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DeSisti Lighting

DeSisti LED FresnelsThe DeSisti Magis LED and Leonardo LED fresnels have gone through an upgrade. All of the units are now available with CRI greater than 90 for the Tungsten CCT and greater than 95 for the Daylight CCT. The array size has also changed from a 10X10 square array to a 18X18 circular array thus optimizing the optical system (lens and reflector). The wattages have also increased across the 3 sizes. The 4-1/2 inch increased from a 40 watts to a 55 watts, the 6 inch increased from 90 watts to 110 watts and 10 inch increased from 120 watts to 150 watts.

DeSisti LED SoftlightDeSisti displayed their new LED Soft Light range. The LED Soft Lights utilize the remote phosphor technology from Intematix and offer a CRI greater than 95. The range consists of 55 watt and 110 watt fixtures in 4 different configurations. The units are sold with various honey combs for control screens.

Both the LED Fresnels and LED Softlights use DC dimming directly to the LED arrays. The dimming allows DeSisti to achieve extremely low light levels lower than 1% with zero flicker even with high speed cameras.

LL STAGE CYC 6CDeSisti introduced the 180 watt LL Cyc from Leaderlight at LDI. The LL Cyc is a RGBAWW (cool and warm white) as well as a WWA (cool and warm white) for green screen lighting. The LL Cyc optical system allows for illumination of cycloramas as tall as 16 feet. There are three lenses available. Diffused, vertical distribution and horizontal distribution.

Doug Fleenor Design

DFD-Din-SplitterNew this year for the DMX Dynasty is a Din Rail mount DMX splitter, the unit comes with one DMX input, a DMX pass thru and five DMX outputs, each output is optically isolated and comes with phoenix connectors, CAT5 phoenix connectors are also available and interchangeable.

Another Din Rail device is the DMX input to a three channel Analog t device which could come in handy for LED house light retrofits and a DMX fire alarm contact closure din Rail device that will take fire alarm contact closure and send out a DMX signal to items that have been pre-selected and prerecorded to a DMX value. Also new is the two button entry station which can be assigned looks from the DMX ten preset station.

Elation Lighting

DW FresnelFurthering their foray into TV and film, Elation has released the DW Fresnel. This LED fixture, featuring variable color temperature (3,200K – 7,000K) range, 12° - 41° zoom train, and flicker free output, makes the DW Fresnel a versatile hand or DMX operated solution for TV. In the same line of products, the DW Profile fixture is a spotlight with a 250 watt LED source with the same color temperature range, but featuring a 15° - 30° manual zoom range (a 30° - 50° option is available). The TVL F1CW is a Fresnel fixture with a single source 100 watt 5,600K LED, 12° - 40° manual zoom, high CRI, and same flicker-free operation. The TVL F1WW is a 3,200K warm white variation of the F1CW.

Arena Par ZoomElation also has released their new RGBW quad color Arena PAR Zoom. This fixture is comprised of 19 x 10 watt quad color LEDs from Osram. It has a 10° - 60° motorized zoom, flicker-free operations, stand-alone mode (with strobe and color effects when DMX operation is not available).

Electronic Theatre Controls

ETC-LDI-13Audiences packed ETC’s Layers of Light Theater booth to see the company’s latest innovations. ETC employees were busy throughout the show giving demonstrations of the ETC Source Four LED CYC™ adapter, Eos Titanium (Ti™) lighting control system and Source Four Mini™ spotlight, which made their first appearance at LDI.

The Source Four Mini – a compact, nine-inch version of the legendary Source Four® spotlight – took home a PLASA Members Choice Award in the Gadget category. It earned the award due to its crisp optics, crystal-clear image projection and outstanding efficiency. “We’re thrilled that PLASA recognized the S4 MiniSource Four Mini,” says ETC Fixtures Product Manager Jim Uphoff. “It was a big draw at LDI, and is becoming a popular choice for lighting professionals, because it’s so versatile, going where larger fixtures can’t. It may be cute, but it’s a powerful tool that deserves a place in any designer’s toolkit.”

In addition to being a product showroom, the Layers of Light Theater also served as a functional theater, staging a series of presentations on lighting fixtures, system design, and rigging. It was standing room only for the LDI guests who packed the booth to hear ETC experts discuss the history of product development, ETC’s current product offerings, and predictions on what the future will bring.

A large number of LDI attendees left the show floor to go behind the scenes in ETC’s product lounge, where they could get demonstrations of control and rigging products and a sneak peek at upcoming ETC product releases. “We had a huge crowd in the lounge at all times,” explains ETC Rigging General Manager David North. “Despite the fact that the lounge was a long walk from the main show floor, a lot of people stopped in to learn about the ETC Rigging family. We were giving constant demos of the new Prodigy P75 low-profile hoist and Fixed-Speed Motor Starter, which we were showing for the first time.”

ETC's Sara Claussen also gave demos of the new Cobalt desk designed from the ground up to get you from thought to reality as quickly as possible. Short commands coupled with direct-access touchscreen tools make the console disappear under your fingertips – nothing stands between you and the light.


Screen Shot 2013-12-03 at 11.17.18 AMElekralite has been busy this year enhancing old products, while creating new ones.

For upgraded products based off their existing fixtures check out the new Dazer TW.The Dazer TW replaces the original Dazer’s 2700k warm white LEDs (thatappear orange when elektraLite_Dazer-225x300you look at the face of the fixture) with new 3200k LEDs that give off a better “tungsten” color. Also upgraded is the 1018 unit that now has an option for a set of Amber LEDs in addition to the original RGBWLED array.

In the new product category, check out the new LED Audience Blinder fixture that is DMX controllable with a 30,000+ lumen output in either 3200k or 5600k color temperature. The new LED Lightstream is a high end moving effects fixture that allows you to pan and tilt two heads in opposite directions for some wild effects.

Elektralite strives to make their products fit the customer’s application. If for some reasonone of their stock fixtures does not work for the application, they have the capability to tweakthe fixturesso that they do!


Enttec was displaying a few new items this year. Of note was their new PIXEL Tapes and Pixie Driver.

Available in three different densities: 30, 60 and 144 Pixels per meter designed to work with ENTTEC Pixie Driver. Each pixel can achieve 16,777,216 full color display and scan frequency non less than 400Hz/s. They come with 3M adhesive double side tape at the back for easy adhesion to various surfaces.

Enttec's Pixie Driver is available in 2 versions, the 110 Watt pixie driver can control up to 600 RGB LEDs from one source, the 55 Watt 300 RGB LEDs. This means you need less hardware to controls more strips. Using a standard 30 LEDs per meter strip, that's 20 meters of LED strip from one compact device.

Enttec Pixie Driver

Fuel Lighting

Fuel recently came on the scene with some really handy fixtures for niche needs.

Fuel Angle LightThe "Angle Light" System is truly in a class of its own.From its visually pleasing warm-white LED light output, to it's high-contrast optical system that has virtually zero light spill outsideits super-narrow 3deg beam, to it's wireless full dimming capability... the Angle Light Systemwill inspire a whole new series of creative lighting concepts that will no-doubt change the way events are envisioned, designed, and experienced. It's extremely small size, (1.75" x 1.75" x 10") and light weight design of only 1.3lbs allowed us to create many new ways tointegrate the system into different venue and event settings that were simply not possiblewithtraditional light systems of the past. Custom adapters such as pipe "clips" that allow you to "snap" the light directly onto pipe & drape, the magnetic mount on the back of the light that is amazingly powerful, and the glass railingmount for spaces that utilize 1/2" glass railings, come together to form a super versatile lighting tool.

Penda-Light-Main-Header_1024x1024Fuel's Penda-Light LED Fixture is a remote controlled, and dimmable 360deg light source capable of mimicking the light radiating characteristics of a standard incandescent light bulb designed to light any object that requires smooth 360deg illumination. Decor pieces such as Lamp and Pendent Shades, Paper Lanterns, and Acrylic Furniture are just a few elements perfect for the Penda-Light System. In fact, any situation you think a regular light bulb would be perfect, the Penda-Light would be a great solution.

What's neat about the fixture is Fuel developed a series of inexpensive reflectors that mount to the tip of the fixture redirecting all of it's light in one direction. The ability to transform the Penda-Lights 360deg radiating pattern into a direction pattern allows a single fixture to be utilized for many different lighting applications making this new innovation both an amazing light and a great value.


GE Lighting

GE was exhibiting at LDI showing their entire line of stage and studio lamps. But in the works is a new 1600 SRC UV protected lamp, at this time they do not have a time frame, and they are also working on a 1800 version for the near future. They had their entire line of updated LED replacement bulbs for both commercial and residential use displayed.


German Light Products (GLP)

Impression-X4-XL-199x300GLP was introducing the X4s LED quad color, RGBW, small wash fixture, using 7 high power LEDS, with 7 to 50 degree zoom, 660 pan and 260 tilt this fixture is ideal for small venues and clubs. Also new was the X4XL a large LED moving head using 55 high power RGBW LEDs with 7 to 50 degree zoom, 660 pan and 260 degree tilt.

A truly unique product was the SceneX LED Pixel tape. This IP65 rated LED tape comes complete with 3M adhesive backing in one meter lengths. Each Tricolor LED can be mapped so you can layout your own LED screen or accent a line or wall with rainbow color effect. The system comes complete with GLP-Pixel-LED-Tape-300x199power supplies and DMX decoders for very affordable pricing. If you need to control the tape wirelessly they also have the AIR DMX system. Now you can control your DMX fixtures from your ipad wirelessly over your local WLAN network. A well thought out transmitter and receiver are the backbone for this system, plus the software has a full fixture library that is capable of running up to 120 cues or programs.

Global Truss

global-truss-crank-standGlobal Truss was showing their Medium Duty (330lb capacity) and Extra Heavy Duty (459lb capacity) Crank Stands. The stands feature easy transport and set up and have a variety of optional accessory truss adapters. One nice feature is the analog height indicator on the crank side of the stand. The Global DuraTruss line comes in three square and 2 triangular sizes as well as beam and single tube. DuraTruss features tool free assembly and can be powder coated. Standard colors are black and white and custom colors are available. To give your rig a touch of elegance, try the DuraTruss Pro Zip Covers.

Displaying 31 to 40 (of 75 Posts)
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