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“ Show report from our team at the National Association of Broadcasters Show held April 16-20 in Las Vegas, Nevada. ”

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Pelican Products

The iPad™ currently holds more than 70% of the consumer market which means that if you own a tablet computer, you probably have one. This is why Pelican Products, Inc., the global leader in both the design and manufacture of high-performance protective case solutions, has introduced thePelican i1075 HardBack™case. ThePelican i1075also features a sturdy, removable nylon shoulder strap so travelers can keep a firm hold on their gear. ThePelican 1075 HardBackis also available with either an anti-scratch foam interior or Pick N Pluck™ foam. Both thei1075and1075are part of the Pelican HardBack Series which is designed to protect and secure portable electronics from 7 and 10 inch tablets to 14 and 15 inch laptops. Sometimes, all it takes is one drop to ruin your tablet or laptop computer (along with your music, photos and files). With that in mind, Pelican Products, Inc., the leader in the design and manufacture of both high-performance protective case solutions and advanced portable lighting systems, has introduced a range ofHardBack™ Protector Casesas travel armor for portable electronics from 7 and 10 inch tablets to 14 and 15 inch laptops. The Pelican 1910 and 1920 LED flashlights are ideal for general use in almost any setting because both lights feature a removable metal clip and are weather/corrosion resistant with an extremely tough, Type II Anodized, “no-slip” matte finish on their CNC machined aluminum bodies. Each has a tail cap switch with momentary and on/off function and, like all Pelican products, are backed by a Legendary Guarantee of Excellence.

Petrol Bags

The Petrol 2005 Liteporter is especially designed to transport and protect a Litepanels 1x1 LED light fixture. The Petrol Bags Liteporter has room to comfortably hold a Litepanels 1x1 LED fixture or similar size light, detachable mounting yoke, AC power supply with cord, power cable, an Anton Bauer battery, and color/conversion diffusion gels. Constructed of rugged, water-resistant black 900D polyester and ballistic nylon, this lightweight carrier features an internal one-piece ABS honeycomb frame for extra strength. The interior is lined with layers of soft padded orange brushed polyester to cushion contents. Twin straps of hook and loop material on either side of the Liteporter anchor the lid open for easy access. A zippered flat compartment on the underside of the lid is ideal for storing the 1x1’s color conversion and diffusion gels.

Philips Strand/Selecon

New to NAB was the Selecon PL Cyc unit and the Studio Panel LED Luminaire. The Cyc light is based on the PL series of lights using the RGBW engine producing a 4 color 500 watt light using only 120 watts. The unit is DMX controlled with a wireless option. It has an LCD menu for set up and addressing. The unit also has a barndoor accessory for light cut off. The Studio Panel is a light weight LED light for studio and location use. The light can vary color temperatures tunable from 2700 to 6000K at only 60 watts of power. It can be battery powered or line voltage. It is DMX controllable at 8 or 16 bit. Sold separately the unit can use a 4 leaf barndoor.


Photoflex brought nothing new to NAB in the realm of broadcast/video lighting for 2012, but promises to have some new offerings in Q3 and Q4 of this year. Their booth featured the Constellation 3 constant light source which is a very powerful source for their large and medium sized sofboxes. It can be fitted with three of their daylight balanced CoolStar CFL lamps, tungsten balanced Starlite lamps, or any G9.5 2-pin ceramic based lamps with their Bi-pin adapter. The Constellation 3 features three lamps sockets each with an individual power switch. One power cord can supply power for two sockets; two power cords supply full power to all three sockets. It has the capacity to provide 3000w of power when using all three lamp sockets, and has an integrated connector ring for softboxes.

Pivot Head

One of the best parts of visiting NAB is the hunt for new and exciting products. This year there was a must see new-comer to the show called Pivot Head. This video recording eyewear company has figured out a way to imbed a POV camera that shoots 60 minutes of 1080p@30fps video and stores up to 8GB of memory onboard. The sleek form factor is no larger than a traditional pair of glasses and offers many different lensing options (Glacier Blue, Purple Haze, Smoke Gray, Transitions and Graduated Bronze Mirror) in three different colors (black, white and brown). Two onboard buttons allow the operator to stop/start recording audio/video and taking 8MP Sony CMOS still. Up to 16-shot rapid burst and a time laps burst still photo mode can be activated. For longer run time, the resolution can also be set to 720p@30fps. The auto focusing camera has a 75 degree field of view and no “fish eye” image distortion. With the use of a standard USB cable, the footage is easily downloaded to your computer and includes an adaptor for a smartphone. A separate software tool included with your purchase allows you many different preset video and camera modes including Active, Sports, Spectator, Social and more. Pivot Head will start shipping this summer with two models; Aurora and Durango. With an MSRP price of $349 a pair, you have to check it out yourself.


Industry case veteran PortaBrace has a few new items up their sleeve for NAB this year. Their new Messenger-Style HDSLR camera cases are designed for all your photo needs. Whether you're just walking around town, behind the scenes, or around a press conference, the MS-DSLR cases a lightweight perfect for most DSLR cameras. The new CSH-2 Camera Shield protective camera cover is the latest innovation from Porta Brace, straight from the cutting edge ofcameraprotection. The Camera Shield is constructed withour new Waterproof / Breathable material, ensuring that your gear stays cool even during long shoots. The"Snub Nose" hood design is perfect for wide lenses. Rigid framing on thefront and back provide protection around the lens as well as around battery and cable output.Dual "Gull Wing" design provides a sunhood & weather protection for your LCD screen on one side, and hand protection when "Running and Gunning". For the sound people, the recorder case (C-KP1) is custom made for the AJA Ki Pro recorder/converter/storage unit. Sling it over your shoulder, wear it on your belt or hang it around the tripod head using the short black adjustable strap. The main pocket holds an after market battery (Anton Bauer, PAG or IDX) or the AC power supply. Hang your head phones off the rings provided on the HB-12 suede leather strap or cases rings. A small slip pocket holds storage cards and the clear vinyl window can be rolled up or closed depending upon the weather, protecting switches and slots. The case is padded, weather proofed, tough 1000 denier Cordura nylon. "D" rings on the bottom for Audio Harness/Belt combinations or use for strain relief at the cable connection area.


PRG is proud to offer their NEW “HS TruColor” digital LED fixture created from remote phosphor technology (RPT). We’ll you ask ...what is RPT? Typically other LED’s in the market start with a Blue color LED for efficacy and then coat them with a certain color phosphor which is encapsulated into the diode giving you a fixed color temperature with limited output. With the HS unit these two components are separated allowing the user to interchange polycarbonate panels from tungsten 3200k to daylight 5200k on the fly. Additional panels are in development to provide a complete range of color temperatures. Here’s the best part... The HS has a wide beam spread of 160 degrees, draws only 400w of AC power and offers TWICE the output of a 2000W tungsten soft light. This fixture is also supplied with a flicker free ballast and can be dimmed thru local or DMX control and is priced competitively with other fixtures on the market.

Prime Time Lighting

PrimeTime Lighting (formerly KW/2) brought out some new accessories for their line of LED studio fixtures, the LED 31 and LED 77. While both of these potent fixtures have both tungsten and daylight, and spot and flood versions, their holographic gels and honeycombs allow the user to tailor each fixture to their specific applications. The gels come in 10, 30 and 60 degree versions, and honeycombs are available in wide and medium configurations. Their new Extended Gel Retainer Assembly allows the gel to be mounted roughly 6” away from the face of the fixture, allowing for a softer appearing light source.

Rip-Tie, Inc.

Celebrating their 25th year in business Rip tie has some neat new things at NAB. The Rip Tie Mini is perfect for cell phone cords, small charger cables, portable music player earphone cords, and any small bundle of cables. Positioned to be a direct replacement for nylon wire ties. Rip-Tie mini is Earth Friendly, it's reusable more than 200 times. No more frustration with small tangled cables in your bag, your pocket or your car! Also handy is their new CableWrap with buckle that can be installed on a cable easily. The soft buckle fits gently, yet snugly, won't damage sensitive cables and is designed for 10,000 release cycles. Their Econowrap systems are attachable to cables in either a flap or snap options. EconoWrapwith Flap is designed for At least 2000 re-fastenings, available in 3/4" and 1" width in 10 Colors. Install EconoWrap on a cable by peeling the hook strap away, then mount the cable and re-attach the hook strap. The flap is sewn, NOT Heat Bonded making it easy to remove from the cable by peeling the hook strap away from the loop strap. The snap option is installed by using the enclosed rivets.

Rosco Labratories

Rosco launched their new LitePad Loop on camera light. The Loop is an innovative, easy to use ring light that quickly installs around the lens of the camera for on-axis lighting. The light engine within the loop is the Rosco LitePad which is well known for its flattering and indirect lighting output. Its mounting assembly makes the LitePad Loop easy to install onto practically any film, video or DSLR camera. The main block attaches to the bottom of the camera using a 1/4-20 bolt and comes with industry standard, 15mm rods and a sled that moves back and forth. The litePad Loop has powerful magnets that enable the user to quickly and securely snap the Loop into place. The LitePad Loop is offered at an unbelievably low price point for such a high quality lighting solution. New to the RoscoVIEW line is the Mark II Rotator and Compact Rotator. These units motorize the RoscoVIEW camera filter on the camera lens. By rotation the camera RoscoVIEW filter, cross polarization with the RoscoVIEW material on the windows gives the user complete control of the exterior exposure of the camera sensor. The Mark II Rotator fits on any lens with an outer barrel diameter of up to 139mm measuring 7.5” x 6.2” at 17oz. The smaller Compact Rotator is a 76mm diameter RoscoVIEW camera filter that measures 6” x 4” at 8.4oz. tTe Compact rotator comes with 3 mounting holes allowing the user to design a customized mounting rig best suited for their needs. Rosco also launched a new RoscoVIEW GUI (Graphical User Interface) that provides a computer interface for controlling the RoscoVIEW camera Rotators. Rather than controlling the camera with individual physical switches, the GUI consolidates all the control in a single computer window. Control features include control up to 8 rotators on a single screen and can either be controlled individually or locked together for a simultaneously rotation. IP control permits operation from anywhere an internet/network connection is possible and allows remote connection status at a glance.

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