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“ Show report from our team at the LDI 2010 Show held October 22-24 in Las Vegas, Nevada. ”

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Robert Juliat

Robert Juliat has introduced its first LED profile spot, Aledin. The Aledin 630SX consumes just 85W and is the winner of the PLASA 2010 Award for Innovation. The fixture is available in both 3500K and 5800K versions and has a built in flicker-free power supply with noiseless forced air cooling. The Aledin comes in 3 zoom ranges; 28-54deg, 16-35deg and 11-26deg. There is local control as well as DMX control of light intensity, either 8 bit or 16 bit. The fixture handles home-made gobos easily due to its low operating temperature. The Aledin – 630SX is in stock and available now.


New for Rosco on the floor this year was their new series of gobo rotators. The Simple Spin is a dual gobo rotator with a local and dimmer control switch – it is not DMX controllable. The Revo is a dual indexing rotator with DMX in and thru. The RevoPro is a dual programmable rotator equipped with a library of effects thatlets you store custom effects to its onboard memory. All 3units have a switch to shut off the LED display for less visual noise on your fixture.

Rosco also had a display of items from 100 years of lighting. A fun history lesson for lighting gurus, it showcased gelatin gel and paint samples from the past, as well as gobo technologies of today. They really have come a long way from 1910!


The good folks at Ocean Thin Films hosted an Oxygen Bar this year. The design of the booth highlighted the energy efficiency and low heat created by the Nemo plasma source (LiFi). One half of the booth showed how the SeaChanger Profile and Wash could individually replace dozens of incandescent fixtures, and also demonstrated the heat created by incandescent light sources. The other half of the booth featured the Nemo fixture and showed exactly how little power was being drawn by each fixture through the use of an in-line meter. Most importantly the Nemo is one of the more efficient light sources producing 30 lumens per watt, versus only 15 lumens per watt from most LED sources. Not only is the Nemo more efficient, but it products less than half of the total heat of a comparable 750W tungsten source. Seachanger’s commitment to energy efficiency and sustainability continue with these fixtures. Both the profile and the wash were designed with the LEP source to deliver energy efficient, high intensity lighting, while reducing energy consumption.

Perfect for hard to reach installations; the NEMO product has a 15,000 hour lamp life and produces 10,000 lumens on 320W of power. A dimmer wheel is included to control the intensity of the output. These fixtures are great for galleries, museums, theme parks and other architectural applications where location make routine maintenance difficult.

You can see the online demo of the NEMO on YouTube or we've embedded it below.


SSRC featured a new booth design and video presentation of their operation. As well as continuing to promote their pantographs and control boxes, they wanted to remind all of us that they have a 50 lb.square stackable boom base always at the ready. They also stressed their ability to handle any custom distribution/stage hardware project that you may have.


Strong Entertainment Lighting

Strong Entertainment Lighting has released a new addition to the Solutions LED fixture line. The Solutions 900 is a 900W high-performance color-mixing RGB full spectrum LED lighting fixture. It is controlled by DMX512 and is IP65 rated. It is available with a variety of accessories including asymmetrical and symmetrical beam spread lenses. The Solutions 900 family includes the Solutions 650 LED fixture which has 750W of total power.

Strong was also showing the Neeva LED Profile Fixture. Neeva LED ProfileThe Neeva is a RGBA, RGBW or tunable White LED that is perfect for gobo projection or anywhere a sharp, hard edged beam could be used. The Neeva features a 26 degree beam angle for throws of 10’-30’. Strong is also distributing DTS lighting products. DTS manufacturers a variety of moving head projectors, LED fixtures, smoke machines, dmx controllers and other lighting equipment.


The fine folks at Swisson had a lot to show at LDI this year, including a dead-sexy little sinewave dimmer designed for TV studios. The XSD-D Satellite Sine Wave Dimmer can be a switched or dimmable power source and is available in 4x2.5kW, 2x5kW or 1x12kW models. This could be the perfect choice for someone needing to dim one or two very large studio or motion picture fixtures. By using sine wave technology, the XSD-D avoids all the filament hum issues that arise with very large filament lamps, making this a viable option for quiet sets. The unit features onboard and DMX control, and can daisy-chain to link multiple units together.

Sylvania / Osram

Just across the aisle from Barbizon, the Sylvania booth showed off several new products such as the Lok-It, Dot-it, and the GL family. The Lok-it lamps can be easily installed in luminaires providing an ultra-strong and vibration-free connection with the lamp base. Designed to ensure proper lamp insertion every time, just a quarter turn secures the lamp and aligns it accurately while a mechanical stop prevents the lamp from being turned too far. The versatility of the system makes it ideal for a variety of applications in the entertainment industry.

The DOT•it Backstage Blue is ideal for areas where directional light is needed, but cannot be detected. Perfect as work lights for touring and road cases or as illumination for light and sound board operators, the Backstage Blue provides work light without the hassle of wires and finding available outlets. Other practical applications include crossover lighting and backstage illumination during performances, lighting for the stage manager’s desk and as a quick-change booth light source for performers. The DOT•it Backstage Blue easily adheres to practically any surface with three included options: adhesive, magnetic or hook n’ loop.

The new GLG lamps is sure to be a hit, at only 375 watts, the newly designed HP 375 lamp (ANSI coded: GLG) provides designers with a lower wattage halogen option for high output in ellipsoidal spotlights. The lamp is perfectly suited for stage, theater, television, film and concert illumination. Using an optimized multi-segmented filament, the lamp offers excellent performance. In fact, the lamp has a 3,250 K color temperature and an average rated life of 300 hours, making it comparable in properties and overall design to the GLC (575W) and GLD (750W) lamps. Because of it’s lower output you will not notice a color temperature shift caused by dimming it’s bigger brothers.

The Light Source

The Light Source was featuring their usual array of extruded aluminum hanging hardware products, and also showing two new LED fixtures: a work light and a house light that are each 100 watts. At an 11’ throw, these produce a pool of light with a diameter of about 18’. Fixtures are available with the option of red, blue, green, or white LEDs.

They also showed their new Mega Folding Floor Stand. It's another great alternative for a quick floor stand. It fully extends to 15" square. Folds compact to 6" square. Fits in corners or against a wall by folding the legs in or out.


TMB continues to offer a wide range of products, for a variety of Green Hippo Logoapplications and uses. One new item in the works is the Grasshopper from the Hippotizer range of media servers. The rack mountable Grasshopper will offer a single output of full HD, be capable of 8 layers, and accept a wide range of input formats. It will compliment the full line of Hippo products already available.

Some new products from Photon Lighting are LED fresnel fixtures. These will be available in both tungsten and daylight color temperatures. They project an incredibly even beam field, and give the flexibility of going from spot to flood.

ProPlex will be introducing the GigaBit Ethernet Switch. It will be completely configurable and modular, and be capable of 8 Ethercon connectors, fiber options, and be offered in managed and unmanaged versions. There was also the ProPlex 2x8 DMX opto splitter that has 8 optically isolated DMX outputs switchable to either of the 2 DMX in's.

A few other fun products to keep in mind are the Vegas Festoon lighting string and the CF35 Strobe String.

Total Structures

Total Structures this year were showcasing the RSC Light Lock. They set up a sequence for one side’s lights to move while you watched the other side stay nicely within a target range. It was an effective way to show the precision the Light Lock allows you when dealing with moving fixtures. The rumor is that next year they will have a new version of the unit available that will counteract not just rotation but also lateral sway.

Another exciting item from Total is their TOTALITE spigoted truss that fills a hole in their product range between New Wave truss range and Light Duty rigging truss, and is lighter, less expensive and more appropriate for the exhibition, conference, television, decorative and small show market.

Despite its decorative looks, easy portability and low cost, TOTALITE is very much a performance product and has surprisingly high load capacity due to the direct chord connection between trusses and excellent geometry between main chords and diagonal bracing. A 20' span supports a uniformly distributed load (U.D.L.) of 3,000 Lbs with only a 2" deflection. Totalite is available in 12" box version in 10', 8', 5', and 2' truss sections complete with a full range of corners, bases and accessories.

Also worth noting, the New Wave Truss (winner of awards at LDI, PLASA and various other trade shows) will only be available in aluminum, as carbon fiber has become very difficult to acquire readily.

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