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“ Show report from our team at the LDI 2010 Show held October 22-24 in Las Vegas, Nevada. ”

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ACT Lighting On display at the ACT Lighting booth this year was the GDS Stage Manager PanelGDS Stage Managers Panels. The GDS SMConsole range offers versatile, scalable Stage Management control systems catering to applications in small studio theatre’s to the world’s largest opera houses in three different flavors, desk mount, rack mounted or free standing fiberglass. Utilize either a 3-pin XLR microphone wiring scheme or tie into your existing computer network wiring to transmit both data and power to the SM Console Cue Lighting system. MA V2 Screen ShotAlso featured at the ACT Lighting booth is the newly released V2 GrandMA software. This upgrade includes some extensive advancement in features and add on effects. If you’re an owner of one of these systems, RUN, don’t walk to the closest computer and down load this free upgrade immediately, it’s that cool.

Airstar America Airstar America is introducing a new Crystal LED air-filled lighting balloon with a fan enclosed inside. The Crystal LED will include DMX control of the LED light source and is an excellent choice utilizing all the benefits of LED lighting. The light output is equivalent to four ColorBlasts. The LED version complements the halogen and HMI versions of the Crystal product line and will be available in several sizes. Airstar America manufactures a variety of lighting products for events & design, film & television and permanent installations.

Altman Lighting Altman Lighting used this year’s LDI to show products that build not only on the success of recent years, but also on the long history of the company. Altman has entered the theatrical LED world with both feet, enjoying great success with their Spectra-Par and Spectra-Cyc fixtures. This year’s booth showed off the lighter and smaller Spectra Star Par, as well as an outdoor entry into the cyc light market, the Outdoor Spectra Cyc. But the real meat of development in the Altman booth was tucked away at the bottom of the cyc – the Spectra Strip. Built on the form factor of the venerable mini-strip, the Spectra-Strip offers multiple options in lighting the bottom of a cyclorama. The unit is available in RGBA,RGBAW, or in variations by individual cell. For example, in a 3-cell unit, you could have two cells of RGBA with on cell of all-white LEDs, allowing for more careful modeling of certain colors. You could have one cell of color with two cells of white for orchestra downlights. You could have three cells of white light and just add gel like you’ve always done. The folks at Altman haven’t locked users into any one way of lighting with this instrument, they’ve just added flexibility and efficiency to the fixtures people are accustomed to working with already. Also seen on the standwas the The SPECTRA UV 30.This isa 30 Watt UV luminaire utilizing high performanceand long life UV-A emitters. The Spectra UV 30 is designed with three LED cells on three independent DMX channel’’s for intensity control. The LED cells can be individually focused and the interchangeable yoke allows for vertical or horizontal alignment of the LED cells. An on board multi-voltage power supply allows for direct power & data connection as well as feed thru capabilities. The SPECTRA UV 30 is compatible with both DMX & RDM protocols and comes complete with a library of pre- programmed fades, strobes as well as manual intensity controls. Shows and addressing are accessed via the push button display.[gallery]

American Grip American Grip did not have any ‘new’ products to share with us, butis proud of the ongoing improvements they are continually making to their line. American Grip confirmed their commitment to customer service and to having products on hand when you need them.

Apollo Design Technology Apollo Design Technology is adding two new light fixtures to their product line. The D1000 Cyc Light uses linear halogen FFT lamps. Its asymmetrical light distribution is particularly suited to give uniform washes on a wall or cyc. The D1000 is modular and has been expressly planned for use in square, or linear multiple units, where each single element can be independently focused in the vertical plane. Their Spotlight miniLED Zoom is still in development, but Apollo wanted to show what was coming up. This compact 100W LED fixture uses a high density RGBW chip that allows a smooth zoom range of 12 to 50 degrees. A stand alone mode allows static color choices and dynamic effect presets. Each fixture may be configured a either master or slave, and optional infrared remote control allows selection of functions. The miniLED Zoom is also modular, and can be combined with other units in row or square configurations.

Automatic Devices Company (ADC) ADC introduced the LogiStop control ADC LogiStopsystem. This system can be used to operate any of ADC’s (as well as other manufacturer’s) curtain machines. The LS-1 is a 20 position multiple stop control that can triggered via DMX. Each programmed stop requires one DMX channel. DMX network conductors can be wired directly to the terminal strip. It has a built in DMX terminator. It can also be controlled via an RS232 network or a regular pushbutton.

Barco / High End New from High End Systems this year was the eagerly anticipated Intellaspot XT-1, a new entry into the field of automated profile spots. The Intellaspot shows a new design mentality from High End, with aggressive stylings far from the smooth look of the old-school Studio Spots we’re accustomed to seeing come out of Texas. The incredibly efficient fixture gets a whopping 20,000 lumens out of an 850-watt source, and is packed with features, including CMY color mixing, variable CTO, dual gobo wheels, frost, strobe and iris. The fixture is available with optional Art-Net built in, as well as a wireless DMX option. It’s a big fixture, tipping the scales at well over 100 lbs., so this is not the light for a 200-seat room. But for bigger venues and tours that are looking for a lot of bang out of not a lot of wattage, the Intellaspot is a solid choice.

Clay Paky Clay Paky had three new Moving Lights this year at the show. First was the Alpha Profile 700 which has a brand new shutter module. Second the Shotlight Wash which is a totally new kind of projector that combines an extraordinary 1500w discharge lamp wash and a 3000w Xenon strobe in just one device. The fixture also included an impressive 10 to 70 degree zoom. Rounding out the companies new releases is the new Sharpy. This tiny moving head generates an agile, parallel beam flying high in the sky, an 189w lamp beam moving light with an unprecedented brightness that until now has only been possible with lamps nine times more powerful. Its light beam is in fact so concentrated and aligned that it looks more like a laser ray.New Clay Paky Fixtures


Daktronics / Vortek Rigging Hoists Daktronics released its newest upgrade for the VAC Pro-series control system for its clients who already have a Vortek Automated Rigging System. This new software features three cue stacks. Contact your local Barbizon service center to schedule a technician to come out and upload the latest upgrade.

Dazian Dazian’s booth this year was Ocean themed. It was a lovely mix of sparkly and earthy. They display their fabrics with such elegance – good lighting, effective layering, and simple draping. With such texture available for scenic and costume pieces, the potential is limitless for lighting designers with their products! They have made great pieces using grand format digital printing, dye sublimation printing, and silk screen printing. I was impressed to learn of the significant selection of fabrics they can use for printing purposes: 40 different types! Check out their website for the list of new fabrics, as well as the “Global Voyages” and “Rediscover Glamour” lines of years past.

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