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“ Show report from our team at the National Association of Broadcasters Show held April 11-14 in Las Vegas, Nevada. ”

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16x9 Inc

Bebob has developed a small dimable LED light source for on camera use. The new LUX LED-4 is available in d-tap or AA power options. The light uses less than 4w of power while producing 23 FC @ 3’.

Bebob has also developed new toys for their Akkus battery line. The Coco Battery Adapter powers small camcorders with the flexibility ofpowering up to 5 additional accessories from power ports built into the adapter plate. Now you can power your light, monitor, audio, etc. from one adapter plate. Available in V-mount or 3-stud style.

Looking to go even smaller? They have added the Coco features directly into their A75 & V75 Plus battery case. Plug directly into the battery.

The new ML-120 hot swap adapter allows you to run you battery dry then power your rig up to 2 minutes without interrupting the power while you swap batteries. It then recharges itself once you get the fresh battery in place.

Alcorn McBride

This year’s NAB show saw Alcorn McBride rolling out upgrades to their SetPlayer line.

The new MediaFlow simple encoding software is preconfigured to produce video 100% compatible with Alcorn McBride products. It steps you through the process and quickly readies your content for use. After your material is encoded, MediaFlow’s built-in FTP capability can automatically transfer files to your device (SP1000). It accepts all of the major video formats and outputs H. 264 or MPEG2 video (MPEG or AAC audio). MediaFlow supports PAL and NTSC.

Visit to learn more.

American Grip

In cooperation with Kino-Flo, American Grip introduced the Image 80/85 Vertical Hanger. This nifty piece of hardware allows the large fixture to be hung from a pipe or grid in either a vertical or horizontal fashion, keeping the weight of the fixture perfectly balanced, and eliminating twisting loads on the yoke and the mounting pipe itself. Perfect for a large chroma-key set shooting subjects head to toe where fixtures need to be oriented vertically.[gallery columns="2"]


ARRI L-7 LED Fresnels:

One of the highlights of the NAB show this year was the Arri L-Series LED Fresnels. Available in Tungsten (L7-T 3200K), Daylight (L7-D, 5600K) and L7-C (color tuneable 2700-10000K Green - Magenta Adjustment, Full Gamut Color Mixing) all at a CRI of >90 . These fixtures have a standard 7” Fresnel lens on all models and include a 15 - 50°, continuously focusable beam angle as well as other expected functionality of a conventional Fresnel. Additionally, the L-7’s provide even lighting with good barndoor framing ability, features that have been proven lacking in many previous LED fixtures. The low energy consumption makes them an excellent fit for both studio and location lighting applications. The L7’s draw only 22% of a traditional Fresnel unit’s power: 220W versus the traditional 1000W. These fixtures are also rated for IP54 weather resistance and offer easy maintenance and cleaning. Smooth (0-100%) dimming is accomplished by way of integrated 16 bit (2 channel ) DMX. On board control and upgradeable soft and firmware are great optionsfor a customer looking to make a onetime investment. To satisfy the rigorous sound requirements of modern broadcast studios, the L-Series passive cooling system incorporates no moving parts or fans and is therefore completely silent; it can be used in ambient air temperatures of up to 95° F. An alternative is to select the active cooling system option which uses an extremely quiet (<20 dB) fan and provides a compact and lightweight option for location work in temperatures of up to 122°F The L-7 fixtures list for under $3,000.00 and are available with standard barn door and color filter accessories, as well as 5-pin DMX control.


Barco presented exciting products in the areas of Projectors, Image Processors, and LED Displays.


HDX-W14 - the world's first event projector to combine active three-chip DLP® 3D and both wired/wireless control options in a single unit. This large-event projector features crisp, vivid imagery on any screen thanks to WUXGA resolution and 14,000 lumens light output. A built-in LCD screen enables image preview and quick control through smartphones and tablet computers.

RLM-W8 – featuring superior image quality, 33% less power consumption and 10x quieter operation than its nearest competitors, the RLM-W8 is a three-chip DLP® projector for a single-chip price tag. It features 8,000 lumens, saturated colors, and built-in blending and warping technologies.

DP2K-P – the world's only cinema projector designed for post production, the DP2K-P features superior contrast, brightness uniformity, and expanded color gamut. A special version of Barco's Communicator software enhances accuracy.

Image Processing

FSN with *NEW* remote control panel - the FSN combines advanced multi-format production and presentation switching of multiple video and graphics inputs in one common, highly integrated unit. A brand new remote control panel (RCP-120) enables users to remotely route sources to the FSN AUX outputs. The RCP-120 is fully integrated with the FSN system through dedicated setup and configuration menus.

Encore with *NEW* 3G capability – Encore, the industry's leading widescreen presentation system, is further strengthened with the introduction of new models supporting 3G-SDI standards. The new models provide full 1080p HDSDI output signals supporting Barco's new HDX-14 and RLM-W8 projectors. With the same high image quality as DVI, 3G-SDI signals eliminate the need for costly DVI fiber cables. The new 3G-SDI output card is form/fit/function compatible with the original Encore design. Field upgradable kits are available for existing Encore VP and VPx models.

LED Wall and Displays

OL-521 – this LED-lit 50” HD video wall features high image quality and low profile in a rugged, yet elegant package. Providing an excellent viewing experience, the OL-521 delivers the sharpest, most saturated colors in full HD. Barco's Sense6 software automatically ensures consistent, stable color and brightness across the entire display.

C7 – the industry's first truly environmentally friendly display, this 7mm pixel pitch LED display features 2,000 nits of high contrast, superior color reproduction, and calibrated output for indoor displays. Utilizing a fraction of the power consumption of competing products, the C7 is cast in an ultra-thin, fanless enclosure which is easy to install and maintain.


Chimera introduced the Chimera LED lightbank for the Lite Panels Fixtures. The kit includes the lightbank body, speedring, and front screen. There are also accessory
screens available in a variety of beam angles.

For info on all the Chimera softbanks and lighting systems their website is



Cinebags released two new backpacks at the show.

The New CB-25A Revolution Backpack is the evolution oftheir previous HD Backpack.

It features a larger body to accommodate larger cameras such as the HVX 200, SONY EX1, or the RED ONE and a larger laptop compartment to hold a 17" MacBook Pro. They added an insulating thermo layer to keep your equipment cool inside the bag. A new pullout rain cover adds additional protection against the elements. [rain, snow, dust, sand etc.]

  • Padded customizable interior

  • Dust cover on the interior

  • Large Padded shoulder harness

  • Large carry handle

  • Large zipped opening for easy access

  • Thermo layer for insulation

  • Waterproof material

  • Pullout Rain cover

  • Oversized zipper

  • Key chain"Remove before filming"

  • Laptop compartment for 17" MacBook Pro

For the DSLE crowd the CB-23 DSLR / HD Backpack holds your compact HD camera as well as your laptop to download your media. The bag opens from the back side, this way your camera stays protected and it also helps to keep your shoulder harness clean. The large zipped opening gives you easy access to the camera. An additional dust cover protects your equipment from the elements [rain, snow, dust, sand etc.]

  • Padded customizable interior

  • Dust cover on the interior

  • Large Padded shoulder harness

  • Large carry handle

  • Large zipped opening for easy access

  • Thermo layer for insulation

  • Waterproof material

  • Oversized zipper

  • Laptop compartment for 15"

  • 2 large and 6 small removable dividers


Clear-Com took advantage of the 2011 NAB Show to introduce the new HME DX210. This newly-designed, two-channel intercom system advances the capabilities of the legendary DX200, offering a blend of wireless intercom performance, system compatibility with wired intercom systems, and ease of use. Operating in the 2.4GHz band, the DX210 delivers exceptional sound clarity and enables interference-free communication for highly demanding productions. The DX210, as with all DX Series systems, features Spectrum-Friendly™ Technology to avoid frequency conflicts and Digital Frequency-Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) technology for interference-free communication.

Another debut from ClearCom at this year’s NAB show was the Tempest® 900 - 900MHz digital wireless intercom system. Tempest900 offers the look, feel, features, and functions of the Tempest2400. However, Tempest900 may provide improved coverage in areas where more structural penetration is required and in large enclosed areas where multipath interference would otherwise be a factor. The longer wavelengths and wider symbol width used in the 902 to 928 MHz frequency range allow Tempest900 signals to break through dense walls and other structural objects more readily, increasing the range for users and reducing potential loss of audio. Tempest900 is available in the United States and Canada, while the existing Tempest2400 is distributed worldwide.

For further details:

Dedotec USA, Inc

Leave it to Dedotec and it’s award winning namesake, Dedo Weigert, to design a finely crafted and well engineered LED lighting instrument for video production. The Felloni series of LED panels are just that. At first glance they look much like their competitors offerings, yet upon closer review the Felloni has some unique characteristics.

Little talked about, but unquestionably important, is the CRI of 84 that is offered. This color rendering ability is much improved from the more common CRI of 74 available on most other “white” LEDs. Although this doesn’t match the CRI of 100 that tungsten-halogen sources possess, it is significantly higher than the competition. Since image is king, higher color rendering is key to creating truer and more accurate image quality.

There are three models of the Felloni available: Standard, High Output and Low Profile. Each model has three color temperatures available: Tungsten, Daylight and Bicolor (continuously adjustable from 3,200 K to 5,600 K). All models come with an on-board dimmer that is detachable for use as a hand held dimmer or can be upgraded to use DMX control. Beam angles for each model are available in 50 degree, 30 degree and 15 degree. They are also rainproof. With a 324 LED array (24 watts) on standard versions and 576 (42 watts) on the high output versions, these 12” x 12” panels provide 31fc and 50fc respectively with the 50 degree bean angle. All models can accept the Distance Diffuser accessory, which reduces glare noticeably without sacrificing a large amount of output.

Many more details on the Felloni LED series are available on the Dedotec website. I invite you to visit to gain more knowledge on this fine new entry in the LED lighting instrument category.


After 3 years in research and development, Desisti released a new line of LED fresnel lighting fixtures at the 2011 NAB. It was definitely worth the wait. These well built and cleverly designed fixtures are a welcome addition to the increasingly crowded LED market. They show quality in every respect.

Because these fixtures are based on the world renowned “Leonardo” exterior shell, this new LED line capitalizes on a proven workhorse in the television and film industries. That is the launch point from which the LED Leonardo takes off. As you can imagine, the internal workings are unique, allowing for truly energy efficient operation while offering a similar spot to flood focusing control to that of its tungsten brethren. In fact, DeSisti has made available a retrofit kit that can convert existing 1kW and 2kW tungsten Leonardo fresnels into a LED Leonardo fresnels. Great idea! That’s nice on the wallet as well as the environment.

The LED Leonardo is available in three models; 40 watts, 90 watts and 120 watts, which are equivalent to 500, 650 and 1,200 watts of tungsten light output, respectively. Each model has the option of either a 3,200K or 5,600K color temperature light output. All models have light intensity control via a built-in DMX control card.

Whether you are considering a tungsten to LED conversion for your facility, looking to add to an existing inventory or just starting a lighting package from scratch, the LED Leonardo line of fresnels deserves to receive your very serious consideration. They are winners.

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