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“ Show report from our team at the LDI 2010 Show held October 22-24 in Las Vegas, Nevada. ”

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Union Connector

From connectors to distro boxes, Union Connector is widely known for their solutions to power requirements. They have cable, connector strips, outlet boxes, and so much more. They will do custom work as well, so this is the place to go for any unique or specialty items you may require. A new offering from them will be RDM Net, which will allow DMX distribution options in their connector strips. Union Connector will happily work with you in finding solutions to your power needs; their family operated business gives you that personal touch and time we all appreciate.


New at the Ushio booth this year were their U-LED. The U-LED series is a line of LED replacement bulbs that have the look of an incandescent filament bulb. Currently they have candle, globe and mini globe shaped lamps. These would be great replacements for chandelier or marquis bulbs.

Also new at the booth was their DirectLED Direct Illumination Engine. It is a high powered LED mounted on a circuit board for sign and display retrofits. It is dimmable and designed to last up to 140,000 which makes it a good choice replacing fluorescent tubes.

For those energy conscious folks who are not yet ready or able to move to LED MR16 replacements but want to conserve as much as possible, Ushio was promoting their Eurosaver series. The Eurosaver series is a MR16 lamps that use a newer filament design and a proprietary blend of gas to achieve a brighter output with less wattage.

Currently there is a 24w, 35w and 50w in various beam spreads.


Wildfire has a very exciting new Long-Throw Series II 150 watt fixture that makes everyone’s lives easier if they work with black light regularly. In the past, you needed a fixture for each beam spread. With this new fixture, you can replace only the reflector and you get a Flood, Spot, or Wide Flood at your fingertips! Of course Wildfire has designed this light with rugged touring applications and space in mind. Even more exciting is the addition of clear drying glow paint. Previously only available in blue, now you can get invisible paint that dries clear, but shows up under UV as Blue, Yellow, Red, White, Black, or Green.

Everyone is more energy conscious these days and that has not passed by Wildfire. The new Effects Master Energy fixture adds to the Effects Master Line by providing an option for applications where you don’t need the output of the Standard or Delux fixtures. These fixtures are ideal for wall murals, or even general black light coverage.

Lastly, the UltraRail T5 Fluorescent Black Light System offers a very low energy, slim profile design with the option of linking together fixtures for optimal ease of installation. The fixture is the perfect choice for Black Light effects in coves, soffits, shelf lighting, merchandising displays, and trade show exhibits.

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