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“ Show report from our team at the National Association of Broadcasters Show held April 8-11 in Las Vegas, Nevada. ”

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Prime Time Lighting (formerly KW/2)

Prime Time LEDPrime Time Lighting Systems (formerly KW/2) has been known for many years for their fluorescent fixtures. But they now provide some interesting options in the LED fixture space as well. They offer two sizes of fixtures (15 or 40 LEDs) in two beam angles (11 or 48 degrees). What stands out in their implementation of LED technology are three things. First, they are choosing a quality LED from CREE and then they are under-driving them to assist in thermal management and help to ensure the LEDs last the 50,000 hours that everyone advertises. Second, since barndoors don’t really work on multi-source fixtures they are offering a range honeycombs for beam control and holographic spread lenses in symmetrical round and asymmetrical oval patterns. Of special interest is the “extended” or “far aperture” frame. This holds a gel or lens a few inches from the array of LEDs and creates a much more homogeneous source than fixtures that put the lenses right up against the LEDs. Finally, they offer a range of dimming options including local control, line voltage, 0-10V, and DMX. They are also proud to say that they are made in the USA.

Prism Projection

Prism FresnelThis year Prism Projection had the RevEAL Studio a Fresnel with high lumen output, tunable CCT from 2800-8000K, and beam quality guaranteed by TrueSource™ color management technology. The unit provides 7600 lumens, local, DMX, and ethernet control options including color, intensity and spot/flood (20-70°). In addition, with the MicroLouver beam shaping accessory, the beam can be controlled to cut light analogous to barn doors for conventional lighting fixtures. Profile JuniorThey also showed the Profile Junior a tunable white, true high-CRI, LED profile spot with high lumen output. The Profile Junior's size and weight are similar to conventional tungsten source ellipsoidals. The new 10,000-lumen fixture features a variable CCT range of 2800K to 6500K. It has adjustable focus from hard to soft edge and accommodates all standard ETC SOURCE FOUR® lens barrels. It also offers four shutters on a tri-plane; a B-Sized GOBO; DMX, Artnet and local control; and universal AC input from 85-265 VAC. Finally Prism showed the PowerNET which allows for DMX control over the existing power grid. Thus the system eliminates the need for the DMX infrastructure. The system can handle 1000s of lighting units by taking ArtNet or DMX out of a console into the PowerNet unit. PowerNet then directly controls the Prism fixtures plugged into the power grid. Look Mom no DMX cable!

Reflect Media

5_1Reflect Media makes it possible to create a great looking Chroma Key screen just about anywhere. Using their unique dual color LED ring light accessory for the front of your camera lens and their highly portable reflective material a great key can be achieved in a matter of a few minutes.

Rosco Labs

This year at NAB Rosco added to their diverse line of products with the Miro Cube. In one small 4 inch unit, the Miro contains 48 watts producing 3000 lumens, is RGB+W single chip color mixing rendering natural and rich colors. It is extremely user friendly with no ballast or external power supply along with a full text LCD panel of manual operation. It is also compact and lightweight with the option of track mounting adapters for DMX data track. It comes with a complete 15 to 70 degree lens set as well as a through-bolted yoke for multi-unit strip installation. The Miro plugs directly into the wall and draws only one half amp of current. Considering 40 Miro units could draw only 20 amps of power, it is perfect for museum or retail displays that need a lot of light, a fixture that is clean and neat and does not take up space, and draws very little power. With color mixing, true white and high powered ultra violet light option, the Miro allows the imagination to run free. Rosco offers new solutions to utilizing outdoor light for indoor shoots with the Rosco Light Control. Rosco Shade offers quick motorized control for broadcast professionals who need color and brightness control for windows, previously color and density window correction was applied, it can now be easily corrected as lighting conditions change through the day. Available in either manual or motorized control, dry contact switch or DMX control from your lightboard. Rosco offers the same solution to the motion picture industry with the RoscoVIEW panel. A two part system, RoscoVIEW is placed both directly on the window and on the camera lens. Cross polarization occurs by rotating the camera filter, when shooting toward the window. Over exposure from outside light can be dialed down to match interior exposure. Even as exterior lighting conditions change, corrections can be made by simply rotating the filter. Also through April 30th Rosco and Barbizon have a NAB show special for the LitePad Loop Ringlight Products.


Sachtler_Ace_L_08Sachtler’s new lightweight tripod system the ACE L is the bigger brother of the ACE M from last year. It has more payload at 44 lbs and 7 counterbalance steps from the ACE M’s 5. It comes with an illuminated bubble and carbon fiber legs. It is available as a telescopic tripod for versatility as well as a mid-spreader for stability. You have the option of different feet based on preference. It has a 13.2 lbs of payload and still only weighs 9 lbs. It comes with a padded bag from Petrol, with carrying strap and handles. The telescopic range is 16.9”, basically a 3 high hat, to 73.2”. The mid-spreader range is from 22.4” to 68.1”. Perfect for photographers who need options and versatility.


At this years NAB, Shotoku introduced some of the world's most advanced Camera Support Systems including Robotic Cameras, VR Camera Tracking, Manual Pedestals, Heads and Tripods for almost any broadcast application. SHOTOKU has robotic camera support products ideal for broadcast applications that require a remote control/robotic camera system and offer accuracy, smooth movements, versatility and reliability. You can choose from robotic camera heads, camera motion control, robotic pedestals and camera control systems, including a variety of control panels and the Orchestra Camera Management System. If you need precision and reliability in a virtual reality studio, Shotoku's range of VR data equipped camera support products provide versatility and compatibility with all leading graphic and virtual studio systems. Shotoku'sVR sensing technology has minimal setup and calibration requirements and will not affect the normal operation of the camera equipment, maintaining a balanced operation. Shotoku’s camera support products for virtual reality studios include camera heads, camera pedestals and cranes. Their manual camera support products offer goodmaneuverability, perfect balance, ergonomic design, reliability and durability. You can choose from manual camera heads, including pan & tilt heads and crescent heads, manual pedestals, camera tripods and dollies.


Tiffen_LogoTiffen has been a leading manufacturer of photographic filters, lens accessories, software, and camera accessories for the consumer/professional imaging and the motion picture and broadcast television industries for 75 years. This year they released the Tiffen IRND + GlimmerGlass Motion Picture/TV Filters. Designed for sensitive controlled filtration in exterior and interior environments, the IRND + GlimmerGlass Filter’s three-in-one combination softens fine details in a unique manner, while adding mild glow to highlights. As it removes unwanted glare and hotspots and the contrast is reduced, the resulting look is one of enhanced beauty. With a distinct silver “sparkle” to the glass, images are sure to dazzle audiences. The new Davis & Sanford ProElite Series includes snap-in center support brace with boots for uneven ground plus adjustable ground spreader for maximum rigidity and a true fluid head design, providing shooters a system that performs flawlessly on both flat and uneven surfaces. The ergonomically designed lever offers shooters incredibly smooth pan, scan and tilt with counter balance control capabilities that support a wide range of camera weights. The variable quick release lets users to easily fine tune the camera balance. productNEWTiffen has boldly embraced the digital age with their DFX software suite now in it's third version.Simulating 2,000+ popular award-winning Tiffen glass filters, specialized lenses, optical lab processes, film grain, exacting color correction, plus natural light and photographic effects, the Tiffen Dfx digital filter suite is the definitive set of digital optical filters for professional photographers, top motion picture filmmakers, video editors, and visual effects artists around the world. Whether you are an amateur or professional photographer, a video or film editor, or graphic designer, Dfx’s visual workflow and easy to use tools will help you create stunning images.


TMB out did themselves this year! The Green Hippo Media Server system made their booth stand out in hall filled with every possible monitor, projector, scaler, & switcher. Using the Uber-Pan feature of the Green Hippo HD they were able to map 3D images across a variable back drop and create intense graphic effects using (3) Projectors, and several HD monitors. Solaris-Flare-Image-400x341In addition TMB previewed the new FLARE fixture. This fixture is out to make a lasting impression – We're still seeing purple spots. It offers the following: • Simultaneous color Wash and Strobe in one fixture! • 1000 Watt brightness in a single LED Wash/Strobe • Instantaneous RGBW color mixing • 2200Hz refresh rate with over 2,000,000 instantaneous color changes • Super Bright “Blinder” constant-on mode! • Pixel-map feature – 12 discrete individually-controlled LED “zones”


VidnelIn addition to their wide line of fluorescent and punchy LED fixtures Visessence released their new Vidnel 100 LED Fresnel. Designed to deliver tungsten performance in an extremely powerful LED package and boasts amazing color at 98 CRI. The new 100-watt Vidnel provides the single shadow and focusing characteristics essential to fresnel fixtures while using a fraction of the power of tungsten units. It delivers a soft directional beam of adjustable light and has flicker-free dimming without color shift. Manual slide bar at the side of the fixture focuses the beam and locks in place. Heat dissipation is designed with passive LED cooling to avoid the noise and failure of internal fans. A simple touch pad at the back allows easy programing for DMX control and dimming.The fixtures utilize standard six-inch Gel Frame and Barn Doors. Units are available in tungsten and daylight.


Vinton Blue 3Vinten’s Vision Blue 3 is a new addition to the Vision Blue line of heads for the DSLR/Lightweight DV user. It slots in between the original Vision Blue and the Vision Blue 5, offering a payload range of 6.6 to 15 lbs, full Vinten features including "perfect balance" at a competitive price point. If you are using an even lighter weight camera, the Blue Bridge is an option that quickly and simply attaches to the underside of the camera, raising it above the platform, allowing lower weight cameras to be used that would otherwise be too light for the counterbalance system to balance perfectly.

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