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nab_cartoni_maximaAt the top of the line for digital cinema production and broadcast is Cartoni’s Maxima Fluid Action Head. With a massive payload range of 0 – 86 lbs., there are virtually no configurations the Mitchell base-fitted Maxima cannot support throughout its 180° tilt range. The quick release plate is adjustable fore and aft by almost six inches to allow balancing a wide range of acquisition platforms and accessories. Viewfinder leveler and front box pegs are standard, as are dual pan handles. For smaller configurations, the new Master MKII Fluid Head is built for camera configurations weighing between 6.6 – 66 lbs. The “Wing” system is infinitely adjustable for any load in the range between +/- 90°. The MKII comes with a Mitchell base as standard, but can be adapted for use on a 150mm bowl. nab_cartoni_p20_1Among the full line-up of Cartoni fluid head and pedestal platforms is the budget-friendly P20 for portable studios and lighter camera configurations. The P20 pneumatic column smoothly supports cameras up to 55 lbs. With variable tracking width between 26.5” – 38”, the rugged dolly base remains stable even when moving through narrow doorways or in smaller spaces. List price is $6795 US.


Chimera products some handy products at NAB this year. First up was their new modular speed ring for those larger lights up to 9-5/8”, like the Arrimax M8. Chimera TechNext was a new line of TECH Lightbanks for LED, Plasma and Remote Phosphor lights. Fixtures include the Creamsource Classic, Litepanels Hilio, TruColor HS, Rotolight and a Universal Softbank for all the 1x1 panels out there. These Lightbanks are versatile in that they have unique mounting methods to accommodate most LED fixtures, like using slide-in frames, circular rings, barn door mounts and a new adjustable mounting Lightbank that requires no frames, rings or poles! The Low Heat LED Lightbanks are part of the Video PRO, Daylight JR and Quartz lines and accommodate most popular LED Fresnels. The Low Heat Lightbanks have the soft silver interiors and are made with the same high quality materials that are used in the Video PRO, Daylight JR and Quartz series Plus One Lightbanks, minus the high heat material. Chimera EZ PopThe new Lighttools ez[POP] Soft Egg Crate grids integrate a tensioning frame into their existing Soft Egg Crate designs to simplify the assembly process, maintain a better shape and guarantee maximum soft light control in the most challenging of lighting set-ups. The Lighttools ez[POP] Soft Egg Crate grids are available in small, medium and large for Lightbanks and Strip Banks with 40ยบ angle of coverage. Window_Pattern_NamesChimera also came out with a new urban range of window pattern break-ups that come in 22" or 16" sizes for 48", 42", or 24" frames. Now you can create the interesting light patterns you want, without all the time-consuming work. No more chopping tree branches, removing Venetian blinds from windows or adding foliage. Chimera has created a variety of Window Patterns that help you achieve perfect lighting backgrounds for interviews, portraits, still life and more.


Started in 2002, CineBags grew out of the need to have to best possible camera and equipment bags designed by cameramen for working camera crews. All their products are designed from a users point of view and by designers who are actually using them. CineBagsAt NAB CineBags introduced the PRODUCTION BAG MINI (part # CB11) which is the little brother of the award winning CB01 Production Bag. Four removable pouches allow for a customizable interior which keeps gear and accessories organized and protected. Exterior size is 22”x13.5”x9”. Interior size is 17.5”x10”x8”.

Cineo Lighting

Cineo Matchstick MaverickCineo continues their line of phosphor panels with the AC/DC powered Maverick and 6” or 12” Matchstix Single Phosphor Bar. Both meet the demands of field use: lightweight, DC powered and weatherproof (Maverick only). Cineo’s Maverick delivers a volume of light equal to a traditional 1K soft source with interchangeable phosphor panels to permit a variety of color temperatures in one fixture. Cineo Photon 2The re-designed Foton2Portable and Studio lights are small, PAR-style fixtures with twice the output of the original Foton, now available in both Tungsten and Daylight balanced color. Foton2 is designed to meet the stringent requirements for film, television and still photography. The output of Foton2is comparable to a 200-watt tungsten fixture, yet typically consumes only 35 watts with no U/V and IR emissions in the beam. The beam angle can be varied from 20° to 60° by changing reflectors and can be fitted with accessories such as barn doors and gel frames. Foton2Studio integrates easily into both permanent and temporary studio locations, while the Foton2Portable unit is perfect for remote situations. Foton2Studio lampheads are powered using the new Studio Hub, which provides power and DMX control for 1-4 fixtures at distances up to 100’. *Soon to release are their combination 3 light kits, available in either 1 Maverick / 2 Foton 2 or 2 Maverick / 1 Foton 2 configurations.

Clear Com

HME-DX300ESClear-Com had an abundance of different products on display. One of the featured items was the HME DX300ES. With the HME DX300ES, wireless intercom communication has become more portable and flexible for live event, remote broadcast and movie/video production crews. The system supports hands-free, two-way digital conversation with two-channel interfacing for intercom communications. Its compact design makes it highly portable and very quick to set up and operate. Ideal for today's frequency-congested markets, the HME DX300ES is a digital spread spectrum system that requires no frequency coordination or license for operation. With Spectrum Friendly technology, users can select the 2.4 GHz operating frequency range – low band, high band or full band – to avoid frequency conflicts. Special features include two-channel operation, dedicated channel relays, battery operation, and four-wire audio interfaces. Use with the BP300 COMMUNICATOR ® or WH300 All-in-One Headset. HelixNet-PartylineClear-Com® also announced the launch of three new product units that add significant flexibility and functionality to its HelixNet™ Partyline Intercom System. The new units - HRM-4X Remote Station, HKB-2X Speaker Station and S-Mount - extend the digital product range by allowing many more stations to be added to the system. HelixNet is the industry’s first digital network partyline intercom system. It was designed as a digital version of Clear-Com’s industry-standard analog partyline system, bringing simplicity, efficiency and a powerful set of intelligent features to those users who require a cost-effective digital communication solution. Up to now the HelixNet line has consisted of the HMS-4X Main Station, the HBP-2X HelixNet Beltpack and several interface modules

Dedotec USA

Dedo LEDZillaDedolight has been at work improving their highly engineered line of lights. Well-known for their small precise halogen framing projectors, their LEDZilla line now has a 10w LED element and can function as a camera-top, spot and has softbox, and soft-tube attachments. Their range of LED fixtures also has spots and washes in 40 and 90 watt units now. Dedo-LiTH95SIOf particular note is that Dedolight USA is now distributing LiTH Batteries state-side. Their 95SI V Mount self-charging battery is capable of delivering up to 10 amps for high current draw applications, including LiTH LED Panel Light. The 95 watt-hour LiTH Battery can operate a 50 Watt LED Panel Light for almost 2 hours. The battery features:

  • V Mount
  • Size: 16.5*10.5*4.5cm (6.5*4.13*1.77in)
  • Weight: 1 kg (2.2 lbs)
  • 14.8V 95Wh For high current applications (Up to 10 amps)
  • Integrated charger (90-240V
  • LED indicators
  • Compatible to all V plate application
  • CE standard, 3 years conditional warranty

DeSisti Lighting

Nobody can accuse DeSisti of standing idle. This company is constantly striving to improve and innovate their product line to meet the needs of the marketplace. At NAB 2014, they introduced new products and improvements to existing products. In this report, I will highlight their new LED SOFTLIGHT. Information on their other new or improved products can be found on their website. They include a new LED FRESNEL RANGE (High Power and Enhanced CRI >90), LED FRESNEL RETROFITS, LITE MINI HOIST and MINI SPIDER. All are worthy of your attention. DeSisti LED SoftlightLED SOFTLIGHT: This extremely bright LED entry in the softlight category is truly noteworthy. It produces almost twice the light output of a standard fluorescent fixture and has a CRI greater than 95. Yes, greater than 95. It utilizes an innovative Remote Phosphor screen to create this astonishing color rendering. Here are just a few more highlights regarding these fixtures:

  • Controlled beam pattern using grid spots
  • Soft shadows
  • Even light distribution in intensity and white light balance throughout light pattern
  • No “pixel” effect, so common with other brands
  • Small size and light weight, but ruggedly built.
  • Available with pole operation
  • DMX dimmable and flicker free from 0-100%
  • Available in tungsten or daylight color temperature version
  • Available in 2 or 3 LED arrays (SOFT LED 2, SOFT LED 3)

DSC Labs

For over 40 years, DSC Labs’ precision test patterns have helped DPs and Engineers worldwide create consistent, superb quality images in production, broadcast and digital cinema. Use DSC's legendary "put ‘em in the boxes” colors and patented neutral grayscales to produce your finest images! At NAB DSC introduced IllumaMatch, which is ideal with use in stadiums and on location. DSC’s patented spectrophotometrically neutral CamWhite is ready to identify and correct for color mismatch from mixed lighting. Simply frame IllumaMatch in camera and white balance to the dominant light source, then gel the secondary source to match the dominant and you are all set. It comes in a handy pouch with Velcro tabs, just pull out and attach the Velcro edge and its ready for use.

Elation Lighting

Elation has been developing some interesting new fixtures for the budget-conscious broadcaster / content-creator who would like energy-efficient lighting but not break the bank. DW ProfileThe new DW Profile™ features a very height 90+ CRI, 250W 100,000 hour average life dynamic LED engine, 17° to 27° manual zoom, (4) blade manual framing shutters, supports B size glass, metal, or HT transparency glass gobos, variable color temperature settings (3,000K - 6,200K), variable dimming curves, manual and DMX controlled strobe and dimmer, flicker free operation for TV and FILM, 3 and 5 pin in/out DMX and powerCON in connections, (4) button (2) dial control panel, 300W max power consumption, and a multi-voltage universal auto switching power supply (100-240v). Available to ship May 2014. DW FresnelThe new DW Fresnel™ features a very height 95 CRI, 250W 100,000 hour average life dynamic LED engine, 13° to 41° manual zoom, variable color temperature settings (3,200K - 7,000K), no noise thermo-optical cooling, manual and DMX controlled strobe and dimmer, flicker free operation for TV and FILM, rotating barn door and frost filter, 3 and 5 pin in/out DMX and powerCON in connections, (4) button (3) dial control panel, 320W max power consumption, and a multi-voltage universal auto switching power supply (100-240v). This fanless unit is available for shipping next month. TVL F1CWThe new TVL F1CW™ features a 100W Cool White 5,600K LED engine and TVL F1WW™ features a 100w warm White 3,200k LED engine, motorized 12°-40° zoom, no noise thermo-optical cooling, DMX controlled dimmer and zoom, flicker free operation for TV and FILM, 5pin DMX in/out, powerCon, 2 Ethernet (RJ45) connections, integrated yoke / handle, 141W max consumption, and a multi-voltage universal auto switching power supply (100-240v). Arena Par ZoomThe new Arena Par Zoom features (19) 10W QUAD Color LEDs from Osram™, 10° to 60° motorized zoom, variable strobe macros, selectable dimming curves, flicker free operation for TV and FILM, 3 and 5pin in/out DMX and powerCON in/out connections, 4 button touch control panel, integrated dual rigging yoke / floor stand, linkable power for up to 4 units at 120V and up to 8 units at 230V, 220W max power consumption, and a multi-voltage universal auto switching power supply (100-240v).

Electronic Theatre Controls

gio-product1ETC, Electronic Theatre Controls, as always has plenty to show. Up front in the booth they were showing the new Magic Sheet features of the Eos console family software. Magic Sheets enable the easy creation of full-featured touch screen (or mouse clickable) fixture layouts. This means that rather than having to remember what channel controls the key light for a particular chair on a set, the board operator can select the visual representation of the fixture on the screen making it "live" for adjustment. Magic Sheets can be further customized with macro enabled buttons for common features such as raising or lowering intensity. When fully implemented, turning the lights on and even adjusting them for different talent becomes as easy as using an app on your phone or tablet. They also showed Nomad, ETC's long awaited entry into the lighting console software on a laptop space. desire-studio-productsFor fixtures ETC showed their Desire LED wash fixtures, mostly in their Studio HD configuration. This populates the fixture with LEDs for variable white plus a good range of color adjustment, going beyond the usual "plus/ minus green". The Desire fixtures are now available in three sizes, named for the number of LEDs in the fixture, D60, D40, and the new D22 which we expect will find use in smaller studios and as a back light fixture. In profile fixtures, ETC showed their Source Four LED in both the Studio HD configuration and the new Series 2 Lustr which has brighter white light output than the original ETC Desire D22Lustr through the use of Philips new "lime green" LED which while maintaining the ability to create traditional theatrical gel colors. In the Source Four range, they also showed the LED Cyc barrel which is used with the Source Four LED of your choice and adapts it to use as a cyc wash fixture with smooth color mixing. The final fixture on display was the new (and much anticipated) Source Four LED Mini. Drawing a maximum of 14W the LED Mini puts out more beam lumens at greater efficiency (lumens per watt) than the original 50W MR16 based Mini. The LED Mini is available in a standard configuration with a CRI of 80+ and a Gallery version of a CRI of 90+ (I got 93 in a spot test onsite), both at 3000k. ETC Sensor 3 Portable - TouringFor the lighting side of the house they were showing a new version of the 96-circuit Sensor Touring rack. Equipped with the CEM3 control module this rack dispenses with the patch panel found in earlier racks, allowing 96 dimmers to fit in the footprint of 48. All outputs are 19-pin VSC connectors, inputs are camlock with pass-through and a main circuit breaker. The use of the CEM3 also enables the rack to be equipped with the Thru Power module, which incorporates two discrete circuit paths for dimming and switched power control to facilitate use with both conventional fixtures as well as LED or HMI sources that should not be dimmed. ETC also showed an example of their Prodigy rigging line of products, which combine easy to understand controls with installer and engineer friendly features such as an extruded aluminum compression tube to eliminate resultant loads on the structure.

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