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“ Reports from Barbizon on new and interesting lighting and production equipment for content acquisition and at the National Association of Broadcasters Show held April 9-12, 2018 in Las Vegas, Nevada. ”

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Mole Richardson

Last year Mole Richardson debuted is new Mole LED Variable-Color Fresnel with the 6” Vari-Baby LED (250w). This year Mole Richardson expanded the line by adding the 8” Vari-Jr LED (350w), 10” Vari-Studio Junior (480w), the 14” Vari-Senior (900w) all the way up to the 20” to replace your 10k tungsten. With a color temperature range of 2700k to 5600k, this Variable-Color series of fixtures features an onboard RGB color mixing display with the optics you come to expect from a Mole Richardson lighting fixtures. All fixtures come with Lumen Radio and Bluetooth wireless control capability. The standby draw is <.2 Amps Max. 30V DC making a 30v DC, Block Battery the perfect accessory for location shooting. TheVariable-Color series is also available in panels, soft lights, and space lights. The MoleLED Variable-Color features:

  • Over 35,000 hours lamp life from on-board LED module
  • Universal A/C input voltage from 90-250v
  • True, Linear 100-0% local and remote dimming via DMX 512A
  • Silent dimming with little to no color shift
  • Universal Power Con AC input
  • All made in the USA
Coming soon is the 10” 5k tungsten replacement and the 17” 10k replacement. Be on the lookout for the Mole Bluetooth app also coming soon.

MYT Works

MYT Works Skater DollyBrooklyn-based MYT Works highlighted the versatility of their camera support systems, both for static and motion positions. On display were their full range of nodal pan-tilt heads, as well as sliders and skater dollies. Glide Sliders are available in three sizes, supporting anything from a small DSLR to a full broadcast camera rig. The unique bearing design ensures a smooth move every time, and removable high-hats allow for fast setups and efficient re-configuring of dolly systems. Skater Dollies come in full kits with Mitchell, 100mm, and 75mm bowl adapters, and stand mounts for the track ends. The Skater systems interface with standard speed rail for custom runs of track as long as the shot requires - MYT's internal splicer keeps the pipes together with no disruption to the camera's smooth movement. MYT highlighted a new use of their dolly system, with a camera test pattern system rigged to the ceiling of their booth, which could be positioned anywhere down the track for camera calibration at different focal lengths.


Neutrik will soon be releasing a new line of the popular powerCon, etherCon, and XLR series of connectors. The True Outdoor Protection line gives both IP65 protection and UV resistance through newly styled ruggedized sealed connectors. Neutrik has gone above and beyond by engineering them to be compliant to the IEC 61076-2-103, IEC 60320, UL 1977, UL 498, and UL50E standards. Designed for harsh environments, this system of inlet and outlet connectors will be ideal for outdoor applications such as outdoor PA systems, LED Screens, and lighting systems.

Nila Lighting

Nila is now shipping their Varsa 2 fixture which is an IP65 rated, daylight LED fixture. The Varsa 2 draws 75W and can be powered from 100-240V AC or 10-18V DC sources. 5,600K single-color LEDs with a CRI of 90 and a TLCI of 86 are used in the Varsa 2. A range of holographic film, spread lenses are offered to provide beam shaping. With the 10-degree lens at 10ft the fixture delivers 500fc according to the manufacturer’s data sheets. Control is via easy to understand onboard buttons or wired DMX with RJ45 connectors. The fixture is constructed of aluminum and provided with a yoke and junior pin/ baby receiver. The assembly weighs 11 pounds and the head is 8.25” long, 8.75” wide, and 13” high (including the yoke). A built-in Chimera mount is part of the design as well. Control and power connectors are provided with covers to maintain the IP rating when not in use. Finally, the unit is passively cooled (fanless) for silent operation.

PAG/ Aspectra

Pag PL16+ | PAGlink Micro Charger With some of the industry’s most compact and highest energy density batteries, PAG is a leader in portable power systems. PAG offers both Gold-mount and V-mount Li-Ion batteries that are stackable for increased runtime through higher Watt-hours. On-board battery controls indicate capacity, load, and remaining runtime for the total of all batteries which are linked together. When stacking batteries, current is not transferred from one battery to another but instead is passed through a central bus bar. This allows batteries to be hot swapped, or additional batteries to be simply added to the back of the stack. Additionally, the PL16+ four position charger allows you to stack and fast charge up to 16 batteries at a time in a compact form factor. Using the internal Intelligent Parallel Charging software, the most discharged batteries will be given priority until all batteries reach a similar level of charge. In the field, the PAGlink Micro Charger is the ideal solution for up to four stacked batteries in a travel size charger. Available in both V-mount and Gold Mount, the Micro charger can replenish your batteries from either AC input or DC supply such as a vehicle battery or USB charger.

Photon Beard

Photon Beard Highlight LEDPhoton Beard is committed to keeping things simple and the Highlight LED does just that. They have taken their best remote phosphor technology and unique optical approach to providing a punchy full spectrum LED luminaire that has an excellent Color temperature and output rating that is guaranteed for 5 years. Adding a cyc hood to these fixtures makes them an excellent choice for lighting your green screen. The fixtures can be operated locally or through DMX and this year they have added a USB port to the rear of the fixture, so firmware updates are simple as well. The fixtures can dim from 100%-5% while maintaining a constant color temp. Cooling is passive so there is no issue with fan noise.

Point Source Audio

Point Source EmbracePoint Source Audio featured their new EMBRACE microphones at NAB The patent-pending EMBRACE Microphones are buildable and customizable mic'ing solutions new to the audio industry. The EMBRACE microphones are engineered for concealing, but its mounting system keeps the mic placement consistent with the mouth as with traditional headset style mics. This innovation in custom mic'ing is the best of lightweight and low-profile lavs combined with the consistent placement of ear-mounted microphones. EMBRACE ear mount microphones are offered with omnidirectional pickup patterns in single or dual redundancy. The redundant option pairs two matched elements to give peace of mind to tech crews needing backup assurance in live broadcasting and production environments.

Porta Brace

Out of their new gear, the most relevant to the lighting world would be the new Soft Padded Carrying Case for Litepanles Gemini (LPB-GEMINI). The bag is custom fit for the Gemini fixture and built as a padded semi-rigid frame. The case is made of waterproofed 1000 denier Cordura Nylon. The interior is soft Veltex and it also has a front accessory pocket. The main strap is made of suede leather. It also has pockets in the seams of the straps so you can carry along a c-stand or tripod.

Quasar Science

The new Q-LED Rainbow Linear LED Lamp featuring RGBX was on full display at LDI. This new item from Quasar can run from our 2000° Candlelight to 6000° Daylight Kelvin and can be controlled in a variety of ways, including an onboard control panel, wireless Lumen Radio CRMX or DMX I/O. They can also be daisy-chained together and run in a lead-follow mode. The color options run from a powerful white crossfade to full an RGB mode featuring a full 360° palette for vibrant fully saturated color or mixed with X-fade white light for soft beautiful pastels. Includes color presets for Blue, Cyan, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red, Magenta, Purple. Each lamp is self-ballasted and can run on AC power. The RGB-X Rainbow Lamps use 100-265VAC (World Power) via a True1 connector. There is also a battery option, allowing them to run on off a 10-26 VDC via locking barrel connector. The RGBX come is a two-foot 25 watt, four foot 50 watt, or eight-foot 100-watt form factor.


Robe Lighting NAB 18Robe Lighting had a large range of their fixtures at NAB this year for broadcasters who not only need lighting for on-air personalities but for also ambient set and air effects interest. For fixed fixtures, Robe's ParFectline in its various flavors area popular fixture because of their incredibly wide zoom range of3.8°– 60°. Their PATT range of fixtures have become a must-have for visual interest on sets and tours worldwide. Moving head fixtures have always been Robe's forte, and Robe's DL7S Profile is the first DL range fixture to receive a powerful new 800W version of the LED engine with seven colors for unprecedented smooth, stable and even color mixing and a very high CRI. The Spiider and Tarrantula fixturesare superbright next generation of LED WashBeam luminaires. Spiider uses 18x 30 Watt and 1x 60 Watt LEDs and combining it with a very efficient 12.5:1 zoom optical system ranging from tight 4° Beam to wide 50° while the Tarrantula is powered by 36x 30W and 1x 60W high powered emitters providing a stunning 20,000 lumen output. The versatile optical system offers an adjustable beam angle, from a tight 4° spot to a super-wide 50° wash, of the highest quality light.

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