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“ Show report from our team at the LDI 2011 Show held October 28-30 in Orlando, FL. ”

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SSRC is please to announce that the factory has greatly expended it facility and mechanical tooling now allowing much greater customer fabrication abilities never before possible. This will come in very handy for any customers looking for custom mounting brackets, power distribution or light cages. The added space has given SSRC the ability to add an impressive paint shop perfect for providing custom color with an accelerated turn-a-round time. The SSRC Pantograph line is now expanded to include the ability to integrate AV and customer low voltage cable harnesses to its cable drops.

Strong & DTS

Sharing the same booth and distribution chain, Strong and DTS were showing the newest fixtures in their respective lines. Strong was showing their LED lines of fixtures. The first of which is their extreme long throw Solutions line. These are either White or RGBW fixtures that operate at 650W to throw over extreme distances (White version – 96 fc at 200’). The Neeva LED profile fixture is their other offering. It is currently available in a 50W version with a 100W version coming out in January. The new 100W will be available in both tunable white and RGBA models. The fixture features 1195 lumens of output. It can project gobos and a hard edge. However it cannot create the traditional soft edge that is found in many incandescent ellipsoidal fixtures. DTS, which is distributed by Strong, was showing its full line of architectural and entertainment fixtures. One of their highlighted fixtures was the “Jack Spot”. It is a high power moving head fixture based on the Phillips platinum 5R lamp. It offers many of the normal options such as a Color wheel, motorized focus, motorized iris, 5° to 34° linear zoom, rotating gobo wheel, fixed gobo wheel, and 5 facet rotating prism. On first glance, the aspect that immediately jumps out is the overall size of the fixture. It measures 47 cm (18.5”) high x 34 cm (13.4”) wide. The Platinum 5R lamp does have tremendous output for its size, but at certain focal points (as seem with similar fixtures) the lamp creates a spotty throw. Gobos and other effects looked excellent, and offered a ton of options for a small fixture. Additional LED emitter upgrades were also forthcoming for many of their LED products including the Nick 600 Wash Zoom. Which after upgrade is intended to be 25% brighter and feature a quad chip format with internal mixing (instead of current pixilated version). The fixture will either have a 8°-53° zoom or three interchangeable fixed focus optical units. It will also be available in a full white version with two color temperature options (2700° K & 6500° K).

Strong Entertainment Group

DTS Delta12FC IP 65Strong Entertainment Group showed a wide variety of products from DTS, Solutions, and their own Super Trooper line. The Delta 12FC IP65 Outdoor Architectural Light was bright enough to cut through all the light on the busy trade show floor. The 17,000 lumens can be distributed to cover any area using the holographic filters. Both Max & Jack were present representing DTS’s powerful discharge type moving head fixtures. The Solutions fixture, which was used on the top of One World Trade Center, offers extreme output in a narrow beam for long throw applications requiring either white or RGB lighting.


New at LDI this year Swisson announced that it took its XPS-DMX line of DMX splitter products and had them completely ETL listed. No more electrical inspector problems installing Swisson splitters in your next permanent installation. Swisson has also expanded its Splitter line with ETL listed RDM compatible line called the XSR-DMX/RDM completely supporting the bi-directional communication inherent in RDM protocol. Coming soon Swisson will offer splitters with RJ 45 connector, a great solution for clients not using old fashion 5-pin XLR connectors.

The Light Source

The Light Source a premiere manufacturer of fixture hanging accessories, including C clamps and couplers has new colors for their Mega Combo wrenches (Orange, Red, Silver, Black, Blue, Green and Gold are in stock). Also, for those who have a Barco projector, there is a new clamp that will fasten to the pipe, comes with a T-handle, so no tools are required. And not to be outdone, they had an impressive prototype of an LED Ellipsoidal that uses an industry standard optics system.


This TMB had networking and control cable offerings as well as an LED fixture. Here's a bullet list of their booth's highlights

  • A rack mount gigabit switch in either 8 or 10 ports and with or without fiber.
  • A portable gigabit switch with 6 outputs
  • Pro-Plex 4-core fiber cable will be available by the spring of 2012. This is 4 core fiber with the outer jacket of standard Pro-plex and will allow for a tighter bend radius.
Also new to TMB is the Schnick Schnack line of LED fixtures and controls. They come in both strip and tile versions. All are DMX controlled.
  • C series strip is full RGB and can be video controlled, has a 25MM LED pitch and allows for up to 30 channels of control.
  • B series strip is full RGB, allows for up to 3 channels of control and comes in either a 25mm or 12.5mm LED pitch.
  • L series strip is white light that comes in several color temperatures and is available in either 12.5mm or 25mm LED pitch.
  • C60 series is RGB, comes in either a 25mm or 50mm pitch, uses from 1 to 5 universes of DMX channel control and can be video controlled.
  • C50 series is RGB, comes in a 50mm pitch, uses 48 channels of control and can also be video controlled.
  • B series tile is RGB and used 3 channels of control on a 50mm pitch.
  • L series tile offers the same white color temperatures as the L series strip in a 33mm or 50mm LED pitch.
Schnick Schnack also offers several varieties of controllers and power supplies that allow everything from simple DMX RGB control to a power supply that handles up to 255 universes.  


Reliable source for truss, structural components, and rigging hardware. From basic light duty truss to roof systems, hoist and specialized truss systems. The TOMCAT Dance Tower is a versatile truss product used in numerous Broadway theatrical productions such as Mamma Mia, Hairspray and The Producers. The tower provides a side lighting position for performers on stage and is designed so that truss members don’t interfere with the lighting fixtures.


UltraTec introduced the Ultra Handy Fogger. This Ultra Handy Foggerlatest machine features a removable cord and manual pump for easy portability. Ideal for location work and wherever you need to run out and apply fog quickly in a specific area. They were also showing their Floor Pocket utilizing the LSG Low Smoke Generator. The Floor Pocket is rated for 1000LB load and pops up to distribute the LSG fog when needed. In addition, Ultratec has a new Fog Burst, which is a compressed air accelerator attachment for the G3000 and does what the name implies.

Union Connector

Manufacturers of connectors, company switches, and Emergency Transfer Switches is expanding their operation through a recent move to sunny FL. A warmer business climate is credited for bringing Union Connector to the sunshine state. Metal fabrication will be performed in CT, and assembly, quotes, and administration will be located in the new Florida facility.


Not many products really caught our attention during my trip to the Ushio booth until we saw caught a glimpse of the FLS Fiber Optic LED display. The FLS LED system uses a 3W diode to illuminate up to 6ft of fiber optic cable. Color options are the standard white, red, green, blue; unfortunately they don’t have color changing capabilities. This is a very bright and cost effective way to replace neon tubes and expensive LED tape. You can only light 6ft of fiber optic cable with a single LED engine but if you stagger the engines you can definitely create the effect of a long continuous light source which would be great for cove lighting in clubs or a residential install as well as backlighting existing signs and neon bulb replacements.

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