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“ Show report from our team at the LDI 2011 Show held October 28-30 in Orlando, FL. ”

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ACT Lighting

ACT Lighting was showing the GrandMA, but there was little new about that. The buzz in the ACT booth was over GDS’s new LED House Lights. They have direct replacement options for pendant and high hats. The fixtures include wireless data receivers so adding control cable for a retrofit is unnecessary. They didn’t have published photometrics, but the fixtures output looked substantial. The LED’s are recessed in deep reflectors that prevent peripheral glare. They are still several months from market availability but highly anticipated. This was the Green Product of the Year at LDI.  

Airstar Space Lighting

The newest products offered by Airstar were their new event supplemental lighting named Accent. Made from a stiff plastic with internal LED emitters, they serve as event accents. They come in cube, sphere and egg shapes. Each unit has an onboard rechargeable battery with charging ring on the bottom so it can be plugged into a charger base. Airstar states that they can be used in dry or wet environment – even floating in pools (although they did not give it a specific IP rating). They were still showing their standard air filled and helium filled balloons. Air filled is available in stand or ground versions and helium models are both stand and ground tethered. They can be used with both printed and unprinted sleeves. Additionally, they offer the standard halogen, HMI, and LED Sources. And lastly, they were showing some of their specialty products that have been created for various installations. From custom made shapes, to blimps with banners for large stadium event, Airstar has created some amazing materials for brand advertising and event production.


Altman is pleased to offer a new Ellipsoidal called the Phoenix. This line will eventually take the place of the Shakespeare line of ellipsoidal. It is compatible with a GLA, or HPL 375, 575 or 750 watt lamp. You choose lamp type when ordering. It also has a 360 degree rotating barrel, locking shutters and gobo, tool-free interchangeable lens barrels. Barrels will be available in 5, 10, 19, 26, 36 and 50. The 5 and 10 degree barrel will not be available at first release, which is 1 qtr 2012, but Shakespeare barrels will work in the fixture. It has very little light leak and also accepts a Sea Changer. The fixture ships with color frame and c-clamp. Altman also showed the Spectra Strip. This is a low profile LED strip light. Available in 2’ / 200W, 4’ / 400W and 6’ / 600W models. There are 4 light cells in the 2’model, 8 cells in the 4’ and 12 cells in the 6’. Each cell is a 50w RGBA color mixing or 3000K high CRI White light LED engine. The strip can be customized to any combination of RGB or white light cells you would like. Each cell can be individually filtered, lensed or diffused using the filter slots provided. It has Powercon and DMX in and through. It can be pipe mounted and floor mounted and can be considered an LED replacement for traditional theatrical strip lights, cyc lights or border lights.

American DJ

In the world of American DJ its business as usual, bringing small inexpensive “flash” fixtures to the independent DJ’s and small production company’s of the world. Amidst the strobes and lasers we found two fixtures that could add some good looks to any DJ’s lighting rig. First is the Event Bar DMX which is nothing more than four LED pin spots mounted on a DMX control bar that gives you 17 channels of control over the spots, everything from strobe effects to full dimming of individual lights. I was more impressed by how bright the small pin spots were than anything else, the 4x3W LED pins definitely cut through everything else happening in the booth to create very well defined beams that can add that professional feel to light show. The second fixture is a LED flat par; it’s a small light weight fixture that has decent light output with a price tag of under $200. The best part of the fixture is that it contains Tri LED’s which eliminates the fruit salad look and gives you even color washes when used for up lighting. A Tri LED fixture with decent output at such a low cost can be a good seller in the production company market.

American Grip

Louis and the gang at American had some great stuff to show at LDI. First they have the Candle Stick Maker. Now you can make your own Candle Stick using 1-1/4” pipe with a junior receiver. Next there was the Double Head. Now you and have your diffusion and your color correction on the same head making life easier. Then they showed us the Center head. The idea is to have your load centered over your stand instead of off set. This will relieve some of the stress of the offset load we are used to. The Menace Arm is customizable solution to a boom arm. It consists of 3 pieces. The first piece is for balance weight. The second piece is to put in the head, a great use for the Center Head by the way. The third piece is for the load. It has a junior receiver and two baby pins. You can use a standard coupler between the head and load piece to extend you arm to whatever length you wish within reason of course. Use this assembly on 1-1/4” pipe. The Image 80 Arm is about my favorite at American Grip. It is perfectly balanced so that you can refocus or reposition your Image 80 fixtures with ease. You can rotate the fixture 306 degrees on the arm. This hand device will save you headaches like no other. I have attached only some of the possibilities.

Apollo Design

Apollo introduced a handful of our new 2012 gobo patterns. Some customer favorites were the intricate steel patterns and life like glass patterns. Now everyone can view our new patterns! Click here to see what the creative artists have designed for 2012. Also in the booth was the new Multiform Multispot HP5 which sports an IP65 rating. It has a 70W RGBAW array, exchangeable lenses, and a large LCD display interface. Also being shown is the new IP65 Multispot HP3 medium flood fixture. Apollo also has added the ProfileLED. This is a 50 watt LED profile fixture with at 20 to 40 degree beam. It takes an “M” size gobo. We decided to see how well it did and projected it on the column across from the Apollo booth. It did pretty well. It’s a great little museum / retail fixture. The Apollo Wrench won the PLASA Member’s Choice Award in the gadget category at LDI. We have received great feedback from people who have viewed and demo'd it in the Apollo booth. With an MSRP of $58, the Apollo Wrench is a tool many will view as a necessity. The Control Booth gang put together a little video about it.. Check it out:

Applied Electronics

Applied Electronics offered some changes to their LA12-25 and LA16-30 Line Array Towers. Both towers now are able to pack easier and offer a cart for easy transport. AE also showed off their new Chain Motor Hoist control. This system is so new there was no name, price point or literature available on it. Literally completed and tested days prior, this system uses a touch screen LCD for simple multi-hoist control. Some safety features include sensing of power loss or incorrect power at all hoists connected and not allowing movement of any hoist until issue is resolved. The screen while monochrome, will allow for a red, blue or green background. Buttons and readouts will turn red indicating an error giving the end-user visual reference. Plans are to upgrade to a full color LCD screen.


Building on the strength of the True Blue line Arri has recently introduced the L7 Fresnel and Broadcaster LED Fixtures. The L7 is a 7” Fresnel with a choice of LED engines. L7-T is a 3200K color temperature, L7-D is the 5600K daylight Fresnel and L7-C is a color mixing fixture. All fixtures share single shadow imaging,15 degree to 50 degree zoom range, true shutter cuts with 4-leaf or 8-leaf barndoor, and high color rendering index (92CRI). The Caster Series features similar high quality LED’s in a small eye light fixture. The Broadcaster provides DMX control over intensity, Color Temperature from 2800K – 6500K, and +/- green tint. The LoCaster has the same features, but is manually controlled via on-board potentiometers. Both are offered with power supply, 2-leaf barndoor, and intensifier.

Automatic Devices Company

Automatic Devices Company didn’t have new products, but they are offering custom powder coat finished on all of their track AND the carriers. This is a great option for those creative or intimate applications where the hardware will be visible.

Blue Pony Digital

Blue Pony is a division of Apollo which makes rich content for media servers or any video need you have. They put together a great video recap of the show that really shows off their capabilities.

Fall 2010 Demo from Blue Pony - Visual Media Design on Vimeo.

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