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“ Compilation of reports from Barbizon staff who scoured the floor to find the latest products and releases featured at the LDI 2015 Show held October 23-25, 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada. ”

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PRG Distribution

PRG TripleNewly released from PRG Distribution the Bullet Series 2.0. This version of the Bullet replaces the original version with more features and a reduction in cost. New features are: 4-Pin XLR connector added to the head cable for remote mounting from the power supply. Additional 4- Pin extension cable can be added up to 50’. Single and triple head indoor power supplies are available and can power any configuration of offered LED types, 3K, 5K or 356nm. The Bullet heads are now ETL listed for wet location and IP55 rate. Single, triple and 6-way outdoor rated power supplies are available. DMX in and thru are now via isolated 5-Pin XLR flush mount connectors. Positive locking dog has been added. RDM compatible RenewAlso shown is the new ReNEW-LD is a line dimmable LED retrofit for Source 4 fixtures that are being operated via a dimmer. The optics and output are the same as the ReNEW DMX version just without the direct DMX functionality, touchscreen or PowerCon cable. The ReNEW LD is being optimized for use on many of the industry standard theatrical dimming systems.


Robe LDI 2015Robe pulled out all the stops with their largest LDI booth to date in an impressive product launch of their new BMFL units. The stage was set for 2 industry Rock Bands, allowing Robe to demonstrate the features of its lighting portfolio in a real world scenario. Luminaires featured include theDL7S Profile, an LED fixture built for theatres and TV studios. theSquare, a 5x5 zoomable LED matrix for video projection, pixel animation, beam effects plus a highly effective wash and cyc light with continuous pan/tilt rotation movement. ColorStrobe an RGBW version of their white light LED.Viva, an elegant brand new lightweight LED spot moving head, and the PATT 2013tungsten softlight, utilizing an HPL 750 lamp. The BMFL (Bright Multi-Functional Luminaire) signature line comprised of the BMFL Spot and BMFL Blade units has now been expanded to include a BMFL Wash and BMFL Wash XF fixtures. BMFL Wash is a 1,700W wash light with large 200mm diameter front fresnel lens for high quality traditional wash output ranging from 4.5° to smooth 55° to create a punchy beam or smooth wash. Interchangeable frost filters available in three grades light, medium (standard) and heavy offer a means for the designer to create the desired level of softness. CMY + CTO color mixing filters compliment two color wheels with 6 colors each. Advanced DMX controllable edge aberration correction is used to create smoother hues and seamless coverage. The Optional XF module expands the features of the BMFL Wash with an internal graduated filter, allowing rotation of the whole assembly plus/minus 130° to achieve even wash coverage when projecting onto a non-perpendicular surface. A Beam Shaping internal motorized barndoor module contains four individually controllable blades, rotatable by 180 degrees.  

Robert Juliat

Dalis-onThe new Dalis 860 is an eight color, 300W LED cyc light which pairs alternating six-color clusters of Red, Green, Blue, Cyan, Amber, and Royal Blue colored LEDs with two-color clusters of Warm White and Cool White LEDs. The LEDs are aimed horizontally within the fixture housing into asymmetrical reflectors which then direct the light down the surface to be illuminated. Control is via DMX, RDM, Art-Net, or sACN and a bonus feature is that the Dalis 860 can act as a node/ gateway to convert incoming Art-NET or sACN to DMX for fixtures daisy-chained to its output. The 1m unit can be controlled in five modes depending on the granularity of control desired. At the low end is a basic 8-channel mode with color presets, CCT adjustment, dimmer, strobe, etc… At the top end is a 68-channel option to divide the fixture into four control groups each with 16-bit control of each color to allow dynamic effects and more natural variation of color within the cyc illumination. The fixture is convection cooled and uses the QuickRig mounting system.


Three new products to LDI, The Silk LED unit, Rosco LED tape and new PICA cube. SilkThe Silk is a diffused light source, simliar to other LED panel units. Rosco’s Silk measures 21.5 x 12.6 x 3.6” it is 120 watts with a color temperature range of 28K to 65K with a high volume output. The unit delivers 2400 Lux at 1 meter at 56K. It supports a complete line of accessories tin include barn doors, egg crates, it can be portable or AC powered. IMG_1152ThePicaCube™series, are the World’s smallest20 Wattprofessional grade LED fixtures. They come in three LED configurations – 4C (RGBW Quad Chip Color Mixing), WNC (Warm, Neutral and Cool White) and UV (LED Black Light). The cool part is that it can be powered from a POE Switch! roscoLED_tape_homeAlthough we saw it at NAB Rosco is now shipping their RoscoLED tape that comes in a variety of kits ranging from static white to Varicolor. The kits are easy to use with power-supply and pre-configured with multi-pin connectors. Every kit has a control box the provides power control and a flicker free DMX dimming, it is UL listed and CE certified.  


Seachanger-ProdugyThe new SeaChanger Prodigy color engine is intended to be used in combination with the PRG ReNEW LED retrofit light engines and existing ETC Source Four shutter barrels and lens tubes. With the ReNEW light engine, output and color seemed very consistent when compared to SeaChanger’s traditional Tungsten and HID units. It uses the CYMxG color mixing system and adds an onboard dimmer for use with phase-dimmable LED retrofit light engines. In this “CYMxG+Dim” configuration, the light engine and dichroic filters can work together for tungsten-like dimming adjustments of color temperature as the fixture is dimmed. It should be noted that while the system is tuned for use with the PRG ReNEW light engine, it should work with other manufacturer’s offerings but performance may vary depending on the LED light engine used. The SeaChanger Prodigy is expected to start shipping in January, 2016.


SGM LDI 15A visit to the SGM booth rewarded the attendees with a wonderful display of light and water. The SGM G-Profile dancing in a fountain of water showing off its IP65 rating, as well as High Power RGBY LED & framing shutters. Surrounding the G-Profile was a handful of G1-Beam fixtures. G_1The G1-Beam is a small IP65 beam fixture available with battery option as well as wireless DMX this fixture can truly go anywhere. The bright 6500K output paired with one of 19 gobos or 14 colors can create many eye catching combinations.


SSRCAmong SSRC's tried and true portfolio of products, SSRC was featuring their LED work light. In the same form factor you’ve known for years, SSRC offers a 50w LED solution equivalent to a 250W incandescent. It is also available in 500w equivalent, 3000°K, or 5000°K, and 120 or 277VAC. It is non-dimmable, UL listed, includes a c-clamp, and a male plug of your choice.

Strand / Philips Entertainment Lighting

SL-PUNCHLITE-20_01Building on the success of the Showline SL Par155 Philips has introduced the SL Punchlite 220 an Exterior Rated Par with 18) 15W Quad Chip (RGBW) LED’s and an 8 to 40 degree zoom. They also showed the new SL Beam 300 FX, a compact LED wash light with big beam effects. The 8 to 40 degree zoom & effects wheel allows the programmer to create interesting aerial images as well as smooth wash looks. In addition, all of the Selecon PL fixtures (Fresnel, Cyc, Profile) have been outfitted with the new MK2 LED chip. The MK2 improves both output and color mixing in this range of fixtures. Strand 500ML console Strand Lighting was also proud to introduce the new 500ML lighting control console. Designed for easy control of LED fixtures and automated luminaires. With its ability to give lighting designers and technicians an intelligent way to create and play back exceptional lighting designs, the 500ML is now available. The 500ML lighting control console has an 8-inch TFT color touchscreen for fast set up with 119 backlit command buttons to aid in the ease of use. The console also has two DMX Out Ports with the ability to control four DMX Universes. Additionally, the console is complete with four Rotary Encoders, a Level Wheel, LCD Fader Bank Information Screens, and 24 Faders which may be used as Masters, Submasters or Playbacks.


Swisson XSHSwisson showed their new XSH Hybrid Splitter allows for distributing power and a DMX signal within one single unit. The XSH features a powerCon 20A input and an XLR input and four pairs of powerCon 20A and XLR outputs. This combination comes especially handy with modern DMX setups, where so called 'hybrid cables' with XLR and powerCon connectors are frequently used. The XSH comes with a built-in amp meter which makes it a breeze to keep track of the amount of power that is consumed, allowing its user to take action before the cables are operated at their limits. With the RDM option it is also possible to remotely monitor the current draw. XPD-28m-640Swisson's XPD-28 is the latest and at the same time the most sophisticated Swisson splitter. The RDM capable splitter features two DMX inputs (A and B) and eight DMX outputs, which are intuitively assignable to any of the two universes at the push of a button. At each output port, a status LED signals by its color, to which universe the port currently is assigned. Amber stands for universe A and Blue for universe B. Even more detailed status information is provided by an OLED display, which is for example capable of showing the refresh rate or a graphical overview of the received channel values. In conjunction with an encoder wheel and eleven additional push buttons, the OLED display also helps keeping the XPD-28 easy to operate in spite of its versatility.

Tempest Enclosures

Tempest Lighting is the world’s premier manufacturer of outdoor enclosures for intelligent and conventional lighting fixtures, as well as projectors. Their Patented Digital Enclosure Control Technology keeps your equipment cool when it’s hot, warm when it’s cold and also prevents condensation. They also provide solutions for custom applications, as well as accessories for Color Kinetics Graze and Blast fixtures. Look at Tempest Lighting for solutions to your outdoor lighting applications to ensure your fixtures are not only kept dry, but kept in safe working conditions.Tempest Lisza As projectors are gaining momentum in architainment Tempest has two new enclosures. Tempest's LIZA is the quietest and most elegant HUSH enclosure family we have ever made. LIZA looks great in any upscale location, for museums, meeting rooms, home theatre, classrooms, you name it. LIZA is available in three sizes to accept most business and home theatre projectors between about 5,000 to 15,000 lumens, with a high quality white gloss finish, with other colors to special order. Tempest TyphoonThe Typhoon is the culmination of many years developing outdoor and rental and staging enclosures for the world's finest video projectors. Typhoon is perfect for both permanent outdoor installation for mapping projects, and also for rental events and tours, where it will protect your investment from hard knocks, smoke and oil fog. Typhoon is available at launch for the new Christie Boxer projector, and other models will be added as the family grows.

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