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“ Reports from Barbizon staffers about the latest products and releases featured at the LDI 2016 Show held October 21-23, 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada. ”

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MA Lighting

MA lighting is making it even easier for you to learn their Dot2 console line, they are now including the first universe for free with the offline software. This universe can be sent via ArtNet or sACN. Another big offering from the MA is the MA Network switch, if offers an easy to use web interface that will allow you to configure a wide multitude of different network configurations from a single device!

Martin by Harman

Martin by Harmon announced four new products at LDI 2016: mac-axiom-hybridThe MAC Axiom Hybrid is a new three-in-one fixture that offers Beam, Spot & Wash features in one fixture.

  • Osram SIRUS HRI 4440w Lamp
  • 16,000 Lumens
  • CYM Color Mixing
  • Variable CTO
  • 16 slot Color Wheel
  • 2 - 44 degree zoom range
  • 9 Rotating Gobos
  • 16 Static Gobos
  • 3- and 8-facet prisms
  • Frost
  • 55 lbs
VDO Face 5 VDO Face 5Driven by the same P3 system controller as all other Martin LED Video Products the VDO Face 5 is the perfect fit for integration in a total video solution. The consistent pixel-to-pixel calibration does not only give superior image quality but also enables panels from different batches and rental companies to be combined quickly and hassle-free.
  • Bright flicker-free video output
  • Consistent calibration allowing cross-renting between different batches
  • Easy setup, mapping and configuration, and easy mix with other Martin LED Video Products
m1-hdThe M1 HD continues the tradition of the M1, one of the most heralded lighting consoles on the market. With the full power of a larger desk and the agility of a smaller one, the M1 HD is a state-of-the-art, all-in-one lighting desk solution.
  • All-in-one solution with integrated processing
  • Folding capacitive multi-touchscreen with 4 encoders
  • 34 playbacks, 8 encoders for fast user access
m2go-hdWith its small footprint and large built-in touchscreen, the M2GO HD answers the demand for a compact yet more powerful all-in-one lighting console in a cost-effective and portable package.
  • Complete console with integrated processing in a small footprint
  • Folding capacitive multi-touchscreen with 4 encoders
  • 10 playbacks, 8 encoders for fast user access


MDG M3eMDG added handy functionality to the M3e and ATMe as they now support RDM for remote monitoring and configuration, with 100% duty cycles and variable outputs there is a wide range of flexibility.


MDG MEHas revamped their entire line of foggers this year, the New ME series starting at one output, able to produce 3,351 sqft. of fog in one minute, going all the way up to the ME 8 with 28,251 sqft. per minute output. All of the foggers are rated for 100 % continuous duty, have 0 to 100% output control, DMX and RDM controllable and all have an automatic purging system to prevent residual build-up.

Mountain Productions

mtn-boxMountain Productions'MTN BOX®:Spektrum Series LGhas been engineered and manufactured to meet the rigors and challenges inherent to the entertainment industry. Our proprietary design delivers an uncompromised level of strength and durability. Constructed of a super tough polyethylene resin (10 times stronger than traditional laminate flight packs), theMTN BOX®:Spektrum Series LGis resistant to chemicals, heat, dust and moisture. The material used is90% recycled PEand will not degrade over time. The result is a significantly extended lifespan when compared to the current industry standard. Your assets and resources represent a significant investment. Protect them with a case that not only meets, but exceeds these challenges. TheMTN BOX®:Spektrum Series SM, has been engineered with the same focus on durability and versatility as ourMTN BOX®. The smaller size of this case is ideal for various trucks and smaller storage loads. Mountain’s Newest Offerings: Vibe MTN and MTN Film Mountain Productions is expanding with newVibe and Film capabilities. At MTN Film we are passionate about storytelling and our creative team is there to craft the visual journey for your brand or event with pre-production, production, and post-production capabilities. Our Vibe MTN offering will create stunning scenic for events and creative conceptual development for the most unique and captivating brand activations. Learn more about Vibe MTN and MTN Film by talking with our CEO,Ricky Rose, about these exciting additions and our growth into the west coast market.parnelli Congratulations to MTN Productions for winning the 2016 Parnelli Award for Staging Company of the Year!


Neutrik Tru-oneNeutrik at LDI Features their powerCON TRUE1 locking 20 A true mains connector. It replaces appliance couplers wherever a very rugged solution in combination with a locking device is needed in order to guarantee a safe power connection. They especially pleased with the Appliance inlet-outlet combinationfor daisy chaining. The powerCON TRUE1 is a connector with breaking capacity (CBC), i.e. it can be connected or disconnected under load or live.

  • True mains connector with breaking capacity (CBC)
  • Lockable 20 A single phase connector
  • Easy and reliable twist lock system
  • Extremely robust and reliable
  • ENEC certified according to IEC 60320
  • UL recognized components
  • IP65 ingress protection in mated condition and unmated in combination with SCNAC-PX


arina_rigged_850Nila returned to exhibiting at LDI Show this year following their impressive install at the AEG StubHub Center, home of the LA Galaxy major league soccer club. Nila has a long broadcast history lighting film & television projects but is actively pushing into the live events market with a keen focus on sports. The SL100 fixture, cousin of their well known Arina broadcast light, drew a large number of visitors at the show this year.

Nu Delta Digital - Logicue

The Logicue System is a cue light system built around the needs and desires of stage managers and technicians. The Logicue System has unique features such as the button on the cue light can be pressed to signal to the controller that the cue light was seen. Also it has Self-Check Feature when the power is turned on, the controller automatically indicates which cue lights are plugged in and properly addressed. The LogiCue Digital Cue Lights are individually addressed bright LED lights that interface with the LogiCue Controller. You can connect up to twelve cue lights to your LogiCue Controller. (The controller is not included with the cue lights.)


OSRAM HMIOsram continued to add a new level of safety to their HMI line by adding their patented UVS quartz outer jack some of their higher wattage HMI lamps. This new technology will replace the existing non-UVS lamps and reduces UVB and UVC emissions up to 99,9 %. UVS not only extends the life of fixture components, it also protects film crews and talent from UV radiation. Most importantly, HMI lamps equipped with UVS achieve these benefits without compromising performance.The unique orange base of the re-engineered lamps indicates the UVS envelope. HMI Studio Metal HalideOsram also presented their new HMI Studio Metal Halide series with a 3200 K color temperature. The new CTO color temperature will allow an HMI fixture to match existing incandescent fixtures on stage, film set or on location without the need for gel, greatly simplifying the setup processes and elimination the need for redundant lamps and fixtures. The CTO is baked right into the quartz outer envelope and will not fade over the life of lamp. Osram PhaserAlso showed a version of their white light laser technology. After successfully being introduced into the field of medicine and the automotive industry, laser technology is now set to revolutionize the entertainment market. The Osram PHASER, which will be shown at the company’s booth at LDI, stands for phosphor and laser, and is combined to create light with high luminance, which has the potential to replace many light sources which are currently used with lamps in various fields of application.

Pathway Connectivity

Pathway Connectivity is always looking for new ways to create data communication for the entertainment industry. Here’s a look at what they had to share at LDI Pathway choreo nsbChoreo NSB – are modular PoE wall stations built up from 2 button, 4 button, 1 slider or two slider inserts, compatible with Pathway Connectivity's faceplates and other manufacture's Decora style faceplates. Choreo NSB stations live on the same network as Cognito console, Choreo controller, and Pathport nodes. Stations are configured using a setup tool in Cognito2 or Choreo, and each button or slider is a unique network entity. An example of this flexibility Remote Memory Recall where a single button or slider can target a specific Memory on a specific console for remote recall, but isn't restricted to addressing only one controller on the network. In an alternate application without a Cognito or Choreo in the system, buttons can be configured to snapshot and replay four DMX512 universes of E1.31 Streaming CAN SNAP The new SNAP lighting control panel provides unified DMX512 control of 0-10V analog outputs and relay switching, all within a single enclosure. Intended for use with fully isolated LED fixture drivers requiring mains switching and 0-10V dimming Each SNAP panel consists of an LC&D GR1400-series Blue Box relay panel with a Pathway Connectivity eDIN SNAP Panel Interface card. The interface provides single DMX channel control over the relay and analog output pairs, or allows separate DMX control of relays and analog outputs. The interface also provides a full, non-sequential DMX soft-patch for maximum flexibility VIA5, brings the full, VIA management tool kit to a DIN-mountable 5 port POE switch. Ideal for providing PoE power and connectivity to Cognito2 and Choreo controllers, Pathport nodes and Choreo NSB stations. Available with a mini-GBIC fiber port or without. Fits standard eDIN cabinets in combination with Pathport eDIN nodes.

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