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“ Show report from our team at the LDI 2010 Show held October 22-24 in Las Vegas, Nevada. ”

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Leprecon The Leprecon LP-X Series DMX console is marketed as “a lot of board for a very good price” and helps to bridge the gap between inexpensive and expensive. The console is designed for control and cross-programming of moving lights and conventional dimmers and has applications for stage, event, production, and house of worship lighting. The X24 (with 1 DMX Universe) or X48 (with 2 DMX Universe capacity) supports a touch screen monitor for easy programming and user interface and features virtual channels, 20 pages of 12 playbacks, theatrical-style cue stacks and live override function, making this a great board for someone in between beginner and advanced. Additional features include:

- Built-in fixture library - 20 pages of preset playbacks - Color, Beam, Intensity & Focus control w/ individual fade times - Effects Generator - Cue Stack memories with hold and fade times - VGA output - PS2 connections for keyboard and mouse - Two dimmable Littlite brand work lamps

The Leprecon LPC series is great for users needing a basic approach to conventional lighting but maintaining the option to grow. With 1024 DMX output channels and 512 channels The LPC48V and LP96V lighting consoles have six programmable “Quick Looks” that are perfect for a multitude of users, including those who just need to bring up the house lights. The LPC is simple enough for a volunteer to use but powerful enough for programming complexities- making this a great desk for worship or schools. A VGA monitor is required, but a touch screen can be used. The Leprecon Aris Architectural system was developed primarily to integrate all lighting system needs into one control interface. The system consists of the AI-512 unit (with software and power supply) and the optional control surfaces (button stations, sliders, and lock out panel) to give you complete control of your architectural systems. The AI-512, housed in 2r rack mount chassis, contains all of the necessary hardware and software to interface with, and control, any DMX lighting system, either through an existing DMX console or through an Aris wall or Ethernet station. All 512 DMX channels can be used for architectural or stage lighting, are easily recalled from a number of different interfaces and can program up to 8 different rooms with 24 playbacks per room.

LEX Products Lex Products Corp is expanding their EverGrip line of molded cable products to include 7 and 14 Pin Motor Control Cables. These also have a new Weatherproof Cover option, and are able to be custom printed with a company name, directly onto the rubber jacket, along the full length of the cable assembly. Lex is also now offering Colored Feeder Extensions, available in seven colors (Red, Green, Yellow, Black, Orange, Grey and Blue). Custom printing is also available on Feeder Extensions and Bulk Cable with customer’s text in sky blue ink along the entire length of the cable for company identification and theft deterrent. Their compact 1.8 kW Slim Dimmer is now available as the Slim Dimmer Plus with DMX. It is controllable using both DMX512 and a front panel fader for maximum versatility. It is ideal in situations where "one more dimmer" is needed, and has a variety of hanging options.

Lycian Lycian introduced the prototype of model 1250KB. This professional quartz followspot was built with HDTV in mind. It has a 3250°K color temperature, so there is no color correction needed. It utilizes a 1200w, 80v Philips Hi-Brite quartz lamp. It has square shutters, a six color self cancelling boomerang, and the standard 3 legged base. At 51” long it is sized to fit Theatre Coves or Box boom positions.

Martin Lighting Martin Professional had a full range of LED fixtures, automated lights, video walls and control solutions on display at the back of the hall, but in this year’s booth, bigger might not have been better. Two of the most impressive fixtures from Martin were also two of the smallest, the MAC101 and the MAC 350 Entour. Two very different fixtures working off the same principle – good things come in small packages. The MAC 101 is a smaller edition of the very popular MAC 301 Wash, a very quick little LED color wash unit. It’s a unit largely designed for flash, with a very quick movement speed, fast strobe and low price point to allow for purchase in multiples. The 350 Entour on the other hand, is a full-featured profile spot with an LED source creating 8,000 lumens with just seven white LEDs. The optics on the 350 Entour are what we’ve come to expect from Martin, very crisp and clear. The 350 features 6 rotating gobos, an 8-slot color wheel, a fast strobe and very nice iris. I was very impressed with the punch from both of these low-power high-output fixtures. [gallery]

MDG Fog On display at MDG’s booth was a product designed to do both fog and haze called “The One.” It is a dual purpose unit, available in a stand-alone and touring version. Using only one fluid type, you can switch back and forth easily between haze and fog output. It has an RJ-45 connector for use with ACN systems, as well as a DMX in and out. The LCD display allows for easy navigation through menus with different levels of access for different users. And the system has automatic purging – which helps maintain the fixture better over time.

Pathway Connectivity Solutions The Pathport VIA system is the latest network switch for complete Ethernet-based lighting data distribution systems. Featuring 10 ports with Power over Ethernet (POE) +1 layer 2/3 gigabit capability and front panel LCD with encoder knob (a feature not found on even enterprise switches) the VIA allows for easy configuration and review from the front- no need for a computer link or web browser. The VIA recognizes industry specific lighting protocols (including ArtNet, E1.31 sACN, Shownet, Pathport), and E1.17 nACN and Audio Visual Bridge 9AVB are also native. Link mode will allow the user to force a slower connection speed and PoE can be disabled, port-by-port, should there be a concern about older lighting nodes. All Pathport devices can be viewed from the LCD (and include settings for device name, IP settings, MAC address, serial number and operating version). Switch configuration and logging can be saved to external media via integrated SD and USB ports. Best of all – it doesn’t contain a fan, and can be used in the most acoustically sensitive environments. The Pathport Octo is the latest rack mount node from Pathport. With up to eight-ports this node provides great flexibility with Pathport’s lowest price-per-port. Available in a rugged aluminum housing, with front or rear connectors and LCD display for diagnostics and configuration interface, the Octo is a great way to upgrade your system to Ethernet-enabled network. This cost effective product allows for easy replacement while retaining DMX wiring through an adaptor kit. The node provides address support for 128 universes, DMX routing, and can easily be configured with the latest version of Pathport software, Manager 5.

Philips Entertainment Lots of newness from Philips Entertainment Group (PEG) From the Selecon world comes the new PL1 LED with full control over color, beam and intensity, using the same light engine as in the VLX by Varilite. If that’s not enough fun they have also come out with the PL3 and PL5 using 3 and 5 LED light engines to create a powerful remotely operated color changing and beam changing light equivalent to a 1K Fresnel consuming only 400 watts. Also new to LDI was the Selecon SPX a 750 watt ellipsoidal with up to 63% more light output. The SPX is a fixed beam angle range of 14°, 19°, 26°, 36° and 50°, that are drop in, interchangeable lens tubes. Central planetary gear for effective, intuitive control of Peak: Flat light. The unit has a new molded yoke, with twice the rigidity of steel. The SPX contains an integral shutter clamp system which secures all four shutters after focusing. Full 360-degree beam / pattern / shutter rotation with indexing for recording the settings. Automatic mains power disconnection via micro switch when the lamp module is removed to change the lamp for maximum safety.

Strand has embraced the multitudes of lighting options from LED to quartz in the new S21 LED Raceway.

Systems can be mixed and matched as needed to create a completely flexible lighting system to meet the needs of any installation. The dimmer strips feature quiet convection cooled IGBT dimming for low lamp noise and reliable operation. The S 21 is a fully Digital Dimmer strip with Forward and Reverse phase dimming with compatible LED drivers that require reverse phase operation, DMX512 I/O. The IGBT dimmers are convection cooled requiring no dimmer room they are energy efficient - only a 2.5 volt insertion loss. S-21 has a choice of 3 power input locations - top, bottom and back in a wide range of load connector options.

Phoebus There was nothing new on the followspot side of the Phoebus booth but there were definitely some new products to be seen on the flashlight side. Phoebus with partner Cree has introduced some extremely bright LED flashlights. Some of the memorable ones were the Nightshift line. The Nightshift I, II and III are all battery powered, small flashlights that make a great gift idea. Other interesting lines include the Rescue line. Rescue line flashlights are made from military grade aluminum and are water resistance and shower proof for those who forget to take their flashlight off before showering. The Rescue convertible has a body extender so it can use either 1 CR123A battery or 2 AA. Also seen was he new Spectrum 2 multi-color LED flashlight is designed for CSI type applications where blue or red illumination is indicated. The 1.5 watt single chip LED has red, blue and white emitters selectable by a four position tail-mounted button switch. This flashlight is CNC machined from aircraft grade aluminum and anodized with a bright nickle finish. The Spectrum 2 is convertible for use with either one CR123A battery or, using the body extender, with two AA type batteries. Both battery types are included.

Pixel Range New at LDI were a host of products.The first of two standing out of the crowd was the PixelPar Q12. This is a fully programmable LED wash unit with 12 high intensity Quad color RGBW Cree Leds. The unitproduces 4500 Lumens at a 10 degree standardbeam spread , and is also available in 17 and 23 beam spreads. DMX dimmable gives you a choice of dimming curves, such as Tungsten, and TV fine. It has a IP20 or 65 rating available for dry/damp or wet locations autosensing power input, DMX , power in and out,and a 2 year warranty. Another notable was the Pixel Smart a small unit mixing 12 quad LED, RGBW and 12 cool white LEDs. DMX control with 39 internal chase effects. 175 watts maximum power.

Robe Robe has been diving into offering more environmentally friendly fixtures. Their new Robin series of fixtures gives a high light output at a reduced power consumption from what was required in years past. There is a wide range of fixtures available in this line, in both a 300 and 600 series, and in spot, wash, or beam style outputs. Some really cool LED additions are the LED 300 and 600 wash units. They are moving head units and have motorized zooms and offer all the savings and features that LED’s are noted for. Their Digital series adds the 3000 and 7000 models, which combine LED technology with a moving light projector. This is something new and is sure to create a lot of interest. Their new CityFlex 48 LED strip light fixture can be configured in a wide range of form factors, and is IP 65 rated. This makes it an extremely versatile item, and can be used in architectural and live applications.

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