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“ Reports from Barbizon on new and interesting lighting and production equipment for content acquisition and at the National Association of Broadcasters Show held April 24-27, 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada. ”

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Erector Sets

Erector Sets, Inc. is a full-service scenery and set building company. They offer everything from design services and fabrication to delivery and installation. They offer a complete package, combining services in technical direction and consulting, design and engineering, project management and art direction. Their dedicated staff of crafts persons and design professionals makes Erector Sets an excellent choice for the specialized needs of trade shows, television, and film.Their hands-on approach to each project ensures that the client remains at the center.

ETC (Electronic Theatre Controls)

ETC had awide array of content creation lighting equipment at this year's NAB show.

Source Four® LED Daylight HD and Tungsten HD luminaires, which are designed specifically for television and film studios.

The Source Four LED system and its variety of lenses, adapters, and accessories that transform the fixtures into different tools to meet any task on set.

The Source 4WRD™ retrofit system, which turns conventional Source Four fixtures into energy-efficient LED luminaires.

The budget-friendly yet feature-rich ColorSource® family that consists of ColorSource and ColorSource AV lighting desks; PAR, Spot and Linear luminaires; and ColorSource Relay wireless power-control solution.

ETC also wasdemonstrating theirFoundation® Desk, a portable rigging control station that can be transported where you need it in a studio. It affords 192 axes of control, and features a 17-inch, articulating touchscreen with HD resolution for clear viewing.

F.J. Westcott


Westcott new product was the Solix LED. The light is a single head LED unit that measures at 5600k daylight. It offers a dimmable dial on the backside of the unit and with a low 60w draw; it allows you to use their Flex LED battery. The unique feature about the Solix is the fact that you can mount barn doors using the magnetic system for easy on and off control. Finally built into the Solix they have integrated a speed ring so that you can put on any standard soft box all the way up to a 7-foot Octobank. The ring allows you to rotate the box without removing the box from the unit.

Westcott’s “biggest” announcement at NAB 2017 was the new RGB-W Flex unit. The unit allows you access full visible color spectrum from their flexible LED mat. On top of this announcement, they also announce their new Westcott Pro dimmer and standard dimmer. The pro dimmer allows you to control the Flex mat wirelessly and also with DMX options. The dimmers are now constructed of aluminum instead of plastic. An Integrated Anton Bauer or V-lock mounts make powering the light with a battery much easier. Westcott has partnered up with Innovative Dimmers to create the new dimmers. The RGB-w mats are available in 1x1 and 1x2 sizes. Don't get too excited, because Westcott says it probably won't be shipping until Q3 later this year.

Here's a vid of it from


Fiilexreleasedtheirnew P360 Pro and P360 Pro Plus portable LED lights at the NAB show this year.

Fiilex has upgraded both fixtures, both include a swanky new OLED display to show precise CCT, hue (for Pro Plus), intensity, and DMX levels. They've also made some physical improvements to include a longer yoke, accessory lock, and deeper spigot.

P360 Pro is the next-generation version of Fiilex's flagship portable LED light. This 400W-equivalent fixture takes everything that made the original P360 great and brings it to the next level. The CCT range has been expanded (2800-6500K) and dimming now runs from 0-100%. The Pro maintains top-tier CRI (>93) at any setting.

Weighing under two pounds, the weather-resistant (IP-24) P360 Pro and Pro Plus are designed for travel, but it can also be easily integrated into DMX setups with its onboard DMX functionality.

Fiilex offers a wide array of accessories, ranging from magnetic fresnels and diffusers, to softboxes and larger fresnel attachments. With these light modifiers, the Pro Plus can be turned into a broad fill, a powerful spot, or anything in between.


The BladeLight is a truly unique fixture in the market today. The narrow linear array of high CRI LED’s allows the fixture to create a wide soft wrap around fill. What makes it different from other softlights is the ability to use the barndoors to shutter the edges to create a clean cut like you would expect from a Fresnel. The BladeLight also utilizes an adjustable lens system which allows it change quickly and easily from its 120° wide spread, down to 60° or even 20° for longer throw applications. The BladeScreen uses a very narrow spectrum green LED to enhance the backdrop for ChromaKey applications.


Fluotec brought their A game to NAB Show this year with several new products! First up, is their new StarMaker LED panel. Billed as an IP65 Rated Color Tunable Production LED panel light, this unit is rugged and can withstand all that you can throw at it. Next up is their award winning Vegalux StudioLED 300 Fresnel! What makes this unit super unique it is one of the only units on the market that is not only color tunable, but also includes a motorized zoom feature controlled by DMX. Using only 300w of power this unit can match the equivalent of a 2k Incandescent fixture. This Fresnel should give you lots of control in your studio!


At NAB this year we saw the updated Frezzi SunLight weighs in at only 6.5 pounds but packs the punch of an HMI 575 at 93 CRI! Almost 1000 foot candles at 10 feet!

It uses Broadcast quality, high output LEDs and has a new Directional Focusing design so there is no need for shaping filters that normally reduce output. The focus control adjusts from a native 20-degree spot to a wide flood.

The Frezzi SunLight operates on AC or DC with a runtime of 45 minutes with HD broadcast batteries. It is rugged, 100% dimmable, fully weatherproof and an excellent choice in portable high output lighting for ENG/EFP work.

Next, based on the Frezzi Mini-Fill, the ProLight is quickly becoming the standard in on-camera lighting. Featuring a quick release and low-profile base that stays wired allowingfor quick set up and strike.

The ProLight has a rugged aluminum construction and an articulating arm that provides many mounting positions and heights. The connector has a pass through that allows other devices that use the same power tap. It also has a built-in USB charging port so you can charge your phone or any USB powered device!

This light is weatherproof, full spectrum 90+ CRI and features a rugged combo barn door filter assembly!

Hive Lighting

Hive WASP 100-CHive raised the bar with their plasma technology for super high-speed photography when they entered the market a few years ago. This year they’ve brought a new line of LED fixtures to market with the Wasp 100-C engineered to the same high standards. The 100-C boasts a super-wide color temp range of 1,650K to 8,000K, 97 TLCI, and dimming to 0%. The fixture blends 5 color chips to offer full gamut color when desired and has a range of accessories available. Lightweight, well-built, and more affordable, this new offering from Hive should fit well into many kits.


IKAN StryderIkan this year announced the release of several new product lines, bringing robust new options to their already extensive catalog of fixtures. Central to their booth was the impressively diverse Stryder Fresnel. Featuring 200w of LED power, the Stryder can be tuned from a warm 2700 Kelvin to an overcast 6500 Kelvin, and its rotating focus barrel can be brought from a wide flood to a narrow spot. For a brighter, punchier source, the front fresnel can be removed entirely, allowing for a wide, unobstructed beam. The Stryder features the option for either a gold mount or v-mount battery system and a large screen for easy read-out.


K5600 continues to innovate within its highly popular line of compact HMI Luminaires, and this year is no exception.

Their top selling offer, the Joker-Bug 800 has inspired a new line of portable lighting -the Joker-Zoom 800 draws just over 10 amps while producing as much output as a quartz fixture requiring 5x the power. Utilizing a lens free design, the Joker-Zoom 800 has a faceted open-face style reflector and is focusable 15-55 degrees.

Do you want accessories? K5600 has them in spades. Meet the Kurve – A line of large parabolic reflectors available in three different diameters (3, 4.5, & 6 feet). Focusable and adaptable to not only the K5600 Jokers, but other fixtures as well – from flash to incandescent lighting. Typical softboxes are soft and flat while the Kurve provides light over large areas with excellent light and distinct shadows. Setup can be done in seconds and the Kurve is kitted with all the fittings required for an easy way to make great light

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