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“ Show report from our team at the LDI 2010 Show held October 22-24 in Las Vegas, Nevada. ”

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DeSisti New this year to the Desisti hoist line is a new Self Climber Hoist EHD (extra heavy duty) featuring a new band technology allowing for extra long travel distance never before attainable from a traditional automated rigging hoist. Its 442lb lifting capacity can be supplied at any required length up to 20 feet.

Dove Systems Dove Systems was featuring The Dimmermaster Shoebox trussmount dimmers which are very compact and available in four, two, or single 2.4 kW dimmer options, all with a 20 amp Twist Lock inlet. They may be pipe or tree mounted and are perfect for tight spaces where conventional dimmer packs are too bulky. The units accept both DMX-512 or 0 to +10VDC control signals, and are powered from a single standard 20 Amp wall outlet. The Dimmermaster wallmount dimmers are compact units with the option of one 2.4 kW dimmer or four Terminal Block 1200W dimmers. The units accept DMX-512 control and analog 0-10VDC control. Each channel is protected by a circuit breaker conveniently located on the front panel for quick access. The HLC lineis a small reliable 1, 2, 3, 4, or 6 channel house light controller with master sliders. With take control and off buttons, these controllers may be linked in series for any number of stations. The output is 0 to +10VDC. They require between +12 and +15VDC from the dimmer pack as a power supply, and an optional power supply is available for use with dimmers that do not provide it. Dove Systems also offers customization of most of their product lines.

Electronic Theatre Controls The ETC booth had quite a buzz about it this year. ETC Prodigy Rigging Controllers It is apparent that they are not sitting back and resting on the success of last year’s introduction of the Prodigy Rigging platform. Now that the Prodigy System is shipping they were featuring it in their booth. The Controls Division has also been hard at work this year. Anne Valentino and her developers were proud to show the latest version of Eos Software v. 1.9.5 for Eos & Ion which includes a low resolution pixel mapping feature via an on-board media server. Tom Littrel was showing off the new Source Four XT – a sharp focus exterior ellipsoidal with an IP rating of 65, 15 – 30 degree zoom range and 12,000 hour 150W HID source. Robert Gerlach & Novella Smith could not be moreETC Selador "Pearl" happy to show you the latest developments in the Selador product line. The Pearl LED fixture is the latest compliment to the Fire & Ice collection. Boasting over 3400 lumens from a mere 125W the Pearl offers a fully adjustable range of white light from 3200K to 5700K.

ENTTEC Enttec was on hand showing their new Datagate. It is an extremely flexible bridge between control and fixtures/dimmers. It can form the backbone of a network, provide optical isolation, merge levels from multiple streams, and translate between DMX and Ethernet protocols. Some of the tasks you can configure a Datagate to perform include:

  • DMX Hub/Splitter
  • DMX Merger (HTP or LTP)
  • DMX -> Ethernet
  • Ethernet-> DMX
  • RDM Gateway
  • RDM Sensor Info Gather / Report
  • DMX shifting
  • Simple Scene Playback or Test Frame Generation
  • Hot Spare for another Datagate
or any combination of the above. The unit comes with:
  • 8 DMX ports (input or output)
  • 1 Gigabit Ethernet port
  • 1 RS232 input for profile selection via serial command

GAM GAM was showing several new products at this LDI including the Go-lite, Prismo, GamColor Kits, Chroma Key Green GAMFloor, and some new gobo designs. GAM is also regularly improving their website and now has parts lists at your fingertips – just check it out at ! You may have seen the recent release of the GAM Go-lite, an inexpensive, easy option for theaters to cue what you want when you want. The system uses inexpensive and readily available telephone cord for easy installation. Even a non-theater person can figure this one out. GAM has also come out with new full sized sheet color kits to make your gel choices quick and painless giving you the colors you need most without the hassle of picking them individually. Kits include Master Location for video shooters, Master Diffusion, CTB – Tungsten to Daylight, CTO – Daylight to Tungsten, Master Theatre, Party Colors, and Pro Party Packs. The Prismo motion effect gives you the option of a GAM Prismo3-Facit or 5-Facet Prism to place on your existing ellipsoidal spotlight. With variable speed options this effect can turn your boring single pattern into an eye-popping plethora of images and color without the bill of adding a moving light. Best of all, it is designed for a continuous duty cycle, so it is a great option for museums and themed environments where it has to run many hours a day.

Interactive Technologies Interactive was in the TMB village this year with some exciting new items. The Portable SceneStation offers the same great features as the Architectural SceneStation, housed in a rugged powder-coated steel/aluminum case. The station's customizable buttons and IR receiver are available on the enclosure's neatly recessed top surface. Two 5-pin XLR jacks and a low-voltage power inlet are conveniently located on the enclosure's end-panel. A removable hanging plate can be attached to the back of the enclosure for attaching to a wall or hanging on a hook. Also, the enclosure comes with rubber feet on the bottom for secure tabletop use. Several SceneStation models are available that come pre-packaged in the new Portable Enclosure (SS-110, SS-115, SS-210 and SS-215) or the Portable Enclosure can be purchased separately (SS-PE5) for installing an architectural SceneStation. Interactive's CueServer has a new little brother! The CueServer Express is a complete lighting playback and integration processor, featuring advanced DMX lighting control, sophisticated event scripting and robust I/O capabilities combined in a tiny web-based device. Great for both architectural and entertainment lighting control projects, CueServer provides an unprecedented level of control and customization in an easy-to-use package. CueServer includes a built-in web server that provides access to a full complement of lighting controls, show programming and playback features without the need for special software or an Internet connection. Apps for iPhone and iPad are available for direct control and/or programming of CueServer, or use with other 3rd party software that have been written to use CueServer as its DMX interface. After CueServer is programmed, it can function as a stand-alone show controller, leveraging its optional real-time clock/calendar, astronomical time functions, and other event triggers to interact with the outside world. Integrate CueServer with other external devices via Ethernet connectivity for fully custom lighting and show control solutions.

James Thomas Engineering Thomas was very proud of their new two story booth. The second story utilized Thomas’s flat catwalk system. Their featured product was the Galaxy 300 Truss. This truss is constructed of 6061-T6 aluminum and stainless steel, and features adjustable mounting bars for conventional or moving heads. A 10’ span has a uniform distributed load of 7050 pounds. It also has a removable dolly that folds away and stacks. This truss is ideal for a touring rig with lots of movers.

JR Clancy New from Clancy is the Alpha Chain, a black alloy chain for rigging specifically developed for theater. The black chain eliminates glare and reflection, made of hardened alloy meeting OSHA requirements for sling usage. The Alpha Chain has a 3250 lb working limit based on a 4:1 safety factor. All chain is stamped with JRC with a date code on every 10th link for traceability. JR Clancy was also showing people their Powerlift line of automated hoists. Designed to greatly enhances the impact productions with seamless scenery changes and dramatic movements. PowerLift hoists are in use in schools, universities, and professional theatres worldwide. Some of the benefits of the line include: * Predictable, consistent scenery movements at every performance with SceneControl® and Altus™ consoles. * Dual-brake system to ensure reliable stops and hold loads securely for long periods. * No need to handle counterweight or climb to loading galleries. * Clancy's built moving drum winches for 50 years, resulting in compact winches that free up backstage space. * PowerLifts are ETL Listed. * PowerLifts can be provided with optional load monitoring to stop movement in case of overload or underload, and to display the lifted load. PowerLifts can be mounted vertically on the fly tower wall, minimizing space requirements. Horizontal mounting is also available. Access to the PowerLifts is required for mandatory OSHA maintenance and inspection. The PowerLift family of hoists gives you the choices you need to meet your rigging requirements JR Clancy was also a co-winner of the Rock our World award for their work on the Winspear Opera House providing 85 counterweight sets, 16 highspeed point hoists, a custom retractable chandelier and steel framed fire curtain.

Lee Filters LEE showed their wonderful series of gel colors at LDI. They also highlighted some of their every-day products that make our lives so much better. Gel products unique to Lee are their Quick Rolls – cut to size so you can just slice, slice, slice, the squares (or rectangles) you need; Lighting Packs with multiple colors at a pre-cut size to make choosing gel quick and easy; and their special Wide Rolls of 60” for the TV / Studio market. Did you know that Lee’s architectural division has all kinds of accessories for MR-16’s that are PRE-MADE – to fit? From holders and diffusions to dichroics, spread lenses, and honeycomb louvers – Lee has you covered for your MR-16 needs. [gallery]

LeMaitre There was definitely something in the air at Le Maitre. Le Maitre had their line of both smoke & haze products as well their special effects products. In the smoke & haze family there were both products LeMaitre MVS Hazernew and old. From the throw back era is the Neutron XS hazer still chugging away. Newer additions to the family are the MVS hazer and the Stadium hazer. Both units are made for high volume output. All 3 hazers use the same Le Maitre haze fluid. In the smoke area Le Maitre has developed 3 G Force fog machines to go along with the existing G300. All G Force machines incorporate Le Maitre’s unique Genesis Easy Change Block System. Options include On/off Variflow and Timer, DMX and hand held remote. All machines use Le Maitre’s standard fog fluids.

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