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“ Here's the compilation of reports from Team Barbizon members who scoured the floor to find the latest products and releases featured at the LDI 2014 Show held November 21-23, 2014 in Las Vegas, Nevada. ”

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Lightronics FXLD2512B5I6 LED Wash Lighting Fixture Bar Lightronics has a few of their newest releases on hand at LDI - including LED Wash Lighting Fixture Bar [LD2512B5I6] which spots 12 - 25 Watt HEX LEDs for 330 Total Watts. It can run in 5 or 9 channel DMX mode and has a native beam angle of 60°. Control modes include: DMX, Autorun, Master/Slave and Sound Activate.

Lightronics 1018frp5i4 HEX LED ParThey also had an LED PAR called the FXLD1018FRP5I which is another HEX LED (RGBAW) lighting fixture. It is suitable for stage, disco, night club, and other artistic applications. It has several stand alone control modes and can operate via a
DMX-512 external signal. A double yoke enables the fixture to be operated in several positions.


LitePanels Astra 1x1Continuing their line of 1x1 LED fixtures, Litepanels displayed the new Astra 1x1 bi-color fixture. Features boast a 4x improvement on brightness from the original line, tunable white from daylight to tungsten, dual cooling modes so quiet operation can be achieved if necessary, and option to mount batteries directly to the unit. This is an incredibly user friendly fixture, and can be used in a wide range of applications. The extra brightness will be sure to satisfy the needs of anyone looking for an LED wash fixture that is portable and adaptable. Also on display was their Inca 9 fixture: An LED Fresnel that is brighter than a traditional 1K Fresnel, while giving all the advantages of an LED source. It has beam angle adjustable from 15 to 54 degrees. As with all of their fresnels, this is a rugged and smooth operating unit. Their Hilio D12 fixture showed off just how much punch is possible from an LED wash fixture. It will rival a 575 watt HMI source, and has smooth dimming to top it off. It’s amazing to see so much output from such a compact design.

Lycian Stage Lighting

Lycian was on hand to display their ever expanding product line of followspots. The standard line ranges from the Clubspot and Midget 1K to the newer Zot units. Offered in 1200 Watt Tungsten & 575, 700 & 1200 Watt Arc lamp models Zot is complete with features such as Internal 6 Color Self-Cancelling Color Boomerang, Innovative Spot Size Controller and Rear Fader Control

The LDI stand also afforded Lycian the opportunity to display their M2 Followspot System. A collection of module that, depending on assembled configuration will yield follow spotlights capable of wide angle short throw to narrow beam long throw units. The modules consist of Main Chassis, Gate, 1200 watt Lamp House, 2500 watt Lamp House, Short, Medium and Long throw Lenses, Yoke and Base Assemblies, and Magnetic and flicker-free Electronic Power Supplies. The modules are easily reconfigured in the field – with no tools - to change operation characteristics.

Lycian 1250 FollowspotDemonstrating that Tungsten is still a viable source, Lycian presented The 1250KB using a quick change 1200W 80V Fast-Fit Quartz Halogen lamp. Designed largely for studio or theatre applications, the 3200K source does not require color correction with optics designed for throws of 30- 125'. Top-mounted controls include a fader, nichrome iris, and square shutters, while a single lever trombone intensifies the beam as the diameter is reduced. With flicker free operation, no external power supply an internal self-cancelling six-color boomerang and folding stand, the unit is sized to fit neatly on a studio platform, or in theatre coves or box boom positions.


Lyntec Web ControlsThe fellows at Lyntec were not resting on their laurels following the success of the Remote Power Control Mobile (RPCM)last year. They have been hard at work digging into the control software which supports all of the RPC devices. Version 2 of the Remote Power Control Software provides a web based interface for the control of their panels via sACN, IP, DMX / RDM, and contact closure. A fast processor allows them to assign a control protocol on a per relay basis as well as assigning a response to each input within a panel.


Manfrotto Light ControlOver the last month, Manfrotto has launched a collection of light modifying tools - The range consist of: reflector and diffusers available in triangular and circular shapes; softboxes for on camera and off camera usage, a dual functional umbrella; unique textured backgrounds which are easily collapsible, and backgrounds supports for instant setup

Manfrotto also introduced the XPRO fluid head in both 2 way and 3 way axis in early November. The Xpro allows a switch from hard fluidity for soft tilt movement to soft fluidity for fast tilt movement. homepage_static_banner_3WayThe retractable levers can be extended when needed. You can make fine framing adjustments by setting the head’s friction to support the weight of your camera, even with the locking knobs open. Its aluminum body has a max load of 8kg/16.8 lbs. which is great for most of today's DSLR and even small video cameras.


Marinco-CL-CamMarinco has introduced their Inline Cam. The new body design with improved contact, wider cut lines, and ergonomic grip give you maximum control during mating and removal. The new Inline Cam meets UL1691, the new industry standard as of March 1, 2015. The new design is compatible with current Marinco Power Products and also with other manufacturer’s products that meet the new UL1691 standard.

Martin by Harmon

Martin Rush MH1 ProfileThe latest addition to the Rush line of lighting for the installation market, the Rush MH 1 Profile Plus is a moving head LED fixture considered as an upgrade to the Rush MH 1 Profile. With 50% more output, the new version has two gobo wheels (fixed and rotating) and two color wheels. The fixture also features an increased beam angle from 13° to 16º for more efficient optics. The unit houses a motorized iris and an electronic dimmer and strobe to create effects such as strobes, pulses, and instant open/blackouts. The fixture also features a 3-facet prism for indexing and rotation with variable direction/speed as well as an improved cooling system for quieter operation.

The MAC Quantum Profile has been given a few changes in hardware design and software since it's launch at Prolight & Sound earlier this year. This extremely bright LED Profile fixture incorporates white light combined with a super-quick, yet smoothly operating CMY color mixing system and crisp gobo projection. Combined with the new Animotion FX system, it is comparable to 700/800 W discharge fixtures.MARTIN_MAC-Aura-XB

MAC Aura XB is an upgrade to the popular Aura fixture. Incorporating many new features first introduced on the MAC Quantum Wash, the MAC Aura XB offers additional brightness and a new color mixing system with optimized lens design for tighter beams and more even washes. Using a 15W RGBW array system vs the previous 10W system, the lumen output is essentially doubled.

Martin M-TouchMartin M-Touch is an affordable console which can connect to any M-Series console or a PC running M-PC, which can be installed on any PC running Windows 7 or higher. It's the same software you will find on the Martin M2PC. With a full 512 DMX channels that are expandable up to 65,000 channels, the The M-touch features 14 Force Sensor Resistive Faders (FSR) and 20 Pressure Sensitive Buttons (PSB), along with easy control with direct access to common programming buttons including Record, Delete, Group, Cue update, Beat trig, Main Go/Pause/Release, and a multitude of others.

Martin Rush Gobo ProjectorThe RUSH Gobo Projector 1 is ideal for applications that require a compact fixture for easy LED gobo projection. Ideal for clubs, bars, restaurants and shopping malls, this silent gobo projector provides easy adjustment of focus. Easy-touch buttons allow for easy adjustment of focus, speed, and direction, while a magnetic gobo holder allows for simple gobo changes in seconds.

The Exterior PixLine family consists of linear LED video fixtures for media-facades and creative installations. The three pixel pitches (10, 20 and 40 mm) can be combined with a wide variety of lenses and diffusers for the right look for multiple applications. The fixtures can be fully customized in terms of length and color, while the power source is hidden. Driven by the Martin P3 System Controller family for easy setup and video display, it is also backwards compatible with DMX for smaller setups.

RUSH DC 1 AquaRUSH DC 1 Aqua , a compact and bright LED fixture projects brilliant aquatic decoration effects. With full electronic dimming, variable manual focus, variable effect speed/direction control and five selectable colors including open white and split color options. Controlled via stand alone or DMX modes, it's ideal for shows, clubs or simply your own personal party. Powered by a 75-Watt LED engine, the DC 1 Aqua offers a variety of color moods and effects, from chill to warm and from a silent trickle to a surging waterfall. The fixture features a beam angle of 40 degrees and has a minimum LED lifetime of 50,000 hours. The luminaire is housed in a high-impact and flame-retardant thermoplastic and comes standard with a bracket for surface or truss mounting.

Martin JEM HAZER ProJem Hazer Pro includes advanced pump technology, 2.5 L of fluid capacity that provides 10 hours of operation on full output, and a user-friendly on-board control panel with preset functionality. As the newest member of Martin’s professional hazer family, the JEM Hazer Pro is 30% lighter and 45% smaller. An innovative high-quality air pump system using C+ haze fluid and CO2 input produces exceptionally fine atmospheric haze in a short period of time. The hazer also comes standard with an on-board DMX 3-pin and 5-pin connection, a sealed fluid system for easy transportation, and is plug-and-play capable with programmable fast-access keys.


MDG FogMDG had their usual suspects including: theFAN, ATMe, theONE, Atmosphere Series, M3e and ICE FOG series. MDG has offered a wide selection of atmospheric products since 1980 and with a fully scalable product line and multiple levels of output and control. theFan was the newest of the products and with its small and compact size with big output with low power consumption make it a great choice. theFan contains both an atmospheric effect with a controllable velocity via DMX or RDM, not to mention the fan is built right in. It has a universal power supply that ranges from 100v-240v so touring with it is as easy as plugging it in!


Neutrik True1Known for their high quality professional entertainment connectors, Neutrik continues to be the sought-after brand by users that require reliability and durability. New to their line of powerCON connectors is TRUE1 the series. Standard powerCon connectors shouldn’t be connected or disconnected under load: the TRUE1 series solves this and is safe to perform in that manner. They are also IP65 rated and very robust in their construction. If you need a connector that is dependable, Neutrik will be where you want to look amongst their expansive catalog.


OSRAM UVSOSRAM has developed this new family of HMI lamps incorporating a doped UV-stop quartz outer jacket, which reduces UVB and UVC emissions up to 99.9% without compromising performance. Recognizable by their orange bases, these lamps help to protect video, film, content acquisition crews and talent from harmful ultraviolet radiation. These single-end OSRAM HMI UVS Metal Halide lamps are now available in 200W, 400W, 575W, 800W, 1200W, 1600W and 1800W versions, delivering 16,000 to 165,000 lumens with an average rated life up to 1000 hours.

OSRAM's KREIOS G1 is an LED gobo image projector designed for a wide range of spot lighting applications that require especially bright and crisp images. The high powered LED light source and dedicated optical system delivers a crystal clear outline of the gobo with a homogeneous distribution of light across the entire image. It is ideal for projecting messages, brand names and logos in retail stores, museums, airports, restaurants, bars, special events and other architectural environments.

What makes this projector so special is that you may print your own gobos on transparencies or interchange them with standard size E gobos. The 120º tilt allow for mounting in any orientation on floors, ceilings and walls with projected distances ranging from 6 to 20 feet.

The KREIOS G1 LED image projector comes in either black or white body colors and includes a mounting bracket, two gobo holders, sample gobos and a power cord.

Fuel KreiosFuel Innovative Lighting Systems:

In collaboration with Osram they have transformed the award winning Kreios G1 Image Project, into a wireless “Profile” Spot Light. The FUEL Profile can be ordered in multiple battery configurations, colors and with different lens options.

RLD6_0The RLD6 is a six-inch LED architectural downlight which boasts high performance and is designed for new construction or major renovations. The RLD6 provides an LED alternative for CFL and MH with aesthetically pleasing light quality, glare free optics and a 46° cutoff angle creating a near ‘silent’ ceiling. The RLD6 uses OSRAM OPTROTRONIC® universal power supplies and is dimmable down to 1% providing energy savings for a variety of applications, including commercial, office, healthcare, hospitality and healthcare. As an LED luminaire, the environmentally preferable RLD6 is RoHS compliant and is designed to meet Energy Star qualifications for utility incentives. The OSRAM PrevaLED® Core light engine offers color consistency within a MacAdam ellipse of 3 steps. It is highly efficient with typical efficacies of up to 79 lumens per watt, and is available in light levels of 1200 or 2000 lumens. The fixture ships standard with 0-10V dimming interface and is available in 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, and 4000K CCT packages.

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