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H&H Specialties

H&H 451There were three interesting things of note this year from H&H Specialties.

Really Useful Carrier No. 451- This carrier has a working load of 200 lbs and can be used to carry a variety of things from scenery to lighting. The Wheels have a urethane tire and have sealed ball bearings allowing the high load rating. This carrier also has a set of rollers between the wheels. These will allow the carrier to glide along the track should the load go off vertical, making for smoother operation and a longer lasting carrier.H&H 451A

Really Useful Carrier No. 451A- This carrier is much like the 451 only it has a third set of wheels to help prevent tipping of a potentially unbalanced load.

EZ stop Curtain Controller- This is a user- friendly easily programmable 10 stop curtain machine controller. This controller must be factory installed to any H&H Specialties curtain machine. H&H EZ StopUp to 10 presets can be programmed via the EZ Stop controller. Using RS422 serial interface you may use third party automations systems for up to 99 EZ Stop addresses. Additionally you may connect using terminal connections to push buttons or contact closures for control as well. These buttons will need to be programmed off of the EZ stop Controller touch screen. The unit operates off a 24VDC power supply.

High End - a Division of Barco

High-End-Hedge-nano-hogHigh End is well known for the Hog console line which has been widely used on large events. It is, however, the small-mid sized venue that has received attention lately from the respected console maker. Sitting proudly alongside their larger counterparts at the High End booth were the HedgeHog 4 console and the Nano Hog 4. These two control options promise to make a place in an increasing number of churches, nightclubs, small corporate events, and other mid-budget applications. The Nano Hog provides the control surface a programmer needs while letting Hog 4 PC do the lifting. At roughly 21" square, the HedgeHog 4 is nice to have in inventory for its ability to fly at the last minute, but the ability to get into the hog line at a competitive price is the stand-out feature.

Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems

Hubbell CamFor years, Hubbell has proven that their fast, reliable, and durable connective devices will withstand any environment and will work with the same efficiency for years of mating and un-mating connections. Now, Hubbell has brought that same design to single-pole applications. Offering Series 15 (150 Amps) and Series 16 (300 & 400 Amps), these temporary power connectors will be manufactured for:

-Cam Male and Female plugs: Series 15: #8 - #2 AWG cable size; Series 16: 300 Amp: #6 – 2/0; 400 Amp; 2/0 – 4/0 AWG Receptacles; Stud Type Double Set Screw.
-Cam Protective Caps: Weather Protective Covers For both Stud type and Double Set Screw Receptacles Tees.
-Cam Gender Reversing Devices
-Distribution Blocks

Hubbell USB DupexThough released at the beginning of 2013, Hubbell has a duplex receptacle with two USB ports, which draws enough power to charge two iPads. These are already a popular item within the Barbizon ranks as wireless lighting system control becomes increasingly popular, feasible, and affordable.

Interactive Technology

Int-Tech-cueserverInteractive Technology introduced a follow-up to their ubiquitous show control box: the CueServer 2. The CS-940 will be available as din-rail or surface mount in early 2014. Based on a 800MHz ARM9 CPU hardware platform that is 40x faster than the existing CS-800, the processor sports such exciting features as:

  • Up to 32 DMX Universes and up to 32 Playback Faders

  • Micro SD Card slot for show storage

  • SACN on all universes and 4 physical DMX input/output ports

  • Built in RGB User programmable function buttons

  • Multiple lighting playback strategies including cues, streams and presets are handled simultaneously

The CueServer is still a comprehensive combination of stand alone playback, architectural features show control , A/V and internet integration as it’s always been. This one just kicks up the horsepower for today’s more complex LED displays, architectural lighting requirements, theme park controls and more.

JR Clancy

J.R. Clancy has been designing and manufacturing rigging and theatrical equipment since 1885 so they are intimately familiar with the needs of rigging on any scale. At LDI they expanded the SceneControl 5000 series of controllers with rigging control consoles for performance spaces of every size, from the most complex performing arts center, sporting complex, or Broadway show to the high school, church, and college stage.

The new addition is the SceneControl 5200 console, which provides programming capability for an unlimited number of cues, including the ability to control other stage machinery like turntables, wagons, chain motors, and even performer flying hoists. Small enough for venues with confined backstage space, the SceneControl 5200 console controls up to 24 axes, making it the right controller for stages including high schools, colleges, and small to mid-sized theatres. (Thanks to Jacob and Stage Directions for the video!)

Lee Filters

LEE Filters has launched a new range of LED Filters to help fix the problem of color matching gels on warm tungsten sources and cool white LED sources. These new filters when used on Cool White LED (6000K) have been specifically designed to give a visual color match to the existing colors on Tungsten (3200K). They’ve also introduced the new LED Conversion Filters. Specifically “LED CTO” filters with the capability to convert white led (5000K-7000K) to the equivalent of a 3200K tungsten source, giving designers the option to blend luminaries within one design.


Le Maitre’s booth exhibited all their original effects machines, including G300 (dual fog/haze), MVS Hazer (multi-venue Hazer), Peasouper, Freeze Fog, and G-Force 1, 2 & 3.

LeMaitre-minimistNewer items in the booth included the Mini Mist, which uses a pressure based canister to deliver a quick burst of fog and the newest version of the Haze Master which will be released in January of 2014.

Also, keep your eye out for their new cost effective Club Line and Paper/Snow/Bubble Effects, which they’ll be debuting at the end of 2014!

Lex Products

Lex PowerRampNew at LDI from LexProducts are their PowerRamp Crossover Cable Protectors. These units are made from a two-part polyurethane compound process which provides a sturdy lid and base that can withstand heavy traffic with a load capacity of up to 32,600 lbs. per axle. The materials are UV stabilized to sustain strength for extended outdoor use in harsh conditions. Featuring a proprietary “slip notch” friction release design for easy mating and un-mating of connectors, PowerRAMP crossovers, left and right turn units, and end boots are compatible with similar cable protection products of other major manufacturers. In addition, PowerRAMP’s four channels can accommodate up to 1.25 inch diameter cables and hoses and a 1.625 inch wide center channel accommodates up to #2 AWG Type SC 5-wire banded cable, unlike some competitive products with smaller channels. This feature allows lids to lie flat over enclosed cables for increased protection and provides an even crossing surface to avoid trip hazards. PowerRAMP’s exclusive tread design provides extra traction for better foothold in wet or slippery conditions and its bright blue lid is highly visible and identifiable. The entire product is made with non-conductive material for extra safety. Company names and logos can be molded into lids for easy identification and theft deterrence. Additional colors are available.

EverGRip Stage PinAlso from Lex Products is the first-ever overmolded stage pin cable extension. This proprietary design, construction, and material helps to resolve the problems of damaged housings and ineffective cable strain reliefs, which can loosen with rough treatment. EverGripMolded Stage Pin Extensions are also the first-ever cULus Listed stage pin assemblies. 100 Amp extensions and 60 Amp extensions are available. They feature an ergonomic, tapered hand grip providing a firm gripping surface for easy mating and unmating. The extension’s rugged, one-piece connector construction inhibits infiltration of contaminants and eliminates joints and loose assembly screws. UV stabilized thermoplastic elastomer exterior protects connector housing in outdoor applications.

Light Tape

Light-tapePeople are generally familiar with electro-luminescent technology. We've been incorporating EL-Wire into costumes and EL-tape into scenery / themed applications for a bit now, but the drawback is the drivers needed to illuminate the system, and connecting that driver to the wire / tape. The folks at LightTape have a very solid system utilizes Global Tungsten & Powder's premium quality light emitting phosphors and Honeywell's Encapsulant Systems to guarantee that delivery the highest quality lamp possible to their customers. Their electrical connection is extremely solid and robust as compared to other companies so it's road-worthy and can hold up to the rigors of day in and out production. If your considering EL for an upcoming production this is worth a look.


lightonicsPrototyped in the booth and coming soon from Lightronics, Inc. is the the SC 810W Unity Architectural controller.

This wall mount devices allows operation of a full 512 channel Universe of DMX operation with recordable scene presets, programmable fade times, and offers LED Status indicators for immediate operator feedback.

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