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“ Reports from Barbizon on new and interesting lighting and production equipment for content acquisition and at the National Association of Broadcasters Show held April 18-21, 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada. ”

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The Light

THELIGHT is a high-power LED lighting technology developer and manufacturer, who has developed their high CRI, white light color temperature variation technology. They've been design and manufacturing their products in Barcelona, Spain since 2008. The Light Velvet PowerTheir line of "Velvet" lights has been gaining traction and requests in the US because the the fixture body is 100% aluminum and is IP 51 to IP54 rated. Utilizing OSRAM LED, it creates a soft quality light with an adjustable color temperature from 2700 to 6500K. It boasts a CRI of 95.

  • 1x1 – has a power draw of 75 Watts. The Beam angle is 100’. The photometrics are 1700 Lux / 157 fc at 1M / 3 feet, 210 lux / 19 fc at 3m / 10 feet. 24-35 VDC with VLock or Gold Battery Mount. 90-264 VAC
  • The model 2 has a power draw of 150W, 3600 lux / 334 fc at 1m / 3 feet, 450 lux / 42fc at 3m / 10 feet. 24-35 VDC with VLock or Gold Battery Mount. 90-264 VAC
  • 2x2 – has a power draw of 290 watts with a beam angle of 100’. 8000 lux / 740 fc at 1m / 3 feet, 1000 lux / 93 fc at 3m / 10 feet. 26-28vdc, 90-264 VAC.
  • The Model 4 is a 49”x12”x2.7” panel. Power is 290W. 8000 lux / 740 fc at 1m / 3 feet, 1000 lux / 93 fc at 3m / 10 feet. 26-28vdc, 90-264 VAC.
  • The Light VelvetThe Velvet Power comes in 3 sizes, The Velvet Power 1, Power 2 and Power 2x2. Using a 100% aluminum body, it also has an IP rating of 51 – 54. The Power line boasts a long throw distance beam without noisy fans. All models are adjustable from 2700 to 6500 and a CRI of 90+. They all have a 30 degree beam angle for longer throw applications.
    • The Power 1 - 13000 lux / 1296 fc at 3 feet and a power draw of 100W. Power Supply – 12-35 VDC vlock or Gold Mount or 90-264 VAC.
    • The Power 2 – 25000 lux / 2315 fc at 3feet and a power draw of 190W. Power Supply – 18-35 VDC vlock or Gold Mount or 90-264 VAC.
    • The Power 2x2 – 40000 lux / 3700 fc at 3 feet and a power draw of 340W. Power supply – 24VDC or 90-264 VAC.

Tiffen - Steadicam

The newest Steadicam model for upcoming release is the Pilot 2. The Pilot 2 is a tool-free, versatile stabilizing rig that accommodates a wide range of camera classes and operating contexts. The Pilot 2 is a true upgrade from the original Steadicam Pilot model. The versatility of the Pilot 2 stems from the fact that it was designed to succeed both the previous Pilot and Scout models from Steadicam. Additionally, the Pilot 2 boasts more options when it comes to battery mounts, including Anton-Bauer, V-Lock, and DV battery mounting. For operators looking for a new system, this means choosing the Steadicam model best-suited for their professional needs is as simple as selecting their preferred battery mount and choosing from one of two reliable arm and vest pairings. The new Steadicam Pilot 2 is offered with two different arm and vest pairings to cater to camera setups of varying weight:

  • When paired with the 15 pound arm and vest option, the Pilot 2 can carry loads up to 10 pounds.
  • When paired with the 30 pound arm and vest option, the Pilot 2 can carry loads up to 25 pounds.
What’s more, each arm and vest pairing is affordably priced for the rising camera operator to reasonably expand their toolkit. The tool-free Pilot 2 includes an HD video line, a P-Tap connector for camera and accessory powering, and a superb 7” 1000 nit 3G-HD/SD/SDMI monitor. For dynamic balance and best operating practice, the monitor, battery, and gimbal are all position-able along the rigid carbon-fiber post of the Pilot 2. With a convenient detachable base and lightweight sled design, the Steadicam Pilot 2 is easily transported for the operating job ahead. Steadicam Smoothee with Universal mountSteadicam also Introduced their Universal Smartphone Mount for Shake-free Smartphone videos. The new Steadicam Universal Smartphone Mount lends a stable hand to everyday, anywhere photography and videography through the lens of the ever-present smartphone. Designed for imagemakers from the novice to the professional, the Universal Smartphone Mount attaches and balances virtually any smartphone to a Steadicam Smoothee with ease and security. No more do users have to worry about updating their Steadicam mount each time a new smartphone is released. This mount supports it all. The Universal Smartphone Mount begins stabilizing in just two steps – 1) just clip on to the Steadicam Smoothee, and2) It easily grips any mobile device with a dual lock clamp, adding extra security from accidental release and damage, while cradling it with soft foam pads for extra protection. Both image viewing and capturing are completely unobstructed, allowing for the best shot in any situation. Ideal for on-the-go smartphone videographers looking to catch the perfect spur-of-the-moment story or memory, the Universal Smartphone Mount is compact enough to fit in any Steadicam carrying case, and it will be ready to offer support the second the moment strikes. For added versatility and a unique shooting style, users can also attach the Universal Smartphone Mount to a tripod, including any tripod model from the Davis & Sanford collection, or place it on a flat surface for use as a tabletop stand.


Videscence expanded itVidnel-100s full line of LED Fresnels this year (VN080, VN150, VN240). There are now 80w, 150w and 240w models are all available in both Daylight and Tungsten color temperature and feature an amazing 96+ CRI. The fixture has a local touch pad and remote DMX control over its 0% to 100% dimming range. A very unique feature allows this fixture to shut off power to the switching power supply when DMX intensity is set to zero. This saves a lot of power when not in use and separates it from other brands.


Vector 750Known for there superior camera mounts Vinten's new Vector 750 Pan & Tilt Head allows a staggering 165.3 lbs of support on the head. With it’s unique counter balance system it ensures an extremely high levels of controls and smooth movements. It also offers and option for a side mounted monitor using there bracket. vintentrackslsVinten also showed their new Hexagon Dolly’s motorized column and robotic head natively interfaces to the Vinten control protocol and hence can be fully managed from the Vinten control system. With a height of only 30mm (1.18”) from the ground, the system features the lowest profile track design available today while keeping the quality of stability and movement at the highest level. The low profile of the Hexagon System is less obtrusive than any other competitive solutions and also minimizes the risk of tripping. Featuring four traction wheels with dual synchronized motors, the Hexagon System has high traction operation with virtually no slipping. It also provides an optional positioning belt for AR and VR. The track position can be very accurately measured and sent to a graphics engine so that the system can be used in an Augmented/Virtual Reality environment.


FRK2-LED-867x10303Visionsmith has set out to build a drop-in solution for mostpopular halogen fresnels. If you have a halogen kit, this is for you. This isn’t anything like an LEDretrofit, it’s just a bulb swap. So upgrading to LED is no longer a process of throwing out all your old favorite lights, and rewiring to support the new expensive LED Fresnel’s. Now you can literally just upgrade from a halogen lamp to a ReLamp LED. It’s much faster. There is no rewiring at all. It costs four times less in most cases. You still get all the benefits of LED.


Westcott Ice 2At this years NAB, Westcott setup their Flex Light & Led Ice light2 in real life filmmaking situations such as a round table interview, Lighting the interior of a smart car with the flex light mounted on the visor and an exterior 8x8 Flex wall comprised of 16 – 2’x2’ panels. This was by far one of the best interactive booths at the show. Westcott also introduced their new app that connects wirelessly to any ice light 2 model via Bluetooth. From the app, photographers and filmmakers can check battery life and increase /decrease the light output of their ice light 2. The Ice Light 2’s built-in Bluetooth can connect to this new app from up to 100 feet away. Users can connect up to 10 Ice Light 2s in a single window and change the name of each individual light for quick identification. Toggling between units is accomplished by simply swiping or tapping horizontally. Beside offering wireless control for streamlined studio shoots, this easy ­to ­use app is also a useful tool for preserving battery life by giving photographers the ability to lower their Ice Light’s instantly power between takes. The Westcott app is now available for iOS devices through the iTunes App Store


Since 2003 this Los Angeles, California based Zylight has been providing the production industry top quality LED lighting fixtures that stand up to the rigors of field, as well as, studio and sound stage use. f8-300Of particular note at NAB 2016 is their recently introduced F8 LED –300 Fresnel. A few of the outstanding features are: light output equivalent to a 600w HMI, passive cooling (fanless and silent) and a high CRI, TLCI LED engine. This fixture provides exceptional color quality. It has variable spot/flood controls and creates a single shadow beam. It can be controlled by DMX or their Zylink wireless software app.. There is an option to run it with Show DMX and WDMX. This fixture is also weather resistant IP54 rated, which is a real plus. It comes in 3,200K or 5,600K versions. This fresnel represents the next big step in the Zylight evolution. Aladdin+Zylight+mergerAn interesting development is that it was also announced that Zylight will be the exclusive US distributor of Aladdin lighting.

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