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“ Show report from our team at the LDI 2011 Show held October 28-30 in Orlando, FL. ”

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Lighting & Electronics

Lighting & Electronics showed their brand-spanking new dimmable LED Worklite / Houselite. Powered by 120 Cree LEDs, the total power draw is 150W with 120 to 277V input. The fixtures color temp is4,000K to 4,500K with a CRI of >72. The unit is dimmable via either a 0-10V dimmer or DMX512. Aluminum alloy construction gives the unit great ruggedness and advanced heat dissipation. It is available in black or white, and mounting options include yoke and clamp, pendant, or torchiere.


Lightronics introduced Unity, their new line of architectural dimmers and controls, including Unity Central Desk, which provides 8 recordable lighting scene recalls to allow quick access to scenes during rehearsals and general purpose lighting. Simply insert the Central Desk in between the main theatrical console and the dimming system, program your cues and you’re ready to go.


Lite Panels also had a the smallest DMX controllable LED Fresnel on the market, the daylight-balanced Sola 4™ offers the controllability and light-shaping properties inherent in a Fresnel light at a small fraction of the power draw of conventional fixtures. like the rest of sola series, sola 4 provides Litepanels’ famous soft light quality. Fresh from IBC LitePanels teased their Croma™ fixture. It is a sleekly designed, camera-mounted LED lighting fixture that provides Litepanels hallmark soft light with the addition of variable color temperature output.

It is a versatile solution for run-and-gun news shooters, event videographers, or still photographers who move rapidly from one light environment to the next, without time to change lighting equipment or add gels. Delivering powerful performance in a small package, this self-contained light can be a secret weapon on any set or location, wherever extra kick or nice fill is needed.

Lowel Light

Lowel’s new fixture for LDI is the Prime LED. I was immediately impressed with its output. I did notice that the “tungsten” version incorporates some daylight colored LED’s. This helps with the intensity and also helps balance the color temperature. The Prime LED 400 is similar in size and body to the Fluotec fixtures. This fixture will be a good option for small educational or cable access studios. There was also talk at the booth about possible case and kit options.


Lycian’s new and improved Midget II Quartz is a compact lightweight, with dichroic glass reflector. Ideal for small clubs, schools, and churches. Maximum throw 150 feet. 


Manfrotto debuted a new line of friction arms that are smaller than their original 53” Magic Arm. The new models have a 5 year warranty with registration and are available in 14” and 24” with a variety of interchangeable adapters. Barbizon NAB 2015 - Manfrotto LumieAlso new, were the Lumie on camera LED lights priced for entry-level photographers. 3 models are available in varying sizes, with built in rechargeable Lithium Ion battery, snap on filters and easy 3 step dimming. Available in June, Digital Director is the ideal companion for pro and hobbyist photographers who are serious about videography and are Apple addicted. Composed by Hardware, Software (APP) and firmware, all gone through the Mfi (Made for iPad) Certification, this innovative product is designed to make shooting photos and videos much smarter: by simply plugging the USB cable in to the camera and turning on the App, photographers and videographers are ensured a reliable high-performance connection between their Canon or Nikon DSLRs and their iPad Air. Barbizon NAB 2015 - Manfrotto Digital DirectorA dedicated CPU embedded into the Digital Director provides an interface between the two devices, which via a cable enables the camera protocols to be fully understood and controlled by the iPad. Furthermore, Digital Director enables the user to place the camera even in the most awkward or difficult to reach positions and conveniently control it remotely. Manfrotto also added to their bag line with an outdoor line called "Off-Road" and "Pro Light Bags" that give equipment protection but yet doesn't weigh you down.  

Martin Professional

Martin came to LDI 2011 with one of the most explosive booths at this year’s event; a 40’ wide by 20’ tall LED video wall showed off their new EC-10 LED screens and the way they seamlessly integrate with older EC-20 models. The new EC-10 screens feature 10mm pitch and a rugged ability to connect in multiple configurations without the use of cables. In between the screens Martin showcased their newly released, award winning MAC Aura LED moving heads. The Aura features a zoom mechanism and two LED effects; LED’s that project through the face of the unit and LED’s that light the lens of the fixture itself. With two LED sources, the Aura easily transitions between a single pixel and beam effect. Martin Architectural also had new LED’s to showcase. Leading the way were the new exterior 100 and 50 units. Both units are IP68 (submersible). Also new to the entertainment world was the Exterior 400 Image Projector. The Exterior 400 is a 7000 lumen pattern projecting LED for outdoor gobo solutions. The fixture features six rotating gobos and eight colors with a 15, 25, and 40 degree lens option.


Check out the MDG “theONE” atmospheric generator system. It’s a fully digital dual mode fog/haze atmospheric generator. This completely self-contained touring package offers sophisticated control over atmospheric effects from a single source. It’s simple and efficient multi-level user interface, accessible from the backlit LCD panel, allows a simple switch between either modes seamlessly using various networking protocols. Each perimeter is set into specific presents, but can be accessed and redefined by advance users. The networking capability of the unit allows the user to install the generator as part of an existing ACN network. Automatically refilling from an external 5.3 gallon fluid container and with the two interconnected 20lb CO2 or N2 gas bottle, “the ONE” was especially designed to give a maximum consecutive, non-stop hours of fog/haze without service. With the generator and its accessories (DMX fan, tool comportment) sitting in separate spaces in the optional rolling rack, for easer storage and transportation the sturdy aluminum rack provides several rigging options for maximum freedom, making the MDG “theONE” especially fit for ready-to-go worldwide touring conditions.

Mole Richardson

Mole introduces this year the new 4171 12,000 watt baby Twelver Solarspot. It has a 17” lens, a tilt out rear door and dramatically improved cooling. There is an increase on average of 45% over the existing 14” Fresnel and a spread that is reminiscent of the standard 20” 10K’s. The 6kW DayLite Par is designed for Motion Picture, Television, and Event Professionals worldwide. The combination cast and sheet aluminum construction features dramatically improved strength and cooling while the Brytal Aluminum parabolic reflector provides over 95% reflectivity. The electronics in the fixture are contained in a low-profile trough totally isolated from the main housing, and feature a swing-out trap door for easy access to the igniter and safety switch. The fixture has visual and tactile focal indicators to determine lamp position and, when used with the interchangeable lenses, the field of light can be fine-tuned for optimum beam control. Other features include: a trough skid for operating and safe transportation; an adjustable yoke pivot point; a locking, hinged front door for easy lamping; and a “pig-tail” style electrical input. Standard on all fixtures are a stainless steel safety screen, spring loaded fourth accessory clip, and variable accessory clip positions located at either 90° or 45°. Compatible with all existing 151/2” accessories. The MoleLED® 12-Pack fixtures consist of 12 OSRAM KREIOS® LED circuit boards. Each of those 12 boards contain 20 high output LEDs, for a total of 240 individual sources. Unlike existing LED fixtures, the MoleLED® blends these multiple sources into one, soft, single light source. This single source approach renders the light more attractive to the talent and more familiar to the technicians.


Pathway has been recently acquired by Acuity Brands who manufacturers energy efficient lighting products. However, this move will remain seamless for the end user. You will continue to have access to the Pathway line through you Barbizon offices. This year new to LDI was the Pathway Quattro. The Quattro replaces the R-Series 2 Port nodes with four ports for less than twice the price. It contains PoE and uses a front panel LCD display for easy configuration without the use of a computer. The details: Four DMX 513 ports individually configurable, RDM gateway, in conjunction with Pathport Manager 5, DMX output speed and signal loss user set, 8-way DMX routing per port.

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