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“ Show report from our team at the National Association of Broadcasters Show held April 11-14 in Las Vegas, Nevada. ”

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Lite Panels

LitePanels was all set up in the Vitec village showing off the latest version of the Sola LED fresnels. There's the larger Sola 6 which draws 75W with output equivalent to a 650W Tungsten Fresnel. That’s about 1/10 the amount of power to provide the same illumination as a conventional tungsten Fresnel, with very little heat generation and beam control of 10° to 70°. The Sola6 has a universal AC input and can be used on consumer power sources worldwide.

The smaller Sola ENG Fresnels feature instant dimming from 100% to 0 with no noticeable color shift. Plus the Sola ENG offers beam control from 70° to 10°. Designed
for on-camera or stand mounting, the Sola ENG provides manual focus and dimming control via camera-like ergonomic controls. Output is fully flicker free, and remains consistent even as the battery voltage goes down. The 30w Daylight LED unit is:

  • 4” x 4” x 5” (102mmx 102mmx 127mm)

  • Weight: 15 ounces (.44kg)

  • Fresnel lens: 3 inches (7.62cm)

  • Power: 30W Draw (equiv. to 250W tungsten)

  • Power requirements:

  • 10-20VDC (traditional ENG batteries)

  • Via 2-Pin D-Tap power cable

  • Ultra low decible cooling fan


The first models of a new series of LED fixtures, designed for studios of all types & sizes. Lowel Studio LED's are as bright as many similarly sized studio LEDs. They are also fully DMX addressable, dimmable & controllable, and have a host of available accessories. We expect Lowel LED Studio equipment to be released shortly.


Accessories will include

  • Barn Doors

  • Egg Crates / Honeycomb Grids

  • Front Diffusers


Manfrotto 055 Hybrid Head Q5, new tripod head for photo and video allows you to experience the best of photo and video shooting in one, with one single head!
The Photo-Movie head has been developed simply to be the best and most ideal solution for the new HD DSLRs with embedded video functions. With a single product it is possible to take advantage of an extraordinary Photo Head and a fully featured Video Head. The unique Photo-Movie selector makes switching from shooting photos to videos quick and immediate, experiencing the best of both worlds. In Photo mode the head provides speed and maximum freedom in all directions, like a ball head combined with an incredibly precise, smooth and controlled movement never experienced before thanks to the fluid cartridges and friction control. In Video mode a fully featured Video Head allows precise and fluid movements for pan and tilt and includes all standard video settings, including an adjustable counterbalance control. The pan bar is reversible for right or left handed users and it can quickly be removed and fixed on a tripod leg thanks to the rest clip that’s included.

Also released at NAB were the 509HD systems that are the result of an important technical evolution - the perfect synthesis between an innovative “bridge architecture” and Manfrotto’s cutting edge engineering: Bridging Technology - an exclusive Manfrotto patent. Thanks to the 509HD’s bridge design, the PAN friction control is intuitive and easy to set, but also protected against knocks. Movement around the PAN and TILT axes is smoothed by ball-bearing units which remove all unwanted vibration, no matter what the operating temperature. Friction control combines with a step counterbalance system (covering the full weight range of video equipment) to allow the 509HD to be fine-tuned with extreme precision for the exact in-shot movements you need. The 509HD’s FDS (Fluid Drag System) is variable and directly controls action and resistance on both axes; the ergonomics of the controls have been noticeably improved to make use of the FDS even easier. All of this guarantees ultimate control and excellent video camera support, no matter what the situation, the shooting style, or the equipment setup. The load capacity has also been improved: the 509HD supports kit up to 13kg (28,8lb) at 55mm c.o.g and two 3/8” threads on the top plate allow accessories, such as monitors and arms, to be fitted straight to the head, thus eliminating the need for extra clamps, saving set-up time and freeing the video camera’s hot shoe for other components.

Looking a lot like tinker toys the Dado is the universal Manfrotto Dadojunction that connects every kind of device from monitors to cameras, and from lights to supports that allows you to create your own professional set up in the most intuitive way. DADO is a small, versatile and sturdy solution that provides a multiple attachment point for lights, cameras and accessories through a single junction. It perfectly fits the needs of videographers, photographers and hobbyists who want to simplify their equipment and travel as light as possible without giving up their attachments to all their hardware.
DADO is a junction made of 18 threaded holes (3/8), 3 tubes with both female 3/8 threadings and male 5/8 attachments. It’s compatible with all the best selling items in the Manfrotto Lighting range. Dado is available in two kits: one with 3 tubes, 3 threaded pins and 1 sphere and the second with 6 tubes, 6 threaded pins and 1 sphere.

Lastly - the Snake Arm is a compact, versatile, sturdy and extremely flexible solution that provides an alternative support for lights, cameras and accessories. It perfectly fits the needs of BI videographers, photographers and hobbyists who want to simplify their equipment and travel as light as possible without giving up to their hardware. Snake Arm is made of 4 curved tube sections that are completely free to move in any angle and it can be mounted at one end using two spigots with 3/8 threadings and 5/8 attachments, while at the other is a 5/8 attachment. It is compatible with all top selling items in the Manfrotto Lighting range (eg. 035, 026 and babylight stands). Also available is the Snake Kit edition which includes the 035 Super Clamp.

• 4 independent curved tube sections for enhanced flexibility
• 2 spigots on one end (3/8 male and 5/8 male)
• 1 spigot on the other end: 16mm male - 5/8
• Frictionable locking system
• The Snake Arm is available also with 035 Super Clamp (MA050ASC)

Matthews Studio Equipment

MSE was showing the new The DC-Slider manufactured by FloatCam; a multifunctional camera platform that offers many creative possibilities to camera operators.

By combining an unusually long variable-angled camera slider track with mini-jib functionality, the DC-Slider is truly remarkable displaying both state-of-the-art technology and precision engineering.

Additionally, the DC-Slider quickly transforms into a vertical 6-foot tower. In this configuration the DC-Slider's counterbalancing feature ensures precision camera moves are smooth and steady.

Also in the booth was the new K-Stacker: a simple solution for fluorescent lighting support; a strong and robust tool that turns single fluorescents into a multiple of powerful lighting supports. It allows the stacking of up to 4 Kino fixtures on one stand. This way you could use existing inventory to create a "wall of light" effect.

All the latest MSE grip equipment can be explored at

Middle Atlantic

Middle Atlantic debuted their VisionFrame Video Wall, a quickly assembled frame for multiple large-format LCD or Plasma displays. The VisionFrame wall goes together in minutes, can accommodate almost any arrangement of monitors, features integrated cable management and can be built in either a freestanding or desk-mounted version. Middle Atlantic also offers their free Designer software to help customers lay out their VisionFrames to fit their needs. It’s so easy, even a caveman could assembly it!

Mole Richardson

Mole Richardson has developed what they have defined as the first film friendly LED. The MoleLED 12 pack weighs 12 pounds and has been designed in collaboration with Osram, utilizing their KREIOS stage light modules using high-output blue LED’s with phosphor domes to create an excellent spectral distribution suitable for film work. Available in both Tungsten and Daylight color temperatures, the The MoleLED 12 pack comes with a yoke with 5/8” receiver and a 15’ detachable cable with Neutrik connector. This fixture can even operate on a 12 volt car battery and is available in a kit with a gel frame, shield, power supply and case.

Coming soon, Mole has developed a MoleLED SINGLE fixture available for installation in or on podiums, lecterns or anchor desks. The SINGLE will be available in kits and powered through its 3-channel controller. Each fixture weighs less than a pound and each kit contains (3) fixtures-either daylite or tungsten, a controller, power supply, extension cables and case.

Mole Richardson’s Daylite and Tungsten PAR fixtures are sturdy and come in a variety of wattages ranging from 575W, 800W, 1,200W, 2500W, 6,000W and 18,000W. These fixtures are compatible with standard accessories (based on size) and are ruggedly constructed.

The new 24,000W Daylite Fresnel offers rugged construction and an innovative cooling mechanism that maximizes simplicity. The light beam is smooth, versatile (can move from spot to flood) and the large output makes this fixture perfect for a large studio or location. Mole says that it has worked to coax longer life from a standard lamp- designing a large floating socket that reduces vibration and allows the lamp to cool more effectively through ventilation. Standard Mole accessories are available for these fixtures.



On display from California based manufacturer Nila was the Boxer, a fixture that has proved itself a leading energy efficient LED in recent months. Nila was recently awarded the contract to upgrade the television lighting in the United States House of Representatives. User friendly, with tremendous light output and onboard dimming from 0-100%, the Boxer was an ideal fit. It’s an excellent replacement for an 800 to 1200 watt HMI, or a 1200 to 2000 watt tungsten fixture, while drawing just 250 watts. With the ultra-low power consumption, emitting no ultraviolet or infrared rays, this product is setting new standards for sustainability.

The Nila SL:
This exciting new fixture provides LED replacement solutions for several high-end applications. The Nila SL is a direct replacement for a 6,000-watt tungsten space light, while drawing only 850 watts. No more need for expensive 60-amp cabling - instead use a household extension cord. No expensive, external DMX dimmers needed either - use the Nila SL on-board networkable dimming system. 20,000+ hours life for LEDs means no
more expensive bulb replacement, and LED efficiency means no heat load on the air conditioning bill. The Nila SL is versatile enough also to replace a 5000-watt sky pan or a senior Fresnel lens fixture, using its removable yoke and interchangeable lenses. The crisp, clean light of the Nila SL Daylight version is a perfect replacement for 2,500-watt HMIs in demanding applications.

See these fixtures and more at:


Why buy a light that is LED only when you could have one that is halogen, HMI and LED? The Paglight does it all, all you need to do is switch the back cap. You don’t even need to take the light off your camera. The LED version keeps in line with an excellent output of 78FC @ 6’.

Have a collection of batteries from several manufacturers, and seem to be running out of space for all your chargers? The new PAGlok parallel charger is your answer. This 4 position simultaneous fast charger can handle your Li-Ion, Ni-MH and Ni-Cd batteries from any manufacturer, you pick the mount.

Pelican Cases

There are new additions to the micro case line from Pelican.

The 0910 for SD memory cards and the 0940 for compact flash cards are not only made of a tough polycarbonate resin, they have a water resistant seal as well. The wallet-sized cases have removable insert liners to absorb shock and protect the memory cards.

The i1010, designed to hold the iPod and other Mp3 players is now joined by the i1015. Responding to the iPhone popularity, this case holds the iPhone or the iTouch. The mini head phone plug inside the case plugs into the phone and there is an exterior jack so that you can listen to your music while your phone is sealed inside the water resistant seal.

Pelican 2490 Recoil LED flashlight with Traffic Wand

Initially designed for use on aircraft carriers flight decks, the 2490 produces 51 lumens and runs 15 hours on 4 AA batteries. It uses colored discs in the cone to create the color.

The body is constructed of sturdy polymer and is lightweight, resistant to weather and extreme temperatures. Rated IP67, it is dust tight and protected against temporary immersion underwater by using an O ring in the shroud and wand.


The 9440 Remote Area Lighting System has been designed for first responders and is totally self contained. Weighing in at 21 pounds, its self-constructing tripod sets up fast where generator lights can’t go. Its mast rises seven feet high and gives 6 hours of continuous light. The 9440 is maintenance free and uses tough LED lamps and NiMH batteries. With 120 beam spread and 2400 lumens there will be enough light for safe operations.

The 9445 RALS is the safety version of the 9440. The 9445 is rated Class 1, Division 1 and is able to be used in volatile areas that are subject to high ignition possibility. It has two power settings, it produces 2400 lumens for 4 to 5 hours on high and 1200 lumens for 8 to 9 hours on low. It is currently in rigorous testing and is expecting to be released later this year.

More info on this and all the other Pelican cases @

Philips Selecon

A revolutionary breakthrough in display lighting the OL1 LED is the first light source that delivers full control of the beam color composition regardless of intensity.

Drawing on technology and specific insight, nurtured and developed, withing the Philips Entertainment group the PL1 LED luminaire meets the everyday challenges of illuminating the world's museums, art galleries and stages. This lighting instrument extends the creative possibilities with light while significantly reducing the impact of our activities on the environment.

The fully tunable high output LED light enginesupports color temperatures from 3000K to 5600K andfull color mixing with a maximum output similar to that of a 70 watt metal halide powered luminaire.

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