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“ Show report from our team at the National Association of Broadcasters Show held April 8-11 in Las Vegas, Nevada. ”

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Bron KoboldKobold continues to focus on the weatherproof HMI fixtures that have brought them such success. The availability of options across the fixture wattage range gives the user flexibility and familiarity from fixture to fixture. Starting with a lamp base in 200W, 400W, 575W, or 800W the user can then configure a fixture as an open face, a PAR or a softbox in any of the wattages. With the 200W and 400W the user also has a choice of using the lamp base to power a Litepipe (think fluorescent on steroids!) as well as collapsible reflector systems with adjustable lamp positions for a “spot to flood” effect. Finally, the 200W and 400W can be used to create an HMI fixture out of an ETC Source Four for a highly shapeable daylight key.


RS +The RS Plus Tripod is a versatile camera tripod offering comfort of operation ability in quick, slow, vertical and diagonal shot. It captures every single movement. Setup, shooting, and transportation. The head has a balance stabilizer mechanism that prevents even the slightest wobble on the image caused by the spring-back effect at a stopping tilt movement. This new tripod system also has a unique torque system that contributes to the smooth start and stop of pan and tilt movement, and produces precise camera work just as intended. The camera plate is attachable and detachable with just one touch, promoting speedy and easy setup.


LitePanels-SolaLitepanels had production models of the largest members of its Fresnel fixture family, the Inca 12™ (tungsten balanced) and Sola 12™ (daylight balanced) fixtures. These cool-running powerhouses combine the performance of large Fresnel fixtures with the advantages of LED technology. Both versions supply powerful and controllable illumination comparable to a 2K while using just a small fraction of the energy required by traditional tungsten or daylight Fresnel fixtures. With custom designed, lightweight Fresnel lenses, they emit even light that is easily controlled manually or via an integrated DMX module to facilitate remote dimming and flood-spot focusing simultaneously. LitePanels-travelorduoThe new 1×1 LS Bi-Color™ is the latest in the Litepanels revolutionary family of flat panel 1’x1’ fixtures. This versatile light provides dependable, soft, directional output that is adjustable from daylight to tungsten, and 100% to zero dimming with no color shift. Color and dimming adjustments are provided via convenient on-fixture knobs. LS Series fixtures maintain features such as flicker-free analog dimming and power by AC or DC, but without studio-specific components such as DMX control for dimming and color changes. The entry-level priced 1×1 LS Bi-Color is perfect for budget-conscious markets.LitePanels-TRAVELORKIT Litepanels has three new traveling kits featuring the company’s new cost-effective 1×1 LS fixtures: the LS Traveler Duo Kit, with one 1×1 LS Flood and one 1×1 LS Spot; the LS Traveler Trio Kit, with two 1×1 LS Floods and one 1×1 LS Spot; and the LS Traveler Trio Plus Kit, with two 1×1 LS Bi-Colors and one 1×1 LS Flood. The kits come with light stands for each fixture and a hard sided carrying case.

Lowel Lighting

Lowel Prime LED LightingLowel’s new LED Prime fixtures are available in Tungsten, Daylight and now in a Bi Color Version for ultimate flexibility. All models are low wattage, and super quiet thanks to fan free operation. AC or DC power options and also DMX addressable, dimmable and controllable with many accessory options to choose from. Lowel GL-1 LEDLowel also had their new GL-1. It's a compact battery powered LED light that's ideal for the wedding, event, location portrait and architectural photographer. It's based on an original concept by noted Wedding Photographers Brian Marcus & John Solano. It has a very bright output, with spot to flood focusing. It's dimmable, with a highly accurate tungsten color output that doesnt shift during dimming. Its self-contained quick-swap rechargable battery frees you up to move quickly, keeping up with the pace of the event.


Manfrotto Spectra 1x1At this years NAB, Manfrotto showcases their NEW lineup of Spectra series LED 1x1 panels. These high quality LED panels will be geared towards the independent photographer or videographer to be the lightest and most compact units on the market. These units are available in daylight spot and flood versions as well as a bi-color unit to accurately blend light for various shooting conditions without the need for gels. To more directly address the specific needs of field productions these units can be powered with professional DC batteries via an optional adapter. Manfrotto 500 LightweightManfrotto also unveiled the new 500 lightweight heads which boasts a wider platform for HDSLR bodies and the sliding plate travels to balance the latest interchangeable lens cameras. Faster, easier and safer to use: the side lock system allows the camera and sliding QR plate to click quickly into the head from above, instead of needing to be aligned and slid in from the back. No secondary safety lock is necessary. The side lock system also makes it quicker and simpler to lift the camera out of the head from above. The entry-level 500 ensures smooth shots and fine control with up to 5kg of equipment. It’s the most compact head in their successful Bridging Technology range, it also replaces the Manfrotto 701HDV video head. The 500 is available as a stand-alone head or in kits with twin-leg or single-tube tripods.

Matthews Studio Equipment

This year Matthews Studio Equipment introduces a new array of camera platforms and accessories. Jib a LiteThe new ‘Intel-A-Jib LITE’ is a sturdy, lightweight jib arm. This high performance jib is constructed with the same X-Box aluminum beam as its big brother the ‘Intel-A-Jib.’ When paired with the ‘UnderSling LITE,’ the operator is free to work, at ground level, as high as they can reach without any obstruction from the arm itself. This system is beautifully simple and sets up quickly without tools. The maximum weight capacity at Full Stick is 20 lbs. and 45 lbs. at Short Stick. The ‘Intel-A-Jib’ weighs in at 45 lbs in case and requires 100mm bowl tripod with a 100lbs. payload. SliderThe Matthews-Slider is light weight and sturdy due to its open frame design. It is maintenance free and field adjustable. The stainless bearings coupled with the ceramic balls make it fast and quiet. While the Matthews-Slider is available in three basic sizes, 29”, 35” and 45” it is available in custom sizes in increments of 4.5” up to 12’. It allows an inverted camera position for low angle shots and can accept a second carriage for A and B cameras on the same track. The 360 degree Swiveling Mitchel Base can be mounted at any point along the frames cross members. This system has many great features and comes read to work. It has too many accessories and working configurations to mention them all here. The Matthews-Slider is another quality product, at an affordable price. MakaluThe Makalu is a lightweight remote head providing pan and tilt for live action, visual effects or time lapse shooting. The interface is a multi axis jog control via wi-fi to an iPad mini. This configuration gives precise control and by adding a sync box, it will give frame accurate repeatable motion control shots. Specifically designed for the Matthews HD & DC-Sliders, this wireless remote focus unit allows you to record and sync with linear motion control. It uses nine memory banks to provide programmable functionality and has a range of almost 500 feet of open air distance.

Middle Atlantic

Rackmount models available 15 Amp and 20 AmpMiddle Atlantic has several new power distro options including their own UPS's. Also, there are several options for offsite power monitoring, including a small rack monitor for remote reporting of power events that's just a few hundred dollars. powercoolAlso offered was a 1U Power Cool cooling unit that we hadn't seen before. It draws air from the rack interior and exhausts it through the 1U front panel. The unit is available with a front panel convenience outlet and several rear receptacles for basic power distibution.


Miller Compass 12 tripodThough it’s already a year old, Miller was featuring the Compass 12 Fluid Head/tripod system in their booth this year. The Compass 12 is the newest addition to the popular Compass line of fluid heads, that has offerings for the DV/DSLR user, to the ENG professional. The Compass 12 head has three selectable pan/tilt positions, plus a zero, and four selectable counterbalance positions. The payload range is from 4 to 22 lbs. With the popular Solo DV 2 Stage Carbon Fiber Tripod, the system weighs in at under 15 lbs. If you are looking for a smooth, stable, lightweight fluid head/tripod system for under $2k, the Miller Compass 12 is worth a look.

Mole Richardson

MOLELed Baby DMole Richardson introduced their first ever LED Fresnels at NAB this year. Now available in a 100 Watt 4.5” Tweenie, 150 Watt 6” Baby, and 200 Watt 8” Junior. These revolutionary fixtures use a proprietary Quantum Dot LED developed and produced by Mole to replicate film and television 3200K Tungsten and 5600K Daylight exactly.

High-output, with unparalleled color quality and a borosilicate glass Fresnel lens, the MoleLED Fresnels perform identically to an incandescent or HMI Fresnel fixture. In addition, Mole added features like a universal power supply, built-in local dimming as well as on-board DMX dimming. Now, you are no longer tied to an external dimming
system or any one voltage.
In an industry inundated with massproduced, eco-friendly products, the MoleLED Fresnels are truly a hybrid of hand crafted quality and the most advanced solid state lighting technology available. From the ground up, the MoleLED Fresnels are designed, engineered and built in the USA. In fact the LED light engine is available as retrofit for your existing Mole Richardson Fresnels.
Also, new from Mole Richardson this year – the collapsible SkyPan Skirt. This redesigned SkyPan has a reflective high temperature skirt and folding frame. This makes it ideal for portable production trucks, saving space, weight and money.

MYT Works

MYT Works NYCAs a company, MYT works not only develops new and innovative equipment, but they are constantly improving and upgrading their existing product line. They design, manufacture, and assemble everything in New York City. At this years NAB, they introduced an array of innovative prototypes which include the Sparkle doughnut camera platform kit which includes the sparkle platform, a 75mm or 100mm doughnut, a bullseye level, and four sets of skater wheels (picture in center above). They have a complete selection of camera support products ranging from SLR’s to any full size camera on the market.

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