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“ Show report from our team at the LDI 2012 Show held October 19-21, 2012 in Las Vegas, Nevada. ”

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CBI Cables

CBI was showing the DMX to CAT5 Shuttle Snake. The Shuttle Snake converts 2,3, or 4 DMX lines into a single RJ45 connector. The snake length can be quickly adjusted according to the size of the CAT5 cable. The cable has rugged mic cable jacketing and Newtrik EtherCON connectors. Is available in 2,3, or 4 universe versions.

CBI also featured Ultimate CAT5E Heavy Duty 100% shielded 4 pair Neutrik Ethercon NE8MC Protection system over Std RJ45. Compatible with available complete ethercon systems. Combine with wall plats to create a fully locking, 100% strain relief, shielded data system.

Chauvet Ligting

Chauvet Ovation FresnelNew at the Chauvet Lighting booth was the Ovation line. The Ovation line includes a LED spot, LED Fresnel and a Cyc fixture. Of specific interested is the F-165WW LED Fresnel as there are very few true Fresnels in the lower price range. The Fresnel is a warm white LED fixture only. It does have an impressive zoom of 9.5° to 52°. This makes it a suitable replacement for a standard 6” Fresnel. The color temperature is 3100K so it will match a typical BTL/BTN style Fresnel. The unit also had a decent field from spot to full flood. Dimming control also seemed acceptable as well. The unit is a bit bigger than a 6” Fresnel more the size of an 8” Fresnel. The color frame holder looks to be the size of a standard 10” color frame.

Also in the Ovation line is the E-190WW ellipsoidal spot powered by 19 10w LEDs, Ovation™ E-190WW delivers over 2,600 lux @ 5 m without a significant temperature-related drop off. The Ovation™ E-190WW delivers this class leading output with a color temperature of 3,100 K and a beautiful flat field. Selectable dimming curves allow this fixture to blend into existing systems. The fixture also features standard beam shaping shutters, a gobo/effect slot and lens barrels that are interchangeable with other popular ERS fixtures.

The C-1280FC RGBWA cyc light modeled after a traditional sky cyc set up for lighting theatrical backdrops with an expansive palette boasting high color rendering due to 128 2-watt RGBWA LEDs. It has color temperature presets from 3,200 to 10,000 K. Selectable dimming curves ensure smooth fading transitions and compatibility with older, conventional stage luminaires.

CITC Effects

In addition to the Little Blizard Snow Machines and fog products from CITC they have introduced an organic hazer called the AquaMAX to their offering with an “Organic Hazer” tag line. It is water and plant material based and they claim to have a 2 hour hang time with the recommended fluid. The AquaMAX also offers to never need cleaning or rebuilding. Consuming about 4oz of fluid an hour it is very efficient. For control only 1 DMX value or use the remote control module that is included with the purchase. Onboard there are controls for the two speed fan and for volume control. It was also stated that the is no residue and I reconfirmed that with the person doing the demo.

CITC GloMAxAlso presented was the Glowmax LED Confetti Launcher. It is NOT a compressed gas device, instead it uses a DMX controllable fan. The tube that holds the confetti is focusable and looks similar to a PAR56. This product can push the confetti up to 40 feet and the fan also keeps the confetti aloft +/- 30 seconds. The confetti is silver mylar and to color the confetti there is a ring of LEDs that can also be split into an array of colors.

Also offered is the aerosol cans of haze so if your local group need the “Hair Spray” hair spray cans give CITC a call. They have a can with labeling that works for the stage version and they have the ability to do custom labels if you have the volume.

City Theatrical

City Theatrical had their new outdoor use SHoW DMX Vero and Vero Net join the entire SHoW DMX Neo wireless DMX family at the show. SHoW DMX Vero Net is an outdoor wireless DMX Transceiver in a NEMA 4 / IP66 rated enclosure that accepts all major entertainment Ethernet protocols including sACN, Art-Net, Kinet, and Pathport. SHoW DMX Vero is a smaller version of the product that accepts DMX input only.

Moving Light Assistant
Making its LDI debut will be the new software program for moving lights, Moving Light Assistant, from lighting designer and moving light programmer Andrew Voller. LDI is the first showing in the U.S. of this new software.

Moving Light Assistant is an application designed to document both the physical setup and the programming information for moving light rigs commonly used in the entertainment industry.

Clay Paky

Clay Paky Sharpy Wash 330Clay Paky is adding to their hugely successful Sharpie line with a the Sharpie Wash 330. It uses the same lamp as the Sharpie with the killer output and the fast movement that the sharpie has established as a bench mark. With this version through there is a zoom range of 6.5 to 50 degrees. It also comes with a beam shaper that appears to be a rotating / indexable gobo that, with the zoom, elongates or reduces the elliptical effect. Over all a pretty interesting fixture to accompany the sharpie.

Clay Paky Glow-upThere was also the introduction of the Glow-Up Strip 100. This is an LED strip light but with a built-in zoom range. It uses RGBW multi chips sets in a 10X15 array. The zoom range is 14 to 70 degrees all internal movement. One very interesting portion of the fixture is the wireless options. This product can come with a battery that last +/-10 hours and wireless DMX. There are also hard wired outlets for both the DMX and Powercon as well. This product is IP65 rated for outdoor use. Over all it’s output was typical with the best parts being the stand alone.


COEMAR, manufacturer of the Reflection LEDko LED profile luminaires demonstrated their expanded range of fixtures. The entire line provides a homogenous light beam due to their pixel free technology, eliminating multicolor shadows and offers a reduction in wattage in comparison to conventional profile luminaires. Demonstrated at the show were:

  • LEDko P 3200K fixed color White Light

  • LEDko P 5600K fixed color White Light (New)

  • LEDko P Dim Phase dim unit for use in existing applications with dimmable circuits (New)

  • LEDko VariWhite with Variable Color Temperature White light from 3000-7000K

  • LEDko Full Spectrum with color mixing including 2200 to 9000K in White

These units are available for use with Coemar Optics:

  • Soft Profile F with proportional zoom and framing system

  • Soft Profile PC with proportional zoom and framing system for longer throws

  • Profile HD with a 28-40 degree zoom, framing system and gobo projection

  • Or third party lens tubes such as those manufactured by ETC for the Source 4

Coemar Infinity Spot MCoemar also exhibited their Infinity line of automated luminaires. This range is available in profile and wash units w from 250W – 1500W sources, both arc and halogen sources. Features include Color mixing, Effects Wheels, Zoom, Dimming and more. Arc lamp units are provided with a CTO filter to match conventional sources.

Da-Lite Screen Company

Da-Lite HD ScreenDa-Lite is now offering new High Definition Screens. These screens are significantly smoother than normal screens which allows for less distortion. When projecting with any 1080i or higher projector these screens are a must, less you are ok with losing projection quality.

Da-Lite also offers now in addition to their standard tab tensioned screens, their Lace and Grommet screen tension system which does a better job at tensioning screens, decreasing wrinkles and bunching. This option is available for most permanently fixed or flying screens. Grommets are heavy duty brass and the edge binding can come in white or black


DAKTRONICS introduced the new PROPIXEL FREEFORM LED STICK DISPLAY with 42.5 mm Pixel Pitch. This IP 67 product is designed for outdoor medium to large scale applications. LED Stick is viewable in daylight, but includes a photo sensor option to adjust brightness to match ambient light levels. The LED Stick can be mounted to the exterior of buildings, even over windows without negatively impacting the view from inside.


Dazian featured their Projection Moons. They are available in 4 sizes from 6’-12’ diameters and can be used with both front and rear projection. Perfect for use when multi-screen projections are needed, plus they can easily be used as a d├ęcor element.

They also had sample fabric on display for metallic and beaded curtain which is geared toward use in the event markets for rentals.

DeSisti / LeaderLight

DeSisti had a wide range of products at this year's LDI booth. Their very popular LEDonardo line of LED Fresnels available in 40, 90 and 120 watt models. The units are available with a Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) either balanced to Tungsten or Daylight. Light intensity can be controlled manually or via a built in DMX card. The LED Fresnel uses the same optic system as the tungsten Leonardo Fresnel and conveniently utilizes the same accessories so they can be seamlessly integrated into existing systems.

Also in the booth were examples of the DeSisti Rigging line. The hoists are available in batten, self-climbing, point, front-of house, and even chandelier point hoists. De Sisti
has adapted reliable machine designs and electrical cable management systems used in
high-use television studios to these markets. From functionality to higher performance, DeSisti is constantly improving their design and manufacturing processes to conform to global safety certifications and standards. While the world of theater automation is designing for faster and heavier loads, De Sisti is designing more affordable and reliable automation systems targeting the utility market, which covers 95% of theater industry needs.

This year LeaderLight was also a major component of their booth. With a wide-array of LED fixtures with many options available, the items of particular interest are their Highbay downlight with is being used as a houselight. Their LL SPORT is a sophisticated high-power LED fixture dedicated for sport arena lighting. There are two basic driving systems at choice: worldwide power connection (P)* or worldwide power supply with DMX dimmable 0-100% driver.

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