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“ Show report from our team at the LDI 2011 Show held October 28-30 in Orlando, FL. ”

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Philips Entertainment Group

Philips Entertainment Group had a multitude of new products on display, both in released and prototype versions. The popular VLX moving head luminaire from Vari-Lite has delivered a baby brother in the VLX3, a compact LED moving head wash unit that uses three of VLX RGBW light engines to produce a vast array of colors in a small package. For ultimate control and visual effects, each LED cell of the VLX3 can be controlled independently, but in that mode the fixture eats up a whopping 42 DMX channels!

Also in the Vari-Lite line, the 440,770 and 880 spot units showcase an entire line of compact but intensely bright new fixtures. The 400-Watt 440 Spot features everything customers expect in a full-featured moving light, with full color mixing, pattern projection and exceptional brightness, all with only a 400W power draw.

The Vari-Lite 770 Spot adds a 15 to 36-degree zoom to the package, and uses the Philips 700W MSR Fast-Fit lamp for high output. But the real punch of the compact fixture line comes from the 880 Spot, which puts out 19,000 lumens, almost the same punch as the VL3000.

Strand Selecon is not lagging behind in the innovation arena, blending the Vari-Lite advances in LED technology with the high quality fixtures we’ve come to expect from Selecon. The PL Cyc light is a new addition to the PL line of LED fixtures, which started off with the PL 1 spot and the PL3 wash fixture. The PL Cyc is a true cyc light, with one PL1 RGBW LED light engine in an asymmetrical reflector to ensure a smooth wash across a wide area. From the demo we saw, it looks as though this fixture will light a 16-17’ cyc evenly top to bottom when hung on 4-5’ centers.

Also in the demo room was the new LED ellipsoidal from Strand Selecon. So new it doesn’t have a name, price tag or even an outer housing at the show, it nonetheless boasted exceptional optics, high output and good color that puts it in a competitive place in the market once design is completed.

Pro Tape

Pro Tape showed a new line of camouflage gaff and duct tape that can be used outdoors to camouflage cables, in addition to their extensive line of entertainment industry tapes on display.

Pro-Tapes products include Pro-Gaffers (21 colors) , Pro-Glow vinyl tape and Pro-Artist tape clean removal. Products also include Shurtape P743 , opaque photo grade black paper tape and Shurtape Professional Grade Gaffers tape. Pro-Tapes offers new and improved Cable Path which offers a friction-free, adhesive free path for your cables to be fixed into place. . Pro-Tapes has also added Shurtape P661 Glow in the dark gaffers to their comprehensive line of tape products. It boasts the same superior adhesive system as P665 and the same thread count and easy cross tear.

RGB FlexiFlex

RGB Lights introduced their new FlexiFlex Touring Truss, an integrated hanging, cable and power management system that allows stagehands and technicians to set up faster with fewer connections. Consider it "Pre-Rig" Truss for video. The 24 in x 14 in box truss is designed to house power supply, power distribution, and networking components. The FlexiFlex Touring Truss can support 50-100 mm FlexiFlex panels up to 60 feet tall.

Massive LED video surfaces can be set up in a fraction of the time needed for other products. After bringing power and data to each section of the Hud/GT compatible truss, the system can be hoisted up while the FlexiFlex panels simply unfold as the truss raises. Upon disassembly, the FlexiFlex panel simply folds into its cart as the truss is lowered. No extra handling, attachment, or cabling is required.

For more information on the Touring Truss, please clickHERE.



Robe has revamped their line of moving light fixtures. The new Robin line incorporates some of the newer lamp technologies included the Philips Fast fit lamps and the Philips Platinum MSR lamps. They also have some LED and Plasma lamp fixtures.

The Robin 300 Plasma Spot and Wash incorporate a Lifi Plasma lamp source first seen in the Nemo by Seachanger. This highly efficient lamp has a great CRI at 94. While LED’s are the new cool thing they still struggle with producing high CRI. The plasma lamps allows for energy savings while not sacrificing color rendering. The plasma lamp is dimmable to 20%. Since they are using it in a moving light the mechanical dimmer can cover the rest.

Also new at LDI was the Robin 1200 LEDWash. It sports the same multi-chip LEDs as the Robin 300 and 600 LEDWash fixtures. Also new was the Robin DLX Spot LED-based moving head with RGBW LED sources as well as the Robin Sniper with the Philips Platinum 35 lamp for a tight, parallel beam used in place of Xenon-lamped large venue fixtures.

In keeping with Robe’s Green mission, you can view their digital catalogue online. I recommend you check out the “Robin Scoreboard” for a fast comparison of features across this new line of fixtures.

Robert Juliat

Robert Juliat showed their normal complement of quiet, well-constructed followspots, but all attention was focused on their LED products. What else would you expect from L(E)DI? The Aledin profile produced a nice even beam, had good pattern projection and great shutter cuts. It has the output equivalent to a 375W ellipsoidal at only 85 watts of power. The unit features a 50,000 hour life and is available in two color temperatures. It is a white-light only fixture. The Aledin Fresnel is another 85W LED fixture, this one using a traditional Fresnel optical system to provide excellent barndoor cuts and a smooth spot-to-flood ratio, with the equivalent output of a 650W tungsten Fresnel.


We compiled Rosco's new things, but then saw they produced a cool little video. Check it out.

Rosco's LED Channel Mount Kit allows designers to color and/or diffuse the light emitted from LED tape or ribbon and package it in an elegant and practical housing. The Kit consists of a 72" long extruded aluminum housing, a clear plastic cover, three mounting clips and end caps - one of which is closed and the other contains a wire pass-through. Screws for the end caps are also included.

Rosco Bubble Fluid Bubbles are fun! Whether bringing joy and laughter to a party or creating an enchanting, effervescent atmosphere for any spectacular event, a room full of bubbles makes everyone smile. Rosco, the original innovator of safe, water based fog and smoke fluids, now brings that same attention to quality and safety to Bubble Fluid. Rosco Bubble Fluid is a premium, universal solution suitable for use in all bubble machines. This purpose engineered formula creates the maximum density of brightly iridescent bubbles that fly higher and float longer than other fluids. And most importantly, these bubbles remain dry and will not leave behind a slippery surface or harm sensitive electronics like lighting or sound desks. Available in gallons and 55 gallon drums.

The PF-1000 Remote Head Fogger is essentially a fog machine taken out of its box and reassembled to meet special design needs. It is designed for remote, precise applications where the use of a standard fog machine is not practical. The system consists of a Heat Exchanger Module that is separate from the Control Module and attached with tubing and a special cable. The Heat Exchanger Module is approximately 9 in. (22.9 cm) long and 3 in. (7.5 cm) in diameter. This small size allows it to be affixed in many places a standard fog machine could not be used, such as in props and animated mannequins. The Control Module can be mounted on a wall or placed anywhere remote to the Heat Exchanger Module and fluid reservoir. It can also be modified to allow activation through a lighting control board or a main control computer. A 15 ft. Head Cable links the Heat Exchanger Module with the Control Module. This cable carries power and the data line for the thermal sensing device. A 15 ft long, 1/8 nylon tube carries fog fluid from the reservoir through the Control Module to the Heat Exchanger Module. The system uses all standard Rosco Fog Fluids.

The Delta 3000, Model 1600, Alpha 900 and the PF-1000 have been tested for use in professional theatrical productions and are included under the Equipment-Based Guidelines of the Equity-League Pension and Health Trust Funds.

Rosco Simple Spin™ Dual Gobo Rotator

A basic, double gobo rotator that is heavily laden with features for an affordable price. On-board controls allow you to control the speed and direction of the gobos, or with flick of a switch, the Simple Spin can be controlled by plugging it into a dimmer. The on-board, 100-240v power supply eliminates the transformer found on other similar rotators and allows it to be used all over the globe. Combined with features like absolute silent rotation, Rosco’s unique Channel Lock that holds the rotator in place inside the iris slot, a threaded Teflon collar that allows for easy installation of thin steel & thick glass 86mm gobos and electronic controls & stepper motors that ensure the gobo rotates at speeds as fast as 24 RPM and as slow as 1/3 RPM without stalling.

Rosco REVO™ Dual Gobo Rotator

The Rosco REVO is designed to fit seamlessly into your existing lighting system. The REVO operates using a standard 24v PSU, such as the Rosco Universal PSU’s or the PSU you may already be using for your color scrollers. The rotator offers complete control over both motors, including: speed, direction and even 8 bit & 16 bit indexing on BOTH rotators, plus it’s got seven DMX control modes – allowing you to program your gobo rotator effects like you would other moving light equipment you’re already working with. Combined with features like absolute silent rotation, Rosco’s unique Channel Lock that holds the rotator in place inside the iris slot, a threaded Teflon collar that allows for easy installation of thin steel & thick glass 86mm gobos and electronic controls & stepper motors that ensure the gobo rotates at speeds as fast as 24 RPM and as slow as 1/3 RPM without stalling. The Rosco REVO is the perfect choice for theaters, tours and rep plots around the world.

Rosco RevoPRO™ Dual Gobo Rotator

The Rosco RevoPRO was designed for customers that need to have a programmed rotator, but don’t have the capability to run DMX on the job site. With its on-board control system, the RevoPRO not only comes with 99 pre-programmed effects, but also the ability to program a specific effect using on-board controls, without a DMX console. The RevoPRO can also be controlled via DMX and offers complete control over both motors, including: speed, direction and even 8 bit & 16 bit indexing on BOTH rotators, plus it’s got seven DMX control modes – allowing you to create expensive ‘moving-light’ rotation effects using an affordable gobo rotator. Combined with features like absolute silent rotation, Rosco’s unique Channel Lock that holds the rotator in place inside the iris slot, a threaded Teflon collar that allows for easy installation of thin steel & thick glass 86mm gobos and electronic controls & stepper motors that ensure the gobo rotates at speeds as fast as 24 RPM and as slow as 1/3 RPM without stalling. The Rosco RevoPRO is designed for customers looking to rotate gobos in themed & retail store environments or create lighting effects for special events.


Rosebrand continues to add to its line of stretch shapes and specialty fabrics. New this season is the Geometric Display Wall shapes. There are 3 shapes curved, flat and wavy. This is a neat idea for displays, tradeshows and events. Shapes can be printed on digitally or plain white. The Tendo spandex is a great surface to project onto or light with a few LED’s.

Other cool new fabrics include the Crackle Tendo, Gliss Velvet and the Gloss Satin.


Oh Baby it was bright. New to LDI was the Seachanger HMI ellipsoidal. This unit uses a standard 575 HMI and kicks out 24,000 lumens with a CRI of 95. In the sea of LED’s it was unbelievably bright. If you’re looking for intensity this unit has it. Plus it contains the Seachanger features of standard Cyan, Magenta and Yellow filtering with a Micro patterned dimmer for 0-100% control. The lamp color temperature is 6,000K, you can use DMX and RDM control with on board LED keypad.


SSRC is please to announce that the factory has greatly expended it facility and mechanical tooling now allowing much greater customer fabrication abilities never before possible. This will come in very handy for any customers looking for custom mounting brackets, power distribution or light cages. The added space has given SSRC the ability to add an impressive paint shop perfect for providing custom color with an accelerated turn-a-round time. The SSRC Pantograph line is now expanded to include the ability to integrate AV and customer low voltage cable harnesses to its cable drops.

Strong & DTS

Sharing the same booth and distribution chain, Strong and DTS were showing the newest fixtures in their respective lines. Strong was showing their LED lines of fixtures. The first of which is their extreme long throw Solutions line. These are either White or RGBW fixtures that operate at 650W to throw over extreme distances (White version – 96 fc at 200’). The Neeva LED profile fixture is their other offering. It is currently available in a 50W version with a 100W version coming out in January. The new 100W will be available in both tunable white and RGBA models. The fixture features 1195 lumens of output. It can project gobos and a hard edge. However it cannot create the traditional soft edge that is found in many incandescent ellipsoidal fixtures.

DTS, which is distributed by Strong, was showing its full line of architectural and entertainment fixtures. One of their highlighted fixtures was the “Jack Spot”. It is a high power moving head fixture based on the Phillips platinum 5R lamp. It offers many of the normal options such as a Color wheel, motorized focus, motorized iris, 5° to 34° linear zoom, rotating gobo wheel, fixed gobo wheel, and 5 facet rotating prism. On first glance, the aspect that immediately jumps out is the overall size of the fixture. It measures 47 cm (18.5”) high x 34 cm (13.4”) wide. The Platinum 5R lamp does have tremendous output for its size, but at certain focal points (as seem with similar fixtures) the lamp creates a spotty throw. Gobos and other effects looked excellent, and offered a ton of options for a small fixture.

Additional LED emitter upgrades were also forthcoming for many of their LED products including the Nick 600 Wash Zoom. Which after upgrade is intended to be 25% brighter and feature a quad chip format with internal mixing (instead of current pixilated version). The fixture will either have a 8°-53° zoom or three interchangeable fixed focus optical units. It will also be available in a full white version with two color temperature options (2700° K & 6500° K).

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