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“ Show report from our team at the National Association of Broadcasters Show held April 11-14 in Las Vegas, Nevada. ”

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DSC Labs

3D was pretty prevalent this year and now you can do it consistently shot in and shot out with DSC Labs' charts to assist you.

DSC Labs specialist range of charts combines the advanced camera matching capabilities of DSC's ChromaDuMonde series color chip charts with a range of unique tools and features for 3D, Visual f/x and other specialized workflows.

Designed in cooperation with industry leaders, each specialist chart is designed, calibrated and tested to ensure the highest level of accuracy and quality in every unit. Combining tools for camera positioning, alignment and calibration; specialist charts provide numerous visual cues and markers that make setup and/or correction in post a breeze.

The latest specialist charts from DSC Labs Include:

Visual f/x

The Billups Vf/x
Designed in collaboration with Scott Billups, the Billups Vf/x provides a range of valuable color, lighting and Vf/x specific tools for camera correction, matching and post production visual effects work.
3D Calibration and Rig Alignment

The Fairburn 3D
Developed in cooperation with veteran cinematographer B. Sean Fairburn, the Fairburn 3D is an essential reference tool in any 3D cinematographers toolbox. The Fairburn 3D has been shown to minimize errors during rig setup, helping you achieve consistent, high quality 3D images, every time you shoot.

The 3D-Z
The 3D-Z combines DSC's renowned front lit chart technology with a unique retractable convergence marker, illuminated nodal reference points and a complete range of specific tools for accurate 3D rig setup and alignment.

The Dashwood 3D
Designed to work alongside Dashwood Cinema Solutions new Stereo3D CAT software, the Dashwood 3D chart combines precise digital markers, integrated IPad display and DSC's front lit technologies into one of the most revolutionary 3D tools since the invention of stereoscopic rigs.

DSC also had their new Northern Lights Chart which features:

  • Front-lit 24 DSC-calibrated color chips for accurate reference and setup to the Rec. 709 standard

  • 11-step spectrophotometrically neutral crossed grayscale for efficient gamma adjustment

  • Horizontal/vertical hyperbolic wedges (DSC trumpets) to test camera resolution

  • Upper and lower 18% gray strips to check evenness of lighting, both horizontally and vertically

  • Adjustable brightness and color controls to balance white levels

These and other new charts can be seen at


Elation Lighting

This was Elation's first year exhibiting at NAB and they had a mini studio set up to show their new line of broadcast related fixtures. Among them were:

TVL 2000 LED Panel by Elation Professional has Flicker Free on board LED dimming control featuring adjustable color temperature via DMX-512 protocol with 450 cool white LEDs and 450 warm white LEDs. Adjust color from cool white daylight to warm white tungsten with ease. Color temperature and 0-100% dimming can all be controlled by either using the onboard controls or via a DMX lighting controller.

Also in the booth was the ELAR 108 RGBW Outdoor IP65 Design Par. The IP65 unit has 36W x 3Watt RGBW LED’s and is ETL Approved. It comes with 10° Beam Angle / 22° Field Angle / 15° Lens Kit Standard. The driver systems has smooth flicker-free color mixing and offers built in color macros and can be controlled manually or with 3 Pin and/or 5pin DMX. Weighing 15.4 lbs it outputs 4,480 lux / 416 fc @ 10' @ full 1,672 total lumens

Electronic Theater Controls

Although not at the show ETC has a new line of Seledor LED fixtures called Desire. The new Desire line of LED luminaires–in a familiar PAR-shaped body – offers many layers of choice for these lights. It’s like designing your own light from custom CAD drawings.
Solving your design dilemma begins with proper fixture selection. It starts with the chassis. The Desire D40 luminaire features a circular head of 40 diode emitters for bright looks. It is convection cooled and available in modified outdoor versions.
The brighter D60 version has an expanded head with 60 diode emitters. It is fan-cooled, so all versions stay indoors.

ETC lets you take your longtime lighting needs outdoors with XT™ (exterior) versions of Lustr+, Vivid or Studio luminaires. A sealed lid, watertight glands, waterproof connectors, an adjustable knob for positioning, and an IP65 rating allow the fixture to withstand the sun and snow. The D40 architectural versions have built-in sensor systems to adjust
power to guarantee that the LED emitters will always come on.

Now to color concerns. Like many other LED products, Desire luminaires can use RGB color mixing. But they also take it up a notch, offering another choice: a proprietary x7 Color System™ of seven LED colors and the latest white LED emitters to produce the widest range of colors available. It’s part of ETC’s “more color, better light” philosophy.
But even more color choices come in again when selecting a palette – Lustr®+, Vivid™, Studio™, Fire™ and Ice™ – for a project.

Stand Alone is a more simplified, unmanned operating mode, in which all Desire fixtures can operate. Controllable on the user-interface panel on the back of the fixture, it runs through a sequence of preset looks for total control without, well, control. No DMX console is needed for this fixture to run in Stand Alone or in a Master-Slave operation, in which DMX-cable-linked fixtures run with commands from whichever fixture is designated as the Master.

Also coming from ETC this summer the long anticipated Source 4 Fresnel!

All of these new fixtures can be seen on a mini-site ETC has launched at


Frezzi introduced the DSLR lighting, power and support kits for still camera and video work. The DSLR 1 & 2 come with a lightweight hand grip stabilizer which supports camera and accessories with extra shoe and can accept all tripod mounts for quick release when needed. The DSLR 3 kit includes the Stable Cam with gives full over the shoulder camera support and can be configured to any body type.

The kits also include a dimmer mini fill light, lamp, power block battery, single quick
charger, battery mount holder, stabilizer and shoe mount.

For more info go to

Gekko Technology Ltd.

Karesslite DD LED uses Tungsten or Daylight balanced LED’s creating broad spectrum white light specifically developed for film and video applications. Unlike traditional lighting products, color temperature remains consistent throughout a wide range of intensity variation. The Karesslite DD is a professional lighting unit developed to adapt specifically to the dynamic requirements of film and video shoots. The fixture can be ordered with an industry standard V-mount to allow flexible, battery powered operation. This LED fixtures operate with a fraction of the power required by traditional professional lighting and with little to no heat emission. Karesslite DD provides three methods of control:

  • Local control for easy, standalone operation

  • Full DMX implementation

  • Simple wired remote dimmer

Karesslite DD provides three methods of power:

  • V-lock battery

  • Remote battery solution using XLR 44 connection 12-40VDC

  • Main power supply either V-lock or freestanding


New from GoPro is the 3D HERO System that allows you to combine two 1080p HD HERO cameras into a single housing to record 3D video and photos while simultaneously recording in 2D. A synchronization cable plugs into the rear HERO Port on both cameras to join them together, enabling both cameras to record video and photos in perfect synchronization. This is a requirement for professional quality 3D and is available only from GoPro. 

The included 3D editing software—GoPro Cineform Studio—makes it easy to convert your 3D HERO System footage into viewable 3D files you can watch on your computer, online at sites like YouTube, and on your 2D or 3DTV at home. For more information visit


Amongst all of the camera support equipment and LED monitors that Houston based IKAN brought to NAB this year, also featured were their line of LED lights. The iLED One is a small, versatile camera-top light with interchangeable LED “bulbs”. Lamp choices are 3200 and 5600 deg., in either spot or flood configurations. It can be powered by your camera’s battery pack or belt pack with your choice of battery adapters. Perfect for HDSLR applications due to it’s small size and light weight.

Also shown were their range of field/location LED lights, including the ID Series in different sizes and color temperatures. All of the IKAN lights are available in multi-fixture kits with a myriad of accessories and options.


A prototype of the yet to be released Joker Bug 1600 was in K5600’s booth and the release date is to be before the end of this year. Looking like a machined aluminum Joker Bug 800 on steroids, it will have all the utility and accessories of the smaller versions, but with a lot more punch. There will be both fresnel and Joker versions.

Kino Flo

Available this fall from Kino-Flo are the new Imara S6 and S10 DMX controlled fluorescent studio fixtures. Using the popular 55w compact lamps, the S10 has the same output of the VistaBeam 600 while drawing a little more than half the amperage. Their new hi-beam reflector design concentrates the light evenly on both the horizontal and vertical axes. They are available in either yoke-mount or pole-op mount, and can be controlled through manual or DMX lamp switching, and manual or DMX dimming.

Also shown was the new Tegra 4Bank which redefines the evolution of light by combining the Academy-award winning features of the 4ft 4Bank portable system with on-board control features of the Diva-Lite 401. The fixture produces as much light as a 1,000W tungsten softlight, using only one tenth the amount of power. The built-in barn doors and center mount system make the lightweight Tegra ideal for hand held shots, rigging in tight locations or mounting on a light stand.


Kobold debuted their Softube, an accessory for their Kobold 200 and 400 Par and Bron Kobold strobes. The Softube is a collapsible light tube that fits onto the front of the fixture and creates a large soft source from an intense source like an HMI Par. The tube comes with a built-in reflector and a Velcro shroud that allows users greater control of their light in the field.

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