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“ Compilation of reports from Barbizon staff who scoured the floor to find the latest products and releases featured at the LDI 2015 Show held October 23-25, 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada. ”

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Inner Circle Distribution

MADRIX_3At LDI this year Inner Circle was sneak-previewing the new release of the Madrix software. If you're not familiar MADRIX is about allowing users to take lighting control into the third dimension. There's useful and significant changes to the graphical user interface and everything technical below. This means that you will gain various new possibilities for working with any of your LED projects, may it be 2D or 3D. The new release of the 3.5 software adds additional language support (Spanish & French), improved M2L Color and Tone Range labels for M2L Effects, new MIDI maps, sdded Colorlight A8 & T9 support, and much, more.

wowThe piece that really intrigued designers though is the i-PIX DB 1 Beam. The DB 1 is so unique, it refuses to be classified as just a lighting fixture or a video screen. Since there's nothing like it in the world of entertainment technology, the i-PIX DB 1 has created its own category, The Beam Screen.

Interactive Technologies

Interactive Technologies debuted the new CueServer 2 DIN. This new CueServer offers an elegant din rail mounted control processor for up to 32 universes of DMX. Designed for large scale architectural applications this system supports a variety of input stations, show control signals, and third party interfaces sucvh as Crestron & AMX. A new version of the scripting language makes it easy to program any sequence of events. The CueServer 2 DIN also has an audio output to play music as well as the light show.

JR Clancy / Wenger

JR Clancy PerformerAt LDI the Clancy/Wenger booth was totally integrated. New to the show was the Performer series for flying performers. This is the first flying hoist working in conjunction with the SceneControl 5000 Series. Built for portability the unit can be moved as needed. The unit has Dynamic Load Measurements, crossed groove detectors and redundant brakes. Performer has a 600 lb working load with speed up to 480 ft/min, a 100 foot drum capacity with moving drums for constant fleet angle.

Ketra Lighting

Ketra provides everything you need to illuminate your environment with the smartest, highest quality light available. The Ketra system offers unprecedented control of your lighting: replicate the sun’s natural rhythms, optimize your lighting according to tasks:

  • Find just the right tint to accentuate a painting in an art gallery
  • Adjust the mood in your theatre's lobby based on time of day or event
  • Bring the opportunity for color and movement into a space without adding more than lamps
Screw in Ketra lamps and they’re ready to go. Wirelessly controlled, connected to the whole system, and totally tunable — with an intuitive app to tie it all together. Currently available are A and Par38 lamps with more coming as well as a linear cove/graze light. The system can interface with most any existing system or operate autonomously.
To see the whole array of the Ketra system options check out their website.

Le Mark

Dirty Rigger ProGrip-MasterLe Mark had their full line of popular Dirty Rigger gloves, tools and accessories on display and introduced two new gloves: Pro-Grip and Comfort 0.5. The Pro-Grip provide a combination of dexterity and grip with a Hexa-grip silicone embossed palm for superb grip in both wet and dry applications. The Comfort 0.5 is a multi-purpose lite duty all black glove, with durable synthetic leather palm and interact touch technology great for touch screens.

Lee Filters

Lee Filters ZirconLee Filters has introduced the Zircon Filters, designed for use with LED fixtures. Manufactured using a180-micronmaterial, they are more than double the thickness of a normal lighting filter. The Zircon filters have a much slower fade time than a traditional gel filter….roughly 200 times the life span over regular gel. Popular colors include a variety of warm ambers, minus greens, and diffusion. The Zircon Filters are available in a 10’x4’ roll, 24”x24” sheets, sized specifically to fit the popular 2x2 panel, and 12”x12” gel packs.


Leprecon LPD Leprecon had their new LPD Series Portable Power Distribution Racks on display. These racks are a flexible, modular design with heavy duty construction. They are designed for all applications requiring compact and reliable portable power distribution systems including; concerts, sound stages, film and television production, and conventions. Some of the features of the racks systems include:

  • Heavy duty rack design with ABS laminate and 1/2” plywood with steel frame construction, with heavy duty casters. Custom cases and colors available
  • Power input of single or parallel cam type connectors rated for 400A
  • Mains Breakers 100% rated with options of 100, 250, and 400 Amp either single or 3 phase switchable between 300/200A
  • Breakers available in single pole, two pole, and three pole ranging from 15 to 50 amps
  • Parallel load connections 110v or 208v
  • Connector options in Stage Pin, Duplex Edison, Neutrik Power Con True 1, and 19 Pin Multi Connector
  • Accessories include Digital Volt Meter, Digital Amp Meter, Littlite LED Racklite, and internal power for auxiliary equipment.

Lex Products

100-amp-cinebox__largeLex Products showed their new 60 and 100amp CineBox Feed Through Power Distribution box. The stackable, compact design allows for easy storage and portability. Heavy duty rubber enclosure, Breakers are mounted flush for easy access and circuit identification. Hydraulic magnetic breakers will not nuisance trip at high temperatures. They are both single phase, 2 pole, 3 wire, 120v with a stage pin inlet. The 60A has (3) Nema 5-20 20 amp receptacles. The 100A has (5) NEMA 5-20 20 amp receptacles. Both are feed through. Also on hand were the 6kW, 12kW and 24kW Portable Dimmer . This is a single channel 6000 watt, 12,000 watt or 24,000 watt portable dimmer/relay. All models have a panel mount stage pin connector for input and output, are DMX512 controlled, can run in dim or non-dim mode. The unit will retain last look in case of data loss and will retain pre-heat status, dimmer level, operating mode and DMX512 address through power loss. Lex PCS TrioOn the control side was their new PCS Trio™, the only system to access all phases of power in as single panel. Giving integrators the ability to consolidate single and double pole relays as well as dimmers into one panel. Whether your application requires power management of LEDs, moving and incandescent lights, projection screens, powered speakers or other appropriate equipment, the revolutionary, patent-pending design of PCS TRIO™ enables power control over the widest equipment range within a single panel.


LightPartsServicing the industry since 2004, Lightparts was founded primarily as a High End Systems parts and repair house for legacy products. Since then they have grown to handle most major brands including Martin Professional, Element Labs, Vari Lite, Flying Pig Systems, Jands, Wybron, Coemar, Color Kinetics, ETC, and Clay Paky amongst others. In a nutshell their mission statement, "LightParts is the 'one stop shop' for entertainment lighting parts and repairs".


SC810Showing in the booth this year is the SC810 DMX Master Programmable Controller The SC810 is a compact and simple to use DMX controller and scene playback device, capable of local, independent control of 512 channels of DMX and 18 user defined, recordable scenes. This device can be programmed as a standalone device or connect to a DMX chain with another controller and can snapshot up to 18 scenes to be recalled at the push of a button or slide of a fader. The SC810 is available in either a wall mount or desk top version.

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