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Rosco Labs

Rosco showed their line of LitePad LED light panels for lighting in tight spaces. For a video click HERE

They also were demo-ing their light control solution for broadcast windows, RoscoShade mechanical shades andRoscoVIEW.

Rosco VIEW is a two-part system consisting of wide width polarizer filter in gel form and a matching optical glass polarizer camera filter. When utilized together, you are able to instantly control 100% of exterior brightness as seen through windows without affecting the lighting and exposure within the studio or set.


Sachtler is relaunching the new versions of the two classics in their medium duty video fluid heads, the Video 18 S1 and the Video 20 S1. They both have a much wider payload range starting at 4 lbs. instead of 15 lbs., making them more suitable for DSLRs shooting HD video. They feature two ranges of counterbalance using their Boost Button, with sixteen steps of adjustment. The Video 18 S1 has a payload range of 4 – 40 lbs. The Video 20 S1’s range is 4 – 55 lbs.


The NAB Mario Award winning SeaChanger line of lighting fixtures delivered brilliance in light and color to their

miniset lit by the SeaChanger Nemo, the first color-changing fixture with a LIFI® plasma light source. The Nemo delivers an energy efficient class of high intensity lighting, using proven plasma technology – with the seamless, swipe-free color transitions you expect from the SeaChanger product line. You control the color, intensity and saturation of lighting with unprecedented levels of precision and ease. The fixtures are also available in an outdoor version called Nautilus.

For you meter freaks they hinted that an updated version of their ColorBug may be available by LDI that measures illuminance, color temperature and will be able to determine CRI remotely sending the data back to an iPhone or iTouch.

Sennheiser Audio

Sennheiser came to the show this year with a completely new line of wireless headsets. The RS Series of wireless headset offers up to 24 hours of Headphone operating time,A frequency response of 18–21,000 Hz, and operates in the transmission frequencies of 2.4–2.48 GHz.

Also, with the addition of HD video to several lines of SLR cameras currently on the market, there has been a renewed interest in the MKE400 Miniature Camera Microphone. The MKE is a versatile shotgun microphone with a lighting shoe mount to provide professional audio with your small video camera.


Black Glimmer Digital Diffusion/FX:

A new addition to the Tiffen’s diffusion line, this filter cannot be reproduced by stacking any combination of diffusion filters. Building upon the same advanced diffusion filter technology as with the Digital Diffusion/FX

  • Obtains enhanced beauty, while maintaining the richness of color and blacks

  • Maintains sharpness and softens detail in a unique manner

  • Brightens all skin tones

  • Adds a mild glow with a silky transition into highlights

Soft/FX Black Pro-Mist:

This combination maintains Soft/FX ½ throughout with a range of Black Pro-Mist densities. This filter produces an ethereal mood to your image.

  • Provides a wide range of diffusion – lower densities hide minor blemishes while higher densities can remove many years form a person’s age

  • Reveals more shadow detail

  • Produces a dreamy glow to your subjects with enhanced but controlled halation

Also in the booth were computers so attendees could explore the DFX software suite which allows the user to add filter effects in standalone mode or as a plug-in in Photoshop. Also announced was Version 3.0 of its popular Tiffen Photo fx™ creative effects software, for Apple® iPhone® and iPod Touch® owners. The new Tiffen Photo fx™ 3.0 software available on the Apple iTunes App Store, now features 67 filters organized into 9 different groups and 780 presets, including those filters sets previously available only as paid optional downloads. Adding these filters at no additional cost, plus new filters and effects, makes Photo fx 3.0 an even more incredible, feature rich app.


Most of us know Videssence as the innovator in fluorescent lighting for broadcast television applications. Over the decades they have shown that they have what it takes to defend their marketplace which is now crowded with manufacturers that offer similar fluorescent based products.

Enter LED lighting…. LED lighting products abound at NAB this year. The trend towards LED started close to 10 years ago. It was often relegated to accent, set and location lighting for television. It’s usefulness for lighting talent was always hampered by lack of output. LED lighting fixtures just weren’t able to produce the lumens/footcandles needed for key, fill and back lighting. Until now. Videssence has entered the fray with the introduction of it’s new “ExceLED Series” line of LED lighting fixtures. ExceLED’s most notable quality is, you guessed it, light output. There are three fixtures in the series, 25 watt, 50 watt and 100 watt. These fixtures have similar light output to 650 watt, 1,000 watt and 2,000 watt quartz fresnels respectively. With that kind of output, you now have a viable alternative to quartz/tungsten halogen sources at ~1/20th of the power consumption and heat. They will do wonders for your electric bill.

Other notable features include models for Non-Dim, On Board Dim, DMX Dim and Phase Dim. They are 3,200K or with optional 5,600K color temperature. Additional control can be achieved with use of gel frame and barn doors that are offered as accessories.

My guess is that these new ExceLED Series fixtures, made by Videssence, will have a significant impact on the use of LED for television studio lighting. As in the past, Videssence continues to be an innovator in the field of TV broadcast lighting.


Zylight was please to demonstrate a prototype of their new “Active Diffusion” system. This variablediffusion density system allows you to dial down the amount of light passing through there patented filterup to 1/2 f-stop. Soon to include a DMX interface for external control the unit comes in three models, a 2x2and 4x4 butterfly insert and a soft-box attachment for the Zylight IS3. (Thanks to for the video demonstration)

Zylight has also added several new Extender products to their line of camera accessories. The ExtenderX-110 measures 10.25” stowed and can extend to a length of 19.5” and only weights 6.1 oz. The ShortArm X-SA-100 is a single arm that is durable and even more lightweight than the original articulating arm. The Mini X-M-100 enhances the DV and the consumer shooter arsenal by mounting to smaller cameraseveryone can enjoy better lighting, audio and video mounting. It also works great for DLSR shooters byallowing them to attach a light or monitor to their rig.

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