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“ Show report from our team at the National Association of Broadcasters Show held April 8-11 in Las Vegas, Nevada. ”

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Several pieces of big new from our friend at Nila this year. Remote Phosphor protype fixtures were on display and will soon be available for purchase in Boxer, Versa and 1/2 Varsa (working title) models. Anyone has a suggestion for a cool new name for the 1/2 Versa, the factory would love to hear from you. Nila Varsa 90WThe 1/2 Varsa will be fanless, includes a 6 LED cluster and consume less than 37 watts. It will replacing the NH unit in the existing line. An ENG kit will be available. Details to follow shortly. The brand new 90w fan-less Varsa fixture was on display! The Lumen output equivalent to a 400 HMI. Perfect for locations shoots, ENG, small studio's and Architectural applications. ENG kit will be available in a stock size that will include two heads. It includes rotating barn doors, both AC 100v to 240v and DC 10 to 18v switching power supply which are hot swappable. Boxer 2Upgraded to the 200w, fan-less Boxer includes.... 1. The new housing is more rugged and is a sleeker lines 2. 15 percent more light output with the 7th generation of Nila LED technologyproduces the equivalent output greater than an 800 watt HMI. 3. New AC/DC switching power supply 20v to 28v DC or 100v to 240v DC.


Oconnor O’Connor Engineering is a manufacturer of high quality fluid heads, tripods and camera accessories. In 2010 OConnor introduced an all-new camera accessory line engineered for creative cinematography, which now includes the CFF-1 Follow Focus, O-Box WM Mattebox, O-Grip Handgrips and new O-Focus DM Follow Focus. Designed to meet the exacting needs of professional camera operators and assistants, the OConnor O-Focus Dual Mini is a compact, double-sided direct drive follow focus unit optimized for both still and cine-style camera lenses. The hard stops enable the operator to set minimum and maximum focus points for lenses with unlimited rotation and to carry out hard focus stop pulls. To allow the focus-puller to react to unexpected movements, the unique single-handoperated hard stop on/off switch, allows for instantaneous disengagement of the end stops for critical adjustments even during the shot. oconner oboxThe O-Box system delivers the expected and more. This precision mechanical device adeptly accepts up to three filters: two in top-loading filter frames (two 4x4" and two 4x5.65" frames are included). The rear frame is rotatable 360 degrees. A third 138mm round filter sleekly fits in the optional bellows ring. Constructed of OConnor’s proprietary rugged composite, the sunshade is lightweight yet substantially stronger and more impact resistant than existing units. This translates to fewer sunshade replacements arising from the rigors of professional production environments. The O-Box is the first commercially produced mattebox to have integrated handgrip interfaces. While traditionally operators have used the sunshade as a handle, this precarious handling is remedied by OConnor’s O-Grips that can be conveniently attached directly to the O-Box support cage in three locations: camera left, right or bottom center. The bottom center position is particularly useful for small setups such as HDSLR cameras when the O-Grips turn into a pistol-style grip for the operator’s right hand while the follow focus handwheel is in their left.


PAG L96TThe new PAG L96T Time Battery is an enhanced version of the PAG L95 Time Battery, and a replacement for it. The L96T offers enhanced features and a superior performance at a greatly reduced price (from $440-$700 US Dollars). It provides a maximum continuous output of 8A, compared to the 7A offered by the L95, and performs better at low temperatures. The L96T is available in VMount and PAGlok models. The V-Mount version is compatible with multiple viewfinder data systems that display capacity in the viewfinder, such as those used by Sony and Red cameras. The L96T features a numeric run-time and capacity display, providing added convenience for hard-pressed camera operators. The new version has an improved maximum continuous output of 8A, compared to the 7A of the previous version. It is compatible with multiple viewfinder data systems, providing a percentage display of capacity, and has an improved performance at low temperatures. PAG Link Power HUBA new camera accessory power device for use with the PAGlink system of high-power linking batteries, designed for power-hungry applications. The PowerHub provides the multiple outputs that are required to power high-load camera set-ups that may feature accessories such as a camera light, a monitor, and audio or transmission devices. The PowerHub can be used sandwiched between two batteries to maintain the hot-swap feature, or connected to the rear battery to allow accessory mounting.


pelican-9240XL RALSThe new portable Pelican ProGear 9420 LED Work Light is equipped with two LEDs (1000 lumens of light and 4 hours of burn time), plus a 5 foot high mast deploys easily in seconds and illuminates your entire work area. With the 9420 you will get the job done without the hassle of power cords. Accessing the basement or the attic is easy when you sling the lightweight and collapsible 9420 over your shoulder. The new Pelican ProGear 9420 LED Work Light: Keeps you moving at the speed of light.

The 9420XL LED Work Light Kit includes the following: • Blow-molded Case • 2 - Cat #9421 Lithium-ion Batteries • Cat #9422 DC Vehicle Charger • Cat #9423 AC Main Charger with Transformer • Cat #9424 Charging Station • Cat #9427 Easy Carry Shoulder Strap

Also from Pelican their ProGear Urban BackPacks. 4 Pelican ProGear backpacks - the U100 Elite Laptop Backpack, the U105 Lite Laptop Backpack, U140 Elite Tablet Backpack, and the U145 Lite Tablet Backpack ranging from $98 - $270. U100 - Urban Elite Laptop Backpack - Fits 15"-17" Laptops plus more! U105 - Urban Laptop Backpack - Fits up to 15.6" Laptops plus more! U140 - Urban Elite Tablet Backpack - Fits Tablets, Netbooks, and iPads and a compartment for a digital SLR and 2 lenses plus more! U145 - Urban Tablet Backpack - Fits Tablets, Netbooks, and iPads plus more! Pelican Backpacks

Petrol Bags

Deca Airflow Camera BackpackPetrol Bags combine innovative, detailed design with rugged construction in materials such as heavy duty Cordura and waterproof ballistic nylon, Petrol products are uniquely engineered for optimal carrying comfort, maximum storage and equipment protection. This year Petrol released the new Deca Airflow camera backpacks. The new backpack system features a rainbow shape to allow air flow- through to enhance comfort. Ideal for small cameras up to the Sony PMW-200 size. The new backpack system features a rainbow shape to allow air flow- through to enhance comfort. Ideal for small cameras up to the Sony PMW-200 size, this no-hands carrier offers a special pocket for a 17” laptop and accessories. The main compartment has a run around heavy-duty zipper for easy camera access. Other smart features include sternum strap and padded waist straps for wearer comfort and security and exterior pockets for extra storage.

Philips - Selecon

Philips - Selecon's Studio Panel is a compact light weight LED luminaire designed for both studio and location use. Units feature tunable white color temperature control from 3000K to 6000K and 10 built-in color temperature presets including 3000K, 3200K, 4000K, 5600K, and 6000K. Requiring just 50 watts, the unit will operate on AC or DC voltage. The battery power input is designed to allow location operation using industry standard batteries. It has a standard 19 degree beam angle with available diffusion lenses (40 and 60) for a wide range of focus control. Available accessories include snap on 2 or 4-leaf barndoors and battery power (DC) input. The PLPROFILE1 is a variable beam profile with precise beam control and pattern projection from a high output beam. An innovative combination of LED source technology and precision optical design, the PLPROFILE1 uses the same proven LED engine as the Philips Selecon PL3, PL1, PLCYC1, PLFRESNEL1 and the Philips Vari-Lite VLX ranges meaning color matching is simplified across the stage. The user interface is the same ensuring ease of use. The PL4, which is a slightly larger profile LED fixture, uses 4 of the same color engines as the PL1, providing light output similar to a 575w tungsten halogen source. With a super definition lens barrel, diffusion to remove chromatic aberrations is not needed. The PLFRESNEL-1 is a general purpose luminaire for theatre, small studio, and display lighting applications. It produces an adjustable cone of light with a soft edge which is easily blended with adjacent beams to provide even illumination, performing similar to a standard 6” Fresnel. Using LED source technology combined with a traditional Fresnel lens, the PLFRESNEL-1 uses the same proven LED engine as the Philips Selecon PL3, PL1, PLCYC1 and the Philips Vari-Lite VLX ranges meaning colour matching is simplified across the stage. The PLCYC2 is a double version of the PLCYC1 shown here. It seamlessly blends intense washes of color on cycloramas up to 10m high (twice that of the PLCYC1), and can be effective when spaced on 4’ centers. Using LED source technology combined with properly shaped asymmetrical reflectors, the PLCYC products deliver consistent light distribution without the compromising performance of vertical or horizontal spreader lenses. With the convenient powercon system, the PLCYC can light a typical cyclorama with a single 10A non-dim circuit. All PLCyc luminaires support wireless DMX512 control for instant connections without running control wiring. Each optional wireless receiver also has a DMX512 out port to control adjacent luminaires. Receivers and transmitters are available using Wireless Solution W-DMX.

Philips - ShowLine

Philips - Showline is a range of LED luminaries manufactured in China, designed to work seamlessly together to match color, dimming and operation. At the heart of all Showline products is Philips Harmonize calibration technology. Harmonize is a proprietary, advanced LED color matching system, consisting of 3 correction modules: RGB, RGBW and Cool White/Warm White. Along with color uniformity, Showline fixtures share the same base of core functionality. The color LCD menu, DMX protocol, and RDM configuration allow access to a broad range of important features. Select from multiple color modes including HSIC, change dimming curves, choose color filter presets, edit playback presets, assign stand-alone functions, and more. The SL BAR 640 (4’) and SL BAR 660 (6’) use 8-in-1 individual LED dies to create a standard 60° beam angle, but can accept a multitude of accessories to adjust it. This offers the ability to have two different beam angles from the same luminaire, providing greater vertical coverage. Mounting brackets for floor or pipe mount feature secure lock off and a tight profile to insure close placement which further insures smooth beam spreads. Units are designed for daisy chaining and include cable management for clean cabling and easy set up. The SL BAR 520 provides output from multiple blended sources. Each of the unit’s six homogenized cells provides output at an 8° beam angle. The high output RGBW LED luminaire retains a traditional light source appearance. Mounting brackets for floor or pipe mount feature secure lock off and a tight profile to insure close placement which further insures smooth beam spreads. Units are designed for daisy chaining and include cable management for clean cabling and easy set up. The SL PAR 150 is a die-cast aluminum LED Par can that utilizes nine homogenized RGBW LEDs to produce over 3500 lumens of output. The manual zoom provides a beam angle range from 10°-52° and the split yoke bracket allows for hanging or floor mounting. Power and data can both be daisy chained.

Philips Color Kinetics

Philips-Color-Kinetics-iWhite-StagePhilips Color Kinetics still offers the most complete range of options of fixture shapes in the RGB (Red, Green, Blue) LED fixture range while continuing to expand on their fixed and variable white offerings. The iW line of fixtures provides 2,700K to 6,500K in a range of form factors from the 4.5” round iW Burst Compact Powercore to the massive iW Reach for large exterior washes. A strength of these fixtures is the use of 2,700K, 4,000K, and 6,500K to provide more even light levels across the middle of the Kelvin range. Lenses and accessories like top hats for glare control increase the flexibility of the fixtures. For set lighting, The iW Graze and iW Fuse Powercore products give lighting designers the ability to bring this same range of variable color temperature white to close lighting applications to assist in matching background color temperature to talent lighting.


The NEW NorthStar Lite by Photoflex is made of a robust extruded aluminum housing, the light consists of a 100watt single LED, equivalent to 1K Tungsten output with a daylight color balance. The high-power LED is low in heat; facilitating its use with a regular cool light softbox. The NorthStar has an auto voltage sensing unit for worldwide use and has an S-type mount for use with a reflector, beauty dish, OctoDome, LiteDome and HalfDome. The 120° light dispersion is perfect for softboxes and reflectors. The NorthStar Lite utilizes the robust Photoflex SwivelMount and can be adjusted along the housing to balance the weight load with any size softbox.


Portabrace Rig CasesNew RIG Cases transport and protect your camera rig without disassembling. RIGs are durable, rigid-frame 1000-denier Cordura camera cases designed to hold fully assembled camera rigs in Shoot Ready position. One of the cases is the New Ultra-Light CAR-2CAM. The cargo Case Camera Edition (CAR-2CAM) has an ultra-light design, featuring dual-rigidity foam for maximum equipment protection. It is designed to fit Pro Video Cameras up to 16.5” long and works best for camera including the HM600, PMW200, AC160, HPX250, XF100, XF305, C300 and Blackmagic Cinema Camera. Reversed zippers and a slip-not anti-skid waterproof bottom panel are used for water-resistance and durability. The 9” interior height allows for shoot-ready equipment configurations with an easy-open, quick-draw design. The Camera Shield protective camera cover is the latest innovation from Porta Brace, straight from the cutting edge of camera protection. The Camera Shield is constructed with our waterproof / breathable Taslan material, ensuring that your gear stays dry and cool. The "Snub Nose" hood design is perfect for wide lenses. Rigid framing on the front and back provide protection around the lens as well as around battery and cable output. Dual "Gull Wing" design provides a sunhood & weather protection for your LCD screen on one side, and hand protection when "Running and Gunning". DSLR Messenger by PortaBraceThe new Messenger-Style HDSLR camera bags are for all your photo needs. Whether you're just walking around town, behind the scenes, or around a press conference, the MS-DSLR1 is a lightweight perfect for most DSLR cameras. While the large HDSLR Messenger Bag is designed to carry camera, lenses, memory cards, and an iPad. The main compartment is large enough to fit a camera body and 2 lenses or multiple camera bodies. There is an additional storage area for up to 3 lenses. On the front of the case there is a fold-out flap, lined with anti-skid material, to hold a mono-pod. The case body is constructed of a padded, semi-rigid frame and durable, 1000-denier Cordura® material. The inside of the lid is designed to hold memory cards, with clear vinyl windows to easily identify cards. A comfortable suede shoulder strap is included.

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