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Aquarii AP AxceleronThis year's LDI was recent start-up Aquarii's first time at the show and they came out swinging. Their Axceleron down-light is designed to be used as a down-light for theatre and entertainment venues, convention centers, arenas, museums, high school gyms & natatoriums.

Perfect for commercial and architectural lighting applications, the Axceleron can also be used inwarehouses, manufacturing plants, storage facilities, dairies, wineries, and airport common areas. It is designed to replace metal halide, and high pressure sodium, incandescent lights. The Axceleron outperforms these conventional fixtures in energy savings and maintenance by up to 70%.

Axceleron can be configured with several lens types to provide the many choices in light distribution. They are can do custom enclosure wraps so the fixtures can stand out or blend into any environment.

Arri Lighting

Arri_M8_HMIARRI showed their M8 which is the latest and smallest lighting fixture in ARRI's highly successful M-series of HMI lampheads. The M8 is equipped with MAX Technology, a unique, patented and award winning reflector design that unifies the advantages of a Fresnels and a PAR fixture. The M-series is a comprehensive daylight tool set comprising offive lampheads that between them offer a range of nine wattage options from 800w up to 18,000w. This fixture will be ready for ship first of the year and outputs as much light as the 1200w classic unit did.

Arri Media App iconARRI also launched a new IPhone app.ALEXA Data app is a data calculator that enables users to determine storage requirements when planning a shoot with any camera from the ALEXA family. By inputting the relevant format (which might be ARRIRAW, uncompressed HD, ProRes or DNxHD), as well as the frame rate, users can immediately see how much time, or data capacity, is required. Simple controls and a single-screen interface allow a quick decision to be made about how many SxS cards, data packs and/or external hard drives a production will need. Download it today for free.

ARRI also let us know that the L7-D daylight colored LED Fresnel model is now in stock and ready to ship!


Astera-spotmaxA new find on the floor this year was Astera LED. Their new fixture was the Spot Max. It is an IP65 rated fixture with wireless DMX control. Astera offers a proprietary RF controller or you can use your own controller with a W-DMX transmitter.

The SpotMax LED features a built in stand that folds up into the handle, a nice convenience for those quick event set-ups. The unit looked to have a nice output in terms of color mixing and punch from the Phillips RGBAW leds.Astera-light-drop

The other must have for the event lighting crowd was the Lightdrop. A battery operated, remote controlled pod with a magnetic base. Astera has a line of accessories to trick out your Lightdrop from lenses, housings and columns to a charging case.

They also have wireless dedicated tablet controller called Astera Touch. It allows simple management of wireless lights, and can launch programs, effects, and customize and store these effects for use at events. Whether targeting one light or sets of lights, all doing different sequences, the AsteraTouch™ can do it all. All that is needed is the AsteraTouch™ and their lights, no other transmitter/receiver devices are needed.

Automatic Devices Company

ADC tLiftADC of Allentown PA has simplified the installation of an Austrian Curtain. The Model 1000 tLift is fully self-contained package. Just bolt truss sections of 3, 5 or 10 ft together and lift into place! Standard specifications are 600lb lift, 80fpm line speed, and 20’ travel with spools placed on 42” centers. All YoYo drums, cable guides and bearing brackets are adjustable along the length of the truss. The system uses direct drive throughout its length, which means no messing with chains, belts or pulleys and a power off friction brake keeps the curtain in place. Rotary limits switches are utilized for full up and full down position and programmable control is achieved with hoist control software.

Avolites Media

IAvo MSC1 controllern addition to Avolite Media’s powerful media server engine, they produce a variety of wings that a user can purchase to make controlling their software easier. Wing sizes vary from small portable devices to full console desks.

AI7-Virtual-RenderRecently, they released an updated software patch that provides an enhanced user experience while also significantly upgrading the capabilities of their media servers to include displaying content thru the new high resolution projectors coming out on the market, including ones outputting content in 4k resolution.

Baxter Controls

netport_and_routerThe newest offering from Baxter Controls Inc. is Pocket DMX with DMX NETport. It is a gateway and app that select DMX channel or dimmer. It is intended to be used by electricians who need to call up channels without bothering the board op. It allows 36 channels of control in pages of 6.

The DMXin port allows you to merge Pocket DMX™ NETport control data output with that of an existing source of DMX. This merging of control data allows for use of the device as a wireless remote focus unit or gives you simultaneous control of the same DMX stream by both the console operator and the Pocket DMX™ user.

BBS Lighting

BBS_Area48_soft_Front_Although the Force V LED light engine kept up with the competition well in Barbizon's 2013 LED profile showcase, the Area 48 remote phosphor softlight is striking for its output and versatility. Whether you're adding one or a dozen or more of these to your inventory, they're certain to see a lot of use. Phosphor panels easily swap for output from 2700K-6500K plus CK green. The ability to snap a battery on this panel and get to work wherever you find yourself shooting rounds out all of the accessories offered. Smooth dimming, great color rendering, 150W max consumption, and a weight of only 8.0lbs from phosphor panels the size of a single sheet of paper!


Canto USACanto will be releasing a new 200 Watt LED Truss Spot in Q1 2014. Specs show it with output close to a 575 Spot. The LED Light Engine can be retrofit to existing Canto spots. They also have a new accessory for the Canto line that permits single hand control of the iris and dowser.

Profile-R3055-20131023Canto USA is the national rep for a line of LED Profile, Fresnel and Panel Light fixtures by MacoStar. The MacoStar Profile series includes 3 zoom spots (8/22, 18/36 and 30/50) with a 200 Watt LED light engine. The barrel/lens tube assemblies are interchangeable. The light engine is available in 3200k and 5600k and comes standard with DMX control and RDM compatibility. The beam at sharp is crisp with no halo and is smooth and consistent at full soft. The Fresnel Series includes 100 and 200 watt LED fixtures. The Fresnels feature spot/flood adjustment, 3200k or 5600k light engines, no multi-shadows, DMX control, RDM compatibility, PoweCon In/Thru and accept a range of power inputs. Beam shaping is clean and precise with either a four or eight leaf barndoor. The panel fixture line includes two 100watt LED floods and a 100 watt LED softlight. All three feature local and DMX control, PowerCon In/Thru. Accessories include barndoor, reflector, honeycomb grid and diffuser screen. Yoke attachment at the fixture can be adjusted along the length of the fixture body. All of the fixtures in the MacoStar line include a simple to use touchscreen GUI, adjustable fan speed and an auto cutoff safety feature to protect the fixture from operating in an over temp situation.

CBI Professional Wiring Systems

C.B.I is a family owned and operated business of 25 years located in upstate New York. At LDI they were showing three handy things of interest.CBI

  1. Now offering 30’ 16/3 multi-outlet cable – 6 outlets, lightweight.

  2. Molded extension cable available in varied lengths with shrink wrap labels

  3. DMX to CAT5 Shuttle Snakes

Chauvet Professional

Chauvet Professional displayed a number of new LED fixtures at the LDI Exhibition. Adding to Chauvet Pro Colorado quad 9their already popular line, the COLORado Series welcomes the COLORado Batten Quad-9 wash luminaire. This fixture has 90-watts of RGBW quad-color LED output and an IP-66 rating, making it reliable in wet locations. The application for this fixture is quite versatile; it can be used as a border light, a general wash to a vertical surface and a direct line-of-sight pixel mapping.

ovation_640fc_P_1LAdded to the Ovation line is the, Ovation C-640 FC. This fixture can be used as a replacement to the popular halogen cyc lights. Featuring RGBWA LEDs, the Ovation C-640 FC has a vast array of color options while consuming less power than traditional fixtures. With a color temperature range of 2,800 to 10,000 K, 16-bit dimming, and a master dimmer, this fixture is stage-ready.

A new member of the COLORdash line is the Par Hex 12, featuring RGBW-UV. This fixture satisfies the need for an ultraviolet light without having to purchase a separate fixture. Par Hex 12 includes a split-yoke bracket, a built in color frame and has both a 3-pin and 5-pin input/output.

Also featured at the Chauvet booth was the Legend 412Z. This LED wash moving light has a zoom range of 8 degrees to 33 degrees, making it useful for several different applications, from touring to broadcast. The Legend 412Z has twelve 15-watt quad color RGBW emitters with four zones of independent pixel mapping control.

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