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“ Reports from Barbizon on new and interesting lighting and production equipment for content acquisition and at the National Association of Broadcasters Show held April 24-27, 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada. ”

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Videssence adds a compact and portable fixture to their line with the addition of the Little VID Series LV050 and LV050-F fixtures. These 50 watt, 96+ CRI Fresnel fixtures are available in either 3200K or 5600K color temperatures and offer either onboard dimming or DMX control options. The LV050 is a fixed focus unit offering a 10’ diameter beam spread at a 12’ throw distance. The LV050-F is a variable focus unit which varies from a 2.5’ diameter to a 6’ diameter beam spread at a 12’ throw distance. Multiple accessory and mounting options are available. Power is shut off to the driver and LED when dimmed to zero with DMX, which means no external relay or power cut off is required.

This fixture is also available as the SOFTKEY LED Series SK050, configured as a recessed, drop ceiling mount fixture. Controlled aiming for key or fill lighting is now available for Video/Tele Conferencing applications in conjunction with the SOFTWASH and SOFTLITE fixtures in this product line.


Visionsmith came to NAB with the newest version of their led replacement option, the ReLamp system. After two years in the field, Pete at Visionsmith felt it was time to improve on his innovative LED replacement modules. The new upgrades feature a new housing that creates a tighter, more secure fit in the fixture, assuring the ReLamp module remains seated in the socket during transit and when handling during the shoot. This new feature, coupled with a new, more robust circuitry platform, creates an efficient and wholly reliable LED replacement option your current fixture inventory. With these new features and a two-year warranty, you can now keep your tungsten fixtures and upgrade to LED with confidence in both the reliability of the device and your return on investment. The ReLamp system pays for itself in energy saving as you use it.

Visionsmith XumVisionsmith also featured their innovative Hexolux fixture. This is not just a light head. This system feature interchangeable accessories that allow the fixture to be used as a Fresnel or in run-and-gun applications. The modular form-factor allows for unparalleled versatility. The Xum seven-inch Fresnel attachment has a pan and tilt feature, allowing the user to light a field with a gradient. Light a green screen or a group of people from the side with uniform illumination. With the Run Gun configuration, the fixture can run on line-current or with battery power. The five-inch zoom attachment can take a soft box and has a zoom range of 11 to 70 degrees. Couple these accessories with a lightweight and robust fixture available in either tungsten or daylight output, and the Hexolux lighting system ready for the studio or for location use.

For more information about VisionSmith products contact your local Barbizon office.

Vitec Group - Litepanels

Litepanels-Fresnel-panelBig news in the lighting world for Vitec Group is that Litepanels has shaken up their entire line of LED fixtures. Smaller updates like using a brighter LED chipset with more output in their existing Sola 4 & Sola 6 fixtures. To major changes like discontinuing the Astra, Astra EP, and Astra E series and replacing them with their new Astra 3x and Astra 6x fixtures! As you guessed the numbers correspond to how many times brighter they are to the old 1x1 series fixtures. Both come in a bi-color or Daylight array and still use the previous generations of Astra’s accessories and control modules.

Also, while not officially released yet, Litepanels is also developing two new exciting fixtures. First up is a Bi-Focus panel fixture that can go between spot and flood. The second is a color changing panel which will give you the ability to not only change the color temp of the light but mix saturated color and do subtle color corrections like plus & minus green. Both lights will give you another tool in the toolbox for getting the perfect light you need on your next shoot. Stay tuned for official release date info!


Zylight ZoomThe Zylight drew a lot of attention from the lighting community this year with a hands-on footprint and new for NAB Zylight introduced the Pro Zoom & Pro-Zoom Plus Range of LED Ellipsoidals. The Pro Zoom is a 200W Tungsten or Daylight Ellipsoidal with 18° - 36° barrel and 30° - 55° barrel options. The Pro-Zoom Plus is a 230W Daylight or Ellipsoidal for longer throws and utilizes a Narrow 8° - 22° barrel. Also new for NAB is the Pro-Palette LED Cyc light. This 350W RGBW

Also new for NAB is the Pro-Palette LED Cyc light. This 350W RGBW cyc light fixture has an asymmetric distribution for smooth even coverage for up to 25’ in height when hung at a distance of 5’ from the cyclorama.

Zylight will also distribute NanGuang’s compact LED Fresnels and soft panel lights, as well as FXLION’s battery and charger product lines throughout North and South America.

NanGuang’s F Series LED Fresnels provide compact, cost-effective lighting options. Ideal for portable lighting kits, F Series lights are available from 30w to 400w. Features include brightness control, barndoors, and carrying cases, plus variable color temperature, DMX, and silent cooling in some models. NanGuang also produces compact soft lights that will be kitted with the Fresnels as part of Zylight’s offerings.

With FXLION, production professionals enjoy the benefits of Li-ion batteries over Ni-MH models, including longer life cycles and lighter weight. Its high-capacity battery choices include 14.8v and 26v bricks, the Skypower 48v modular battery system that allows brick batteries to be configured in multiple arrays, and custom power solutions.

Zylight Website

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