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“ Show report from our team at the National Association of Broadcasters Show held April 8-11 in Las Vegas, Nevada. ”

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A.C. Lighting

AC-StudioforceA.C. Lighting, Inc. brought new fixtures from the popular Chroma-Q line. The Color Force RGBA (Red, Green, Blue, Amber) line of fixtures has been a staple of theatrical and broadcast set lighting but they have now added the Studio Force line. This line offers fixed Tungsten and Daylight options as well as 3,000K to 6,100K variable color temperature and remote phosphor fixtures. The remote phosphor fixtures are intended to be used as softlights and will be available in three models. As might be expected, there will be 3,200K Tungsten and 5,600K Daylight models. Most exciting is the Variable White fixture. Combining a 3,200K to 5,600K range with a remote phosphor panel for a soft, smooth field the fixture also adds the ability to adjust for green and magenta tints with its unique population of 6 each Red, Green, Amber and 12 Blue LEDs to provide a CRI of up to 91.

Aadyn Tech

Eco SpaceAadyn had two new fixtures to add to their domestically-made LED lighting Line. The new ECO Space LED Light features 20 LED and measures 52 Foot Candles at 25'. The CRI rating of 95+ is the only LED fixture available on the market today. Super bright and high quality light in one solution. The fixture has no UV or IR emissions and is certified for UL, ETL, CSA, CE and RoHS compliance. The Space Light is equipped with an industry standard PowerCon locking A/C cord. JAB Hurricane LED is The JAB Hurricane is weatherproof, IP65 Rated, totally protected against dust and protected against low pressure water jets. It emits 1,771 fc @ 10 feet; all while consuming only 1.77 amps of AC power, 187 watts, or 30v DC battery power! The JAB series is available in three other models: Daylight, Tungsten, and Variable to fit your creative needs without sacrificing output and color-temperature. AadynTech has developed engineered & assembled these color-corrected, single-source LED white lights right here in the USA.

Alcorn McBride

AV-binloopHD_ObliqueThere were no lighting products in the Alcorn McBride booth at NAB this year. They were, however, showcasing their new Binloop Video Playback which has been upgraded with two channels of 4K video or 8 channels of full HD. The A/V Binloop HD provides up to 8 HD channels (or 2 UltraHD) of synchronous or asynchronous video and 16 tracks of 16-bit audio in a small form factor. It can be used as an A/V source for one show or for an entire building. It can playback MPEG2 or MPEG-4/h.264 video at bitrates up to 40 Mb per second and at resolutions up to 3840 x 2160. The A/V Binloop HD is perfect for video wall applications. Unlike most commercial video devices, the A/V Binloop HD provides a full HD video source to each screen. This eliminates the loss of quality due to stretching commonly seen in traditional video wall controllers. For large applications, it's easy to sync multiple units and the content can be managed via Ethernet.

American Grip

baleThis year American Grip is reinventing some of its standard pieces while listening to their customer’s needs. Something as simple as a bale block, now with a threaded receiver instead of a male threaded end to allow use of a longer bolt for those wider yokes. Their new streamlined four inch grip head, now centered directly over the inch and an eighth junior pin, works perfectly with their new menace arm. It doesn’t have the junior receiver above allowing the weight to be directly over the head. They have made available a two and a half inch grip head, previously only available on their meat axe. The difference with this head is that the side that usually grips the arm now is tightened through the opposite side which allows a one touch tightening for both sides. The point of pressure is now evenly displaced over a larger area on the arm preventing a single point of distortion on the arm. American has introduced two new metal flags, 18 x 24 and 24 x 36. These work very well nearest to those hot fixtures where flammability might be an issue. Turtle CrateThey have added a new size of C-stand turtle base which is a little smaller than the standard but fit perfectly into a milk crate for easy storage and transportation. Some of these are so simple it just makes perfect sense. The really interesting part of these new products is that they were created from their customer requests. American is working to bring more of the machining of their product pieces back in house so that they are more responsive to their customers needs.

Anton Bauer

Anton Bauer Gold SpectrumAnton Bauer was showcasing their wireless system which allows the camera operator to transmit an HD signal remotely from up to ½ mile away from the central receiving location (booth, satellite truck, et al). It allows for multiple cameras to transmit to one central location allowing a director to make real time adjustments. Here is Anton Bauer’s description: “The Gold Spectrum Wireless Series, a compact 5.8 GHz COFDM RF system which transmits a robust HD signal over great distances, all the while being powered by Anton/Bauer Logic Series® batteries. The system utilizes the 5.8 GHz frequency band allowing operation without the need for an FCC license. The AB-HDTX transmitter sends its signal directly to the AB-HDRX dual-diversity receiver or the AB DirectVu handheld confidence monitor/receiver. The unit's size makes it ideal for reality-based, ENG/EFP and live event coverage. The Gold Spectrum Series products have an RF output of 100 mW and is capable of accepting a wide range of HD/SD video formats along with embedded audio from the HD SDI output on the camera. The use of MPEG-4 compression allows the signal to travel more than a half-mile in line-of-site applications. The system offers users the flexibility to be able to choose from 12 different channels in which to transmit to ensure the least amount of interference. The Gold Spectrum Wireless Series products are certified with CE and FCC Part 15. “


Arri L Series LED FresnelLeading the industry in technical innovation ARRI has released an addition to the popular L-Series range of LED Fresnels: a tuneable tungsten model, the L7-TT. As color temperature adjustable 2600 K - 3600 K tungsten version of the popular L7-C, the L7-TT (Tuneable Tungsten) is more than 20% brighter than the L7-C (color adjustable) fresnel, while maintaining the same size and weight. It offers the same calibrated color quality and adjustable green-magenta point as the L7-C, and is particularly suited to applications requiring precise color matching to conventional tungsten fixtures or where slight remote adjustments to the color of white light is desired. L-Series fixtures can reduce electricity usage by more than 75% and further savings are achieved with the extended l life span of the LED light engine, which lasts around 200 times longer than a conventional tungsten lamp. The reduced maintenance and minimized power distribution combine with other cost-saving attributes such as built-in dimming to provide a rapid return on investment for both studio and location applications. L7 units provide the same light quality and simplicity-of-use as conventional tungsten Fresnels, and can easily be used alongside them. This allows studio facilities to make a gradual transition from older tungsten fixtures to the L-Series, spreading the cost over a longer period without workflow inefficiencies or changes to working practices. NAB 2013 finds ARRI starting production on the M90, the latest addition to their popular M-Series of advanced HMI lighting units. The M90 introduces a new power class for daylight fixtures at 9,000 W; half the wattage of the ARRIMAX 18/12 and just over double that of the M40/25. With the M18 at the lower end, the M-Series now offers a versatile range of eight wattage options from 1,200 W to 18,000 W. As with all M-Series lampheads, the M90 is equipped with MAX Technology, a unique, patented reflector design that unifies the advantages of a Fresnel and a PAR fixture. The unit is open-faced and very bright; it is also focusable from 16° up to 49°, producing a remarkably even light field and a crisp, clear shadow. Osram developed a new 9,000 W lamp for the M90, which is stable at 1,000 Hz and almost as small as the 6,000 W lamp that can alternatively be used. This allowed ARRI to design the M90 in a very compact housing, barely larger than the ARRISUN 60. Accompanying the M90 is a new ballast, the EB 6/9 kW, available in standard and high speed versions. Like other recent ballasts from ARRI, it features CCL (Compensation for Cable Loss) technology and the power-saving ALF (Active Line Filter). The EB 6/9 kW is DMX compatible and no bigger than ARRI's existing EB 6000 Baby ballast.

Backstage Equipment

Backstage-Mini-4x4Backstage Equipment brought the “mini” versions of most of their popular production carts to NAB this year. Previously, only available in the Asian markets, these carts are geared towards the lighting/grip professional that doesn’t operate out of a 5 ton truck. Their dimensions of 48” x 21 ¼” make transport in a “Sprinter” type van possible. So, if you need a grip or lighting cart, but don’t have a big truck or trailer, go to their website for complete specs on Backstage Equipment’s complete line of hard-working carts.

Camera Turret / Feather Touch Zoom Lens Controller

Camera Turret FTZBuilt from the same circuit platform as the PT12/20/30 controller the Feather Touch Zoom is controlled from eight 100 MHZ microprocessors in chip, doing over 100,000,000 instructions/second. Ramping, motor feedback controls, as well as rocker angle filtering are all done simultaneously at lightning speed. This is what creates the smooth slowmovement of the Feather Touch Zoom while still having the capability of extremely fast movement. If your video zoom lens starts and stops when trying to go very slow, the Feather Touch will drive it better than a high quality Broadcast lens module. And the slip clutch means you don't have to know where the end stops are as the clutch releases as soon as it hits the stops for a seamless end.


CartoniP50 is a portable and compact system for both STUDIO and OB applications. Extremely stable yet lightweight, its ideal performance is reached with camera/lens combination of around 100 lbs (45 kg). The air filled, one shot column is fast and safe to operate: the air can be set in manually or by compressor, and a safety air pressure valve prevents danger of over pumping. The innovative column design provides outstanding stability end jerk-free control with exceptional smoothness and precise movements. Accurate camera balance is achieved at full extension by simply activating the bleed valve, releasing excess air pressure. The column supports a maximum payload of 121 lbs (55 kg) at 180 psi and the safety valve is adjusted at maximum 250 psi. On the foldable dolly, six position track lock, foot operated brake on each of the 125mm twin wheels and cable guards provide smooth movements in any desired direction. The column is firmly secured to the dolly by a double clamp, easily engaged by two ergonomic locking levers. A set of 200mm PNEUMATIC TIRES with wheel brakes are available for OB use. Price includes hand pump and one adapter.

Chimera Lighting

led-lightbanks-446x334Chimera introduced a new line of Chimera LED Lightbanks—the perfect way to get the most out of your LED technology, and still create beautiful, diffused talent-friendly light. And now, "Barn Door Style" LED Lightbanks that attach to your unit's barn doors for Ikan's ID 36, ID 500 and ID 1000 lights. It doesn't get any easier! Chimera LED Lightbank Kits include.

  • LED Lightbank body.
  • LED Mounting Frame.
  • LED revolutionary front Lens ScreenTM.
LED Lens ScreensTM also available in a variety of beam angles!

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