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“ Show report from our team at the National Association of Broadcasters Show held April 11-14 in Las Vegas, Nevada. ”

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Photoflex featured their portable constant light fixtures, the Constellation 3 SilverDome Kit and the StarLite Kits.

Both provide quality high output for video and photography. The versatile SilverDome SoftBox creates the soft modeling light that is easy to use and a great solution for interviews, portraits or many other lighting situations.

The Constellation 3 accepts the daylight balanced CoolStar CFL lamps or the tungsten balanced Starlight lamps in either 500 watts or 1000 watts. It features three lamp sockets, each with separately switchable 20 amp switches. It has a maximum rating of 3000 watts. It also has a fully rotating quick release mounting plate for the soft box.

The Constellation 3 kit includes:

  • Constellation 3 light head

  • Large SilverDome soft box (36” x 48”)

  • 3 CoolStar 150 CFLs

  • 3 StarLite 100w lamps

  • LiteStand 2320Y (12’)

  • Tilt Swivel

  • 2 power cords

  • TransPac dual Kit Case

The Starlight QL Kits offer a single socket lighting head with multiple light modifiers. These include SilverDome SoftBoxes from large to small and multiple head location lighting kits.

All of these kits provide photographers and videographers quality soft lights with options including daylight and tungsten balanced light for the different lighting requirement they face every day.

For more info go to Photoflex's site @

Prime Time - KW/2

New from Prime time were their new LED fixtures. The LED 31 and LED 77 fixtures are true key light with focused round beam, or a multi-purpose light with use of accessories.
Designed to operate at any tilt angle and very sturdily built with adequate heat rejection.

Available in several versions:

  • FUL: non dimming

  • DIM : voltage dimming

  • DAN and on board : 0-10 volt analog, daisy chain dimming

  • DMX: fully digital 5 pin XLR input

Both utilize either 15 or 40 long life, 3 Watt 3000 deg K LEDs and the power cables can be daisy chained for easy wiring. The LED-11 lists for $1450 and the LED-77 list price is $2640.

Their new MX222 allows for broadcast quality studio luminaire mounting in an architectural environment. The steel 2'x2' Mounting canister allows professional luminaire suspension from 2x2 or 2x4 ceiling grids. Allows pan and tilt adjustments of most yoke mounted studio lights with 1 5/8" strut type hardware. There's even 2 Edison outlets attached to a 10 Amp push button circuit breaker. The MX222's list price is $375 with AC outlets and $340 without (fixtures not included.)


Rosco LitePad AXIOM

LitePad Axiom is a revolutionary LED light from Rosco specifically designed for filmmakers, videographers and still photographers. Its steel and aluminum housing is designed not only to protect the light source, but to make a variety of mounting solutions quick and easy. The back of the housing has a universal mounting system allowing the LitePad Axiom to be affixed with brackets to C-Stands or mounted with Velcro, rubber bands or other conventional methods. The housing includes a gel slot for adding Roscolux or Cinegel color or diffusion. An interior connection in the LitePad unit assures secure electrical connection. The slim profile, low heat and power consumption and outstanding quality of light make LitePad Axiom an excellent choice for professionals everywhere. LitePad is available in two color temperatures, daylight (approx. 5800K) and tungsten (approx. 3600K). With tungsten and daylight LitePads, which have equal light output, there is no need to color correct your LitePad, losing valuable light intensity. LitePad's minimum green content allows for high color rendering and great film and digital photography.


RoscoView is a unique two-part window control system for film and television professionals. It consists of wide width polarizing filter installed on windows and a matching camera polarizing filter. The window filter is available in easy-to-handle acrylic panels or in the traditional soft roll form. The camera filter is optical glass. Rotating the camera filter changes the degree of cross polarization on the window where the RoscoView filter is installed. This results in 100% control of exterior brightness as seen through the window. To the naked eye, the ambient light coming into the room or studio is reduced by only one stop. You can instantly compensate for changes in the daylight exposure as seen through the windows. Reduce studio down-time, no more change out of filter, increase shooting time. Great for areas where it is difficult to re-apply filter regularly.

SeaChanger / Ocean Thin Films

The Ocean Thin Films booth (C6146) was very busy this year. People from all areas of Broadcast were interested in the SeaChanger Wash & Profile, as well as the Nemo fixture with the Plasma (LiFi) source, and the new CTE plasma wash. The CTE Wash utilizes the successful Plasma (LiFi) source and will include variable color correction and dimming.

Coming soon from SeaChanger is the next-gen version of the Color Bug. Rumor is it's going to be called the SpectraBug. It will be able to calculate illuminance and color temperature and send it back to any iOS device. There's discussion too that it might be able to show the individual color spikes of a given device.


Sennheiser set a new professional standard for film, television and broadcast applications with the introduction of two new shotgun models.

MKH 8060--the compact, lightweight option
The MKH 8060 lives up to its name as a short gun: the microphone measures just 5.7 inches and weighs a mere 4 ounces (with XLR module), making it ideal for use as a camera or boom microphone. Its range of applications includes outdoor recordings, studio applications for film and television or as an audience microphone for mixing audience reactions. “We are setting a new industry standard with this microphone,” Lange explained. “It is compact, light, easy to handle and really has an exceptionally natural sound.”

MKH 8070--the specialist for distant sound sources
The MKH 8070 features an extreme directivity that enables even very distant sounds and events to be reliably recorded. For broadcasters, this microphone will be ideal for sports events, as well as for film and television recordings, both in the studio and outdoors. It is also especially useful for nature and wildlife recordings.


Steadicam Smoothee The new “easy to use right out of the box” camera stabilizer:

The Smoothee, comes with a camera mount, and will sell at retail for under $200. The Smoothee can be used with the Apple iPhone 3GS, Motorola DROID, or the Flip Mino video camera, with additional models to follow. The Smoothee, developed by Steadicam, now allows these smart phone and Flip video camera owners to capture incredible video without the shakes normally associated with hand-held video shot on the go. The Steadicam Smoothee is approximately 8”W x 14.5” H x 2.5” D (20.3 x 36.8 x 6.4cm) in operating configuration. Each of the individual patented quick release removable camera mounts can also serve as a tabletop stand or can be mounted to any tripod with a standard ¼ x20” camera mount.


Cool Photo fx for your iPhone and iPad

So you're on the go and you want to send your friends and family this great photo that they'll love, but you need to make some adjustments and won't be at your computer until late this evening.

Photo fx is the definitive set of digital optical filters for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Simulations of many popular award-winning Tiffen glass filters, specialized lenses, optical lab processes, film grain, exacting color correction, natural light and photographic effects plus a clever paint system with a variety of brushes are now at your fingertips. You can now enhance your photos just like Hollywood cameraman and visual effects artists do! We can safely say without a doubt that Photo fx is the most comprehensive, feature rich photo app available for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

In Photo fx, you can choose from 76 exciting filters containing 878 presets organized in 8 different filter groups. Photo fx is comprised of the following filters: Ambient Light, Auto Adjust, Black and White, B&W Looks, Black Diffusion/FX®, Black Pro-Mist®, Bleach Bypass, Bronze Glimmerglass®, Center Spot, Close-Up Lens, Color Correct, Color-Grad®, Color Compensating, Color Conversion, Color Infrared, Color Looks, Color Spot, Cool Pro-Mist®, Cross Processing, Day for Night, Depth of Field, Diffusion, Dual Grad, Edge Glow, Enhancing, Eye Light, Faux Film, Fluorescent (FL-B/D®), Fog, Glimmergass®, Gold Diffusion/FX®, Glow, Grain, Halo, Haze, HDTV FX®, High Contrast, Ice Halos, Infrared, Levels, Light, Light Balancing, Mono Tint, ND Grad, Night Vision, Nude/FX®, Old Photo, Paint, Pencil, Photographic, Polarizer, Pro-Mist®, Reflector, ReLight, Sharpen, Sky, Smoque®, Soft/FX®, Soft Light, Star, Streaks, Strip Grad, Sunset/Twilight, Temperature, Tint, Two Strip, Three Strip, Ultra Contrast, Vignette, Warm Black Pro-Mist®, Warm Center Spot, Warm Pro-Mist®, Warm Soft/FX®, Water Droplets, Wide Angle Lens and X-Ray.

Whether you are an amateur or professional photographer, Photo fx’s visual workflow and easy to use tools will help you create stunning images.

Now you can fix your image with Photo fx before you email it from your iPhone and iPod Touch - you don't need your computer. It's as easy as 1-2-3. Choose it, Edit it, Send it!

The new Tiffen Variable ND Filter, was a huge success at this year’s NAB show. The Variable ND Filter is a versatile and flexible tool, affording you the convenience of using several Neutral Density filters all in one. Primarily used as a photographic tool for controlling depth of field and exposure, the Variable ND is being sought in the video market as well because it is fast, easy to use, small and light-weight, and does not require additional accessories such as a matte box. Currently available in 77mm only. Additional sizes for both still and video coming soon.

Tiffen Far Red Control Kit: Featuring the Tiffen T1 and the NEW T ½

With the advancement in HD camera technology, reliably recreating true blacks in moving images has never been more challenging. Digital cameras with enhanced red response allows the DP to capture subtle hues of red never before seen digitally. However, opening up this channel leaves your images vulnerable to Far Red and Near Infrared contamination. The TIFFEN FAR RED CONTROL KIT has the unique ability to absorb this unwanted light while preserving the camera’s increased red response while maintaining crisp blacks and assisting the camera in capturing the wider color gamut it was designed for—minimal light loss—1/2 and 2/3 stop

Newest to the Tiffen family of companies is Listec Teleprompters

The New PromptXpress Series incorporates a built-in Wi-Fi Windows-based computer and features a high quality Enhanced Brightness 15-inch LED display with vandal shield protector and Listec's unique internal SensaTally. ConĀ­gured with a trapezoidal fold-down Mirror/Soft Hood to accommodate wide-angle shots, the system boasts a Sliding Balance Plate Assembly for quick setup, Camera Riser with sliding top platform and adjustable height settings to optimize camera positioning. A sliding rear Counterbalance maintains neutral balance on the pan head. Optional battery plates for Anton/Bauer and IDX are available, as is a pan bar mounted multi-functional touch-screen display for editing, intercom, preview and other tasks.

PromptXpress supports the Clear-Com Concert, IntraCom Systems VCom and other software-based intercom systems for multi-user conferencing. This feature permits constant communication between the mobile OB unit and broadcast facility; as well as IFB is also supported. On the Concert and VCom systems, a virtual intercom station can be displayed on a separate touch-screen through the prompter's Wi-Fi capability.

Listec Z-PRO Specially Designed for Mini DV Cameras.

The Z-PRO’s all-in-one design accommodates the lightest weight cameras with a minimum of fuss. Unlike conventional prompters, the Z-PRO mounts over the pan head’s balance point, eliminating the need for a full-sized balance plate and rear counterbalance. By reducing the overall weight of the prompter, the Z-PRO avoids placing undue stress on the support system. Now, a tripod with a capacity of only 25 lbs. can accommodate a mini DV cam and a fully professional 15-inch prompter — saving the need to upgrade to a more robust mounting.

With its compact design and choice of studio and fold-down hoods, the Z-PRO is ideal for in-house prompting, or for those on the move. While standard models feature Listec flat panels, a typical off the-shelf computer LCD* can be substituted, affording the user the option of selecting the display.


Videssence added a “see me lite” to its new line of LED Fixtures..these units are versatile and come with stands and yokes in each kit. The See Me Lite Kit includes two fixtures with yokes and stands and easy plug and play operation. Functional for use with computer monitors as well as nooks and small spaces where conventional fixtures just won’t go.


Zylight is an innovator in the field of LED lighting for television and film. Their Z90, palm-sized LED lighting fixture combines superior brightness and flexibility in a small package. It is a lifesaver on location with the ability to adjust between 2,500K to 9,000K and a variable +/- green correction via built-in controls and digital display to handle those unpredictable color shifts. You would never imagine that a light so compact could include such powerful control features. Here are just a few; factory defined pre-sets for tungsten and daylight or user-defined pre-sets to recall a special color temperature. Wireless control allows users to link together fixtures wirelessly so when adjusting controls of one they all adjust. They also have on-board dimming. The Z90 runs on 7-24V DC and comes with a AC adapter (100-240V, 50-60Hz) and is 30 watts.

The IS3 is a panel style lighting fixture that is extremely bright for it’s size (18.5” x 10.75” x 2”). It utilizes twenty-two, high-brightness, four-color LED modules. This give it four color mixing ability for greater color control for more accurate color rendering. Like the Z90, the IS3 has wireless control capability. Unique to this product, it has an optional hand held remote to access color temperature and intensity output. Through an integrated USB port, the IS3 can be field updated and upgraded. The IS3 runs on 48V DC and comes with a AC adapter (100-240V, 50-60Hz) and is 220 watts. As an added feature, Zylight has worked directly with Chimera to create a softbox specifically for the IS3.

These are impressively engineered fixtures.

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