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“ Show report from our team at the LDI 2012 Show held October 19-21, 2012 in Las Vegas, Nevada. ”

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Doug Fleenor Design

Node 4 is the newest Ethernet Node from Doug Fleenor Design. With one Ethernet lie in and 4 DMX out it speaks Artnet, ETC Net3, and streaming ACN. Coming soon is Color Kinetics KiNet. It is completely user configurable meaning the ports can be place in the front or back of the unit. This allows you to use the same unit as table top or a rack mount unit.

Node 1 is a Single Port Ethernet in One DMX out, Power over Ethernet.

IP67 Color Kinetics Power Supply is also new this year. The unit is obviously IP67 DMX In and Out, and 8 Outputs.

Alarm Interface Is a clever device that Milton has been building custom for people that he decided to bring into the product line. It is simply a DMX IN/OUT Device with relay that you trigger with an alarm such as a fire alarm. You Simply build your look, whatever you need it to be, push the record button. It is held in the chip on the device with up to 10 year retention. When an alarm triggers the relay the look you set overrides what is on stage. Simple.

Dove Lighting

Dove Single Channel DMX Fluorescent Decoder (SCDFD)Dove Lighting just keeps coming up with handy, no-nonsense products, and this year was no different. Their Single Channel DMX Fluorescent Decoder (SCDFD) allows fluorescent ballasts with analog control inputs to be controlled directly by a DMX signal, it can also be configured to drive discreet LEDs directly.

This unit can also be ordered as a DMX LED Driver that will drive LEDS from 12 to 36 up to 10 watts before more heat synching is needed.

Elation Lighting

Among the most buzzed-about products in Elation's booth were two exciting new series that raise the bar in speed and portability:

  • [caption id="attachment_2383" align="alignright" width="125"]Elation Rayzor Q7 Rayzor Q7[/caption]

    Rayzor Series -- High-output RGBW LED wash/beam fixtures featuring advanced motor driven technology, billed by the company as “the fastest moving heads we’ve ever introduced.”

  • Volt Series -- Battery-powered indoor/outdoor IP65-rated RGBW Quad-Color professional uplights, which bring a new level of go-anywhere portability to lighting professionals.

[caption id="attachment_2384" align="alignright" width="101"]Elation Volt Q3 Volt Q3[/caption]

Visitors to Elation’s LDI booth also got to preview the latest additions to the company’s extremely successful Platinum Series: the Platinum Beam 5R Extreme, featuring advanced optics, remote focus and improved movement speed; and Platinum Spot 35 Pro 800W spot with CMY color mixing, zoom, frost, animation wheel and prism effects. Other popular attractions included the Satura RGBW Spot Series, Level Q7 Quad-Color flat pars; DLED Fresnel 250, and Pixel Pulse Bar Tri-Color LED bar with pixel strobe effects.
In the video solution category, highlights included the new Zeus Media Server powered by Arkaos, ECV40 pixel mesh indoor screen, and EPV15RF IP65 Roll-Flex screen. Additionally, Elation unveiled the world’s first wi-fi fogger, the Wifi 800 from Antari.

Elation’s sister company Acclaim Lighting grabbed its share of the spotlight too, with its Dyna Series LED Flood, Cove, and Graze fixtures, available in both HO and SO versions; ALQ Series IP65 Quad-Color RGBW bars; and ART SSC and ART IO controllers.

Electronic Theatre Controls (ETC)

ETC will showed their new Source Four LED spotlight -- fresh off its win of the Sustainability Award at PLASA 2012 and the ABTT Product Award. Performing at 30 to over 40 lumens per watt -- the Source Four LED is a powerful yet energy-saving fixture creating beauty and artistry in stage, studio, and architectural applications. The Source Four LED™ blends the popular features of ETC’s conventional Source Four® spotlight with the intelligence and seven colors of ETC’s Selador® Desire LED luminaires. The three Source Four LED models -- Lustr+™, Tungsten™, and Daylight™ -- each uses only a fraction of the electricity of its incandescent counterpart.

Also on display for the first time at a US tradeshow was the Source Four Dimmer. Mounted directly to any Source Four® fixture, the Source Four Dimmer draws on ETC’s power-control expertise to offer professional-quality distributed dimming with the same level of performance as an ETC Sensor® dimming system. Designed with ETC’s new ES (Electronic Silent) technology for noise-free operation, Source Four Dimmer is the solution for concert halls, opera houses, theaters, and venues that require silent ambiance. The Source Four Dimmer also has onboard controls for local operation and RDM for remote setup (a whole rig can be configured from a desk). ETC is also offering a stand-alone version of the dimmer, the new ES750, which can be mounted to any brand of tungsten fixture.

Forming part of ETC’s ‘Layers of Light’ theater at its LDI booth and proving its rigging flexibility will be the newest ETC Prodigy hoist, EXO. The ingenuity of EXO is that its fits in -- installed in almost any space, in almost any position. Working as a kind of ‘exoskeleton,’ this unique external structure allows the ETC Rigging’s Prodigy Powerhead to be mounted upright (standing on top of the grid), underhung (suspended below the grid or roof structure), or vertically (attached to the side wall of the stage). These hoists are ideal for modernizations and new construction. Prodigy EXO hoists come in small-capacity fixed-speed hoists up to complete systems that carry heavy loads at rapid speeds.

Gam Products

Gam Products has some interesting things at LDI this year. The GAM Custom WindowGrip™ is an adhesive-backed, optically clear window film that's available in 160 GamColors®. Custom WindowGrip™ colors can be applied to glass, plexiglass and other surfaces to create unique environments; design your own custom colored glass and/or combine colors. Custom WindowGrip® rolls are 47 inches wide, minimum order per color is 200 feet. For ease of handling, they can be cut down to 25 feet rolls. Standard WindowGrip™ colors are available in shorter runs.

GAM Blinky™ Stage Guide Light is an LED Spot Marker, Caution or Guide Light. It can be used as a stair locator for edges and corners, runway lights, or low bridge indicator. It weighs less than one ounce, and runs continuously for months on two AA batteries.

GAM Cookie is a new product for casting shadows and producing patterned illumination with a lightweight, easy roll and store cuculoris gel panel. It uses heat resistant, environmentally safe ink that will last even longer than the material it is printed on.

GAM Plexus Designed for Windows Vista and Newer, control any light fixture or any DMX device from your PC with this highly intuitive, easy software system. It is based on magic sheets, providing a graphic representation of your lighting system. Customize and organize your control panels to suit your needs, and lay out fixtures and submasters the way you want. Libraries of most common patterns, colors and fixtures are included. Multiple universes are available.

General Electric Lighting

In addition to their full line of dimmable and non-dim LED retrofit lamps, GE Lighting introduced their Lumination™ 2x2 LED Recessed Troffer Luminaires. When illuminated, the panels produce a perfectly even glow that delivers exceptionally uniform light to fill the space. While off, they appear completely free of a visible light source.. Currently available in 3000K, 3500K, or 4000K.GE is working towards a 3200K and 5600K model for the Film and Television world.

Global Truss

GLOBAL TRUSS showed the sleek new lightweight ground support tower the
GT-213. Capable of raising 440lbs at a height of 21’-3” this tower is a perfect match for small indoor truss systems using 12” truss. With a weight of only 250lbs the GT-213 is ideal for the customer who’s on the go.

H&H Specialties

While not releasing any new product this year, H & H Specialties continues to manufacture quality curtain track and motor equipment for stages across the country. Based in California, no project is too large or small.

High End Systems

High End Systems Hog 4Fire up the BBQ! The folks at High End Systemsin Austin proudly served up thenew Hog4complete with Playback wing and a Master wing. The product suite includes Hog 4, Full Boar 4,Road Hog4,Nano Hog4andHog4 PC, creating a broad range of control products useful in small local venues to large stadium tours. These new ranges of controllers all run on a brand new Hog4 operating system (Hog4 OS) and feature wide screen displays, solid state hard drives, all new User Keys, and extremely fast boot and show load times. High End Systems retained much of the console layout, enabling users to move to the new platforms with minimum delay. Hog 3 OS shows will load into Hog4 OS platforms seamlessly, and all current Hog 3 peripherals are compatible with the Hog4 family of products.

Now that you’ve feasted on the Hog4 Console, how about something to chase it down with? The DLV Digital Light represents the next evolution in creative lighting. Built on the same industry standard software as the DL.3 Digital Light and Axon Media Server, the DLV brings digital lighting abilities to any stage, club, or application. The DLV integrates a media server loaded with royalty free content with a high output 3-chip LCD light engine. DLV mounts like any other intelligent moving luminaire and controls just as easily with plug-and-play operation using standard DMX or Art-Net cabling and protocols.

With over 4000 lumens from the compact 80 lb. unit, the DLV offers 540-degree pan and 240-degree tilt movement making it capable of powerful projections and stunning aerials. Never before has digital lighting been as affordable and easy for a large range of production types. The DLV allows simple uploads of custom content and 3D objects directly from the Content Management Application. Now any venue can create powerful media presentations directly from any lighting controller. The proven DL.3/Axon software comes loaded with effects, Collage Generator, Curved Surface Support and more. The DLV is the first digital light to include the innovative Indigo Highlighter feature. Providing designers with additional light output from eight 1-watt indigo LEDs further increases the layering abilities of the DLV.

Additional object control features multiple color mixing and visual effects that can be combined any way you choose, and variable opacity to allow for crossfading or dissolves between media streams. Global parameters provide graphic controls to the composite image created by up to4 media streams, intensity overlays the opacity control to provide system-wide intensity level, Chroma Key effects to layer any content by keying on any colormix to make transparent, edge fading for creating montages and keystone correction on output projection.


Hubbell has added a Buss bar panel mount to their single pole range. They have also extended their boot to include #6 cable. Coming soon will be mini cams. Hubbell has also added a Nema 3R Snap back back cover for single pole connectors. The base is made of Valox and the cover of nylon. The whole thing is UV resistant.

Also new to Hubbell is the Snap connect line of receptacles. The concept here is that at installation the contractor will install the snap in terminal. Painters can come in and paint away and not paint the receptacles. You then come in behind and snap in the connectors, this part does not require skilled labor as the wiring has already been done. Later the home owner can simply unsnap the receptacle and snap in a new one whenever they want to change one, eliminating the need for them to wire anything. Not theatrical but still pretty cool.

Hubbell USB DuplexA Barbizon favorite is a new duplex receptacle with two USB ports in it, which draw enough to power two iPads. These will be available early first quarter next year.

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