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“ Compilation of reports from Barbizon staff who scoured the floor to find the latest products and releases featured at the LDI 2015 Show held October 23-25, 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada. ”

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LiteDimmer-Pro-Chroma-Main-ViewBuilding on top of their already popular LED LiteRibbon and line of flicker-free wireless dimmers, LiteGear introduced the LiteDimmer Pro Chroma for controlling Multicolor LED tape. A simple switch transforms the unit into one of six possible modes: one 32A circuit of RGBW/A Chroma, one 32A circuit of RGB Chroma, one 32A circuit of Hybrid, two 16A circuits of Hybrid, one 32A circuit of Single, or four 8A circuits of Single. Another new product is LiteMat, a lightweight color correct light source available in 5 sizes with your choice ofTungsten, Daylite, orHybrid Kelvin temperature. LiteMat is powered and controlled by the same gear used for VHO Pro LED LiteRibbon and uses a Kino Flo-compatible mounting system.


LITEPANELS-BRICK-BI-COLOR-ONE-LIGHT-KITLitepanels is offering the Brick One Light Kit. It is a compact and powerful variable LED and it is IP65 rated. The Brick is a perfect on-camera solution for ENG camera operators on the go or who need full spectrum lighting during wet conditions. It has a high CRI, completely silent passive cooling, adjustable temps from tungsten to daylight, and ulta smooth dimming. It is AC or DC powered. The kit contains: Brick Bi-Color LED, 100-240 International AC power supply, 60° honeycomb frame, diffusion frame, Manfrotto Micro 244 Friction Arm, hard case with custom polyethylene foam.


Lycian Stage Lighting was showing off their prototype follow spot, model 1299, a 1600W Xenon with an output that rivals a 4000W source as well as their flagship model 1295, this model provides the option of a 3000W or 4000W Xenon lamp. Their prototype follow spot is rather exciting as it provides the option to use 120V power while still having the tremendous output of a 4000W Xenon. Lycian also intends on putting a Seachanger color changing module in this unit, which will provide CMY color mixing over a boomerang. This will ultimately be controlled via DMX and will provide seamless color changes. This unit will also have a ‘lifetime iris’ and will have the functionality for short, medium and long throw applications. Both of these features will utilize patented technology (patent pending) to eliminate the need for replacing the iris. This unit will be available in 2016.


Lyntec RPCLynTec, a manufacturer of remotely operated AC power control systems for the installed sound, lighting and video industries, was on scene to demonstrate the most recent additions to their product line. On display at LDI 2015 will be three new circuit count panels for LynTec’s RPC line of remote-control breaker panels. The new panels make it possible for LynTec customers to add more circuits in the same horizontal wall space to control a greater number of components as needed. The three new RPC panels take advantage of a change in the National Electrical Code that allows them to support 48, 66, and 84 circuit breaker positions, respectively. Previously, RPC panels were available only with 30 or 42 circuit breaker slots. Now customers have incremental options between the 30 and 84 position panels with no increase in width. All RPC panels leverage the RPC controller’s ability to address up to 168 motorized circuit breakers. The new panels are also available as main lug only (MLO) and main circuit breaker (MCB) in 225, 400, and 600 amp interiors. RPCM Mobile Distro PanelGoing mobile… the RPCM Mobile Distro Panel brings the RPC feature set, including web-enabled control and monitoring, remote-control breakers, and both branch and phase current monitoring, to a mobile power distribution. Easily controlled through a browser interface, users can turn circuits on or off, or monitor branch current and other energy usage statistics. Built-in alarming capabilities can provide external messages triggered by electrical problems. The system operates on 120/208 Volts (other voltages optional) withCam-style connectors for power input and feed-thru, 200% neutrals and your choice of 150A, 225A, or 400A Main Circuit Breaker. The panel offers 42 breaker positions populated to your specification with motorized and un-motorized breakers. A Multi Function LED panel compliments multiple LED monitor power displays for 3-phase voltage, 3-phase current, Neutral-ground voltage, Neutral current and Line frequency. Rack mount output panels are customized with your choice of connector options such as L6-20, L21-20, and VSC style along with a standard 5-15 duplex outlet.


Marinco-LDI-15The Marinco Twixfer, designed as a low profile stagepin twofer solution, is now UL listed. Marinco Power Products 45 degree panel mount cam. Their 45 degree Cam is machined from one piece of brass. The lack of seams created by joining two or more components together is more efficient for heat dispersion than an assembled device.

Martin by Harmon

Martin The Martin exhibit focused on three main areas within their booth: Stage, Dance floor and Facade under the tagline “Solutions to evoke emotions”. Martin LDI 2015Stage Lighting products on display included the popular MAC Viper series of moving head luminaires utilizing a 1,000W HID source. Viper Performance, Profile, Wash FX and Beam are optical variants of their top of the line automated lighting units. The MAC Quantum family of LED source moving heads consists of the Profile, a 575W 13,000 Lumen White Light hard edged unit with CMY color mixing, and beam animation effects; the Wash, a 750W 16,000 Lumen RGBW Wash light with 1:5 Zoom and rotating front lens for beam effects; and the Aura XB, a 285W 6,000 lumen compact wash light perfect for that “eye candy” effect. The dynamic beam effects were made notable with use of the Jem ZR family of atmospheric effects. Additional LED products including the VDO Sceptron family of linear units with a variety of optical accessories, and the VC Range of creative LED building blocks in Grid, Strip and dot configurations were used to light up the stand. The brains behind the scenes were M-Series lighting desk and the video savvy P3 system controllers.Martin video Dance Floor (Club lighting) products shown featured the RUSH line of effects lighting featuring both automated and fixed units designed to make an emotional impact at a cost effective price point. The Rush MH series consist of various LED and Arc source moving heads in spot and wash configuration. Rounding out the RUSH line are the Strobe CWL, the Wizard magical beam effect, Multibeam2 with actuating LED Bars, DC1 Aqua color projector, the Gobo Projector with 20W LED source, PAR RGBW2 Zoom and PAR2 CT Zoom for variable CT white light. martin archRounding out the trifecta was the Facade component of the Martin scene. A series of IP66 rated Exterior Wash units designed to light up your façade are available in different sizes with either single color RGBW LEDs, Quadcolor RGBW LEDs, or Variable white. Looking for accents? The Exterior Linear family and IP67 rated Inground 400 are available in the same color configuration as the Wash. Finally the Exterior 400 Image Projector is an IP65 rated 7500 Lumen white light LED projector. Beam spreads are available in narrow, medium and wide, and the unit comes complete with six custom colors and 8 custom gobos (steel or glass) for that cool dynamic exterior projection effect that we’ve all been hoping for.

Mega Systems

Mega SystemsMega Systems, Inc. had their pavilion at this year’s LDI displaying the latest technologies in lighting, video, control and truss. New products from Mega-Lite, PR Lighting, Dicolor LED Display panels, RGBLink video processors and PLUSTRUSS were all on hand.


This year’s Osram booth was focused around their Kreios LED fixture line. In addition to the existing Kreios G1 Image Projector, SL Set Light and the FL and FLX Flood light fixtures, there will soon be a Kreios Profile and a Kreios Fresnel White and RGBA. Kreios ProfileThe Kreios Profile is a warm white profile fixture. The Kreios Fresnel will be offered as a warm white and a RGBW fixture. All of the fixtures are rated at 80w and have a Powercon in and thru as well as DMX in and thru. The white light fixtures have a CRI of 92. The Fresnel boosts a spot/flood range of 14° to 77° zoom. The new fixtures are small and low profile and would do well in a black box or small venue. OSRAM-Sirius-HRIWhile Osram is continuing to expand their line of LED fixtures in the entertainment market, they have not abandoned their lamp technology especially in the arc lamp arena. Osram has an ever growing line up of compact arc lamps called the Sirius HRI; for some of today’s newer moving lights which includes the well know Clay Paky Sharpy. On display was a nice wall of the different lamps available in the line and which fixtures they are recommended for. Over in the Fuel Lighting booth, in partnership with Osram, Fuel has created a battery powered version of the Kreios G1 Image projector. By using the front and body of the Kreios and a pairing it with Fuel’s Power Link One Lithium battery pack you now have a true event light that can go anywhere. kreios-flxOSRAM was also happy to announce they are now shipping the Kreios FLx wash light. LED fixture is a work light designed for theatres and other large venues. It's IP65 rating makes it a great solution for outdoor flood lighting. Delivering a high luminous intensity equal to 500W tungsten fixtures, the KREIOS FLx allows superior illumination of the stage during set construction and rehearsals. The color temperature and CRI have been selected to allow for accurate color rendering and a warm, inviting quality of light.  

Pathway Connectivity Solutions

Pathway Connectivity Solutions Pathway-ChoreoAt LDI 2015 Pathway Connectivity Solutions introduced two new products. Building off of the popular Cognito2 product, Pathway introduced Choreo. Choreo has all of the functionality of the touchscreen accessibility of Cognito2, but is designed to be a wall mount control unit in a 3 gang deep well back box. The Choreo wall unit allows control of lighting, timed events, show controls with full lighting console control for small venues like restaraunts, lobbies, architectural control and larger venues like museums and divisible ballrooms. Choreo provides up to 4 universes DMX512. With the configurable display the wall mount unit can present simple control buttons up to full operating screen options, just like Cognito2, which can be integrated with inputs from DMX512, contact closures, serial interfaces and time code. Pathport VIAPathway also presented their new Pathport Via which is an end to end DMX 512 over Ethernet management rackmount switch. The Via is a DHCP server that allows bandwidth monitoring and IGMP snooping. The Via allows the ability to configure each of the 8 outputs separately with priority so that each line can send only the information needed to that line of network, allowing for a much quieter network “chatter”. The Via Switch works as a powerful front end all of Pathway’s opto-splitters and gateways.

Philips Lighting

Philips Lighting Celebrated Five Years of MSD and MSR Platinum Lamps. In an industry driven by new LED technology, Philips continues to provide research and develop discharge lamps for new and exciting entertainment lighting fixtures in many levels of output and a wide variety for form factors. The Platinum line is found in many moving lights from consumer level to stadium installations.

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