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Aadyn Punch PlusReleased at LDI you can now use the Aadyn Punch Plus Luminaire for outdoor floodlighting applications in any climate. Working with Tempest lighting, this custom Thunder enclosure will keep your luminaire dry and cool, and is designed to be hung from lighting poles and frames, with simple but secure pan and tilt adjustment. Thunder 6670 EnclosureThe Thunder 6670 enclosure has been custom-designed by Tempest. Thunder 6670 protects your Aadyn luminaire in rain, snow, ice and sun, in temperatures up to 50 degrees C/120 degrees F. Thunder 6670 is equipped with Tempest’s unique MiniDEC controller, to ensure cooling any time the luminaire is on or the temperature is high. MiniDEC controller monitors temperature and power to the lamp, controls cooling and changes air when the lamp is off to prevent overheating in direct sun.

AC Lighting

AC_Lighting_Inc_LDI_2013A.C. Lighting Inc, showcased a selection of the very latest Chroma-Q® and Jands lighting innovations, plus ArKaos and LedGo video solutions. Product highlights from the Chroma-Q® premium performance lighting range included the soon-to-launch Inspire Mini™ RGBW color-mixing LED house light; the new DC battery powered version of the award-winning Studio Force V 12 Phosphor™ variable white softlight for location work; the Auto LED II™ moving light specifically designed for precise stand illumination of motor industry tradeshows; and the new Color Block 2 Plus Nano™ versatile single cell LED system. On show from Jands was the new Vista D1 playback processor providing an additional 8192 DMX channels for hardware models in the award-winning Vista lighting and media control range. In addition, new software features such as control of twice as many groups of LEDs or dimmers, was demonstrated for the award-winning Stage CL "made for LEDs" console. Receiving its North American launch at LDI was the ArKaos Studio Server. Featuring full HD output over up to four EDID managed outputs, the Studio Server has been designed to deliver optimal images for the high-end demands of studio, concert tour, television and corporate applications. From Prolyte, their H30V series of strong yet extremely lightweight truss for live event productions, and the Prolyte Barrier lightweight aluminium - only 77lbs per 3.28ft section - crowd barrier control system. Highlights from LedGo's range of high-quality modular LED video panels included the 6mm black LED high contrast panels, featuring easy ‘Rig and Click’ hardware for quick assembly and very high refresh rates to avoid flickering on cameras.

Acclaim Lighting

ART IOAcclaim Lighting exhibited their new ART IO digital analog expansion module. Equipped with 8 digital/analog switchable inputs and 8 relay-switched digital outputs, the design offers versatility and supports several different protocols, including, DMX, RS-232, OSC, UDP and Art-Net. ALQ BarAlso at the booth was the ALQ Bar, a high power graze and wash fixture. The ALQ Bar has 10W Cree quad color LEDs and is IP-65 rated, so it can be used in wet locations. This fixture can accepts optional LSF filters to modify the beam angle.

ACT Lighting

ACT-LDI-2013The ACT team led by industry stalwart Bob Gordon had all the lines they distribute packed into their booth front and center at LDI. On display were distributed lines including Clay Paky, Wireless Solution's W-DMX G4, GrandMA2 with a separate display for the PC Wings, the GDS line of products including LiteWare RGB Uplighter and the the CueSystem, Rainbow Color Changers for those who are still buying gel scrollers.Two new lines were introduced– Elidy, a series LED strips and Chromlech with theirrange of halogen arrays. Yes, halogen audience blinders are still the way to go if you want to blind the audience without using LEDs.

Airstar America, Inc

Airstar CrystalLatest product called Crystal is an air-filled self inflating indoor and outdoor unit with a 2000 W halogen lamp, used for functional or décor purposes. They use halogen lamps, HMI, CFL and LED as their lighting source for this unit. Covers an area of 140 ft. in diameter, with a 20 amp circuit and it can be customized for any event with the company logo for an extra charge. The other product that is fairly new to the line is called Spidair which is an open-air spider shape dome also for indoor and outdoor use. They come in sizes of 72, 60 and 40 ft. high in diameter, and they are all glare free. These are in stock and ready for shipping from their warehouse and manufacturing in Orlando, Florida. AirStar-Pidair-and-dome

Altman Lighting

Altman-LED-PhoenixWinner of the PLASA 2013 member's choice award for best equipment, Altman Lighting's Phoenix LED is a 250w LED sourced profile spot fixture designed for long throw theatrical, architectural, house of worship and film/TV applications. The Phoenix LED profile spot is available in 3000k white, RGBA, RGBW and 5600k white array options for maximum design flexibility. At only 250w this energy efficient fixture is designed to replace your standard 750w incandescent source seamlessly with no bench focusing required. Phoenix LED is available in various lens options including 5°, 10°, 19°, 26°, 36° and 50° with your choice of a 19°, 26°, 36° or 50° lens barrel included with the fixture standard along with c-clamp, safety cable and color frame at no additional cost. Like its incandescent counterpart the Altman Phoenix LED profile spot features locking shutters, a fully enclosed accessory holder and a 360° rotating barrel for those difficult to achieve focus angles. Phoenix LED offers both powerCON in/out feed thru as well as DMX in/out. The fixture further uses an autosensing 100-240v 50/60 Hz power supply suitable for global use and features bidirectional RDM communication.

American DJ

Amrivan DJ LDI 13American DJ featured over 20 new fixtures at LDI. Of particular interest are the Wifly collection…wireless, battery powered fixtures. Available in the WiFly collection are the WiFly Bar QA5, 5X5W RGBA; Wifly Par QA5, also 5X5W RGBA; WiFly Bar RGBA, 320 10mm RGBA LED’s (64 red, 96, green, 96 blue, 64 amber); Wifly Wash Bar, 15X1W RGBA wifly-categoryLED’s (5 red, 5 green, 5 blue). Wifly accessories sold separately include the WiFly Transceiver, D6 Branch, and RGBW8C compact DMX-512 controller. The Ultra Bar Series are indoor linear fixtures offering bright chromatic colors and 40 degree sharp beam angles. There are 3 models in the series, 6, 9, and 12 3W RGB LED engines. All feature 0-100% dimming, flexible programming from onboard DMX menu, or from wireless remote. (sold separately). Other new products include the Dotz Matrix and Dotz Flood. The Dotz Matrix is a Wash/Blinder fixture with advanced COB LED technology allowing for a powerful LED engine to be placed in a small amount of space. The result is a super-charged, high output, wash fixture with smooth color mixing powered by sixteen 30W TRI COB LEDs. Dotz Matrix also has Pixel Mapping capabilities for stunning visual effects, and boasts a powerful 430 Watts with a massive 60 degree beam angle. The fixture has many pro features such as: 0-100% electronic dimming, strobe/pulse effect, built-in shows and colors macros, a 4-button DMX LCD display, PowerCon AC In/Out, 5 selectable Dim Curves for stage lighting, 4 Pixel Flipping options, and 5 DMX channel modes. Dotz Matrix may run in its stand-alone mode from built-in programs, sound actively, or from a DMX Controller. The Dotz Flood is a Wash/Blinder fixture with advanced COB LED technology allowing for a powerful LED engine to be placed in a small amount of space. The result is a high output, smooth color mixing fixture powered by six TRI COB LEDs. Dotz Flood is suitable for staging and nightclub lighting because it produces wide covers at a short distance and has no RGB color shadows. Dotz Flood includes barn doors to regulate the beam angle. The maximum beam angle is a wide 60 degrees. This fixture is compatible with the ADJ DF FC wireless foot controller with a wire-free range up to 30ft./10M. The fixture has many pro features such as: 0-100% electronic dimming, strobe/pulse effect, built-in shows and colors macros, and a 4-button LCD DMX display. Dotz Flood may run in its stand-alone mode from built-in programs, sound actively, or from a DMX Controller. It’s also compatible with the ADJ UC3 Series controllers.

American Studio Equipment

American GripAmerican Studio Equipment now offers a special low boy combo type stand to be used with the Dana Dolly. The Dana Dolly stand has a "T" top welded to accept the track ends, is about 8" shorter than a low boy combo, and has two leveling legs instead of one, which will allow it to level better on mountains or rocky terrain. While this stand was not at the booth, American Grip encourages customers to contact Barbizon for additional information.

Apollo Design Technology

New this year at the Apollo, you guessed it an LED fixture. The masters of metal work have decided to jump into the LED fixture arena. Right now they have 2 LED units that they are producing. The Avid 5 is a casting holding currently the Osram HD Par38 lamp. The lamp itself is considered a dimmable lamp. The choice to go with an off the shelf lamp retrofit lamp means that Apollo can improve the unit as LED lamp technology improves. They may also be able to engineer a better dimming curve within the unit itself. The Avid 7 is a more traditional LED fixture with quad chip LEDs. It has the same style metal housing, DMX in/thru, Powercon in/thru and an LCD screen for accessing on board features. Apollo had a nifty display set up of the piece of raw aluminum from start to finish along with the initial concept drawings. The main advantages to the Avid feature line will be the fact that they can be customized for any project. Apollo already has fixtures on display in a number of different colors and will custom build whatever you need. The other great advantage is that they are building all the products in the USA. AC-LF5-WRENCH-S For you tool junkies Apollo had their Little Focus 5 Wrench is a sleek, handy tool for your focusing needs. Made from durable stainless steel, the LF5 provides easy access to common bolt sizes found in the industry. Apollo Perma PennyAnother handy item Apollo has designed a unique accessory called the Perma Penny. A handy truss protector that slips right onto a fixture clamp to protect aluminum truss from repeated damage done by clamps. The Perma Penny does not have to be removed from truss when finished, it remains on the fixture clamp until next installation. Of course there was no shortage of gel and gobo products on display. For those who were not familiar with Apollo’s Gel Wrap, they had the wheel of Gel Wrap which showcase their Gel tubes and wrap.

Applied Electronics

Solid and respectable craftsmanship marks new-for-Applied cable testers for Socapex and PowerCon cables, and they had a few along with them at the show. Applie-Mini-arrayFor outdoor events where small line arrays must be deployed, Applied's Mini Line Array Tower is a good solution. This system features:

  • Modular Design For Fast Assembly
  • Easy Transport
  • 6061-T6 Aluminum Construction
  • Adjustable Leveling Pads
  • Tower Hinged For Easy Loading
  • Integrated Motor Pick Point
  • Works With Many Popular Array Designs

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