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“ Show report from our team at the LDI 2012 Show held October 19-21, 2012 in Las Vegas, Nevada. ”

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Interactive Technologies

Interactive Technologies has done very well with their Cue Server line and the Micro Tech is one of the handier DMX testers out there. This year they've beefed up the capabilities of the control lines.

CueServer DIN-cs-840Cue Server Pro DIN CS-840: a complete lighting playback and integration processor, featuring advanced DMX lighting control, sophisticated event scripting and robust I/O capabilities combined in a tiny web-based device. CueServer includes a built-in web server that provides access to a full complement of lighting controls, show programming and playback features without the need for special software or an Internet connection. Apps for iPhone and iPad are available for direct control and/or programming of CueServer, or use with other 3rd party software that have been written to use CueServer as its DMX interface.

There's also added capabilities to the Scene Station single gang controller. SceneStation can control virtually any device that operates from a standard DMX signal. SceneStation’s DMX port is bi-directional, allowing SceneStation to control DMX fixtures or to record a DMX scene that was created by another controller. SceneStation can even be used as a console backup, as it will automatically begin outputting its current look if it detects that the other controller is no longer outputting its DMX signal.

A new 2.4GHz wireless "StationLink" option for SceneStation is also available that allows stations to establish a link between each other for using multiple stations in a single project, and for connecting to the new SceneStation Studio software for easy programming and station management.

James Thomas Engineering

James Thomas was not showing anything new this year but did share a couple of nice industry stories. They supplied the truss for Davis Blaine’s latest stunt, ELECTRIFIED, which included a 30’ diameter circular truss. They also supplied and installed 420’ of catwalk to Radio City Music Hall. The install included 4 sections at 105’ each.

JR Clancy

As it was put to me the most exciting anticlimactic display ever, what you may ask? The new SureStop Block by JR Clancy, is a new head block that will halt runaway situations automatically and reliably. The Headblock can be installed as an upgrade to your existing Headblock on 8” centers. It has a maximum set capacity of 300 pounds and can be used in upright or underhung mounting.

Having trouble getting a good cable reel supplier? JR Clancy introduces their own cable management system for Power, or Data. Travel up to 100 ft and up to 36 conductors, it has a multitude of vertical and horizontal mounting options.

New at LDI the SceneControl 5000 series. A new generation of SceneControl 5000 automation is the evolution of their existing 500 controllers. The 5500 unit has a Master Helm 10.1 touch screen with a 24” monitor, a joystick, and Raynok console software with 4 submaster playbacks. The 5300 cuts the 24” monitor. The big boy is the 5600 adding two monitors and two joysticks for independent control with a redundant backup processor.

Le Maitre

Le Maitre’s HazeMaster is their most advanced and powerful hazer yet. With its massive output capacity, high power variable fan and low power consumption, it really is a class act. Add to that the rugged construction and you have a true professional hazer engineered to withstand the roughness of the road when on tour.

Le Maitre have taken all their experience from HazeMaster’s predecessors, the renowned Stadium Hazer and the MVS Hazer, and designed a completely new machine with a host of new features and benefits. Le Maitre’s acquired knowledge and original investments have enabled them to produce a much more competitively priced unit, despite using higher quality, longer lasting parts.

Lee Filters

A white LED source appears blue or cold when compared to a Tungsten source. With that in mind, LEE Filters has introduced the new LED Conversion Filters. Specifically “LED CTO” filters with the capability to convert white led (5000K-7000K) to the equivalent of a 3200K tungsten source, giving designers the option to blend luminaries within one design.

  • #622 One and One Eighth Digital LED CTO (Coverts white LED of 7000K to Tungsten of 3200K)

  • #624 Full Digital LED CTO (Converts white LED of 6200K to Tungsten of 3200K)

  • #626 Seven Eighths Digital LED CTO (Converts white LED of 5550K to Tungsten of 3200K)

  • #628 Three Quarter Digital LED CTO (Converts white LED of 5000K to Tungsten of 3200K)

LEE Filters New LED Filter Range:

Have you ever tried using a colored lighting filter in front of a Cool White LED fitting? It ends up looking completely different. If you did not know better you would think it was a totally different color. The problem is made even worse when mixing Cool White LED and Tungsten sources together, trying to get a color match from the two different sources is virtually impossible. To help fix this problem LEE Filters have launched a new range of LED Filters. These new filters when used on Cool White LED (6000K) have been specifically designed to give a visual color match to the existing colors on Tungsten (3200K).


Leprecon's new Watson Power Management products provides AC power switching and DMX buffering for groups of LED fixtures. Using one DMX control channel or simply sensing DMX data, Watson turns fixtures off when they are not in use, saving power, extending fixture life, and isolating expensive electronics from power line glitches. An additional isolated DMX output adds extra DMX capacity, and adds a firewall between fixtures and the rest of the control system. Watson can be mounted near the fixtures using pipe clamps or threaded rod brackets. A complete raceway system is available that includes mounting for standard schedule 40 pipe. Available as a 9” enclosure with a single switched outlet (duplex or powercon), a 19” enclosure with six duplex outlets, or a 72” bar with six duplex outlets.

Also their new APC Series Architectural Wall Station Control system is a handy solution for integrating both architectural and theatrical lighting control into a single DMX based system. APC components are easy to install, wire and configure.

The APC System includes a series of Preset Button wall stations and optional Power Hub. Preset panels are available in one, three, six or 12 button preset looks plus Off, all with programmable fades. Standard Cat5 cable and RJ45 connectors are used to interconnect the panels in a system.

The Power Hub adds optical isolation for the dimmer output, and transmits DMX data with optimized timing that works well with low cost ‘DMX Challenged’ LED fixtures. The APC Power Hub provides power for up to 10 APC panels. Standard 5 pin XLR connectors are used for DMX in and out, and a RJ45 connector is used for connecting to the Preset panels.

Lex Products

Lex Products was showing their usual wiring product that we have come to expect and won an award for the 20 AMP break out box to PowerCON connectors feed thru. The big new product for them this year was the dimmer rack called the Lighting Control Solutions series of products (LCS). They are offering in the first quarter of 2013 a dimmer/relay rack that is modular much like the racks we have come to know from other manufacturers. This version has a back plane with connector strips that is easily installed by the electrical contractor and then the front items are added by the dimming vendor. The racks come in a 3,6,9,12 and 15 module version.

LEX Lighting Control SolutionsThere are 3 module types presently. The first is the 2- 20 AMP Single Pole Relay modules. Each relay is latching so the loss of power will leave the circuit hot when the system restarts. The second module type is a Double Pole 20 AMP relay. Much like the dual single pole this is also a latching relay. Finally, there is a dual 10AMP dimmer module with regular SCR dimming and chokes. There is no onboard processor, instead each module is has it’s own processor and lives on a network. This means swapping modules involves reconfiguring modules every time. It is UL924 compliant for emergency lighting situations. Control wise there are three offerings included in every rack, DMX/RDM, sACN and ART-NET. Currently there is no intention of having a certification process or turn on school. Due to low fan noise LEX is offering this as a solution in areas where the dimmer rack needs to be closer to the talent. There is no additional control solution with the product so no wall stations, architectural controllers, no consoles and no outside process. The product does have a free software that is easily down loadable to configure the rack and monitor circuits states. The LCS is not on the website as of today but check out the other items


Lightronics displayed their new line of portable dimmers with optional built-in wireless DMX control. They have 3 models available all with duplex input/outputs: 4x600W, 4x1200W, & 6x1200W.

Also in the booth were 3 of their newest LED fixtures: RGBAW wash, Variable white wash, and 120W 5600K Ellipsoidal.



Lite Panels Sola 12LITE PANELS expanded the Sola Range of LED Fresnels with introduction of the Sola 12. The Sola 12 completes the product family which includes the Sola ENG (3”), Sola 4 (4”) and Sola 6 (6”) with true 12” Fresnel lens. This daylight balanced Fresnel offers a 15 to 50 degree zoom range and 100% to 0% flicker free dimming via on-board controls or built in DMX. Warm color temperatures are achieved through the use of the option 5 piece CTO gel set.

Lycian Stage Lighting

Lycian has released a new compact follow spot called the Super Clubspot 7.5. Designed to use a 750W Tungsten lamp, this follow spot is priced to fulfill the smaller markets such as schools, clubs, and black box theatres. While it costs less than their current higher end follow spots, the Super Clubspot still packs a ton of features such as a 6 color boomerang, horizontal shutters, Iris, Gobo Slot, and Fader.

To complete with the European market, Lycian has now released a streamlined new family of follow spots based off of one chassis. Called the Zot; the family includes the Zot 5, 7, 12, and 12HP. Other than the 12HP which has an external ballast, the rest of the line can plug into regular 120V outlet power. With simple streamlined controls, and by making use of economy of scale, these units cost significantly less than equivalent follow spots on the market that have the same output.

Remember all Lycian follow spots are made with pride in the USA and ship out of their NY facility.

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