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“ Show report from our team at the LDI 2011 Show held October 28-30 in Orlando, FL. ”

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Elation has also decided to incorporate the new Philips Platinum lamps into their new line of fixtures called the Platinum Pro. The 300w and 800w profile seemed super bright and had a very sharp focus. The 15R and the 35R contain all the usual moving light attributes including Elation’s EWDMXR wireless DMX. Also on display was the new Arena par which looks to be the brightest 4 color par in the Elation family. The center of the booth display was the EPV762 MH which is Elation’s moving head video panel. It was hard to tell how good the resolution is because they were only a couple feet away. A neat fixture in the Elation booth was the EVCMH is a DMX512 moving head video camera designed to spotlight almost anything and project it onto a video wall or TV. It features DMX512 controllable pan/tilt, zoom, and focus, as well as 48 warm and cool white LEDs (24 each), allowing customization of shades of white to work with skin tones and ambient light. On display around the perimeter of the booth was the new TVL3000. This fixture is based on the design of Nila’s boxer fixture. Other than the look there is no other similarity. The integral barn doors are a nice feature except that they need to be bigger in order to actually control the light. The color temperature on the daylight and tungsten seemed decent.

Elation Professional

fuze-par-z120-rt-500pxAt NAB Elation Professional was highlighting their line of lighting that can be used for broadcast use. will be the new Fuze Series™ of dynamic LED wash luminaires with single lens, RGBW COB LEDs for a wide choice of colors and extremely homogenized field of light. All Fuze Series fixtures (Fuze PAR Z60™, Fuze PAR Z120™, Fuze Wash Z120™, Fuze Wash Z350™) house a wide 5-50-degree zoom and have an IP65 rating. elation_tvl_cyc_rgbw-500pxAlso on display at NAB was Elation’s new TVL CYC RGBW™, a theatre-style cyclorama wash luminaire that delivers a smooth and even field of seamlessly blended colors onto cycloramas, backcloths, scenery or any surface. An ideal color-changing floodlight for broadcast applications, the TVL CYC RGBW features a 150W COB RGBW LED engine for an infinite choice of colors.


ETC had all kinds on new products on their stand this year.. here's a brief rundown: Desire D60 fixtures - among the brightest LED wash fixtures available - available in color and in white (daylight and Tungsten) -- I want people to know that these fixtures are really bright and they are shipping S4 Fresnel - Now shipping! - Winner of PLASA members award. With the Source Four Fresnel, you choose the lamp wattage that best suits your particular application and energy requirements – from 375W to 575W to 750W lamps. And when you need to relamp a Source Four Fresnel, ETC’s smart new design makes your work easier than ever. Our innovative socket and access door let you change out the lamp from underneath the fixture -- without having to break focus -- saving on work, time and trouble. It’s a zoom to focus. With the Source Four Fresnel, you get that timeless Fresnel light in a 21st-century fixture. ETC’s innovative mechanical design has simplified the focusing for you. Whatever physically awkward spot you’re working in, we make it easier for you to adjust the fixture from spot to flood, with a full-sized zoom knob you can get a real grip on. We’ve also engineered the fixture-housing to eliminate light leaks and minimize spillage. Sensor 3 Power control system - Featuring the new CEM and our new Thru-power modules. Sensor 3 features thru-power modules include a pair of 20a dimmers ad a pair of 20A relays. Each circuit can be converted to a switched relay or a dimmer via the new CEM 3. Each module also features a switch on the front to turn the load on constant. These units are the tools for new theatre designs where the designer is bridging the gap between tungsten and LED. These modules will allow you to control any load at the circuit. Source Four LED - Yep - This fixture was previewed in ETC's "Lava Lounge." The unit will both retrofit to existing Source Fours or can be purchased new. The colored fixture will rival the output of a S4 750 when used in saturated colors. This unit features the X7 - 7 color LED system and all the control features of the desire fixtures - Available end of Q1 and ETC is currently projecting $2500 list. Gio - The newest member of the Eos product line - Gio is stationed nice between Ion and Eos. Gio offers powerful Eos functionality and popular operational syntax, in a compact and portable footprint – to fit anywhere and to take on the road. The console features backlit buttons and integrated, articulating multi-touch displays. It supports up to three external displays, which can also be multi-touch. Gio can act as a primary console, a back-up, or a client console. ETC will demo the new Mosaic Tessera Panel Controller (MTPC) — a sleek addition to their Unison® line of control. Tessera combines a 4.3” touchscreen with a 512-channel Mosaic controller. Complex lighting shows and lighting devices like LEDs and dimmers can all be controlled by Tessera, which also handles impromptu show control, accessories, and non-lighting effects. Tessera integrates within a larger system while containing all the software and functionality within its compact, economical package to master an entire installation. Used as a wall station, Tessera blends into any interior design.

GE Lighting

At the center of GE’s booth this year was their new 2x2 lay-in LED panel. The 2x2 LED fixture features similar technology to others on the market with an acrylic face and edge-lit LED’s. GE intends to make a cinema version in 2012. Also on display were GE’s LED retrofit lamps, a complete array from dimmable Candle lamps to Par38’s. GE’s lumen output and CRI put them in the top third of our industry. For example, the Par38 features ~850 Lumens and an 85 CRI, whereas the top Par38’s are at +1100 Lumens and 91 CRI.

Interactive Technologies

Interactive Technologies had no new products, but had instead focused on upgrades to their existing products. They offer RGB indicators on their pushbutton stations and the programmer can choose which color is active based on programming events. The colors on the buttons can also mimic button colors on their LCD controls. They also have an upgraded windows based software package for programming and control. The software makes designing and implementing custom screens for the LCD Stations very easy to do.

James Thomas Engineering

James Thomas Introduces the Galaxy line of truss for touring applications. The Galaxy features an open bottom and adjustable hanging pipes to allow the truss to carry both conventional and moving lights. The unique feature is the 8 wheel dolly the truss rests in for transport, the dolly allows fixtures to remain hung in a pre-focus position, and folds up for compact storage.

JR Clancy

Clancy didn’t have a whole lot of new products but did feature the PowerLine line shaft hoist that uses a lighter backbone than the standard line shaft, without reducing strength or durability. The new hoist brings users an expanded choice of brake options (electric or over speed) and drums (3/16" or ¼").

Le Maitre

New at LDI for Le Maitre was the Multi Venue System (M.V.S.) Hazer is the most recent addition to complement Le Maitre’s range of hazer machines, using Le Maitre’s patented system. The MVS has a variable high output haze with whispers to 80cc/hr, twin variable high output haze projection fans and 90 degree electronically variable haze output direction. It features four channel DMX512, combined control functions and DMX receiver. The MVS has a higher power air pump and advanced fan motor control for wide range operation. Its larger diameter hazing tube doubles the effective area and increase its working life span, and makes cleaning easier. The MVS is arc bonded, shielded and has a heavy duty thermo-couple sensor. It also has data storage capability. For those of you with a penchant for the pyrotechnic, the CometFlame distributed by Le Maitre is a spectacular new machine which produces incredible flames up to 6 meters high. It fires for 5 seconds at a time and can be set to fire in high frequency or at preselected intervals. Furthermore the flame can set at 5 different firing angles - 45, 22, 0, 22 and 45 degrees – to create fabulous effects. A unique feature of the system is that unlike other models, the flames can be produced in multiple colors, with six colors fluids in the range: red, green, yellow, blue, purple and orange. Unlike many other flame effects on the market, the CometFlame doesn't need any gas, which means there is no need for any external pressure vessels containing gas or CO2. The absence of gas makes the system much safer and enables it to be used in environments where gas systems may not be used. The CometFlame is an easy to use plug and play system, while at the same time offering fully featured controls. It uses standard DMX protocol and can be controlled by 2 DMX channels - a safety channel, and a fire channel. It is also single or multi DMX channel operable. A fully programmable remote control is supplied with a host of functions such as control of firing angles, channel selection; ready status; DMX status; backlight; system flushing; system pressurizing and saved settings for future use. As with any flame effect, safety is paramount and the CometFlame has many built-in features including a safety DMX channel, and sensors for tilt, low level and low pressure. Combined with its high quality construction and stainless steel cabinet, the CometFlame is robust, versatile, easy to use, low power consuming and extremely safe.

Lee Filters

To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Association of Lighting Designers, Lighting Designer Declan Randall was invited to the LEE Filters Factory to create a unique color to mark the special occasion. For Declan the choice of color was obvious, it had to be 550 ALD GOLD. It's a layer of carefully selected dyes in lacquer form, poured onto a sheet of polyester and spread evenly. But it’s so much more than that: it’s sunrise and sunset; it’s a wash of color over a desert; it’s a subtle backdrop. Lee Perforated Diffusions work with Kino Flo fixtures for an alternative set of light-modifying diffusion. The perforated diffusion produces a soft, but directional, source by allowing a combination of direct and diffused light. The quality of light from this diffused perforation system will differ depending on the source. The diffusion was developed using standard 4' fixtures as well as newer parabolic lights such as the Vistabeam, Parabeam, and Parazip. Each grade of diffusion and perforation produces its own variation of soft diffused light. Also new are color-correction filters including One and a Half CT Blue and One and a Half CT Orange, as well as Double CT Orange. There are also 10 new colors in the Lee Designer Series from Tanya Burns and Mike Robertson.

Lex Products

LEX debuted their new 100 Amp Bento style distribution enclosure. The new boxes are stackable and easy to store, and six will fit in a standard six-gallon milk crate. The enclosure is heavy duty extruded PVC, fully insulated, shock, impact, corrosion resistant, and stackable. The box is 5.9”L x 7.5”W x 11.5”H. Available in the first quarter of 2012, LEX will also have a new LSC19 Multi pin connector. These new connectors use an anti-rotation design. 12 interlocking keys prevent spinning of the interior within the male and female housings. The new LSC19 connectors are now rated 23 amps, 600 VAC and are UL rated. LEX is also now offering 19” rack mount power distribution. This is fully customizable and can be made to specification.

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