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Flolight has that solution for those of us that can never fit the standard mold. flolightBUILD YOUR OWN VIDEO LIGHTING KIT With over 800 possible permutations, our pre-configured kits can't possibly cover all scenarios, customers will want a mix of spot and flood versions in one kit. Previously if you wanted a permutation not shown you would have had to order lights individually, and would have missed out on the free stands offered with kit purchases. This new feature allows you to configure your kit the way you want it! FREE LIGHT STANDS WITH ANY KIT ORDER CONSISTING OF THREE OR MORE LIGHTS When purchasing any three lights as part of your Build A Kit, you get free 8' light stands. These stands retail for $60 each when purchased separately. In addition a light stand carry bag is also included which retails for $79. This means when you order a lighting kit from us you save a minimum of $199 dollars with just two lights, and if you order 4 lights your savings climb to $319.

Frezzi Energy Systems

eylight_1The EyLight is the world's first professional camera light with an internal quick-swap rechargeable battery that delivers sustainable power to traditional tungsten and LED lamps in a compact “all-in-one design”. Built on the industry standard Frezzi Mini-Fill's form factor, it's ideal for handheld cameras that have no way to power a professional light. Finally, get the professional quality light you need and extra run time for your camera all without cables. Frezzi skylightAlso by Frezzi was the SkyLight designed to deliver an impressive amount of daylight-balanced light suitable for indoor/outdoor news gathering and field production. It's a highly portable LED fixture powered by standard broadcast batteries, DC or AC power. The Skylight delivers equivalent light to a 650 Watt tungsten or 125W-150W HMI source while drawing only 75W of power. It's fully dimmable with selectable beam angles using quick change reflector technology.


Glidecam featured their innovative line of camera supports including Hand-Held and Body Mounted Stabilizers, Camera Sliders, Cranes and Remote Heads. [caption id="attachment_3268" align="alignright" width="300"]iGlide display at NAB, showing typical camera types for use with this lightweight hand held stabilizer. iGlide display at NAB, showing typical camera types for use with this lightweight hand held stabilizer.[/caption] Using Glidecam’s lightweight Hand-held Camera Stabilizers eliminates distracting, shaky camera footage and gives you that hypnotically smooth, professional look that you’ve always wanted. The iGlide is a lightweight, hand-held camcorder stabilizing system designed for compact, low profile cameras weighing from 4 to 14 ounces. Perfect for a Go-Pro, and, with the use of an additional adapter, can also work with the IPHONE.


Hoodman Corporation manufactures inspired digital camera tools. Glare Fighting LCD loupes, ratcheting variable angle viewers, the fastest, longest lasting CompactFlash memory cards and the worlds first steel plated, ruggedized SDHC memory card line for digital media production. Hbm1_1(ADD)At NAB this year Hoodman’s simple new hood model (HBM1) for the Blackmagic Production Camera LCD screen greatly improves outdoor LCD viewing. The new HBM1 hood uses a pierceable bottom panel to facilitate glare free touch screen access. Mounting the HBM1 hood to the OEM visor takes only seconds and is done with the included adhesive Velcro mount kit. Rugged nylon plastic insert construction allows the HBM1 hood to fold flat for easy storage. Hoodman also had their H line of SD cards which are a wise purchase for customers who require reliable memory cards, but do not require the fastest memory cards we make. The H line features “Chip on Board” internal construction, up to 60 MB/s transfer speeds and a lifetime warranty.


iKan Corp, a Houston based designer and manufacturer of digital video and DSLR gear used by independent filmmakers, videographers, and professional photographers will showcase nearly 100 new products in their NAB booth. Screen Shot 2014-04-22 at 10.30.17 AMStanding out were the next generation field monitors for film and video production. The D-Series monitors have True Color 1920×1080 IPS panels, waveform, the ability to cross convert HDMI and SDI signals, and many more features. In the M-Series of monitors there will be two new lighter and thinner models that will be displayed at the show. The M-Series models will have most of the same features of its predecessors, the MR7 & MD7, but just more compact for convenience. The VX9i will on display at the show this year, equipped with True Color 1920×1080 IPS panel with an aluminum body and has all of the same features as the current VX9e. To go along with that monitor is its counterpart, the VX9i-2K and it will support 4:4:4 2K signals. Other major features to look out for in the monitor are the True Color IPS Panel, HDMI and SDI Conversions, Waveform, Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA), rugged aluminum body, and many more. iKan also had their new affordable follow-focus and a wide selection of affordable solid state lighting.


K5600 Evolution kitK5600 has brought a new fresnel fixture to the table in the form of the Alpha 200. It is a compact and lightweight fresnel instrument that follows the same design philosophy of the larger K5600 Alpha fixtures and accepts both Quart Metal Halide Lamps (HMI) and Ceramic Discharge lamps, allowing it to now project in both 3200K and 5600K color temperatures simply by changing lamps. It can be used with a drop-in lens with 10-60 degree focusing range or with clear Pyrex to give even 90 degree output that produces crisp and hard shadows like a typical open face fixture. The new Joker 200 also has the option of accepting the same lamps as the Alpha 200. With the Evolution series of kits, you have five different choices, including one fixture, or two fixtures (one of each or two of the same). Each Evolution Kit will include a streamlined compact AC only power supply, kit stands, both 3200K and 5600K lamps, barndoors, and optical accessories for your chosen fixture. Packaged within a lightweight softcase, the Evolution Kit has everything necessary to create beautiful, color correct images regardless of location setting. Along with the ability to use either tungsten or HMI lamps, the Joker 200 has a reconfigured Evolution Beamer with specular parabolic reflector allowing for the punch and control of a Classic Joker at a less expensive price point.

Kino Flo

Celeb 400Kino Flo Lighting Systems showed all of the popular fluorescent fixtures that made them famous, but front and center were their three new LED units: The Celeb 200 DMX LED, the Celeb 400 DMX LED, and the Celeb 400Q DMX LED. All three are variable color temperature, from 2700-5500K (CRI of 95+), with onboard dimming and color temperature adjustment as well as control via DMX. For ease of use, the units have five presets for color temperature accessible from buttons on the back. These units provide the excellent, soft wrap lighting that Kino Flo is known for while offering the increased flexibility of an LED fixture. The units dim without color shift, and they also maintain their output as the color temperature is changed. The Celeb 200 is positioned as an LED replacement for the 2-tube Diva-Lite 201. The Celeb 400, which begins shipping in April, is similarly designed to replace 4-tube fixtures. The Celeb DMXCeleb 400 was also named the Videomaker "Best Light of NAB 2014". Finally, the Celeb 400W, which will be available in July takes the light level of the 400 but changes the form-factor to a 2' x 2' square LED panel for a more concentrated source that still feels soft.


Libec_ALLEXLas Vegas offered the first opportunity for Libec to show ALLEX - their innovative new tripod and slider system for smaller cameras and SLR operators. Utilizing a slightly flattened 75mm half-ball, the tripod head can quickly move from multi-stage tripod to linear slider. The ALLEX S slider can be attached to a tripod via half-ball for quick leveling or on any flat surface with the included legs, which fold in for easy transportation.


LitePanels fresnelsNew to NAB this year was the introduction of three products to complete their line. They now have a complete line of Fresnels in the Sola family adding the Sola 9. Still maintaining all the features of the Sola family 12, 9, 6 and 4. Also available in the incandescent color temperature with the Inca family of Fresnels. Also new to NAB is the Hilio D12 which is a high output Panel for long throws. Available in tungsten balance with the Hilio T12. Litepanel also introduced a line of kits for ENG work. They are having a 1x1 anniversary sale that can save up to 45% till June 7th 2014

Lowel Lighting

Lowel-Prime-LEDThe Lowel Prime LED 200, 400 and 800 series of professional studio quality LED lighting fixtures come in dedicated Daylight (5600°K) or Tungsten (3300°K) color models, with a high Color Rendering Index of 91+. They have a beam angle of 50 degree, fully DMX-512 (1990) compliant, and can be dimmed via DMX or manually on the unit. Daylight models have a small quantity of Tungsten color LEDs, and Tungsten models have a small quantity of Daylight LEDs integrated into their array's, for purposes of color balancing. It is possible to give the 2 colors in each fixture separate DMX addresses, to allow minor adjustment of their relative setup levels for applications needing color proximity matching to other sources (approx. range, 100-200°K). They can be mounted on a stand or hung on a rail. Each model is built for the studio and rugged enough for travel. LED 200-Delivering 22 Foot Candles at 12 feet, over its wide 50 degree beam angle and draws only 85 Watts. LED 400-Delivering 43 Foot Candles at 12 feet, over its wide 50 degree beam angle, and draws only 135 Watts. LED 800-Delivering 74 Foot Candles at 12 feet, over its wide 50 degree beam angle, and draws only 210 Watts. Lowel Prine LocationLowel Prime Location LED’s have a sturdy all metal construction with an *IP-65 weather rating, allowing lighting in rain or dust storms, and has a powerful high CRI daylight, tungsten, or bi-color output. Each model has a Color Rendering index-93+. All models are manually dimmable with no color shift. AC-models are auto-set to 90-240VAC. DC-models are powered by V-Lock, or Anton Bauer Gold Mount battery. Lighting Controls include: Barndoor Softening Set, and Honeycomb grids. (*IP-65 Rating explained: (IP=Ingress Protection) IP-65 rated items are protected against dust or larger sized objects entering the fixture. Also protected against powerful water jets from any direction.) Lowel Pro Power LED is today’s Run & Gun Lighting Solution. It’s powerful output and wide focus range Fresnel lens allows you to light from greater distance, getting more of the location into your shot. The Pro Power LED is available in Daylight or Tungsten. They are Dimmable without color-shift, Flicker-free Slo-mo, 2350+fps. Powered by AC or Long Life DC Battery, for stand or run & gun handheld use. Lighting Controls include: Barndoor, gel frame, softbox, screw thread filters. Kit combinations are available.

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