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High End Systems

The SolaFrame 3000 combines unprecedented light output from its 1000 watt Ultra-Bright White LED engine with a limitless palette of effects and color possibilities. Boasting more than 37,000 lumen output, the SolaFrame 3000 is the first automated LED luminaire to rival and even exceed the output of the most powerful arc lamp fixtures. The fixture is also available in a Hi-Fidelity version with incredibly accurate color rendering. Also on display was the upcoming TurboRay Effect and wash fixture. This dynamic fixture is perfect eye candy for multiple applications.

Interactive Technologies

Interactive Technologies introduced the Insite, a 7” Touchscreen which acts as a front-end for their CueServer line of controllers. The Insite mounts in a standard 3-gang backbox and can be powered via PoE or 12v DC. The system includes simple, easy to use software to configure buttons, sliders, a color-picker, and other common touchscreen elements. Once you have laid out the station design you then associate CueServer commands with the controls via the CueServer Studio software. The system can also be accessed via a web-interface for expanded remote control.

James Thomas / Tomcat / Area 4

TOMCAT’s new Zig-Zag Truss combines the advantages of Pre-Rigged Truss with a hinging spigot design that allows folding of the truss system over itself for efficient storage/travel and trouble-free unfolding via vertical lift and pinning applications. The Zig-Zag Truss can be used in both vertical and horizontal lighting applications. The TOMCAT Lighting Pod offers lighting designers a larger area to work with and affords them the opportunity to create “walls of light” on a much larger scale than traditional truss profiles can accommodate. Lighting positions can be adjusted forward and backward within the pod. This allows for the use of multiple lighting options within one framework that can be utilized both vertically and horizontally.

Johnson Controls

Johnson Systems launched a new LED Dimmer as part of the upcoming Presidor line of control products. The LED dimmer is designed to be used with CD-2000 SV or CD-3000-SV retrofit processors and allows the user to set the dimmer curve for the LED to be controlled, a very handy feature in today’s LED house light fixture market. Coming in 2019 is a new Presidor retrofit processor and house light control station.

Kino Flo

Kino Flo Systems displayed their LED tubes specially designed for operation in 4Bank, Double and Single fixtures and for stage design lighting. The new FreeStyle LED Tubes display white light and RGBWW via the color management system found in the FreeStyle 41, 31 and 21 LED portable systems, the Diva-Lite LED video field production lights, and the Celeb 850, 450, 450Q and 250 premium studio soft lights. Paired with a 4Bank fixture’s light intensifying reflector, the tube projects soft light forward at a 100° beam angle at about the same light levels you’d get from a 1,000W tungsten soft light. Outside its fixture, a bare tube glows like a traditional Kino Flo lamp, with light radiating on all sides. The lightweight tubes can be taped to a set wall, customized to form arrays in soft boxes or hung as “ladders” of light for illuminating stage backdrops. A narrow aluminum rail built into each LED lamp expands the mounting options for special lighting designs. They offer a wide range of light control features: White Light mode, with Green/Magenta selection; Cinema Gel mode, with 115 industry standard filter colors, and a full Hue & Saturation color system; RGB mode; and a Visual Effects mode, boasting easy to use flash and strobe programs such as simulated “Candle Light”, “TV Flicker”, “Police”, “Paparazzi” and more. The new FreeStyle tubes are operated by solid-state drivers featuring built-in wireless DMX and standard DMX controls, 8-bit and 16-bit dimming, linear and square dimming, internal/external wireless antenna selection, and more.

Lee Filters

Zircon filters have been on high demand Lee has expanded their options and have a separate swatch book and also packs. Cool LED, Warm LED, & LED Correction. Zircon offers longer life for LED lighting and has been shown to retain at least 80% of their effectiveness after as much as eight months of continuous use on LED downlighters. Manufactured using a 180-micron material they are more than double the thickness of a normal lighting filter. They come in rolls of 10ft. x 4ft., and Pre-cut sheets in 24” x 24”.


As always, multiple machines were out and on display so that you could actually see the different formulas in use. The key displays in the booth were the G300 Smart and the MVS Smart. On the update to this popular line is the fact that you can eliminate the separate remote. Both Smart fixtures now feature an onboard, redesigned control panel with an easy to read backlit display for improved user interaction. The G300 Smart, of course, keeps the massive smoke output. The newer interaction capabilities feature DMX in and out, 0-10V in, fluid level sensing, wireless/LAN connectivity. This is user programmable for duration, interval, and pre-chill time for FreezeFog Pro triggering. The connectivity feature offers monitoring and control locally or over the internet, via Le Maitre’s evolving Machine Interface Portal. The MVS Smart features onboard DMX 512 and sACN support. This fixture also offers Wifi/Ethernet connectivity for setup, control, monitoring, and diagnostics. The fluid level sensing is available on this as an option.

Lex Products

Lex Products continues to showcase their PCS TRIO installation line. The PCS Trio comes in 4-, 8-, and 16- module cabinets, and can use any combination of their 6 dimmer/relay card modules. Each module hold’s up to 3 circuits of dimmed power or relay control. The PCS Trio system enables users to power a wide range of devices in a single panel, and also integrates seamlessly with other power control and management products in the PCS family. PCS Trio is available in both installation and touring models. Lex also continues to improve their PowerData Cable line, featuring power and data in one insulated sleeve. Any combination of power connectors (Edison, Stage Pin, Powercon, TrueCon1) and 5 pin DMX in one piece helps cut down on running multiple cables in crowded locations. Also of note, molded Powercon>Truecon 1 adapters. (Who hasn’t tried to daisy chain multiple fixtures with both Powercon and Truecon1 connectors!)


Lightronics was back at LDI and debuted three new fixtures. The FXLE17C4N RGBW Ellipsoidal Lighting Fixture is available In 19, 26, and 36 degree beam spreads (no 50) and has a 170w 4 in 1 Quad-Color RGBW, CREE array and the white is tuned to 6000K. The housing is high impact plastic and at 14.2 lbs, it is a fairly lightweight LED ellipsoidal. The fixture is compatible with lens tubes from "other manufacturers".

The FXLE2032W200 Watt warm white LED ellipsoidal lighting fixture is available In 19, 26, 36 and 50 degree beam spreads and has a COB 200w Warm White LED engine. Likeother FXL fixtures, the housing is high impact plastic and is also 14.2 lbs. The fixture is compatible with lens tubes from "other manufacturers". Both the above fixtures are only available in 3 pin DMX in/out.

The last fixture in the FXL line is the FXLF2032W1555LED Fresnel.This LED Fresnel features a 15°-55° motorized zoom. It has 1- COB 200w, 3000-3200k LED. It is availablein 3 pin or 5 pin dmx.


LiteGear MirageMirage 400i – A VFX-oriented fixture that focuses on producing high-quality Hybrid and Blue/Green Screen light. It is a retrofit to existing Kino Flo® Image 80/85/87 fixtures in which a flat panel with an array of tungsten, daylight, green, and blue LEDs is affixed to an Image 80/85/87 housing using four thumb screws. The Mirage Hybrid output benefits from the addition of the blue and green emitters in that Planckian Hybrid output can be achieved, allowing the output to follow the Planckian curve from approximately 2600K to 11000K. Mirage is controlled by one of LiteGear’s most advanced dimming controls to date, and the entire Mirage system – assembled completely and left intact – fits perfectly into existing Image 80 cases. The new LiteGear Cinema Series of LED LiteRibbon is an applied phosphor LED. With staggering CRI and full-spectrum output, the Cinema Series is 40% brighter than the previous VHO Pro LiteRibbon. This all-new LiteRibbon proudly joins the LiteGear Cinema family of unified color-space products including LiteMat S2, LiteMat+ Plus, and LiteTile+ Plus. Studio Series LiteRibbon – The new LiteGear Studio Series of LED LiteRibbon is an affordable, color-correct, studio-grade material designed for high volume installations across multiple departments. This readily available LED lighting solution guarantees a matching color space and rock-solid reliability from the brand you can trust. LiteMat+ Plus 8 – This is the largest LiteMat in the product line. Measuring nearly 4 feet by 4 feet, LiteMat+ Plus 8 provides 400 watts of Hybrid light from 2600K to 6200K all on one stand. Kits will include all of the typical accessories including skirt, diffusers, and an all-new LiteDimmer+ Plus power unit

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