40 years, and continues to create and introduce new products as well as improving existing ones. Show-cased was the new Line of Vator III products. It is an improved version of the Crank-o-Vators family - Super Vator III, Midi Vator III, Lo Boy Vator III. They all come with improved upgrading features. The MINIVATOR II is back with a max payload increase from 60 to 80lbs. 4" caster wheels set are available and make this stand ideal for studio and location use. Newly introduced stands were the Combo aluminum light steel triple riser ( spring loaded) The DO-All Stand with casters made to hold monitors and Steady cams plus also light fixtures . The Mini Slider Stand were introduced as well. They are very small and compact stands. See catalog for features and all stand specifications KerriKartThe Kerri Kart made it’s debut. It is made for use as dolly and slider combo. It’s feature design is it’s portability. It allows for quick set-up and transport of camera equipment. It uses speed rails pipe for slider set up and quick breakdown. The shelf will fit on top or bottom of cart. It fits in small elevators and has large load capacity. Pricing for this unit is not in catalog. Call us for current pricing. Freedom Car Mount SystemsThe Freedom Car Mount Systems was mounted on a BMW . The camera systems is for heavier cinema cameras used on cars, truck or boats. The Ricky Rods is also a support rod specifically designed for the car mount rigging of The Freedom Car Mount. The Indie Mount is a much smaller version of the car mount for DSLR, HD and small ENG cameras. This supports any cameras 8.5lbs or less. Sold as a Kit.

Miller Camera Support

Barbizon NAB 2015 - Miller Cineline 70Miller debuted their new Cineline 70 Tripod System at the 2015 NAB Show. The system includes a new HD Mitchell Base 1-Stage Alloy Tripod and HD Alloy Ground Spreader to complement the robust Cineline 70 Fluid Head. This system is set to accommodate industry-leading camera mountings, including Arri, Sony, RED, and Canon, and it also features an Arri-compatible, side-loading camera platform, along with an optional, easy-to-fit Mitchell Base Adaptor to suit traditional Mitchell Flat Base tripods. Additionally, the fluid head comes equipped with an extended sliding range to promote quick and seamless rebalancing of the rig when lens and accessory changes result in weight distributions. As an added bonus, the fluid head offers dual side mounts for monitors and accessories, as well as an assistant’s box front mount. All that and a three year warranty to boot!

Mole Richardson

Mike Parker and Glenn Weiner introducing the 900 Watt Senior LED FresnelMole Richardson had a plethora of new fixtures in their booth at this year's NAB 15 new ones in fact. Mole uses their self-produced proprietary Quantum Dot LEDs and showed them in a new 900 Watt SeniorLED. Mole Richardson‬ engineers are pushing technology to its limits. This new fixture stacks up equally against a 5kW tungsten and 1200W HMI output on the daylight side. Mole Richardson Spacelight SeriesIt was exciting to see the final production models of the Mole LED Spacelights in yoked, hanging, daylight and tungsten color temperature versions. The new MoleLED Spacelites consume 80% less power than their traditional equivalents. Using the new proprietary Quantum Dot LED Technology found in the MoleLED Fresnel’s, these Spacelites provide the same color characteristics as tradition tungsten halogen, and almost identical out put whencomparing the incandescent 6K Spacelite to the LED Spacelite 4, or, the incandescent 2KSpacelite to the LED Spacelite 2. In addition, and an industry first, you can now achieve high-quality, high-output Daylight from a SpaceLite without using rolls of CT Blue filter to line the inside of the skirts. Barbizon NAB 2015 - Mole-SoftLEDThe Mole-Richardson also released their new LED Softlite series that provides soft, diffused virtually “shadow-less wrap around” light with a smooth field. This fixture can be used for television or motion picture as fill light. Use for soft fill-in stills, commercial and Television studios. Designed so that all the light comes indirect and unobstructed from diffused surfaces. They are available in Tungsten, Daylight as well as a variable white where the color temperature can be adjusted form 2700K to 5600K and any temperature in between. Last but not least was the release of the new 100W Vari-MoleLED. The Vari-Mole offers the same high quality full color spectrum LED in a portable,all-in-one kit-style fixture. Designed for ease-of-use and flexibility for both the professional and consumer customer alike. Built in on-board power supply. This entry level color fixture comes standard with powerCon cable and magnetic attaching barn door. Check out No Film School's recap of the fixture.

MYT Works

Barbizon NAB 2015 - MYT WorksMYT Works offered a new toy to the toy chest, a motorized system for there already popular line of Slider and Camera Dolly’s. The Motor Line products can easily be added to both the Glide Line and Galaxy Line of products. Both are capable of long term use under the most extreme conditions inside or out. The Glide Line product will see weights up to 50 lbs. and the Galaxy Line up to 100 lbs. With and easy to use control interface that can be loaded onto Android based Device (iOS in the works) give the operator great wireless flexibility not to mention easy updates like their upcoming multi axis system.


Barbizon NAB 2015 -  Neutrik QuadLiteNew from Neutrik the OpticalCon Lite series. Pictured below is the Quad Lite which is a 4 channel fiber system, with improved bending performance due to new tactical fiber design, black matt outer jacket, available in multi- and single-mode (PC or APC). Some of the features include: point-to-point connections, waterproof acc. to IP65 safety standard in mated condition, Reliable Push-Pull locking mechanism, Easy to clean, and no special tools required. Barbizon NAB 2015 - Neutrik EtherconAlso new from Neutrik are their line of robust ether net connectors for CAT6A/CAT5 connections, including and IP 65 rated version. These are also PoE compliant according to 802.3 Available in both cable and panel mounts.

Nila Lighting

arina_front_850Adding to their fixture line up of LED Studio Fixtures, Nila has introduced this year the Nila Arina fixture. Comparable to a 2500W HMI it uses about 800W of power at 100% and is one of the brightest LED Fixtures currently on the market. It is designed to replace their SL fixtures and will work great in lighting large venues and other applications where a lot of “punch” is needed. Need something more portable? Try the other end of the family line up with the Nila Zaila or Varsa; comparable to a 200W/400W HMI, using only 40W/75W of power. Both of which can run on both AC & DC power!

Pelican Cases

Barbizon NAB 2015 - Pelican Elite LuggageWhile it was pre-release last year Pelican is now shipping their ProGear Elite luggage. The hard shell luggage is lightweight, watertight and crush-proof. Available in three elite models, each are built for optimal traveling size and weight: 22-inch Carry-On (weighs 9.2 pounds empty), 27-inch Weekender (weighs 12.2 pounds empty), and 30-inch Vacationer (weighs 15.6 pounds empty). All models are available with an optional enhanced travel system that includes a lid organizer, a toiletry kit, and a zippered shoe sack. The 27” Weekender and 30” Vacationer enhanced travel system also includes a garment bag and a laundry bag. Designed Pelican-tough, each piece is virtually indestructible and has a double-wall polymer construction for increased durability and protection. The rugged yet lightweight construction incorporates a space efficient extended pull handle to maximize packing space and help avoid those pesky overage fees. Additional features include an integrated TSA-approved combination lock, a smooth fabric interior for simple clean up and custom-designed solid-hub wheels for easy maneuverability. Press & Pull latches ensure luggage will remain secure under the stress of rough baggage handling and the demands of travel. The exterior design is available in a variety of trim choices (black, blue, orange, purple and red), so users can choose a configuration to fit personal preferences. The line is also available with an orchid exterior and black trim and best of all the main reason we get Pelican cases is because they are Guaranteed for Life.

Photon Beard

Barbizon NAB 2015 - Photon Beard PhotonBeam 80 LED.The tried and true look of an open face “Redhead” is back with a new LED twist. Photonbeam 80 made by Photon Beard uses remote phosphor technology to offer a full spectrum, high CRI light output which adapted the 800w tungsten halogen “Redhead” to offer an 80w LED solution. The unit is supplied with daylight remote phosphors and an optional tungsten phosphor can be swapped out in a matter of seconds. The fixture ships with a mains PSU but can also be fed with a 11-17VDC, V or gold mount camera battery. Ask about the 3 head soft bag kit.can be powered from standard camera batteries, either V or Gold mount. The 1200w HMI linear lamp in an open face format that is ideal for any requirements where raw output is required such as for use as a bounce light or for punching through some diffusion to create a very soft, powerful daylight source. Because it is only 1200w it can be powered from virtually any domestic supply worldwide and is also excellent for use with small generators for locations and mobile shooting. The Platinum Blonde by Photon Beard takes a much used, and widely available lamp, the double ended 1200w HMI, and utilized the housing of our 2kW tungsten Blonde. The head is supplied with a barndoor, head to ballast cable, 1.2kW HMI lamp and offers an optional add 575/1200w electronic ballast.

Pro Cyc

Barbizon NAB 2015 - Pro Cyc 4qsPro Cyc – System 4QS was the name of the game for Pro Cyc this year, showing of the flexibility of the portable system with the flip of a caster the units can easily be rolled around your studio. With easy to use 3’6” Vertical Radius Floor Coves, 5’ Horizontal Radius 45-Degree Corners, 4’ x 4’ Flat Modules and leg assemblies up to 16’ you can quickly get the Green/Blue screen mudded and painted in no time! Barbizon NAB 2015 - Pro Cyc super1.5ez-800Also at the show was the System Super 1.5EZ Cyclorama Wall w/ 18 inch Cove. With the increase in the number of smaller virtual studios being installed around the world, the demand for Pro Cyc’s fiberglass System 1.5EZ has been on the rise. In reaction to this growing trend, we developed our new System Super 1.5EZ made out of High-Impact ABS Plastic. The transition from floor-to-wall and/or wall-to-wall is smooth and requires very little space. Because the corner is non-parabolic with a 12” flat center expansion, it reduces noise reflection and provides a longer sweep horizontally for smoother lighting.

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