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“ Reports from Barbizon on new and interesting lighting and production equipment for content acquisition and at the National Association of Broadcasters Show held April 24-27, 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada. ”

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2017 NAB Show Report

The NAB 2017 conference was last week April 24-27 in 2017. Our Barbizon Lighting's staff was on the ground looking for all the latest lighting, grip, and other handy production acquisitionequipment being released. We're in the process of digesting it down and posting it here for you to see. The reports from this year's show are below in alphabetical order. If you saw something of note please email us at more [at] and we'll take a peek and update! Thanks for taking the time to check it out!  

A.C. Lighting - Chroma Q

AC Lighting's next generation of the Chroma-Q Color One is the Color One 100X. This LED par features the same innovative homogenized beam as the Color One 100 but with a much brighter beam. Nearly 60% more output. The optics produce a smooth, powerful 19 degree beam and color blending with no separation shadow. RGBA allows for deep colors across the entire spectrum. The Color One 100X is convection cooled, meaning no noisy fans. It boasts a CRI of 93 and is available in IP20 and IP65 versions.


High-output LED manufacturer AadynTech this year released a cinema line of their popular HMI-equivalent fixtures, with an increased CRI of 92 across all available color temperatures. Cinema versions were announced of the Jab and Punch fixture lines, and can be purchased in fixed daylight or variable white. Earlier versions can be still be purchased of all lines. Like all their products, the Cinema fixtures are developed and manufactured in the United States, and all units are shipping now. AAdynTech Website

Alcorn McBride

Alcorn McBride Ride PlayerAlcorn McBride is a world leader in audio, video, lighting and show control products for themed entertainment. New to their Show Control lineup is the RidePlayer. The RidePlayer provides a solution to many of the multi-control challenges of vehicle-based show control attractions. The RidePlayer offers the ability to precisely synchronize onboard audio with wayside audio, video, lighting, animatronics and other show control necessities. Alcorn McBride uses a state of the art synchronization system that uses several methods, including GPS, SMPTE, Video Genlock, IEEE-1588 and others, to maintain a lock between onboard and wayside systems. The primary purpose of the RidePlayer is to provide high-quality audio playback so it offers up to 16 outputs of 24-bit 96kHz audio with the ability to route, mix and crossfade tracks. The RidePlayer will be available in the 2nd Quarter of 2017.

Alzo Video

The ALZO Smoothy Radius and Linear Camera Slider is an excellent tool for interview and B-Roll video, adding talent-stationary camera motion; it is also very useful for 'A' camera in commercial product presentations. The slider has a 40 inch run and can replace time-consuming track and dolly for many shots. This slider easily converts from curved radius to linear sliding by simply changing the track attachment to the base beam. Constructed from a lightweight, yet rigid aluminum track that mounts to a base beam with thumb screws in either curved or straight while stainless steel nylon wrapped bearings assure an ultra-smooth action and very long life. The slider camera bed allows for 1/4 inch x 20 or 3/8 inch x 16 thread mounting of camera quick releases plates; with the exception of the basic model, a camera quick release is included. For best results, they recommend using a Pro video tripod with a load capacity over 5 pounds, like the ALZO Pro-Pod V. Another support option is to use 2 light stands screwed into the ends of the slider, which is the most stable slider mount. For the ultimate lightweight and rigid camera sliding, we recommend adding the ALZO Camera Slider Brace Support to a tripod. The slider can also be placed on a table or any flat surface by adding the ALZO Slider Table Leg Set accessory (see image); this is a stable solution, but height adjustment is more difficult. The load capacity for the Smoothy Slider is up to 3 pounds of camera weight. The center tripod mount includes 1/4 inch x 20 and 3/8 inch x 16 threaded mounting holes. In addition, the base beam ends include 1/4 inch x 20 and 3/8 inch x 16 threaded mounting holes on the bottom. These mounting holes allow for attaching the ALZO Camera Slider Brace Support.

American Grip

American Grip Dana Dolly AccessoriesAmerican grip has new accessories for your Dana Dolly this year! The new Drop Down allows as low as 1.5“ from the floor to as high as 49.5” and is adjustable while the dolly is set-up. There is also a collapsible Drop-Down that is easier to store in a case. They are making some adjustments to the system based on feedback from NAB - but they are available now! The Portable track system is still very popular. Made of aluminum extrusions, either schedule 40 or schedule 80, and gives a seamless ride that can be configured in 3, 6 or 9’ sections.


Arri SkyPanelThe new ARRI SkyPanel is an exceptionally versatile LED soft light; compact, fully tunable and delivering light of unsurpassed power and quality. Because different application areas call for different light needs, SkyPanel has been designed as a series of fixtures. The S120 is the largest member of the SkyPanel family, the S60 the mid-range model and the S30 is the smaller, more portable version.

  • Fully Tunable
  • Tremendous Output
  • True Soft Light Beam Quality
  • Outstanding color Rendition
  • Remote Phosphor Version
  • A single Soft, Clean Shadow
  • Familiar but revolutionary
  • Versatility Built-In
  • Powerful Mobility
  • Large Aperture
  • Thin Profile
  • Built to Last
The popular SkyPanel family of LED soft lights continues to improve with its third major firmware update. Bringing 10 new features and numerous refinements, SkyPanels firmware 3.0 is a free update that can be downloaded by users and installed in any SkyPanel fixture. SkyPanel firmware 3.0 allow for more control and creativity tan ever before.

Backstage Equipment, Inc.

Backstage TR-06 MINIBackstage has released its new, fully collapsible, Mini Flight Case Cart (TR-06 MINI)! This all aluminum construction cart features stainless steel hardware and has a 500 lbs. maximum weight rating. It is L35 ¾” x W18 ¼” x H38 ¾” and collapses down to 5 ¾” high and weighs less than 50 lbs. There are individual bags to store and protect the upright poles and the wheels and requires no tools. The Mini Flight has a lifetime warranty and uses most Magliner accessories. And Speaking of accessories, there are tons of ways to customize this cart to your specific needs!

BB&S Lighting

BB&S Lighting of Denmark has increased the available options for the popular Pipeline FREE series of LED softlights. Formerly available only in 12” and 24” versions, the line has now expanded to include 4”, 8”, 36”, and 48” sizes. All fixtures are available in 3200K, 4300K, or 5600K color temperature options, and boast a 50,000+ hour lifespan in addition to a Television Lighting Consistency Index of 95+. Fixtures are locally dimmed and powered via the included power supply. Soft bags are available to allow the end user to create a kit to suit virtually any remote lighting situation. If DMX control is desired, choose from the selections available in the Pipeline Raw series. For a self-contained fixture option, choose either the 3’ or 4’ Pipeline 4-Bank series. These fixtures can be powered and controlled from an available 48V power supply, which in turn can be controlled remotely via DMX.

Block Battery

Block Battery R48-miniNot many people realize that despite LED Lighting Manufacturers claims that their products work on battery power many see a drop in performance out of their lights since they need 48V which most batteries do not provide! Block Battery recently released their R48-Mini which is designed to boost the power out of standard batteries so you can power your LED fixture to full. This unit conveniently has three mounting options so you can attach it to a stand, the light, or if you own them, an HC-400 Block. Now you can get full power out of your LED panel fixtures that require a full 48V of power to work properly!

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