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-> NAB 2014 Show Report

Barbizon-Gates-NAB-2014We had a great time at this year's NAB held April 7-10. While we would have loved to have seen you there, we know that not all of our customers were able to make the trek out to Las Vegas for this annual event. So we sent our staff out to comb the LVCC to find the latest and greatest gear released at this year's NAB show. Below is a compilation of equipment from manufacturers we distribute. If you see anything thatpiques your interest please contact us and we would be happy to get you more information and/or a quote. Enjoy!


AAdynTech Space LightJoining the lineup including the Jab and Punch LED variants, Aadyntech has brought another player to their super efficient fixture family. TheSpaceLight LED is a 3380K tungsten balanced beast that advertises a CRI of over 96. With an output of 52 foot-candles at 25 ft, theSpaceLight LED draws slightly under 7 amps. It can be controlled locally via its menu driven interface, via tethered, plug in digital remote or via DMX control through a lighting console. With DMX, it can be controlled with a single channel to control intensity, or with multiple channels to “pixel map” each of the 20 LED nodes. Since the fixtures have both DMX in and out, they can be daisy chained together and controlled individually. The SpaceLight LED diodes are warranted for 35,000 hours, and should be considered if you’re looking to replace your conventional Spacelights and Skypans. This fixture ships with a standard adjustable heavy-duty yoke and attachment points for industry standard skirts, targets, hoods and Chimeras. An optional lightweight single gel frame will allow the use of filters or gels. The fixture has no UV or IR emissions and is certified for UL, ETL, CSA, CE and RoHS compliance. The Space Light is equipped with an industry standard PowerCon locking A/C cord.

AC Lighting

Chroma-Q® Studio Force V PhosphorAC Lighting introduced the new Chroma-Q® Studio Force V Phosphor™ is a 3,200 - 5,600K CCT, variable white fixture which utilizes innovative LED technologies found in the Studio Force™ range to provide an equivalent soft edge output to a fluorescent fixture - up to 4,200 lumens - developed specifically for use in TV, film and broadcast studio environments. Other features include fine-tuning of the green & magenta tints and frequency for camera, an extremely smooth uniform wash, extra soft beam, theatrical grade dimming and laboratory calibration to match Black Body Locus. Designed for practicality, the unit is equipped with a manual control mode, color touch screen interface, is fanless, studio & full modes for maximum control of the units and a range of optional accessories.

American Grip (AGIgrip)

AGI Short HangerAmerican Grip, soon to be rebranded as AGIgrip, showed a production version of their Aluminum, Medium Duty Adjustable Extension which was shown as a prototype last year. This uses the slide-through pipe clamp of a traditional hanger but with 1" tubing suitable for use with the smaller/ lighter fixtures which are now more typical in studio hangs. The tubing incorporates steel internal stops for safety and, of course, can be fitted with a stirrup or other hanging hardware. They have also expanded their line of heavy-duty crank stands. The line now includes three models: the Boa (41" to 6'), the RoadRunner 220 (53" to 11'-5"), and the BlackBird (6'to 17'-10"). All have easy to find, bright red adjustment handles; large tires for easy movement; and engraved and filled height markings on the mast.American Grip

Anton Bauer

New Anton Bauer Brand LogoAnton Bauer rolled out a new look and an updated line of their popular batteries at NAB for 2014. This show also marked the introduction of Sachtler-branded V-Mounts – Powered by Anton Sachtler-D90-V-Mount-BatteryBauer. Featuring the same electronics configuration and impact resistant rubberized outer shell as the popular Digital Series batteries, the Sachtler V-Mount versions will be available in 90, 150 and 190wH versions with 1000 charge cycle warranty. Inside, both mounting styles feature a new “honeycomb” design, which isolates each cell for airflow and to inhibit damage and P-Tap for accessories power. Anton Bauer Performance Charger New LookA new generation of smart Performance Chargers were also shown at NAB, with many interactive features set to come online later this year. Designed for Digital Series batteries, the Performance Dual and Quad chargers allow for in-depth diagnostics via the on-board touch screen and promise remote monitoring through built-in Wi-Fi (mobile apps due later in 2014). Priority charging and best-in-class efficiency helps the Performance line conserve up to 40% power, compared to competing products.


Arri L5At this year’s NAB, Arri unveiled a new addition to the L-Series fresnels, introduced as the L-5 series. The L-5 fresnels will be approximately 45% brighter than a traditional 300w Fresnel while drawing only 115 watts of power. Portable, compact and lightweight the L-5 series is basically half the size and weight of the L-7 fresnels and includes all the same characteristics of color and tuneability. In addition, the L-5 series will be available in three versions; the L5-C (color), L5-TT (tungsten tuneable), and L5-DT (daylight tuneable). The L-5 series will allow for portable lighting making it ideal for smaller locations and interview setups and will be a perfect complement to the L-7 series. For more information please visit WWW.ARRI.COM


Avenger-Long-John-SilverAvenger, part of the Vitec Group, had on display their innovative line of grip equipment. Prominently featured was the Long John Silver Jr, the world’s lowest stand with the highest payload. The winch driven hoisting system can raise a 250lb load to a height of over 11ft. An extremely compact and sturdy stand it’s low loading height of just 4ft, makes loading, lifting and unloading even the biggest lights on your production safe and easy.

Backstage Equipment

Backstage CartLike last year, Backstage Equipment brought the popular “mini” versions of most of their best selling production carts to NAB this year. Previously, only available in the Asian markets, these carts are geared towards the lighting/grip professional that doesn’t operate out of a 5-ton truck. Their dimensions of 48” x 21 ¼” make transport in a “Sprinter” type van possible. So, if you need a grip or lighting cart, but don’t have a big truck or trailer, go to for complete specs on Backstage Equipment’s complete line of hard-working carts.

BB&S Lighting (Brother, Brother & Sons)

BB&S Area 48 softBBS Lighting brings the Area 48 LED Soft Light. The Area 48 LED technology moves the phosphor away from the LED itself, improving the color rendering, consistency and light output. The system has a CRI of 95 that is a soft source comparable to a traditional 1k softlight. It also has multiple power options including an integrated battery that can be used with vmount or gold mount batteries or standard AC power. It also offers internal DMX 512 for remote control and flicker free dimming from 0-100% . Each unit has a special strobing mode and no fan resulting in silent operation. With interchangeable phosphor panels you can quickly change from daylight to tungsten to chroma green in a matter of seconds. Each unit also has an integrated barndoor, 160 watt power supply with AC power cord and angled yoke with 5/8 female baby pin TVMP. LedheimerBB&S was also showing their Ledheimer. A LED beamlight made for key, fill and backlighting in television and different purposes in exhibitions and architectural expos where a powerful single source is needed. Ledheimer is available in two versions comparable to tungsten (warm) and discharge (cold). Each Ledheimer comes with 3 Interchangeable high quality aluminium reflectors 17, 25 and 40 degrees and has a filter frame cassette for optional accessories e.g. barndoors and tophat. BBS is also showed their breakthrough High CRI (94 CRI 3200K and 92 CRI 5600K) LED Force V LED profile fixture engine.

Broncolor / Kobold

Kobold Para 88New at NAB 2014 from Broncolor Kobold is the Para Focus on 3D. The system gives you the option of focusing or positioning of the lamp head within the reflector. In the focused position the light source is located just at the apex of the parabola. The light is highly directional and has a spot-like character with high contrast as only little bounced light from within the studio lightens the shadows. If you like to defocus the Para you need to move the light towards the reflector opening. With this setting you not only get a great spot, but rather 24 small and hard lights, softly arranged. Which results have fabulously beautiful light cloud that envelops everything softly lit. There are a total of 5 models which all of the sizes have a long focus length which allows the light to be varied between almost parallel (focused) to extremely scattered (defocused). Para 177, 222 and 330FB can be easily set up by a crank handle mechanism. The rods are also provided with joints that allow the Paras to collapse and shorten to half the usual length for transporting. Para 88 and 133: these are small and mobile and have a special patented opening mechanism. Just with two quick hand movements on the four clamping brackets allow the Paras to be set up in seconds. These can also be mounted directly without the focusing device as reflectors for other broncolor lamp heads. For all models the main structure is made primarily of aluminium, the rods are made of fibre glass or carbon fibre - titanium alloy for the small Paras. Also available are diffusers and honeycomb grids for more light shaping and control.

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