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“ Show report from our team at the National Association of Broadcasters Show held April 16-20 in Las Vegas, Nevada. ”

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Lowel Light

Lowel-Light released the first 2 models of their new Lowel Prime LED Lighting System, the Prime 400 and 200, in dedicated tungsten color models. Both models will be followed shortly by their daylight color counterparts. "The combination of their significant output, 70 plus Foot Candles at 9 ft from Prime 400 for example, and their 50 degree beam angle, means being able to light with fewer fixtures from a greater distance than is commonly expected from production LED's." said Lowel Director of Communications, Duane Sherwood. "We designed Lowel Primes for studio use, but their performance, as well as their rugged construction, has many shooters willing to pack them in cases and take them on location, just to get the output and coverage they are looking for." Lowel Prime LED's have a Color Rendering Index of 91+, or photo quality color output. The tungsten color models have a color temperature of 3300 degrees Kelvin, which will mix well with tungsten-halogen fixtures. Daylight color models are expected to have 5600K color temperature. The color temperature of Lowel Prime LEDs can also be tweaked slightly, warmer or cooler, to match other fixtures in color critical situations. Primes rear panel 4 pin XLR DMX jacks allow connection and communication with DMX-512 control systems for studio use. There are also 4 selectable dimming curve behaviors programmed in each fixture. All models will auto-set to voltages from 90 - 240V. There will also be accessories such as a Barn Door Softening Set, as well as 20 & 30 degree honeycombs to trim the beam angle when needed.


Unveiled at this years NAB is an interesting new product line from Manfrotto known as SYMPLA (for SYstem Moving PLAtform), the modular camera rigging system can be configured in seconds, without tools, to accommodate a wide range of of DSLRs, camcorders and accompanying lenses. The steel-and-aluminum SYMPLA rig can be mounted on a tripod, supported on the shoulder, or even held like a steering wheel using the optional FigRig attachment. A camera is affixed to the rig’s rods (or rails, if you prefer) using one of two available quick-release mounting plates. The Fixed Plate offers standard fore and aft movement, while the Variable Plate can also be moved vertically and laterally – among other things. This allows users to line the camera up precisely with a matte box, or to comfortably align the viewfinder with their eye. The Universal Mount can be used to accommodate items such as shotgun microphones or lights. It will also accept the two types of SYMPLA rubber-coated supports – there’s a flat support for providing stability to the underside of a camera, and a curved support designed to cradle long lenses. Manfrotto also announced the new MVK502AM Tripod System, which offers the first ever telescoping tandem or twin tubes. It also incorporates the new MVH502A fluid head and the new MVT502AM tripod. The MVH502A head is specifically designed to provide versatile support for the latest camcorders and HDSLR cameras, and can support up to 13.2 pounds of equipment. The 502 head Counterbalance System (CBS) ensures that head rotations are always fast and easy, allowing for more control no matter how the camera's weight is distributed. Street price of the system is $450. Manfrotto also debuted the new 701HDV, MVT502AM Tripod System with Carrying Bag, which is a lightweight tripod system kit for camcorders or DSLRs up to 8.8 pounds. This system combines the 701HDV Pro Fluid Head with the brand new MVT502AM tripod. The system is perfect for back packers and air travel as it folds down smaller than any Manfrotto pro video system to date, yet does not compromise performance. Street price of the system is expected to be around $350.

Matthews Grip

From day-one, the edict for Matthews Studio Equipment was “INNOVATE-CREATE”…. And that’s just what they've have been doing for over 42 years. MATTHEWS has “created” some of the most “innovative” tools for the production industry. In 2011 MSE, the company, and MSE products won several prestigious awards. And we’re not going to stop there! HD-DC SLIDER. It’s the next generation of the award-winning FloatCam DC-Slider series. With a capacity of 70 pounds (30Kg) it has all the features of the original DC-Slider: multi-angle operation, continuous precision counter-balance. It’s also a Mini-Jib, a tower and even performs level/tabletop modes. With a 70-pound capacity (30Kg) it is designed to support those “heavier” (think ALEXA) cameras with ease. Many moves – one piece of support. A definite “go to” addition with a wide range of capabilities – for a wide range of possibilities. MOTION CONTROL SYSTEM. Motion control moves are becoming a big part of every kind of production. Programming them can be a bit of a challenge depending on the variety of supports needed to get what you want – until now. Add this new motion control system to FloatCam’s DC or HD-DC Slider and you can program, record and store a variety of movements with one platform and repeat them countless times. Time-lapse allows up to 99 hours of programmed functions. Stop motion, time-lapse and memory coupled with variable ramping and travel speeds can now be done in one unit. This “innovative” system works well with DSLR cameras and allows control of both shutter speed and aperture from the CPU. MSE offers separate units designed specifically for the FloatCam DC-Slider and HD-DC Slider. SKYSCRAPERS. Cameras are getting smaller. There might be a lot more “smaller” lights – but when a big impact is required, the new SKYSCRAPERS - heavy duty stands for large production fixtures - change the game. This new family of stands is lighter in weight because they are made out of aluminum, they have lower loading height, and they reach greater heights than any other product in the field. Available in four different models for stage and location, four years of market study and product development is behind our SKYSCRAPERS; so you know they have been designed with the key grip, gaffer, and cinematographer in mind. Like our other stands, the SKYSCRAPER line will soon become the international production industry standard for years to come. MUT. With iPhones, iPads and other “innovations” that are supposed to make your life easier (a “big” part of everyone’s lives) – MSE’s come up with a way to use those Android Tablets and the full range of iPads, including the new iPad 3, hands free! MUT is a simple, reliable solution for mounting these must-haves hands-off but still close and visible. The Teflon and plasticol dipped bracket adjusts from 10” to 31” diagonally, allowing the user to mount standard sized tablets with or without a protective case. The locking knob with a 1/4-20” mounting hole located on the back of the bracket will allow for the use of a variety of industry standard tools. Just one mount will last through many generations of technological development. MUT not only makes you hands-free, it saves you time – and money!


Miller continues to provide a solid range of tripods and fluid heads for stills and professional video production. At the top end of the line for payload capacity and features, Miller introduced the Skyline 70 series of tripod / fluid head combinations at NAB 2012. With 150mm bowl, the 1050 fluid head has a wide capacity for rigs between 9.9 – 88 lbs. Standard features include 8 positions for counterbalance and 7+0 settings for drag in both pan and tilt. Dual pan bars are standard and the unit features backlit leveling bubble and optional side-mounted accessory bracket for monitors and eyepiece leveling. Single and dual stage aluminum and carbon fibre tripods with mid or ground level spreaders can be configured into a package with the Skyline 70. The SoloDV range of 2 and 3 stage tripods in both 75mm and 100mm options continue to be best-sellers for Miller. Featuring lightweight construction and quick, Leg Angle locking and easy telescoping design, many of the models in the Solo line can put the lens at high-hat level (8” or so) and achieve heights of 73” to the bottom of the fluid head – all without a spreader. Solo 1505 3-Stage Carbon Fibre 100mm bowl tripod lists at $1236 (Choice of fluid head, sold separately). With more and more operators adding a full array of accessories to their DSLRs and single-imager digital cameras, Miller recently released another model within the Compass range of fluid heads. The model 12 is built to address heavier cameras, while still meeting the demand for lower price point. Stated payload on the new Compass 12 is 4 – 22 lbs. on a 75mm bowl mount. Tilt range is +90 / -75 degrees with 3 + 0 positions of pan and tilt drag. The Compass 12 can play on any 75mm bowl set of sticks within the Miller catalogue.

Mole-Richardson Company

Mole-Richardson are true icons in the motion picture and television business. They are celebrating their 85th year, going back to the silent film era. One has to pause for a moment and reflect on what that means. Their history in intertwined with the greats of our industry. If you want to say “Hollywood” in an on camera interview, just put a Mole-Richardson fresnel on a stand in the background and it is understood. Congratulations to them for their illustrious past with a bow to their present and future. There were two standout new products in Mole's booth this year. You may be familiar with the now indispensable Spacelite, which formalized the use of “Chinese lanterns” on many film and television sets. The Space-Flo 8 has a similar configuaration. It has a 33.5” circular lamp housing that project light down into a silk skirt and bottom “target”. This is the same size as the current 6K spacelite, but as the name implies, it is lamped with eight T5, 55 watt, biax fluorescents tubes. This provides great energy efficiency, low heat and long lamp life. They come standard with a dimmable ballast and can accept both 3,2000 and 5,600 degree lamps. The output is 22800 lumens and creates 26fc at 15’. It gives off a soft, ambient light that makes any set look natural and appealing. You can power three Space-Flo 8’s from one standard 15 amp circuit and they are stackable. This is a very nice tool for room sets and low ceiling location applications. They are also available in an LED version. The MoleLED Single is a small LED source that works well in tight spaces where other lights may be too big or too hot. Although these were shown in use as a interior vehicle light at NAB, they could also be used as a news talent light to give a youthful glow to under the chin that so many of the anchors are seeking. Building them into anchor desks or news set makes perfect sense. Another great place to use these is on lecterns and podiums. For run and gun news photogs, they are available with camera mounts and in kits with a small controller that operates three MoleLED singles with ease. They are DMX dimmable. Their hold-in –your hand size, at only 7” long, makes them easy to handle and operate. At 20 watts, they are super energy efficient and low heat. They are available in both Tungsten and Daylight balanced versions. The list of accessories is long and varied. We also want to thank Mole-Richardson for the Distributor Partner award they presented us with at NAB. For those who are interested, yes this is a fully working chromed-out fixture.


WILDSUN 500 “KD”: An intelligent white version of the WILD SUN 500, itis equipped with 31 high-power multi-chip LED sources that combine warmand cool white to offer a range of 65,536 precise color temperatures adjustablefrom 3000K to 7000K. The WILD SUN 500 “KD” is equipped with a linearzoom that allows a beam angle which is adjustable from 11°to 45°. WILDSUN 500 “KD” is particularly suitable for userswho require versatility.   WILDSUN 500 “K3”: Based on the use of 31 mono-colorLED sources perfectly calibrated at 3200K, the WILDSUN 500“K3” was developed to meet the requirements of studios thataim to reproduce halogen-type artificial lighting. It provides anoverall luminous flux of 15,000 lumens for a power consumption of 450 Watts. The motorized linear 4:1 zoom allows the WILD SUN “K3” to be at home inclose-up configurations as well as at longer distances. WILDSUN 500 “K7”: The “K7” version of the WILD SUN 500 includes thesame type of source as the “K3”, but with a color temperature calibratedat 6700K. Equipped with these new LED sources, the WILDSUN 500 “K7”achieves an unequaled overall luminous flux of 18,000 lumens for a power consumption of lessthan 500 Watts. This amazing power and low consumption associated withthe full motorization of the luminaire make the WILD SUN 500 “K7” a toolparticularly suitable for trade exhibitions, car shows, and similar events.


Neutrik introduced the powerCON TRUE1 connector as the next iteration of powerCON connectors. This 16amp 250VAC is IP65 rated for water resistance and is available in molded jacket and field terminated styles. Unlike previous powerCON connectors the yellow-keyed TRUE1 is rated for breaking capacity meaning it can stay energized while being plugged or unplugged – no need to switch off power upstream to make connections. The TRUE1 line also provides a daisy chain, single-piece body panel mount receptacle for power pass-through applications.


All Nila LED fixtures feature extreme durability and use 90-240VAC or VDC enabling them to work anywhere with 0-100% dimming via DMX or on board control. The NH and JNH are each 65W with ten interchangeable lens kits. The JNH is a stackable model ideal for custom configurations. The Boxer is a replacement for an 800-1200W HMI, or a 1200-2000W tungsten fixture, while drawing just 250 watts. With ultra-low power consumption and zero ultraviolet or infrared ray emissions, this product sets a standard for sustainability. The SL is an 850W direct replacement for a 6kW tungsten space light. No more need for expensive 60-amp cabling - instead use a household extension cord.


OConnor has their new Ultimate 1030D (30 lb/13.6kg capacity) and Ultimate 1030Ds (41 lb/18.6kg capacity) fluid heads this year at NAB. Designed to replace the popular Ultimate 1030HD and HDs, the new systems add sporty industrial design and features originally engineered for OConnor’s larger fluid heads. These include stepless, ultra-smooth pan and tilt fluid drag that provides ultimate control and stability for digital cinematography shooting. Also adapted from OConnor’s heavier duty heads is the Sinusoidal Counterbalance system for true, accurate balance at any point in the tilt range. Counterbalance can be adjusted by a new ergonomic crank-style control that simply pulls out of the back of the head. The 1030D model provides a tilt range of ±90° while the 1030Ds head has a ±60° tilt range for heavier loads up to 41 lb/18.6kg. Designed to ease the way for cinematographers to seamlessly transition from heavier to lighter payloads, both heads are ideal for use with full-format sensor lighter weight cameras, such as the RED Epic and Scarlet, Sony F3 and Canon C300. Their new 30L carbon fiber tripod combines the benefits of new-age materials with precision engineering to create a support system that is lightweight, yet solid and stable. An ideal fit for the new generation of smaller Ultimate 1030D and 1030Ds fluid heads, the 30L weighs just 8.8 lbs (4 kg) and can safely and stably carry payloads of up to 209 lbs (95 kg). Joining OConnor’s growing lineup of camera and lens accessories is the new O-Focus Dual Mini, a compact, double-sided direct drive follow focus unit optimized for both still and cine-style camera lenses. It is designed to meet the exacting needs of professional camera operators and assistants. The precision gear drive of the main bridge offers a gear ratio of 1:0.75 so that 360 degrees of input results in 270 degrees of output (i.e. rotation on the drive gear). There are two versions of the O-Focus DM: the Photo Set and the Cine Set. Each provides its own unique transmission ratio. The difference is accomplished by the use of two different types of handwheels that interface with the main bridge to generate optimized transmission output. Changing the transmission ratio is as easy as changing a lens. The handwheel(s) can be easily swapped without tools. A breakthrough camera accessory introduced by OConnor is the Universal Camera Baseplate, designed to adapt small to medium size digital cinema cameras to the thousands of standard camera accessories available in the professional cine industry. Accommodating a wide variety of form-factors, from standard camcorders to hybrid DSLRs and compact digital cine cameras, the Universal Baseplate provides the ability to adapt each camera to a studio 15mm or 19mm bridgeplate by changing out four vertical 15mm rods (custom size rods available). It features dual 15mm LWS rod brackets that are adjustable to perfectly align the camera accessories to the optical center of the lens.


PAG USA has introduced the only camera battery system that allows batteries to be linked together in multiples of two, four, or up to eight units simultaneously, regardless of the state of charge. The PL16 Charger allows you to glance at batteries that are ready to use during charging time. The batteries charging stages are displayed in backlit LCD screen. The system could also be used to power any camera from an AC supply using the charger’s 100w built in supply which has a XLR4 output.

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