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CITC Effects

Two new products for the fog and snow machine line:

First one is called “The Quiet Cube” snow machine. Is the quietest sow machine ever, a total of 10 dbs quieter than their best seller “Little Blizzard”. Great output and low power consumption for the small structure. It has 1 DMX channel with a variable speed remote control. The output of the snow is super extra dry and does not leave a residue. In stock and ready to ship, snow fluid sold separately.

CITC AquamaxThe other model is called “AQUAMAX” which replaces the scented or smelly haze machines. This unit works with “organic fluid” which is odorless and great for the environment. It has a 2 hour hang time, it does not need rebuilding and never clogs. As well it has a low fluid consumption about 4 oz. per an hour. It comes with 1 DMX channel with digital display, adjustable haze deflector, residue free with the smallest particles to date. The very best part of the unit that is self –cleaning head and built-in adjustable fans to spread the “healthiest haze on earth”, with only 6 minutes of heating time.

City Theatrical

led_tape_spool_medQolorFlex LED: LED lighting tape aimed at the professional lighting market, including live theatre, television, film, and video, and live events. LED tape is a revolutionary product, allowing lighting users to put light in places that were impossible in the past and tocreate lighting fixtures and lighting effects in new and inexpensive ways. QolorFLEX LED tape is manufactured to City Theatrical’s exact specifications and is available in a variety of types such as single color, RGB, RGBA, and RGBW.

CITY T LED DimersD SERIES LED DIMMERS: Working alongside QolorFlex LED Tape are City Theatrical’s D Series LED Dimmers, sized from the single channel D1 Dimmer up to a high powered four channel D4 Dimmer with a built-in power supply. These dimmers all have the extremely smooth dimming curves thatprofessional shows demand and a range of user interfaces and features that makes setting them up easy for lighting users. Two dimmers in this range also include a miniature SHoW DMX Neo receiver for high quality professional wireless use.

City T S4 LED AutoYokeAUTOYOKE SOURCE FOUR LED: The AutoYoke Source Four LED combines the quiet operation, accuracy, reliability, and professional quality of the AutoYoke, with the brightness, built in color changing, energy efficiency, and long life of the Source Four LED, and is the solution for converting ETC’s state of the art Source Four LED into a fully featured moving light. Smooth, precise, and quiet, the AutoYoke Source Four LED’s DMX control allows you to pan and tilt the unit, as well as adjust the iris, and change the focus sharpness of the beam. Since Source Four LED lighting fixtures have color-changing capabilities, there’s no need for color scrollers, and no dimmer is required.

Clay Paky

B-EyePerhaps the biggest winner in Vegas during LDI 2013, Clay Paky’s A.leda B-Eye snatched up “Best Debuting Lighting Product” by displaying an impressive range of features for this LED fixture. With 37-15 watt RGBW LEDs, this moving head unit maintains a high output while being used as a smooth wash-light, powerful beam projector, or for mesmerizing graphic effects.

The B-Eye renders saturated colors as a wash-light while maintaining an even field throughout its zoom range, 6° to 70°; however, when a designer zooms the beam down further to 4°, the diffuse wash becomes a sharp parallel beam projector. Zooming through the air, each seemingly pencil-thin beam can be individually controlled for awesome micro-beam color chases and pulsating strobes. What the B-Eye can do next is the most impressive feature of any moving light that has come before it: the entire front lens can be rotated in either direction (at variable speeds), creating an array of little beams, which can be unfolded to create unlimited stunning kaleidoscopic projections – filling the air with a kinetic energy that has never before been achievable by any other fixture.

Shipping in early 2014, the A.leda B-Eye can be purchased as the K20 model or the smaller K10 model; however, the K-10 will not have the kaleidoscopic folding features of the K-20. With the ability to be used as a wide ranging even flood fixture, powerful beam projector, and spectacular graphic effect light, the B-Eye is powerful in potential and versatility.

Clear Com

Clear Com RS-700Similar to its predecessors, the new RS-700 Series beltpacks feature state-of-the-art performance and exceptional audio clarity for partyline communications in small- to mid-size productions. All units are constructed with highly durable material for a tough exterior and strong enclosure to endure harsh, repetitive daily use. All 700 Series beltpacks feature recessed rotary volume controls as well as Talk and Call keys that are guarded against accidental activation.

An LED off mode is available for instances when the user requires complete darkness. Call with talk operation and latch or non-latch keying are also available. Electrically, the entire 700 Series requires a lower operating current for additional beltpack drops. Moreover, the beltpacks are built to be fully compatible with all Clear-Com legacy partyline systems and are protected against damage from accidental connection to other XLR-3 equipped digital systems. Watch the video and see how durable the beltpack is!

Clear Com CC-300 HeadsetCC-300 Headset - This single-ear headset features high ambient-noise attenuation headphones and a hyper-cardioid dynamic microphone that provide high quality audio. The headset has a flexible design and a soft-ear pad to offer superior comfort. Able to rotate 300 degrees, the microphone boom acts as an On/Off switch for quick microphone muting.

Coemar Lighting

Coemar Infinity Spot LCoemar available through DeSisti USA in the Unted States introduced their DMX over power Ellipsoidal. DMX transmitted over the AC power line.

Coemar introduced the Infinity Spot L moving light. The light offers a spot to flood range of from 6 to 40 degrees. The unit utilizes the 1000 watt HTI lamp and is a 5 color CMY color mixing. The unit has an aerial wheel, break up wheel, 2 rotating prisms, proportional frost, iris, mechanical and electronic strobe and only weighs 77 lbs.

Color Kinetics

Philips Color Kinetics is still one of the premier Architectural LED manufacturers in the world. Always updating their product line they have a wide range of fixtures for all types of architectural applications from cove lighting to exterior building washers.

IntellipowerAn exiting recent release is their Intellipower system. The control system sends high-bandwidth control data (DMX) to fixtures over standard 2 + ground wiring, enabling the integration of intelligent LED lighting solutions into existing power systems. By leveraging existing electrical and physical infrastructures, IntelliPower technology lets you affordably install dynamic, digitally controllable LED lighting where it was never possible before. They have also developed a Site Assessment Tool that tests data signal quality for pre-installation qualification and post-installation troubleshooting so you can be confidant your existing infrastructure can adequately support the system.

Da-Lite Screen Company

Fast-Fold--DeluxeDa-Lite manufactures a variety of portable and permanent installation projection screens for a wide variety of applications.

At the show they were displaying one of their new Fast Fold Screen that employs a heavy duty frame and stand support system that can hold up in even the toughest AV markets. All fast fold screens set up easily, without any tools.

Also on display was an example of how Da-Lite can customize a screen to fit almost any size or shape. To put their production team to the test, their marketing dept. handed them a pair of sunglass, which they were able to recreate in grand fashion. Cutting custom shaped screens shaped like the lenses of the glasses and hiding the custom support frame for each screen within the “glasses” frame they were able to pull off one giant set of “Sunglasses”! If you ever find yourself in need of custom shaped projection screens Da-Lite is up to the task.


Daktronics DSFDaktronics’ Digital Street Furniture is an innovative solution for interior or exterior video message screens. Focusing on content, not medium, the LED 2.5 square meter screen has 6mm line spacing, 288 x 192 pixel configuration, and stands in a slender, weather resistant, 7’ tall x 5’ wide cabinet, ensuring that your message stands out, not the display product. With 160° H x 30° V up/50° V down viewing angle, the screen can be set anywhere while complimenting the surrounding architecture with wall, pedestal, flag, or pole mounting options. The fully sealed IP-65 rated cabinet can withstand years of use, and the low power draw of the LEDs makes an attractive return-on-investment, coupled with the easily accessed Ethernet input, so that content can be altered quickly with a laptop. These features make Daktronics’ Digital Street Furniture an appealing way to infuse a sleek modern look to message display.


darklightDarklight was founded in spring of 2010 as a manufacturer of special effects lighting equipment catering to the themed attraction industry. Their “Precision” series of LED fixtures were developed with compactness, safety, modularity, and ease of use in mind, allowing lighting designers to illuminate environments that were not previously possible with larger fixtures.

In late 2012, they launched a new line of products catering to the professional lighting and architectural markets called the “Gantom” series. The industry recognized Gantom iQ, an ultra-compact image projector, spearheads our focus into the specified lighting market. These fixtures quickly became the “secret weapon” of many lighting designers and industry experts and have been installed in a wide range of applications including theme parks, museums, bars & clubs, casinos, and haunted attractions all around the world.


Harkness ScreensDazian is now the exclusive distributor of Harkness Event Screens in the USA. Harkness Screens is the world’s largest manufacturer of screen surfaces, specializing in the design and production of custom screens of all sizes and shapes. Harkness started in the cinema market and has expanded to serve the event and custom screen markets.

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