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“ Show report from our team at the National Association of Broadcasters Show held April 8-11 in Las Vegas, Nevada. ”

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Chrosziel has developed, with the help of their customers, the CUSTOM CAGE, a compact cage for DSLR and compact size cameras. It is modular so it fits many different cameras keeping it currentChroziel Cage with whatever camera you have or grow into. It is lightweight as it is made of a hardened aluminum alloy and provides 360 degree positioning for accessories with multiple thread sizes as well. With a host of accessories, handle rosettes, hot shoe, 15mm rod holders and mounting options the CUSTOM CAGE can be configured for tripod or shoulder shooting. It comes in a sturdy case which keeps it quite convenient and easy to pack.

Cineo Lighting

Cineo Lighting TruColorCineo Lighting has partnered with Intematix Corporation, an innovator of phosphor technology to develop special high-CRI formulations that deliver 3200K with a CRI of 98. When daylight is required, the interchangeable phosphor panels allow the same fixture to output 5600K with a CRI or 94. Additional color temperatures are available to match other light conditions, including panels optimized for chroma key. The color temperature of the TruColor LS consistently matches all other fixtures in the TruColor line, and will not change over time. Cineo TruColor LSTruColor LS has several powering options, including a single AC power supply, 3-gang AC operation with the DX450 power supply (local, DMX control) and DC power options in the near future. The TruColor LS is flicker-free and silent, perfect for any film or television project in the studio or on location. Like all Cineo Lighting products, the TruColor LS is extremely durable, built to last with anodized alloy construction, tough polycarbonate panels, and field serviceable components.

Clear Com

Clear-Com_Helixnet1.1_NAB2013At NAB ClearCom released their new HelixNet Partyline Intercom System, the first digital network partyline intercom to combine the simplicity of a traditional analog partyline intercom with the advanced network management capabilities of a matrix intercom. As it uses a single-pair, shielded cable for supporting all audio channels, program audio, and power for beltpacks, it is ideal for broadcast applications that require quick setup and distribution of multiple channels of intercom. Functionality in version 1.1 includes the ability to link up to five HMS-4X Main Stations and up to 100 HBP-2X Digital Beltpacks via Ethernet to build larger and more sophisticated partyline intercom systems. HelixNet’s station-to-station networking function makes this possible by defining up to five Main Stations that can be connected via the new HLI-ET2 Ethernet Module. Main Stations can connect directly or through a LAN using standard IT switches. A new HLI-FBS Fiber Module is also available for linking stations over long distances. The Fiber Module has two fiber ports using SFP modules for simple exchange of fiber transceivers. It also allows linking to four other Main Stations in a fiber daisy-chain. The standard connection is Single-Mode with Multi-Mode offered as an option.

Creamsource by Outsight

Creamsource MiniThis year at NAB Creamsource showed the solidly built, Mini 1x1 light available in three flavors.This very bright light boosts 4 times as much output as competing 1x1 fixtures. It has built in DMX, dimming from 0-100% and integrated effects such as strobe and lightning flicker. The Creamsource Mini Classic has 36 high power LEDs. Available in both Tungsten and Daylight color temperatures, it has similar light output to a 200W HMI, but draws only 90W. The Creamsource Mini Doppio has 60 high power LEDs with double density spacing. Available in both Tungsten and Daylight color temperatures, it has similar light output to a 400W HMI, but draws only 155W. The Creamsource Mini Bender is a bi-color fixture, and the color temperature can be smoothly adjusted from around 2700K to 6500K. With 60 high power LEDs, it has similar output to a 200W HMI (or a 400W HMI when running in the middle of the color temperature range) These same units are available in double wide 1 x 2 with same features as the minis. The Creamsource units are ready to accept Chimera softboxes.


HDP-1-1-Perf-Cinema-ContourDa-Lite was highlighting their HD Progressive Screens. HD Progressive Screens offer a smoother surface to facilitate HD. They are available in 0.6 Gain for Ultra high Def, 0.9 Gain for High Def and 1.1 Gain for Hi Res. All are GreenGuard Certified for VOC off gassing. Da-Lite also offers custom shaped screens. They recently completed star shaped screens for the Macy's Logo.

Dana Dolly

At this years NAB, Dana dolly introduced their new precision triangular track which can be expandable up to your desired length. The new track system is made of two custom extrusions which allows for an extremely smooth dolly movement. Having tested this track we can say that this is one of the smoothest tracks on the market.  


01TP_Felloni-ST_02_optWhen it comes to optics, light performance and ingenuity, the Felioni Tecpro LED panel light from Dedotec USA/Dedolight ranks high in its category. You would expect nothing less for this company that is regarded highly on such measures. The Felioni Tecpro produces 30% more light output with 50% less power consumption than the standard version. It really packs a punch for a 1x1 LED panel. With the improved CRI and dimming on-board, this is a truly versatile light. They are available in bi-color, daylight, tungsten color temperature models in either local control or DMX versions. There is also a wireless dimming module version available. The accessories for the Felioni are well thought out and useful. One we found interesting is a Softbox that is foldable and includes two diffusers, one high transmission grid cloth and one soft, full white diffusion. Both are easily interchangeable. The Softbox also comes with two removable side flags that act as barndoors. Other accessories include a 40 degree Grid, which is like an Eggcrate made of soft material and attaches to the Softbox, a Honeycomb that limits the light exit angle for backlight applications and a Double Yoke allowing the attachment of two panels in a side by side configuration. The Felioni Tecpro is excellent for portable use with its Soft Case that fits three panels and two softboxes. Whether you do studio or field production, the Felioni Tecpro LED panel light from Dedolight is a smart choice for high quality light.

DeSisti Lighting

DeSisti Fluorescent Studio LightDeSisti has re-engineered the optics on their Delux line of fluorescent fixtures to optimize light output. They reduce the beam angle on the reflector from 70 degrees to 55 degrees allowing for 30% higher light output. They still have a very even field, but now are more directional allowing for more control. Also this narrower beam angle effectively helps keep more light passing through the honeycomb front panel, thus giving you more output. This new version shows the same soft light quality as the original line with the use of a new reflector material. We didn’t see any hotspots or uneven patterns with or without the honeycomb attached. That is saying something. In addition to the 2 and 4 lamp fixtures, they have added a single lamp fixture to this popular fluorescent lineup. All are available in Non Dim, Phase Dim and DMX control versions. Having the option of horizontal or vertical yokes is also a plus. DeSisti Verio LEDThey also introduced a new design of their popular LED Fresnel fixture line and named it Verio. Not sure where the name comes from, but when they increase the light output by 30%, they can call it anything they want. Their LED Fresnel line was already pretty darn bright. Now they are at a whole new level. They will be available shortly, so we're told, and will be available in the same 4”, 6” and 10” configurations.

DSC Labs

DSC Laboratories has bunch of new and unique products at this years NAB including the "Ambi-3" Quartz haligon full spectrum light box $5425 MSRP. DSC One ShotThe new "OneShot" Dailies Reference Chart in the front-box size was released and includes 6 colors, 4 skin tomes, and a Black/gray/ white. The back includes CamWhite and 18 percent Gray. Very small and portable. Travels well in you brief case for only $287 MSRP. "Chroma Duet - Junior" For LED. Very cool way to compare LED fixtures and Tungsten sources on camera. It's a combination of two charts. The front color chart is light with a traditional tungsten source and the identical back color chart is let with the LED fixtures your testing. The front charge has holes cut in each color square and when properly lined up with the back chart, your camera can act as your color meter. This is a far more accurate way to measure color for LED lights especially since LED's do not create a full color spectrum and can easily generate false reading from a color meter. "ChromaMatch" The days of needing your old Vector Scope and Wave Monitor are officially over! The new DSC Laboratories "ChromaMatch" is a combination of electronic chart and paper chart in a split screen. When displayed on a Sony O-LED monitor of broadcast quality (BVME250 recommended), shading can properly balance the digital signal against the paper chart being light by any combination of lighting fixtures technology to deliver a perfect match. As a foot note this O-LED LCD monitor is considered by many to be the closet to CRT quality available today.

Elation Lighting

Elation-TVElation is continuing to work on improvements in their binning processes for their broadcast fixtures. In addition, they are introducing soft-boxes for their broadcast lines. Spots and fresnels are now available, and while these fixtures may not be as feature rich as their higher priced competitors this may be a solution for smaller market stations with limited budgets looking for energy efficient solutions.

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