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“ Reports from Barbizon on new and interesting lighting and production equipment for content acquisition and at the National Association of Broadcasters Show held April 18-21, 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada. ”

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Chimera Lighting

chimera_skypanel_TECH_LightbanksKnown for their durable and easily packable soft banks and light modifiers, Chimera Lighting displayed two new rings to extend the reach of the very popular Octaplus lighting system. Chimera is also making a Tech Lightbank for the smaller,ARRI SkyPanel S30 includes the lightbank body, mounting frame, full diffusion front screen, 1/2 and 1/4 grid front screens, 1/8 grid inner baffle and a storage sack. A wide range of accessories — including various egg crate fabric and honeycomb metal grids, as well as barn doors — are available to complement and extend the Chimera Tech Lightbanks’ and ARRI SkyPanel LEDs’ versatility. We saw was a universal mount that will work with 1×1 LED fixtures and a second to work with the ubiquitous space light fixture.


CB26If Cinebag's new CB26 GP Bunker looks a bit small, look again. This bag is designed to organize your GoPro gear and a 13" MacBook Pro, all in one bag. The padded dividers are beefed up this year to provide better protection and allow you to customize how you stow your gear. The CB26 GP Bunkercomes with a removable mesh-top bag for small pieces as well as all the things you have come to expect from Cinebags, water proof fabric, padded shoulder strap, over sized zippers with pulls and the Cinebags key chain. TheCB26 GP Bunkermeasures 14" high, 11.5" wide, and 7" tall and is 4.13 pounds. Cinebags has also released a new larger version of their popular AC Pouch, the CB07C Pouch XL,for the camera assistant that needs to have all the tools by his side. This pouch weighs in at only 1.1 lbs. but is 11" wide, 8" tall and 3.5" deep, with plenty of room inside, and an array of pockets outside with sturdy D-rings to hang your gloves and other tools. Cinebags has a limited edition color available on a few of their bags called "Black Tactical Camo." Definitely worth a look! Get yours before they are all gone!

Cineo Lighting

Cineo HSX | Barbizon LightingCineo Lighting introduced the Cineo / HSX: The NEW HSX is the latest member of Cineo’s LED Remote Phosphor product line. The HSX is a color-tunable 2700K to 6000K soft source. Unlike other color-tunable sources, HSX remains consistent throughout the life of the fixture with no color shift or need for calibration. Other features include 5 presets: 2700K, 3200K, 4300K, 5600K, and 6000K. It is flicker free, has no fans and is 100% compatible with HS accessories. This high-power, 25,000 lumen LED studio fixture is idea for Film, Broadcast Video and Still Photography.


ClearCom-FS-II-BaseThis year Clear-Com had a lot of new products to show off, including the FreeSpeakII Base Station, DX410 Wireless Intercom, and HelixNet 3.0. All of these products have the familiar high quality and durable construction, versatile, and with a simple or intuitive interface that Clear Com is known for. The FreeSpeakII allows for flexibility in the use and management of wired or wireless intercom systems acting as a base station for signal transmission or as a headset master station for users to make or receive calls to anyone on the system. It operates in either the 1.9GHz or 2.4GHz frequency bands, has a browser based system management tool to be able to monitor or make changes in real time, and can interact with any standard 2 or 4 wire partyline or audio devices. The DX410 is a two-channel 2.4 GHz digital wireless intercom system that incorporates up to 15 BP410 wireless beltpacks and/or WH410 all-in-one wireless headsets. The WH410 has outstanding audio quality and comfortability, especially for an all-in one. HelixNet 3.0, as its name might imply, is a software update to the existing HelixNet system increasing the system capacity up to 12 party line channels or 24 with the purchase of additional licensing. With 3.0 you can also assign an unlimited number of pre-defined roles or labels to each individual user, utilize the remote mic kill of ALL channels, and view/manage all users via the same browser based management software used in the FreeSpeakII.


LEDko-EXTCoemar was in the DeSisti pavilion at NAB and was showing their Reflection LEDko EXT fixture that has a fixed white color temperature 3200 K or 5600 K. Featuring an weatherproof rating of IP65 the LEDko EXT has electronic 16 bit dimming with 2 selectable curves,simulating halogen or discharge lamp based fixtures and has a zoom range of 26°-40°. Its LEDs life is projected at 50000 hours at 70% lumen intensity maintenance so if you're looking for an LED outdoor framing projector this is worth consideration.


Dedo DLED 4-BIDedoLights announced their new Turbo series of LED lights this year. The Turbo series DLED7 and DLED3 utilize active (“whisper”) cooling and brighter sources to achieve nearly double the output of their predecessors the DLED4 and DLED2 respectively from the same size and weight fixture. Twice as bright without an increase in size or weight of fixture also means that most accessories from the previous lines are still compatible. The new DLED7 turbo comes in at 90w consumption, and the DLED3 at 40w and they are both available in daylight, tungsten, or tunable bi-color from 2700k – 6000k. Many options are available for the turbos including multi-unit kits in soft or hard carrying cases and either AC or DC ballasts. Additional turbo fixtures are claimed to be in testing now, so more units may be added to the turbo series.

DeSisti Lighting

Fabio DeSistiAt NAB DeSisti was showing their new Super LED Vari-White range of LED fresnels. The innovative variable white fresnel provides the ability to modulate the color temperature range from 2800°K to 6600°K. The light output has an enhanced CRI (Color Rendering Index) greater than 94 and with equal output throughout the color temperature range. (Right: Fabio DeSisti giving Barbizon an insider’s view of the Vari-White LED Engine.)
  • 0 to 100% with a super smooth Dimming
  • STEP MODE for CCT Control: Increments of 400°K every 10% of DMX variation
  • CONTINUOUS MODE for CCT control.
The fixture was designed to achieve classical SPOT/FLOOD beam control on an equivalent focus range to a conventional tungsten lamp fresnel, with excellent barn door cutting when needed.
PicolettoAlso for the first time were production samples of the new Picoletto series LED Fresnels. Think LED Inky - they will be available in tungsten and daylight color temps. They're so cute!

DMG Lumiere

SL1-SwitchThe SL1 and Mini Switch by DMG LUMIÈRE is a LED light designed by a gaffer and a cinematographer, exclusively for the Motion Picture Industry. These fixtures comes in single color with the SL1-5600K and SL1-3200K or in bicolor with the SL1 Switch. These LED fixtures has the full color palette from 3200K to 5600K. Comes with frosted diffuser (easily removable) and the 360 degree mount as standard.


Dracast is one of 6 separate divisions all owned by Draco Broadcast. Barbizon can now offer it’s customer equipment from Avinair, Axrtec, Cinebrite, Magicue and DracastMaxMove as well as Dracast. Dracast launched a host of new broadcast lighting fixtures at NAB. Available now is the new Plus Series which combines technologies from it’s pro-series and 2014 studio series to create a complete location lighting panel package. The on board LCD screen allows local control as well as remote DMX control via CAT5. Available in three sizes, LED500, LED100 and LED200 all available in three color temperature models (3200k, 5600k, and Variable 3200-5600k) all with on board battery mount accessories. Surface Series will be shipping in June at a similar affordable price point to the Plus Series but designed for studio applications. For those of you on location and looking for something extremely light weight, Dracast has cooked up a very cool looking Silver Series. This like is Dracasts slimmest, lightest LED panel to date. Silver Series is available in three different sizes LED500 Silver is an 8”x8” square and LED1000 Silver is a folding, dual-board LED panel and the LED1500 Silver with two folding points making it easy to fit in any bag.

DSC Labs

DSC LabsThis year at NAB in addition to their already wide array of charts DSC Labs were showing the new ChromaMatch which is a combination of electronic chart and paper chart in a split screen. When displayed on a Sony O-LED monitor of broadcast quality (BVME250 recommended), shading can properly balance the digital signal against the paper chart being light by any combination of lighting fixtures technology to deliver a perfect match. As a foot note this O-LED LCD monitor is considered by many to be the closet to CRT quality available today. We also heard a lot of discussion around their Xlya line of charts that are designed to test dynamic range of new 4K and greater cameras.

Dynamic range is an important factor in selecting the best camera for the job. Ensure your camera’s dynamic range is setup accurately with DSC Labs latest high dynamic range test system – the Xyla. Available with up 20 f-stops of dynamic range (only 1:1,000,000 of the light passes through on step 21), the Xyla presents more than a challenge for even the most advanced camera systems. There are currently two Xyla models available – the Xyla-15, provides a spread of 14 f-stops and the Xyla-21, an amazing 20 f-stops.

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