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“ Show report from our team at the LDI 2011 Show held October 28-30 in Orlando, FL. ”

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CAST Software

In addition to the newest releases of both Wysiwyg and Vivien, Cast was showcasing the phase 2 product of BlackTrax. BlackTrax is a beacon based tracking product that uses infrared cameras to track objects and performers while on stage. It employs a tiny belt pack (approximately 2”x 3” with tail). The beacon operates by sending a burst pattern of infrared emissions which is picked up by the cameras on the edges of the performance space. Since the cameras are looking for that specific burst pattern, it allows the tracking software to ignore other infrared sources such as pyrotechnic effects, lighting fixtures, or LED video walls since their infrared emissions do not match the pre-proscribed pattern. The belt pack includes a gyroscope for tracking rotational changes. This allows them to track not only in three dimensions (X,Y,Z) but also to track rotational data (yaw, pitch, roll). A small radio transmitter also assists with backup positional location and feedback to the console about battery life and other pertinent information. The BlackTrax system is accurate to ~.25 inches at 50’ Setup is easy. After installing the cameras around the performance area; you use a beacon wand to walk around the entire space thereby showing the limits of the camera view. As long as two cameras can see the beacon at all times, the system will function. The wand alerts you when it is only being seen by one or less cameras. It features interfaces for Lighting, Audio, and Projection. Lighting tracking is its native mode and allows for tracking of multiple moving fixtures across multiple targets. Unlike other tracking products, BlackTrax interfaces directly with some lighting consoles (such as the Grand MA) to provide complete control over all the parameters of the tracking lighting fixtures. It allows for single surface control over both the lighting rig and the tracking interface. Since each beacon is independently coded, tracking can switch from cue to cue depending designer needs without having to switch to another laptop or console. Additionally, BlackTrax can monitor and adjust for movement of the fixtures as well. By interfacing with the rigging controller, the exact location can be plotted for every fixture as well, and if a rig is being lifted or moved during a show, the fixtures can extrapolate the new coordinates of the beacon and adjust its movements accordingly. Cast Software is working with various manufacturers in the audio and projection markets to provide support and tracking information for them as well. By interfacing with media servers such as Pandora’s Box and Hyppotizer it can create movable projection surfaces, instant keystone abilities, and much more. Certain media servers can also map 3-d audio effects across line arrays and speaker clusters. While BlackTrax is currently available, there are many future upgrades planned for increased functionality, fixture support, and external integration.


Out of all of the vendors at LDI, Chauvet definitely made an impression with their “Infectious” marketing campaign and busy booth. The spider like truss rig contained everything from their well known COLORado tours to the new Legend 412 LED moving heads. What was also very impressive were their MVP LED video display walls. The panels come in different LED spacing configurations, the highest resolution screen being the 12mm separation all the way to their 37.5mm separation low resolution screen. You can daisy chain power for up to 7 of the high resolution panels and 13 low resolution panels with 120v. Chauvet is making a push with their new LED fixtures to be compared to some of the higher end manufacturers in the industry while still maintaining pricing that makes their fixtures accessible to most production and lighting customers.

City Theatrical

City Theatrical displayed their ShoW DMX Neo and ShoW Baby, as well as new accessories for ETC, Color Kinetics, and VLX. SHoW DMX Neo features the world's highest fidelity, combined with blazing fast 7mS (or less) latency. Users can choose from three operating modes, including Neo, Neo Adaptive, and Classic mode that is compatible with all existing SHoW DMX products. If SHoW DMX Neo is about user control, SHoW DMX SHoW Baby is about simplicity. Although SHoW Baby is fast and powerful, it has no user controls at all! Each SHoW Baby is a Transceiver. You don't need to purchase separate Transmitters and Receivers. To turn a Transceiver into a Transmitter, simply plug DMX in. To make it a Receiver, don't plug DMX in. That's all there is to it! All units are completely plug and play and you can set up your system in seconds. But while SHoW Baby is simple to set up, it contains the same fast and powerful radio as SHoW DMX Neo, and since it is in the Neo family, you can mix and match SHoW Baby and Neo together in your system. City Theatrical won LDI 2011 Widget Award for their SHOW DMX SHOW BABY wireless Transceiver.

Clay Paky & Parasol

This year, Clay Paky debuted three new fixtures and one enclosure at LDI. The first new fixture was the Alpha Spot QWO 800. The QWO 800 uses the MSR Platinum 35 lamp operating at 800W to produce outputs that are normally equated with a 1000-1200 W fixtures. Clay Paky created this fixture to take advantage of this additional output primarily as a gobo/graphics projector. It features a wide zoom range (7.6° to 55°), CMY color mixing, fixed color wheel, 15 glass gobos (7 rotating & 8 fixed), 9 facet rotating prism, 16 blade iris, animation wheel, variable frost system and hybrid (electro/mechanical) dimmer. One of the interesting features about this fixture is the Stay-Sharp-Zoom. When set, it holds the sharp focus of the gobo projection across the zoom function by self-altering the focus on the fixture. Additionally it features the dyna-cue-creator (also seen in the alpha 1500 and 700) to allow for a moving cue creation with zoom, color, and gobos. It creates fast moving and easy to program effects that are in perfect synchronization. The second fixture they released at LDI was the Glow-up. It is their battery powered LED fixture. They are available in three versions (RGBW, Tunable White, and Full white). Built into each fixture is wireless DMX allowing each unit to act as a receiver and a repeater (to help increase max distance of the chain of fixtures). Unlike other fixtures in this niche market, the Glow-up can store onboard DMX streams. So you can program a complex function, upload and go without further need for the console. It also features mounting plates and anti-theft cables due to the portable nature of the device. Comes standard in White, Black, or Chrome. Lastly, Clay Paky introduced their Igloo enclosure. This is a domed climate controlled enclosure for Clay Paky’s smaller lights. It can fit Alpha 300, Alpha 700, and Sharpy Fixtures. It is IP54 rated and features either onboard wireless DMX or a gland-based wired DMX version (chosen at purchase time). It can be installed in any orientation without compromising its IP rating. Also sharing Clay Paky’s booth was the new company Parasol. Parasol is creating products to bring new functionality to moving fixtures. They currently are developing two new product lines. The first is the Parasol system which is a track system with fully independent and programmable carts. Each of these carts mounts a single fixture. Then the carts can be programmed to move along a straight or curved truss in either direction. Control is achieved through wireless DMX and power is conveyed through the use of a power rail on the mounting surface. The second product is the Kinetic light ring (KLR)(which was installed in the Clay Paky booth with a ring of Sharpys). It is a fixed space ring that mounts moving fixtures on it. The ring can then be rotated up to 72” per second. It can be scaled from 10’ to 30’ in diameter. Both of these options can offer new ways of creating amazing effects by offering new axis of motion for traditional moving lights. They are controlled via a computer resident proprietary program. The programming shown for the KLR was very simple, with only a few parameters to monitor. Here's a video from PLSN TV that shows it:


Clear-com displayed their new HME DX210 system. The HME DX210 offers a blend of wireless intercom performance, system compatibility with wired intercom systems, and ease of use. Operating in the 2.4GHz band, the DX210 delivers exceptional sound clarity and enables interference-free communication for highly demanding productions. The HME DX210 is a newly-designed, two-channel intercom system that has advanced the capabilities of the legendary DX200. The DX210’s wired intercom interface is now compatible with Clear-Com’s or RTS’ 2-wire systems, and provides two separate 2-wire and 4-wire interconnections. In single channel mode, the powerful 1RU base station supports up to 16 full-duplex and 44 half-duplex beltpacks and/or wireless headsets by linking four base stations. The DX210 is paired with the rugged BP210 beltpack and All-in-One WH210 Wireless Headset COMMUNICATOR®s, which have two intercom buttons (IC1/IC2) with ISO. The system is also backward compatible with the DX200 COMMUNICATOR models such as BP200, WH200 and WS200 (Wireless Speaker Station). The Rock Our World from PLASA was announced at LDI and one award went to Disney's World of Color involving Clear-com, among others, for use of their intercom systems.


Coemar showcased its LEDko fixture in a separate booth to distinguish the line from its moving head fixtures. The booth displayed all the variations of LEDko; profile fixtures outfitted with ETC HD lenses projected gobos along the wall, profile units with standard Coemar barrels were shuttered down to colorful square patterns underneath the images, and Fresnel lensed LEDko’s provided general wash lighting for the booth. The LEDko is truly a versatile instrument with multiple lens options and daylight, tungsten, and RGB LED sources. Across the show floor, Coemar’s moving lights were on display to showcase their new dual lamp capability; fixtures are outfitted with tungsten and fast fit lamps for true color temperature versatility. The Infinity line offers a complete array of spot and wash fixtures from small (S) to the flagship XL fixture. The XL has DMX addressable 800 – 1400 Watt output, beam effects, and a 5 to 84 degree zoom.


Dazian’s Chimer Surfaces were the first thing to catch our eye. They are made from a flexible PVC that has thousands of parabolic lenses are molded into the surface on both sides. These lenses create the patterns by reflecting and absorbing light. There are three patters, Sea Glass, Psychedelic, and Moire. The effects are really quite unique. The PVC can also be vaccu-formed allowing for even more creativity. Dazian also is making Projection Strings. They are 1/8” wide flat stings designed to provide more surface area for projection. All of the advantages of string curtains with that added benefit of projection, even better they don’t tangle. Dazian also has what they call Honeycomb Tables. Made of Honeycomb Drop Paper they are clean and expandable. They ship flat and fan out to create round tables. They had one set up in the booth as a rectangle and in the picture below you can see that has been shaped into a pretty custom shape. They also make the K-Baby Seating/Low Tables. These look like the same material but are made from Polypropylene. They look like paper but we can tell you, they are really sturdy and actually very comfortable.

DeSisti Lighting

De LED 40W, De LED 90W De LED 120W- Fresnel LED Spotlight range. Available in Daylight or Tungsten color temperature. DMX Dimming from 0 to 100%. Fully focusable from spot to flood with complete barndoor control. Due to LED Array and Patented optics single sharp shadow is achieved to duplicate a tungsten Fresnel. LED output to tungsten comparison: 40 watt- 500w, 90 watt- 800w, 120 watt- 1200w. 50,000 hour LED life. LED Array is upgradable as more efficient arrays are available. High frequency power supply eliminating flicker. Convection cooled with thermal switch activated silent fan as back up. One neat piece from DeSisti's rigging line is their DL50- Single point hoist for lowering down lights or mini chandeliers. It features 65 ft travel with a 50 lbs safe working load, 2 circuits plus DMX, is UL approves and comes with a 5 year warranty.

Doug Fleenor Design

Doug Fleenor Designs was showing off their LED600 power supply, a 600 W power supply for LED fixtures (those clever naming principles!). Designed to work with Color Kinetics Color Blast fixtures, the LED600 provides 12 4-Pin XLR output connectors in a handy portable box. Also in the booth was a handy tool called the DMX Decelerator. It has existed in a more expensive convertors but the new streamlined design does just what it says.. Slows down a DMX signal because we've found there are some manufacturers out there who's gear might say DMX but, it doesn't always work when the signal is plugged in. The brainiacs at DFD were also showing a prototype of their new network converter, a sleek little node to allow DMX devices to jump on and off of an Ethernet lighting network. Planned for release sometime in 2012 if they don’t let Milton out of the lab to go to any more trade shows, the as yet unnamed device will speak ArtNet and streaming ACN, so should serve as an interface for most lighting networks.

Dove Systems

Dove Systems was in attendance at LDI 2011 to maintain its standard of rugged efficiency in entertainment lighting design. Dove is offering stream-lined truss, wall, and rack mount dimming technology with easy-to-use two-scene preset consoles. All of their portable dimmers feature at least a 10 Amp fuse and the DM 124 DSP features two 20 Amp outputs. For permanent installations, the MD-424 series converts standard 19” racks into dimming cabinets. Each 3U unit features four 2.4kW dimmers. Their newer 12-24Volt dimming solutions can be integrated into MR-16 and 12-24 Volt Dimmable LED systems. Think full-scale systems miniaturized.

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