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“ Show report from our team at the LDI 2012 Show held October 19-21, 2012 in Las Vegas, Nevada. ”

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Philips - Vari*Lite

VARI*LITE VL3015 Spot and VARI*LITE VL3515 Spot luminaires provide the increased output of a 1500W lamp in fixtures that offer the same features and are similarly sized as the VL3000 Spot luminaire. They feature 6:1 zoom optics (10° to 60°), CYM color mixing, variable CTO wheel, a six-position color wheel, three gobo/effects wheels, a beam size iris, separate dimmer, and ultra-fast strobe mechanisms.

Two reflectors are standard on the luminaire allowing users to choose between either a peaked or flat field beam. In the peaked beam, the fixture provides 27,000 lumens of output, and in the flat field beam, an output of 22,000 lumens is achieved. Reflectors are easily changed, and whichever one is not chosen rides securely inside the luminaire on a specially designed mount. Users can operate the single lamp at three different wattages via a control channel setting or a lamp menu option. The fixture will run its short arc lamp at 900W, 1200W or 1650W without any detrimental effects on the lamp.

The VL3515 has an added feature of a four-blade shutter mechanism that allows the blades to be operated independently or in unison on two planes for a clear and crisp image.

The VARI*LITE VL3015 Spot and VARI*LITE VL3515 Spot feature new style handles which make them easier to transport. These new handles have the same bolt spacing as previous VL models, so can also be provided as replacements for original handles.

The VARI*LITE VL3015LT Spot luminaire provides increased output from a 1500W lamp in a fixture that offers the same features and is similarly sized as the VL3000 Spot luminaire. With the same ballast and lensing as the VL3015 and VL3515, it features 10:1 zoom optics (a range of 5° to 50°) optimized for 200-300 ft throw distances, CYM color mixing, variable CTO wheel, two five-position color wheels, three gobo/effects wheels, a beam size iris, separate dimmer, and ultra-fast strobe mechanism. Additionally, it contains an independent rotating and indexing 5-facet prism and an independent frost glass.

Using the 1500W Osram double-ended short arc lamp to produce a maximium 42,487 lumens of output, the VL3015LT Spot luminaire allows users to operate its single lamp at three different wattages via a control channel setting or a lamp menu option. The fixture will run its short arc lamp at 900W, 1200W or 1650W without any detrimental effects on the lamp.


Phoebus were showing their new short-medium throw and long throw followspots. They have a swappable / removable plasma light source box. The color temp is 5500-5700. The short throw spot lists 686 FCD at 100’ and the long throw spot lists 188 FCD at 350’.

RGB Lights / FlexiFlex

RGB Lights had their FlexiFlex line of LED displays on the showfloor that provide full-motion video, graphics, messaging and lighting capabilities in large format for both indoor and outdoor applications. The modular panels may be used vertically, horizontally, singularly or as a multi-panel system creating a uniform and robust LED grid. The translucent LED domes present audiences a wide viewing angle and the low-profile open grid structure allow for ultimate transparency. Flexible, rugged, lightweight and thin, FlexiFlex and FlexiFleXL can be draped, wrapped, hung and adapted to a variety of surfaces.

Similar in nature to FlexiFlex, RigiFlex and RigiFleXL are created using a rigid mesh structure for permanent, customized, or highly uniform applications. RGB Lights manufactures FlexiFlex panels in a variety of standard configurations and will custom
configure the shape, size or resolution to meet your specific needs. Using proven Philips Color Kinetics components, the FlexiFlex line of products combines quality, reliability and innovation.

RGB also has a pre-rig version called FlexiFlex Touring Truss which rolls up into the box truss and allows for faster deployment.


Robe Robin MMXRobe is continuing to add to their line up with some new things like the Robin MMX Washbeam. This was a pretty impressive fixture combining wash, beam and gobos which seems to be a common staple in wash products. This seems to be a very Robe thing now to combine all fixture types into one fixture so there is no choosing “how many of what type fixture” but more of a “how many of what intensity” approach for designers. While somewhat large (27.4”X17.6”X10.6”) it produced a good looking even beam. The stay sharp while zooming feature worked for the most part and was moderately fast. The fixture also has an “Internal Barndoor” for shuttering. This was an incredibly fast feature, in fact I would say they actually snap and there are fixture macros to do shutter effects that are interesting. Overall this fixture was very impressive.

Robe DLSAnother impressive fixture family was the DLS and DLF and DLX fixture. These are all LED source fixtures using RGBW chipsets. The DLS is the spot version sporting their standard RGBW chipsets for color with a color correction wheel that I thought was interesting especially since you can, through DMX, set a color temperature range of your choice. This has rotating gobos and a 10 to 45 degree zoom and it has the same ultra fast shutter that that the MMX washbeam had.

The DLF is similar to the DLS except it is a Fresnel version. What made it nice is the frost was very clean once in and almost made me forget it is a LED fixture. The zoom range also made it very beam like in fixture type with a 5.5 to 70 degree spread once again emphasizing the everything in one trend.

The DLX is the spot version with all the spot features one would expect. 9 Static and 7 rotating gobos, 10 to 45 degree zoom and strobe. The strobe, as in most LED products, is a powerful and impressive effect with the ability to explode not just white but color light as well. I would say these are medium tour, theater, church market fixtures.

Robert Juliat

Robert Juliat's had some exciting new products this year. Their TIBO LED is a high intensity 75W LED profile with a choice of two zoom ranges in one single unit (30°/45 and 15°/ 35°). Plastic, glass or metal M-size gobos can be projected and benefit from the easy alignment afforded by the 360° rotating lens tube. Three color temperatures are available: Warm White (3000K), Neutral White (4000K) and Cool White (6500K). TIBO LED is supplied with a separate, flicker-free power supply which makes it extremely versatile as it can be used in film, television and studio environments as well as in conventional theatre. The cool running LEDs make it suitable for use in listed venues, exhibitions, museums or when lighting valuable or light-sensitive objects.

TIBO is also available as a tungsten unit with a choice of 300W, 500W, 600W and 650W lamps. Like its LED counterpart, TIBO Tungsten offers two zoom ranges in the single unit, a 360° rotating lens tube and is available in a choice of bodywork colours.

Both LED and tungsten versions offer a shutter lock which fixes the 4 shutters firmly into place to prevent movement from knocking or grid vibration.

ZEP is the big brother of TIBO with a powerful 150W LED light source. Two color temperatures are available: Warm White 3200K and Cool White 6000K. ZEP's double condenser optical system and A size gobos combine the best beam quality with maximum light output to give superbly sharp gobo projection using plastic, metal or glass gobos. Gobos can be locked firmly in position using RJ's user-friendly barrel lock, whilst RJ's unique shutter locking system can lock up to 8 shutters in place within the gate.

A silent, flicker-free, in-built PSU makes ZEP ideal for studio applications when working alongside sensitive camera equipment. ZEP has smooth, high-quality dimming, even at low levels, which renders it perfect for all theatre applications, including the high demands of opera. ZEP is available in three zoom options: 28°/54°, 16°/35° and 11°/26°.

TIBO LED will illuminate Robert Juliat's PLASA stand and illustrate the quality of its performance and its low energy requirements. An array of RJ profiles – including TIBO and ZEP profiles - will project gobos and show off their projection quality and the versatility of the whole RJ profile range.

Rosco Labratories

Rosco Labs introduced several new products at LDI.

Rosco has partnered with The Black tank to release the innovative MIRO CUBE™ series of LED wash lights packs 48 watts outputting more than 3000 lumens into a compact and portable 4 inch cube! The sleek yet rugged, geometric design of the MIRO CUBE™ is perfectly at home in museums, on track light systems, in stores and lobbies or built into sets, truss and lighting rigs of all styles.

These luminaires offer the flexibility and versatility needed for any type of lighting challenge. No expensive external power supply or ballast is required, the MIRO CUBE™ plugs directly into the wall anywhere in the world, automatically adjusting to mains power from 90-240vAC 50-60hz. Drawing less than ½ an amp of current, more than 40 MIRO CUBES™ can be plugged into a single 20A circuit!

An intuitive LCD control panel sets virtually every aspect of the lights including a master-slave configuration for fast lighting set-ups. Completely flicker free dimming is available via DMX (in 8 or 16 bit resolution).

Mounting these compact 4 inch cubes is limited only by the imagination of the installer. The novel through bolted yoke design allows units to be easily ganged into multi-unit strips and arrays for greater output and coverage. Weighing just 2-1/2 pounds, the MIRO CUBE™ can be attached to standard architectural lighting track using accessory track adapters. For the easiest track installation, use our DMX Data Track and pass DMX to all the luminaires on the track without cable jumpers.

Available in versions that offer full color mixing, tunable color temperature white light, or high powered ultra-violet light for stunning black-light effects, the MIRO CUBE™ luminaires are the smallest, most feature packed and affordable, professional grade LED wash lights on the market.


The myColor desktop app allows you to search Rosco’s color library both chromatically, or numberically. You can save color choices/pallets for future shows or ordering inventory. Works best with Explorer 9. The moble app for myColor will be available in early December.

Cool Ink and Cool Ink HD gobos

Any standard steel or glass gobo in the Rosco catalog is available as a low-cost Cool Ink gobo for use in LED luminaires. Custom gobos are also available in any size and produced within 24 hours of artwork receipt

Cool Ink HD gobos are specially recommended for artwork with a black background, such as those shown here. These gobos are created on a film that incorporates an extra layer of opaque black.

Pixel Patterns

A thumb drive designed to be used as content with a media server…this features 200 digital gobos along with a selection of animated gobos/patterns/ designs. Suggested retail is $299.00. This product will be available in December.

Rosco My GobomyGobo app (version 2)

Free app for desktop, iOS, and Android. Rosco myGobo for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch is the perfect tool for lighting designers, technicians and creative directors on the go.
Containing the entire Rosco gobo library of more than 2300 images, myGobo makes it easy to browse, compare and select steel, glass or effects gobos, black and white or color, no matter where you are.


As usual, Rosebrand has a list of new products for 2012. Most notable additions are in the rigging & stage hardware area. Rosebrand is now a dealer for New England Ropes. Popular rope brands include Multiline II, Sta-set and Stage Set X. These ropes are favorites for riggers in both the theatrical and film world.

Rosebrand Spider Web FabricNew fabrics include a Super heavy weight Muslin in 110” and 120” when the regular heavy weight muslin is not heavy enough! Just in time for Halloween or your own production of SpiderMan, they have introduced a fabric called “SpiderWeb” which is a neat black web material 60” wide and flame retardant making it ideal for lighting, shadow effects and decoration. Because of the random pattern and texture, seams are not noticeable when serged.

New for sale is their Kabuki drop system in which a lightweight fabric is dropped swiftly from above to conceal or reveal your product, space, or performers. The Rose Brand Kabuki System is lightweight, modular, and easy to employ. For even greater versatility, the Rose Brand Kabuki System is capable of both single and double kabuki effects.

The single Kabuki consists of either a concealing curtain dropping in, or a revealing curtain dropping to the floor. The double Kabuki is a two-step process which begins with the curtain stored above, out of sight. The first trip releases the curtain into its concealing position. A second trip releases the curtain to the floor for the reveal.

Unlike other systems which require multiple trip mechanisms, the Rose Brand Kabuki System can operate a full stage single kabuki drop on just one trip mechanism. Add just one more for the double Kabuki effect.


Shown for the first time ever at LDI, Seachanger arrived with a new LED light source. The SC LED draws 160 watts producing 4250 Lumens. You can vary the color temperature from 28K to 48K using the integral DTC filter. The unit uses the Seachanger technology with CYM filters controllable from any DMX console.

Also new from Seachanger a complete wireless LED lighting system. The wireless 100 Watt units contain variable color through RGBW LEDS. The Wireless control comes from the controller app on a IOS device.

SSRC / Switchbrick

SSRC SwitchBrick with HandleSSRC teased their new SwitchBrick with online social media campaign and at LDI unveiled the new product.

The Switchbrick™ Duo is the first offering in the Switchbrick™ line of portable DMXControlled relay devices. Packed with features in a small, rugged enclosure, the device allows for silent switching of two (2), individually controlled DMX-addressable solid state relays presenting itself as a perfect pairing with modern LED performance lighting fixtures. The Switchbrick’s recycled extruded aluminum chassis and 70% recycled plastic end-caps will stand up to the rigors of production and touring environments. By using these materials in manufacturing SSRC continues its commitment to building an eco-friendly product line.

With both standard wired and optional wireless DMX512, and with over/undercurrent sensing to protect sensitive loads, the Switchbrick™ is a handy choice in your production toolbox for data connectivity and switched portable show power.

Strong Lighting

Strong Lighitng showed their updated Solutions fixtures which is an IP65 rated high output long-throw LED fixture. It's available in either 6500K white or RGBW. Both models have various lenses you can use to change the beam of the fixture. Throw distance are upto an incredible 1500'.

Strong’s counterpart, DTS, introduced their version of the Sharpie called the "Jack." This moving head has all the personalities of beam, profile, or wash fixture rolled into one with its variable lensing system.

DTS also showcased their LED moving head wash light called the Nick NRG 1201; it has an 8°-50° motorized zoom and an optical system that enables it to be used as a PC beam or a very wide wash. Both the JACK Nick NRG 1201 come equipped with the “FPR” system which allows limitless pan rotation in either direction.

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